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So I am about to start a campaign at Lvl 10 and its my first time with a dm who allows summoners. I will be playing a synthesist summoner with 1 level of MoMS Monk. I have a question of combining manufactured, natural attacks and pummeling style. With feral combat training and 6 limbs on my four claw attacks I know I get 6 unarmed attacks modified by pummeling style. My question is, if i use my normal two iterative attacks with a weapon, do the four claw attacks make use of pummeling style?

pummeling style is locked to unarmed strikes only

Pummeling Style, post-erratum wrote:
This ability works only with unarmed strikes, no matter what other abilities you might possess.

So only my natural iterative attacks would be affected or none of them during a full attack?

Pummeling Style does not work with ANY natural attacks, period. As per the text, nothing can overwrite that. Pummeling Style does not work with ANY manufactured weapon attacks, period. As per the text, nothing can overwrite that.

No attacks are being affected by Pummeling Style because you are using weapons and claws.

My full attack would be unarmed/unarmed/claw/claw/claw/claw. Would the first two combine due to pummelimg style was my second question. Or does the mix of atracks nullify the pummelimg style all together?

Would just the unarmed strike damage get pooled?. I think so. At least I don't see anything in the feat that would forbid it. Each claw would still be separate, of course.

Your unarmed attacks would be pooled together for the style, your claws wouldnt, so in the case of the pummeled charge, you wouldn't be able to use your claw attacks in there because it only applies to unarmed. Also, since you use your iterative attack, all your claws become secondary melee attacks (-5 to hit bonus and half strength bonus).

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