Finished Rise of the Runelords, at long last

Rise of the Runelords

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Today, at long, long last, I finished running Rise of the Runelords.

The actual last fight was over a month ago on April 25th. I wrote up how our Karzoug fight went at the time. Today was the epilogue session, in which we wrapped up longstanding character arcs, and revisited a few favorite NPCs to see how their stories concluded.

There's no particular reason any of you should care, I guess, but just briefly:

Micah Valian Arneseph, half-elf ranger and the only PC to survive from level 1 to the end of the campaign, married his sweetheart Eri Valion at a fancy ceremony in Magnimar attended by all their friends (including Vernalia, a wyrmling copper dragon who did aerial cartwheels over the wedding party after the vows were exchanged).

Zoe the android wizard reconnected with a former colleague, Kane of the Technic League, and returned to Xin-Shalast to conduct research on the now-ruined Leng Device.

Wren Silver-Hand, the party bard, saved her family's tavern from being sold to pay off her father's gambling debts, and founded a bardic college of her own in a forest preserve outside Magnimar's walls.

Skrag, the half-orc blood rager and cub reporter for the Urgir Herald, used his newfound wealth to buy full ownership of the paper just so he could re-assign himself from covering gossip in the human lands. Now he has returned home to Urgir, defeated his rivals in both the streets and the sheets, and become a prominent local newspaper magnate.

Ronia, a cohort cleric of Ng, having managed to purge herself of her changeling ancestry and become a full human, is taking a long vacation to Aelyosos. She anticipates lots of swimming, tanning, and pool boys.

According to my email Sent folder, I emailed links to the Rise of the Runelords player's guide to the group on May 20th, 2012. And now, nine years later (almost to the day!), we are finally, finally done.

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Congratulations! That's awesome.

Thanks! ^_^ It feels good to finally be done after running the same AP for nine years.


Congratulations! Also for keeping it up for 9 years, that's a long time.

My group just arrived in the Eye, so if we can get the final fight done in one session we will finish next week (if not, it will be a couple of weeks after that due to alternating wih another campaign).

But we have only been playing since November 2016, so we are amateurs by comparrison.


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