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Seems like a good way to handle charms, thanks!

I have no advice but I was wondering as a kind of new DM: how did the charming go? Did you roll a save in secret? Did you just tell the player his character got charmed? What did the rest of the party see (players and PCs)? Does the player know his character is charmed and just choose to follow along even though it's bad for the party?

Bizaak wrote:
It's fine to have a cleric of Norberger as a PC in a good campaign, even a Skinsaw. That's what good role play is all about. With the right backstory and enough secrecy, the group can be used as cover and protection for said cleric to advance in power. Posing as something else fits in the deities portfolio. Murder, chaos, and mayhem abound in a campaign. Keeping it a secret from the other players may be a challenge, but isn't that part of the fun?

Are you a necromancer? This thread is 4 years old

Book 1: Goblin trouble / Festival of nightmares / Saving Sandpoint / Fire and wrath

Book 2: CSI Sandpoint / Night of the dead / Detectives of Sandpoint / Flesh and bone / Scary crows

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Putting so much focus on trait keywords for everything and then NOT being able to click on the trait is a huge blunder. Hyperlinks in pdfs have existed for decades, there's no reason not to add them, especially if you pay >10$ for a file which can be copied indefinitely.

there was problems with swift actions and, for example, the action economy of the magus or warpriest.

Can't you solve this with "you're not allowed to use the same 'swift action' twice in one turn"?

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The Efteling is a real theme park in the Netherlands that has an attraction where the Laaf race can be found. I decided to use the race builder to build them for Pathfinder. Some facts:

-Laafs are reincarnated when they die
-Laafs love food and drinks, especially alcohol
-Laafs never throw anything away
-Laafs originate from an area near the North Pole
-Laafs have really large cheeks
-Laafs hate war and destruction

Here's the full race description, including alternate racial traits and favored class options.

The Laaf race

How about an epilogue for major NPCs?

Alright I've completed my notes and written up the sidequest!
Travel to Kaer Maga with Vachedi.
This is for the downtime between Chapters 1 and 2.

My players asked for a sidequest to take Sandpoint's jailor, Vachedi, to Kaer Maga to find his sons, so I made one. The side quest happened between book 1 and book 2. Would anyone be interested in this? It requires the book about Kaer Maga. My notes are not complete but I can do what I can if there is any interest.

Name of PC: Jamir
Class/Level: Halfling Alchemist 3
Adventure: Burnt Offerings (Thistletop)
Catalyst: Crit from a Yeth Hound
Story: The party of six PCs fought against a warpriest Nualia and her Yeth hound. They all decided to focus on Nualia, who, after being brought to low hp, stalled with Sanctuary and Fog Cloud. In the mean time, the Yeth hound tried to kill the party wizard, who had some inexplicable luck and barely survived. After killing Nualia, the paladin and alchemist go to the Yeth Hound to kill it and save their wizard friend. The halfling tries to move around the Yeth Hound to reach the wizard, but gets bitten by an AoO and trips, ending up next to the Yeth Hound. He then spends another move action to end up next to the Yeth Hound again for some reason, thinking he's safe with a paladin next to him. On the Yeth Hound's turn, the Yeth Hound bites the halfling with a critical hit, which, together with the AoO from earlier, was 1 hit point too much for the little halfling. The Yeth Hound bit his face off.

Hideous Laughter requires a saving throw from the enemy to see if it is successful, while some other spells require a ranged touch attack. If the spell description doesn't say you have to make a ranged touch attack, then you don't have to make one. You won't find a rule because there is no rule, you just follow the spell's description.

I like James' suggestion above. Another possibility would be to have her come back wounded after a fight with Bruthazmus.

gnoams wrote:
Translated to pathfinder rules, this is a case of using the bluff skill to get a surprise round.

Wait, is this an actual rule?

According to the AP, "a few days". Can't be much less than a week though, as it's about a 3 day travel to Magnimar. I'm not sure if the sheriff is supposed to return before the players move to Thisletop though (he didn't in my campaign, as I made it so the sheriff had to go through a lot of bureaucracy and boot licking to get reinforcements).

Fair Strides wrote:

@Lawrencelot: Perhaps re-build Habe as an Alchemist Chirugeon himself and have Habe be, at your choice, either:

1. the PC's mentor
2. an escaped/survived victim of the PC with a warped interest in "protecting" people from the PC or doing his own research to become better than the PC

What do you think?

I like the idea of them being competitors, with Habe wanting to be better than the PC somehow.

I'm making the assumption that the backstory includes the methods and structure the character has in place for keeping the lab a secret?

Yeah, he supplies Pillbug with chemicals, and has a shop with simple herbs and medicines.

