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They have access to D. Door as well so if they know where he's going they could follow up. Also while Irovetti is the main target the PCs also really want Alasen dead as during the war the weretiger got to and killed Aecora.

Well my intent was PCs face off against Irovetti and company. I thought with their access to dimension door they'd try and sneak in but...

But the session basically ended with the PCs pointing a cannon at his front door and demanding a surrender. To which they get no response. Not to mention four of the group just want to shell and raze his home and call it day won. The only one that's against it is the queen herself cause... Paladin. I haven't told them the servants are not in the castle.

Okay so the last of Irovetti's armies has fallen and the PCs forces are basically at his door with their armies. I get the idea is the PC's are supposed to go in, dungeon crawl and take him out, but they have a battered but probably still numerous amount of kobold musket equipped gunslingers, cavaliers, and plain ol' fighters. Looking at it, the PCs could swarm his guards with little issue and backed up with the PC's wizard follower and the sorcerer/paladin/EK they can mass AoE the choke points.

Or as one PC pointed out... how many cannons do they need to just bring the whole palace down on top of Irovetti?

Edit: Forgot the main point. What if the PCs just want to send their army into the palace and take things out like a tide of ants? Also the only general that's still alive or not in the PC's prison is the weretiger.

As we finally got around to getting to War of the River Kings, to DO Mass Combat and the subject of the PCs being away when Irovetti's forces strike one of the PC's towns, I came up with an idea for 'emergency militia'

Sort of a 'The British Are Coming!' idea where a militia is formed almost on the fly, So the idea is 1/10th of the population rounded down is the size of the army, so a 10,000 pop. City can in an emergency make 1000 people armed, be it pitchforks, slings, a thrown pig, etc. These 'militia's aren't trained so we use commoners instead of warriors to represent that it's basically citizenry armed with cutlery and farm tools, with a few law enforcement/town guards thrown into it.

So a large city's "Oh Crap" Army would look like this:
LN Gargantuan army of human commoner 1
hp 21; ACR 5 DV 15; OM +5
Speed 2;
Consumption 2

It's there when the enemy hits the city, consumption kicks in and lasts each week they are holding out. Disbands when a 'professional' army arrives to take their place/or the threat defeated. It may also NOT leave the city. I.E. Farmer Tom may have killed a couple orcs with his shovel but he's still got to get the tomatoes to market tomorrow.

Debating on if it should start out at -1 morale though for the lack of a centralized commander and the 'Annie Get Your Gun' nature of the event though.

I haven't been on the forums in ages so I wasn't aware of one. ^-^;

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Daz Bangfang turns in his resignation

Let me know what ya'll think of this.

EDIT: Okay it finally was fixed, thanks guys and gals.

Okay thank you, I appreciate the help and will look forward to the heads up.

As my old email is now defunct I've been trying to change my email to no avail. I go to account settings, then personal settings, and change my old email to my new one, but then the page doesn't update. It sends me an email to my NEW email to verify this change. I click the link and yet nothing changes.

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Human centric anything in a fantasy world where there is supposed to contain considerable populations of other races.

Yeah the 0 HD Gnoll and Lizardfolk are high among my favorites to play.

Out of the official Uncommons, I'd say Kitsune, cause I like being a fox anthro, and having that CHA bonus.

Pure outside of Core races, I adore Catfolk. With Ratfolk and Kobolds in close running.

Thinking of making a 'likeness' of him for an BBEG in my homebrew. LvL 20, I like the idea of a dark god/caster that can actually fight hand to hand. The summoning of evil monsters and the huge skeletal hands and that um...pez dispenser fatality in MKX is so dark and yet cool.
One of his variants is called thinking Wizard, Monk or Brawler...

Anyways...looking for advice...have a nice day.

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I've played a gnoll paladin, that was also the party's cook, and carried a percolator to make coffee every morning for everyone.

On the spell Master's Mutation is the poison ability identical to the Eidolon ability, or can I pick any kind of poison I want?

No help?

A drunk cleric

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On the summoner's spell is the poison ability identical to the Eidolon ability, or can I pick any kind of poison I want?

^ that in a nutshell.

Humans are roughly only 1/5th of the total population of humanoid 'aka' PC races, instead of around 95-98% ish as presented.

There is still no canonically good drow, but born drow doesn't mean guaranteed evil either. (a predisposition to acting like an a-hole sure...but so are their paler cousins.)

Lesser racism, except for places like Cheliax and Taldor.

I don't have a major problem with it. Golarion is very high magic, and thus a people have strange humanoids, monsters, spells, so a ranger with a 'meh' for the average person in a town. A big city you just run into the problems of 'space' as well as moving anywhere undetected.

justaworm wrote:
Yeah, letting players constantly switch into new characters can be a serious struggle, especially if they are just trying to avoid the Raise Dead penalty. I haven't dealt with it as a GM yet, but my f2f GM imposes a minimum -1 starting level penalty for making a new character (i.e., 1 level behind the rest of the party).

