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An Immortal Lychee wrote:
I went to college with Death Ray. Wonder what ever happened to him...

Derro and I used to call him Jay. Derro, on the other aklys, used to call him Johnny. Claypipe Pete called him Johnson once. Once.

{sighs} We miss Claypipe Pete.

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No. We have no interest in practicing law, but we love to (literally) chase ambulances.

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Rave and a bearcut,
Lego bricks?

Limeylongears wrote:
In other news, is testicle deodorant really, really meeting an unmet need, after we've had soap & water for some thousands of years?

After a long day of drivin', haulin', or a muddin', your truck nuts can get mighty sweaty and stinky.

Freehold DM wrote:

That was a great LucasArts game.

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Monkey Santa wrote:
Welcome to the Temple of the Monkey God, puny mortals!

I suspect Reflex saves are the most valuable in GM MS's games.

(...Why-y-y-y don't you roll it?
Try-y-y-y not to crit fail it
It's dodging time, don't flub it...

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Hi, I'm Larry, and this is my brother Derro, and this is my other brother Derro. {both Derro derros nod}

Perchance, would any of you happen to have seen our innkeeper friend, Bob? He drank Derro's special mushroom tea by mistake, and now he's wandered off under the delusion that he's a psychologist.