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Total defense gives you a dodge bonus. Dodge bonuses are lost whenever you are denied your dex bonus to AC.

That's the total number of actions needed to reload. You can add more crew to reload faster. With two crew, in round 1, crew member A fires while crew member B supplies the first reloading action. Round 2, A and B each reload and now the siege engine is ready to fire in round 3.

With four crew, crew members B, C, and D delay until after A fires. They each spend their action reloading and then A can fire again in round 2.

The CRB and Ultimate Combat contradict each other on the size of siege engines. The CRB says that a ballista takes up one square, but UC says that all siege engines are either large or huge. If a siege engine is large and takes up four squares, I doubt a large creature could wield it as a weapon. Large creatures do count as 4 crew, so they can reload most things in one action. Siege engines don't have weights so we can't use that to judge whether it would be practical for a giant to pick up and use. Based on the damage, a bombard would be sized for a creature larger than huge.

If you talk your DM into letting you deliver dirty tricks with a whip, it could be ok. You can blind them at reach and then sneak attack to your heart's content. Spending a standard action setting up sneak attack is not a good deal. Archetypes like Slayer Bounty Hunter or Rogue Skulking Slayer would let you replace a sneak attack with a dirty trick, but you still need something to set up the sneak attack roll in the first place. The feat Canny Tumble or the scout archetype would help there. Charge or tumble into a sneak attack, swap sneak attack for dirty trick, and blind them. The downside is that 3/4 BAB hurts your CMB.

Canny tumble + circling mongoose.

Glitterdust and color spray.

Of course I forgot I got to this thread through google and necromancy' it. Reader, if you happen to be in a triple gestalt solo game, look here for ideas.

Grave touch talks about how it stacks with other fear effects, not how it stacks with itself. [The general rule](http://www.d20pfsrd.com/gamemastering/special-abilities#TOC-Fear) is that a shaken creature that receives another shaken effect becomes frightened. Grave touch specifies that this only happens under certain conditions. If you apply grave touch and then Dead Hand Style, they will be frightened if they fail both saves.

What does this series of multiclassing get you that you can't do with empiricist investigator? Several more skills would be based on Int instead of charisma and your inspiration pool would be based on intelligence, unlike the psychic searcher.

You need a ring of protection and a necklace of natural armor. Why are you spending 5000 on the comfort property when you could get a mithral chain shirt for 1100 and have higher AC? Bards get to cast in light armor.

1) In general, an effect doesn't stack with itself. I tried to find a relevant citation, but I'm on my phone and it's annoying.

2) Good question. The feat is completely silent. I imagine it's supposed to last one attack or one round. Nothing to back that up, though.

Edit: The author could have intended to mean that entering the style costs 1 ki point and the benefits last as long as you remain in the style.

How does this character help the party? How does he help defeat enemies? You have a tenth level character with first and second level spells, no weapon, no party buffs, not even a wand of magic missile. You'll have to add a +1 bonus to your armor before adding comfort.

That doesn't make sense. Are there any spells that have been removed from the game? Ironskin is rather tame.

D20pfsrd lists Monster Codex as the source and Archives of Nethys says page 45 of that book, but the PRD doesn't list any spells for that book.

Reduxist wrote:
What about a dexterity-based/agile maneuvers build? The dexterity can help with initiative checks, indirectly helping you move up the action economy by giving you the first action. Plus, dexterity increases your ac, making it harder for foes to pin a bead on you. It's more feat and item intensive, what with agile enhancements and weapon finesse, but they certaibly have a different level of payoff.

It all comes down to the fact that it takes a very good status effect to justify inflicting that instead of making the enemy closer to dead. The ratio of melee damage to enemy hit points is such that the action(s) you spend on tripping or whatever can get rid of a huge chunk of their hit points. Your first job is to make enemies dead and that is easy enough that you don't need to make it complicated.

Precise strike and outflank are what you are looking for. The rest are in between "situational" and "useless".

