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There have been some very close moments so far, but this was my first actual PC kill.

Name of PC: "Her Corpulence" Vraya the Sanguine
Class/Level: Nagaji Sorcerer 5
Adventure: Misgivings
Catalyst: Foxglove Manor
Story: The party had made their way up to the second floor where, upon entering Traver Foxglove's bedroom, the first party member inside made his saving throw. However, as soon as they had, Vraya entered the bedroom and failed her saves. Before anyone could react, Vraya made her way to the desk and grabbed the jagged wood. Where they proceeded to jab themself in the neck, resulting in their death.

My first true death! I feel like a full-grown GM now.

PC: Greccen
Class: Dwarf Fighter 6
Adventure: Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst: Walking into an ambush
Story: After the party's scrape with death at the hands of Aldern, they made their way to Magnimar, fought their way past the faceless stalkers at the Townhouse, and made their way (after a few day's delay) to the Sawmill. Once there, they spent some time trying to get in (knocking on the doors, mainly), then left and returned at night. After several rounds of attempting to break down the door to the lowest level, they finally succeeded, having managed to attract the attention of the entire sawmill. After a short conversation with the workers in the lower level, they left right before they were about to be attacked and tried to break into the main double doors. Surprisingly, they opened easily, opened from the interior by a pair of sawmill workers.
After failing their perception checks to notice anything suspicious, they entered the room, only to have the doors slammed shut and locked behind them, and beset by all of the cultists simultaneously. Following an incredible series of rolls, a cultist managed to get off a sneak attack crit, rolling nearly max damage, and a few more rolls, and Greccen was on the floor, and bled out a few fairly anticlimactic rounds later. His player decided to let the death stand, and Greccen was set afloat on the river and set on fire (which is what my players decided was an appropriate burial).

Shadow Lodge

A toast to you, Daedalus, and to Greccen. Here's hoping nobody dies to Ms. X. Anyway, here's a two-fer.

PC: Koji Yamaoka
Details: Kitsune life Oracle 16
Adventure: Spires of Xin-Shalast
Place of Death: The Yetis' Home
Famous Last Words: "It's okay, I still have 10 HP!"
Gory Details:
They'd heard that the yeti's boss, let's call him Vooroog, had a Sihedron Ring he'd gotten from one of the Claimer's higher-ups, so they asked if they could borrow it. The yetis were nice enough, but Vooroog immediately accussed them of being sent by the Claimer to kill him, and rolled initiative. Vooroog told them to "aim for that one," and Koji tried to hit the disguised Khalib with a Greater Dispel, but got grabbed, unwillingly released, then full-attacked until he announced his epitaph. Then a yeti hit him for 1d8+10, and Vooroog, coward that he was, decided to double-tap with a single Magic Missile. Fortunately, he was under orders to keep his better spells in reserve, and dropped his Sihedron Ring to teleport away as soon as the physically toughest PC was about to close with him. The yetis, due to their chronic lack of fealty to the Claimer, had outlived their usefulness.

PC: Nordramel Embermaw
Details: Kobold Humility Illusionist 3/U-Rogue 3/Arcane Trickster 10
Adventure: Spires of Xin-Shalast
Place of Death: The Heptaric Locus
Cause of Death: Gamigin, reworked into an Advanced Roguish gelugon with the Assassinate slayer talent
Gory Details:
Shortly after they first met the skulks (who now have different hats), they were introduced to Gamil, a skulk who'd come from an enclave somewhere around the Tangle. He offered to lead them to a Sihedron Ring guarded by scarlet walkers, avoiding most of them. Having ran out of Invisibility but still the sneakiest of them, Nordramel snuck forward, seemingly unseen by the Walkers, then Gamil removed his Hat and stabbed Nordramel so hard that his head fell clean off. He then held off his Walkers, allowed them to resurrect their ally and take his Sihedron Ring, also offering information on Karzoug if they gave him valuable things. They refused.

Stuff About Gamigin The PCs Will Never Find Out:
They came close to guessing at it: they freed Avaxial back in Book 3, then called in his favour in the form of Help Killing Mokmurian. Avaxial, seething at his repeated humiliation at the hands of Nordramel Embermaw, informed his subordinate about the kobold, and gave him information on Karzoug the gelugon did not already know in exchange for murdering Nordramel in as humiliating a manner as possible, also ensuring he could not be simply Raised.

