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Definitely NOT a certain Kobold wrote:
And no so powerful kobolds.

Pish. Me and KC been at it for almost a decade.

Heck I even met him in the flesh this weekend. Nice kid.

"Other Darrin" Kobold Cleaver wrote:
{points and mocks} Ha-ha, BoP! You've been re-cast between seasons.


Tordek Rumnaheim wrote:

Ok its been 835 days since this thread started.

This post will be about # 85,820.

85,820 / 835 = 103 posts per day.

At this rate we have about 4. 5 months to go until we hit 100,000.

Seems legit


I'm skeevy


Hey, at least I ain't as bad as my relatives...

The Ghost of Kobold Cleaver wrote:
David Fryer wrote:
Monkeys are trying to censure us! :)
Kill da monkeys!

AHHHH! A spook!

Mouthy Upstart wrote:
Language is arbitrary and oppressive! It needs more rules to fix it!

Why doncha summon up that there stuffy library lady wots always calling folks out on there grammer mistakings?

Gobble Leaver wrote:
Kobalt Skeever wrote:

We could call it Hero ...

But that's a silly name ...

We should totally get poodle mounts for our when we want to tilt at windmills!

But then folks'll say that Kobold Cavaliers are way unbalanced ...

We could call it Hero ...

But that's a silly name ...


Durn hillbilly!


Aww don't be like dat hillbillies! *giggle*

Scampers to Mammy's back and rips off a moldy bagel


Yeah shoot that hillbilly bruddah!

[Sly Stallone]ADRIAAANN![/Sly Stallone]

HEY! You leave my brudder alone, you N00bsauces!

Kobold Cleever wrote:
Why won't any of you turds be my friend?!

I'll be your friend! Hey, them mean rednecks next door just shot me. Wanna go an' pester them?


Kobold Cleever wrote:
Hi guys! Can I play here?

Come on in bruddah!