Lobolusk wrote:

so I made the mistake of having my party sorcerer get comped some 200 silver disks at the Silver disk hall to introduce the location and proprietor. he was supposed to go get the party and let them know but instead he kept the silver disks to himself and never told the party. Instead of doing a really complicated gambling game we rolled some dice and he bet all of it on one roll and won 2000 Silver disks which I found out are worth 10 GP each so he ow has 20,000 gold to spend in Numeria. so what can he buy what should he by?

if you were him a 2nd level sorc what would you buy?
and has a DM what is the restrictions on what magic items are available for the size of the town it is torch from the iron gods AP

The guy made a giant bet on a game with long odds and the dice were in his favor. The first three no the casino is going to do is be very very extremely sure that he didn't cheat. The fact that he is a sorcerer is going to be suspicious to them. They are definitely going to ask him if he cheated while watching him very carefully for signs of lying, possibly with truth-telling magic if they have access. They may try to con him

Into giving him a lifetime pass for free drinks or free stays at a fancy inn or some other method of not giving him that much cash.

While you're asking, does your movement while bull rushing a target provoke AoOs from the target?

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I'm pretty sure a brothel can come up with enough "optional expenses" to meet how ever many gold pieces are in your pocket.

Based on the wording, you either totally ignore the hardness or the ability has no effect.

Cheapy wrote:
Abraham spalding wrote:

In comparison greater weapon focus requires 3 other feats and only nets you a grand total of +4 on damage.

Power attack gives you a penalty to hit and only provides a +2 damage bonus per point of penalty.

Just a note, the +2 to hit is probably going to help a lot more than the +4 to damage.

In my experience, attack boosts are everywhere, but all the time damage bonuses are hard to come by.

Loading a Firearm wrote:
Early Firearms: Early firearms are muzzle-loaded, requiring bullets or pellets and black powder to be rammed down the muzzle.

If your holster is made right, you could probably do that awkwardly.

Advanced firearm pistols are basically going to be a revolver. The cylinder will either swing to the side or hinge from the top or bottom. The holster more than likely be too covering to allow that motion.

Edit: and a long arm will be "holstered" on your back, so good luck reloading it there.

quibblemuch wrote:

The trash heap has spoken!

It's still at the same DC as the original roll, though. If you happened to roll a one when you needed a two to save, then this will help you a lot. If you need a high roll to succeed, you may be rolling a while. Ten re-rolls may not even succeed or may not succeed until after combat ends. Seems like a perfectly fine power to me.

Total defense into the edge of their reach and the five foot step in next round.


Taking information from here.

Your heavy ballista takes a minimum of 3 crew. One of those crew is the crew leader, who makes the attack roll. It takes two full-round actions by crew members to aim (double that if you have less than 3 crew). I infer that if the target moves from the square, then you have to re-aim (it would make no sense to cost an action to aim at your target's friend beside him, but no action to stay aimed at a target moving 30 feet a round). I am assuming it is a standard action to fire since I can't find that specified anywhere. Next, it takes 3 full-round actions contributed by the crew to reload. Thus, you probably want a crew of 4 so you can start reloading as soon as the leader fires.

The attack roll is dexterity plus BAB. Medium creatures aiming a Huge ballista would take a -4; each extra crew member above minimum reduces the penalty by 2. Alternately, if your crew leader has at least one rank in knowledge(engineering), then you don't take this penalty at all.

All you need to be a good crafter as a wizard is max ranks in spellcraft, Craft Wondrous Item, and Craft Magic Arms and Armor. Make yourself gloves of elvenkind and you will have as much bonus as you need.

You can also pick up the feat [Energy Mastery](http://www.d20pfsrd.com/feats/item-mastery-feats/energy-mastery-item-maste ry).

That fighter archetype trades out all your bonus feats except for levels 4, 6, and 18 to get some spellcasting. This gets you no special abilities beyond the casting itself, so you're a full BAB dude with one-handed martial weapon proficiency. On the other hand, you could just be a full magus.