They could be competitors for a supply that they both require, but is limited in supply, like equipment used to restrain patients.

Really like this option. I'll have them be competitors as with the idea above. I think I will let Habe hate the player, and let the player figure out why only when they get to this part of the Skinsaw Murders.

Thanks for the ideas Fair Strides and mousmous!

Hi everyone. I still have to start my campaign, but one of the players in my group has made a backstory for his character that he has an underground laboratory in Sandpoint where he does experiments on people. He's playing an Alchemist Chirurgeon.

It will take a while before we get to Habe's Sanatorium, but any ideas on if I can link that adventure and that NPC to his backstory somehow? Would be great if I can foreshadow it at the beginning of the campaign.

Dawnwen wrote:
W/re to scaling, we have a party of 6 too. I've been just running the AP as written in most cases, but when granting XP I divide it by 4 and hand out a 4th to each character so that advancement progresses as expected. In some combats I increase the HP on the bosses and add a couple of extra "adds" to the fights to keep things challenging. It's worked out OK most of the time. Although often the fights I think are going to be too hard end up being a cakewalk, and the ones I thought were easy end up being really challenging. I guess as long as you have a little of both, you're good.

Thanks. I think I'm going to divide XP by 6 and then use the rule of thumb that a party of 6 is one APL higher than a party of 4 and only make fights more challenging if this causes them to have a higher APL.

Latrecis wrote:
I think the thread you want is Rise of the Runelords for 4, 5 or 6 players Note: the thread creator does a great job but only goes through Book 4. But his techniques are explained, etc. for those who want/need to continue on their own. It's definitely in Pathfinder not 3.5.

Just what I was looking for, thanks!

Hi, I'm a relatively new DM running this AP for the first time (never played it). I have six players, and two questions for you lot:

1. Some events like the boar hunt and shopkeeper's daughter seem geared towards one player. How can I keep this event interesting for all players? Or should I just make the event really quick or something?

2. I found a thread where someone adapted the AP for 6 players: https://paizo.com/threads/rzs2iwfu?Changes-to-Rise-of-the-Runelords-for-6-P Cs
But this seems to be for 3.5 edition, did anyone convert this for pathfinder? All I see is people saying "it's easy to convert" but I don't know 3.5

Not that it matters but I'm using 15 point buy.

The Dwarf bonus languages contain some typos, like Giant -> Jotun, Gnome -> Gnomish, Orc -> Orcish. Couldn't find a typo thread.

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Razcar wrote:

GM: You've traveled for many bulk and have finally reached the dungeon. The cave entrance is 2 by 3 bulk and gapes ominously at you. After maybe 5 bulk you hear a 3 bulk loud rumble emit from it, lasting only for a bulk. Then, a freezing wind seeps out, like a slow breath of death, surely at least 5 icy, remorseless bulk cold.

Paladin: Never fear, compatriots! I charge my trusty steed into this den of evil, sword drawn!
GM: Your horse runs straight into the cliff face. How did you think it would fit into 2 x 3 bulk? You take 10 bulk of bulk.
Paladin: Bulk it!

For the Americans: this is what Pathfinder feels like when playing as a European.

Metric units in the English version please! The game is truly less enjoyable to me because of the imperial units.

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Greetings! This is the first homebrew content I've ever made, and I would be very grateful for any criticism I can get here.

Link to class

This class uses the performance combat rules (and also the duel rules) from Ultimate Combat, so it's advised to read those first if you're not familiar with them. Basically, the Battledancer has its own equivalent of bardic performance, and during the performance you are considered to be in a performance combat and follow those rules (besides inspiring yourself and your allies). With these rules you can gain victory points, which this class can use for several benefits other than the benefits described in the rules.

Differences with other classes:


-Swashbuckler: same feel, graciously darting around with a melee weapon, but this one uses some magic and is way more focused on inspiring allies.
-Skald: Still inspiring allies, but a bit less focused on magic (starts spell-casting at lvl4), and combat prowess comes not from rage but from bonus feats as with the fighter.
-Gladiator (fighter archetype): also has some bonuses for performance combat, but more magic and inspiring allies like the bard
-Battle Dancer (3rd party Unchained Monk Archetype): not limited to unarmed combat, more magic and inspiring allies.

Some questions, but general feedback is welcome:


-Is the class fun and balanced?
-Does it give the feeling portrayed in the name? Should I change the name, or anything in the class?
-I'm still working on the spell list: how do I decide what's on there, and what level? Would this class have disguisy spells, and mind-affecting spells, or more combat spells like the Magus even though it's not a Magus hybrid?
-Is the name clash with the 3rd party Unchained Monk Archetype an issue? I could not think of a better name.

Thank you for your time!