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And I'm back! Xanesha was sadly not as deadly as I had kind of hoped, but that doesn't mean the party went unscathed!

Class: Human Bard 7
Adventure: Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst: Being in melee range while buffing.
Story: So, after our valiant heroes set their recently-deceased comrade ablaze on the river, they backtracked to the temple of Erastil where they had previously gone for healing. However, when they found it closed (it was approximately 1 AM at this point), they decided to camp out on the street outside, bloody, half-dead, and with only the ranger's cheetah companion keeping watch.
They were rudely awoken by town guards, who took them in for vagrancy, locking them in a cell for the better part of the day while they decided what to do with them. Eventually, they released them, accompanied by two escorts (a phoenix sorcerer, our replacement PC, and a PC whose player missed a few sessions), with orders to track down the leader of the cult.

After a hard-fought battle with the scarecrow, ending with the golem taking off for the sea, and a harrowing climb up the stairs (the bell hit all four PCs, nearly killing half of them), they dispatched the faceless stalkers with ease, but still gave Xanesha plenty of time to buff.

They entered the loft, and after many failed will saves to notice the nature of Xanesha's illusions, wasted their round attacking air, and their first sight of Xanesha was when she had her spear thoroughly impaled in the sorcerer's chest (rolled a crit, really good damage, but I forgot to add in sneak attack and power attack), leaving their new party member at exactly 1 HP as we broke for the week.

When we returned, we had recruited a pair of victims/HP sponges one-off allies, a telekineticist and a bard (MJ). When it was Xanesha's turn, she left the sorcerer bleeding out (I rolled insanely bad on damage), then struck at the barbarian, with most attacks missing. After a very rough turn for X, with MJ the Bard's buffs proving incredibly potent, she struck back with a vengeance, downing the ranger's cheetah with a single blow, and taking MJ from full to dead over the course of two attacks. Her luck didn't hold out from there, as the (still hasted) party managed to slowly chip away at her health. She put up a good fight, too. Her attacks brought our barbarian to negative health, but stayed raging as a result of being half-orc. He dealt one final blow, then collapsed (bringing him to -17/19 HP), but Xanesha decided to cut her losses and fled the tower with exactly 1 HP remaining.

They managed to revive the sorcerer and barbarian before either died, but there was nothing that could be done for MJ or the ranger's companion. And, with both the Scarecrow and Xanesha still out there, it's almost certain they haven't seen the last of them.

Shadow Lodge

PC: Koji Yamaoka
Details: Kitsune Life Oracle 17
Adventure: Spires of Xin-Shalast
Catalyst: Lack of co-ordination, planning, forethought, Fort saves.

The Gory Details: (Petrified, but apparently this counts!)
After finally entering the Pinnacle of Avarice, Karzoug Hologram #1 told them to go away; they made fun of him (and I think presumed he'd already completed his Rise); he locked them out. They forgot about their Chime of Opening, refused to take 20, didn't really do any preparatory buffs, and just D-Doored to the other side. Their second encounter (after Hologram #1 & 2, and the intro giants) was with Khalib behind two more cloud giants. Koji's sister & Leadership cohort took an Awesome Blow crit and her corpse got knocked back a good 15', so Koji ran up to give her a Breath of Life.

This was the opportunity Khalib wanted. He gave Koji Flesh to Stone, he failed his save, and the two giants went to close in on him. His allies were able to pick him up and immediately run away with him, leading to-

PC: Dreg Embermaw
Details: Kobold Sandman Bard 17
Adventure: Spires of Xin-Shalast
Catalyst: Getting left behind by his allies.
His Epitaph: "Don't worry guys, I can Break Enchantment!"

The Gory Details: Dreg decided to cover his friends' escape: he told a summoned lillend to get Koji's statue self to safety (provoking AoOs which booted her back to Elysium), then attempted a Song of Discord on Khalib and the two giants. The only giant who failed the save was closer to Dreg than they other giant.
Then his friends ran off with Koji, leaving Dreg by himself when the next round happened. Despite his Blur spell, which he did have the forethought to use on himself before this fight, the giants managed to hit him, followed by Khalib's Quickened Magic Missile/Maximized Magic Missile, downing him while his allies continued to flee.
He's going to get tossed into one of the anti-magic cells just as Khalib finishes a Temporary Resurrection on him.

The players are disheartened, but want to see this out to the end, and even want to follow into Shattered Star.

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