Scott Wilhelm has it right. The feat triggers when you hit a shaken enemy, rendering them flat-footed to subsequent attacks.

Hazrond wrote:

speaking of the Bestow Curse spell, it has CERTAINLY gotten more powerful over the years with splatbooks adding to it hasn't it? (you can literally make it a save or die pretty much, because there is a curse that causes the target to lose all their class levels and such and have to start over in a form of amnesia)

Edit: Found it, you basically lose all class features but keep most of the base stuff like HP, its still MASSIVELY crippling though.

Bestow curse is a really short spell. That's not what it does.

Be a Knifemaster Scout. Pick up Circling Mongoose and [url=http://www.d20pfsrd.com/feats/combat-feats/canny-tumble-combat[/url]. At 9th level, you have two options: charge/spring attack an enemy for sneak attack or full round attack with sneak attack on each hit.

Matthew Downie wrote:
Hold Person has between a 0% and 95% chance of working, depending on how high your caster stat is, whether you're fighting a humanoid with a poor Will save, and whether the GM rolls his dice behind a screen and only allows villain saving throws to fail when dramatically appropriate. Cure Moderate Wounds has a 100% chance of working. It's a call the caster has to make on a case by case basis.

First, if the DM is deciding pass or fail based on something besides dice rolls, that's a major departure from the rules and outside the scope of this discussion.

Second, we know information about monsters and the amount of healing. We have to weight each action according to the benefit it will give us. A full round of monster damage exceeds healing no matter what level we're at, so our damage prevention option doesn't need to succeed 100% of the time for it to come out ahead. Presumably, you will choose a damage prevention option that you are good at, so you can have some confidence that option will work. You (or your party) can make knowledge checks for information that can guide you to the best options.

Glewistee wrote:

Actually I think I missed this part,

Weapon Specialist wrote:
The fighter selects a number of combat feats that he knows equal to his weapon training bonus.
So, if I already had "Exotic Weapon Proficiency - Katana" I could be considered to have "Exotic Weapon Proficiency - Bastard Sword"

That's how I read it.

Looks like it works to me. Exotic weapon proficiency meets all the criteria.

Yes, you still need Improved trip to get Felling Smash.

It's a moot point because they're making ability checks, not skill checks. Inspire Competence doesn't boost ability checks. Good Hope would do it.

When making a drag or bull rush, do you provoke AoOs from the target for your movement to follow the target?

It's a pretty niche thing, overall, so I'm not surprised the designers overlooked it.

You can only move through the spaces of your allies. A random stranger on the street would not count as an ally.

There's an alchemist archetype that gets a construct mount.

EpicFail wrote:

I'm aware of the pre-req's and only cited them to emphasize the keyboard as the instrument in play to get the masterpiece going. The real question remains am I supposed to be playing a keyboard in the middle of combat with all those implications and burdens to get the freedom of movement effect.

Korlos thanks for that timeline. Seemingly if it only requires a move action having to play a symphony as move action(!) on my keyboard seems rather odd.

The masterpiece you are looking at requires a full-round action. The action type is not reduced along with bardic music.

Right after the section you quoted we get:

Action: 1 round

I assume that means a full round action. The masterpiece main rules tell us:

If it only requires a standard action to activate, being able to activate a bardic performance more quickly (at 7th level, activation is a move action, and at 13th, it becomes a swift action) applies to the masterpiece as well.

The rules aren't explicit on whether you have to have access to an instrument to use masterpieces, but I imagine you do.

Get a clear spindle ioun stone and a wayfinder. No need to track rations and continuous dominate and charm protection. 4500 GP.

Switching to a weapon with the trip quality will let you use your weapon's enhancement bonus on trip attempts. Depending on your dexterity, Fury's Fall will do more for you than Felling Smash. Dirty Fighting would let get away with lower Int. Intimidating Prowess can give you a social skill.

