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Two weeks ago our group played the final session of the Rise of the Runelords campaign, having started at the beginning of 2015 and having played about once a month on weeknights. It has been a very enjoyable and sometimes deadly experience.
Inspired by some others here on the boards, I built a 3D battle map for the Eye of Avarice, with foamcore and some 3D printed parts.

I don't foresee being able to reuse the foamcore, so if someone is able to pick it up in the centre of the Netherlands and close to finishing the campaign (or in possession of enough storage for the large box, see the last picture), I'll gladly part with it. Note that this doesn't include the throne, runewell and grey pillars, nor the level-up (raised black platform), lava battlemaps and minis, of course. The outer parts were resting on the level-up, so you would have to raise it with boxes or something. Note that this is using the interpretation that 1 square is 10 foot, contrary to the map legend. It probably won't fit on a single table.

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Congratz on finishing the campaign!

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Wait really? I live in the centre of the Netherlands and my party just entered Xin-Shalast. I'll send you a private message!

Also, congratulations on finishing the campaign! What was the most exciting part of the campaign?

Sovereign Court

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I think I liked book two the most, the Misgivings and the clock tower were memorable. The dungeons in Runeforge were nice, but a bit long (and a lot to have prepared and to carry around at the same time).
I enjoyed the Vekker Cabin (I also built a 3D model to help visualising the complicated layout) as well as exploring Xin-Shalast and the Pinnacle of Avarice, even though I longed to wrap up the campaign to start the Zeitgeist campaign one of my players is going to GM.

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Congrats on finishing!

My group just finished last night after over 6 years.

Wish I had done foam core or something to demonstrate the verticality better, but it was a fun time.

I've also finished now! After 3.5 years. Oyoryel's box is now with me, also in the Netherlands, if you want to come pick it up please let me know!

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Oyoryel's Box sounds like a new magic item for PF2. :D

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