What infinite trip combo?

jonhl1986 wrote:
if i take this do wands i craft at 375 gp then use my caster level to determine how many dice it uses like would snowball be 5d6 instead of 1d6 and im a scion magus so would i use my charisma to it ?

Wand mastery says nothing about improving the caster level of wands, just the saving throw DC.

A cone is just a 1/4 section of a circular burst. Can't you extrapolate from the ones given? Wait, do you mean the cone sizes are different? The text was copied verbatim so for any given size, they should be the same.

Mark Hoover wrote:
If you're "stranded away from civilization" where are you going to find the shop to spend the 300 GP on material required for the spell?

Where would you find bars of steel and a forge to make the dagger? Even if you craft it, where are you going to find the components for enchanting that dagger? If you're able to enchant it, you should also be able to source the material components for Masterwork Transformation.

Jmage wrote:

The Swashbuckler's damage is coming from:

Mythic Power Attack, Mythic Weapon Specialization, Mythic Bleeding Critical, Elemental Fury, Mythic Two Weapon Rend, Mythic Improved Critical, Precision Critical.

The Character was built with Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Two Weapon Fighting and Greater Two Weapon Fighting.

The damage noted is without the Swashbuckler's Precise Strike damage; though if it were to be included on only 7 primary attacks, the maximum damage is still ~3054.

But if I understand correctly, it seems it's pretty much a "whomsoever gets the initiative wins" situation with Mythic characters then. :(

It looks like precision critical is a 3rd party feat. I see 5 Mythic feats, plus Mythic bleeding critical has a prerequisite, so he'll have to trade a path power for it.

His mundane feat lineup has to include: power attack, weapon focus, weapon specialization, Critical focus, Bleeding critical, Two-weapon rend, Improved critical, TWF, ITWF, GTWF. That's ten of the fifteen feats he'll get as a swashbuckler.

Craft skills are pointless. You can just buy the base items to enchant. If the DM has you stranded away from civilization, you can use masterwork transformation on starting gear and enchant that. Every magic item can be made with spellcraft. That saves you 6 skill ranks. Craft Wondrous Item and Craft Arms and Armor are 99% of your crafting business. Craft ring is optional, since each party member has only 2 ring slots. Craft Rod lets you get a discount on metamagic rods. Craft staff is pointless. You will use maybe one staff ever.

Your familiar does not have your feats and traits, so it will not aid you any better unless you swap out its starting feat for exceptional aid. Getting restful armor, a ring of sustenance, or the trait that lets you sleep less every night (light sleeper?) is great since you can get a rushed crafting session in while everyone else sleeps.

I would let them get bracers or gauntlets of strength at the same price as a belt. Pathfinder consolidated all the physical stats into one item slot, which is the opposite direction that WotC went with the Magic Item Compendium. You should let players add Big 6 enchantments to flavorful, interesting items at no markup.

The ability to knock them prone with Smashing Style (using all your sunder bonuses!) is huge, but spending another two feats for -1 AC per attack is rather minor. If you can't get their armor to broken in one or two hits, you really ought to be working on their hit points instead. Reducing the hardness is pointless; on a sunder build, the first thing you want is an adamantine weapon and at 3,000 gp it's comparable to a +1 weapon.

Weapon trick for Crush Armor is pretty nice, since each sunder attempt forces a save vs fatigue; breaking the armor forces them to save every round until they are fatigued or take off the armor. Since fatigue reduces dexterity and strength, then their CMD takes a double hit as well as a reduction in damage output, attack bonus, and AC.

The opposed strength check is made when the tangled creature tries to move farther than you want.

Keane1 wrote:

It's sunder to break it, which is CMB vs the CMD of the caster? Is that correct?

Or can the target move more than 20 feet away and the spell would be cancelled?

Either of those options work. Although if you work together with a grappler or combat maneuver specialist, this spell can really shine.

First, you need to decide whether you're a snakebite striker or a strangler. If you're a strangler, you can only sneak attack in a grapple.

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