Yeah I'm sure she will like this idea as she has had some bad luck in APs.

o.o that's a great idea and she won't have 'another' one of her characters perma deathing on us.

Can't do raise dead cause none of us have the material components or gp to substitute for it. She finished the last session playing Haleen, (Summoner in our party has the trait involving her and has leadership) but she wants a character of her own.

As far as where we are, we just finished talking with the Azer guy. Getting him his dang crystals is what brought the death on to begin with. And the session ended with meeting Neshari on the coast of the island.

So our druid got pulled down by a swarm of ghasts when everyone realized they were standing in an anti magic field and her wild shape wouldn't work so....she wants to make a new character but what would fit story wise for the new pc? She is leaning between one of the genie kin races, and we are all at level ten right now. But wouldn't that character be thousands of years old?

Already lost the NPC Rayhan to a dragon turtle.

SunstonePhoenix is banned because he won't stop barking at the mail man.

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Shelyn more then likely. I am an artist. I do tend toward NG. Or at least doing what I feel is right, in the moment. I like sharing and helping others get better at artwork if I can. And as a um...not good looking fellow when my ego is being honest I can appreciate inner beauty in others over the outer stuff.

There really isn't a race though under 20 RP that's any more powerful than a standard race (the most powerful across the board race IS a standard race after all.) , and the star system in ISR isn't really that good of a power estimate either. Trox do edge above the average race and early on are going to be great until class abilities and BAB catch up. Maybe allow them to switch a class ability for a race ability or something if they really want to play one. The half-trox compromise isn't to bad either.

You know that's a really good idea.

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I think the book really did miss a mark on not including some of the other racial ethnicities like the Pahmet. Or at least should of let ethnicity be applied to all races and not just humans.

So is there any examples at all of Elven script on Golarion?

Is there any examples of what it looks like? Sketching a Pathfinder elf for practice and want to make a tattoo on one arm and 'House'/'Family' name on the clothing around the belt.

A dragon with an amulet of mighty fists alone would be impressive. Especially if it has an element opposite of the dragon's.

Jessica Price wrote:
KingmanHighborn wrote:
To me personally humans are boring ... The only thing it seems that keeps humans from being 100% on Golarion is other humans.


You realize that this is a company filled with history buffs, right? Like, dude, you have a right to your opinion, but no one on the creative staff is going to be swayed by that argument. :-)

I'm a history buff too, which is probably why I'm so jaded and slightly misanthropic.

Anyway I'll try to back off on the anti-human and focus more the pro everything else.

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MMCJawa wrote:
I was fine with and enjoyed the coverage of the human ethnicities. If I have any complaints it's that we didn't get more treatment of the existing non-human ethnicities. It would have been nice if the Ekujae Elves, or the Pahmet dwarves, got there own two page or something entries. Also didn't really much care for the amount of space being spent on half-races, which don't have their own culture and tended to end up being a bit repetitive because of that.

Well to me it'd of been so much better if they had 2 pages of human coverage, and then spread the 62 pages ethnicity stuff over EVERY race in the Inner Sea. But in that light the Ekujae Elves and Pahmet dwarves should get coverage too, if that much detail is going to be locked to one race that already has everything.

knightnday wrote:

I will agree that a dog/wolf race or even a rabbit race would be nice. It isn't needed. but it would be nice.

As for the rest, well .. this is the Inner Sea Races. The main portion of the races of the Inner Sea are humans, in all their infinite glory. Humans usually get a lot of attention in not only Pathfinder but in a wide assortment of RPGs and sci-fi/fantasy work. They thrive in Star Trek even though other races have powers that they don't. They appear to thrive in Star Wars, despite not being cool colored or furry.

Well I'll admit, in this context 'need' and 'want' are interchangeable.

They do get a lot of attention, and that's why there are people clamoring to see them less, and the other races get a chance at the spotlight, as it is, humans get the sun while halflings, dwarves, and elves, and half races are equivalently in a basement with one 40 watt bulb flickering on and off. That's not to even compare the other non core races. I see the point on Trek and Wars, but thriving and dominating EVERYTHING are two different things. The human populace of the Federation doesn't own 95%+ of the known galaxy for example.

knightnday wrote:

I will say that the derogatory language about humans is where the blowback comes in from posters. If someone said that they are tired of meow meow kitty kitty cat people, you'd hear people howling for blood. Tired of the continued harping about kitsune and their tails, you'd have people asking for your head. It's cool to slam humans and/or the core races. It's the in thing to say that they are boring, that there is nothing to do with them, that the more exotic races are oh so much more interesting because .. well, they just are, right?

I for one am thankful that there is ANY material at all about the less common races. It could have been a design choice to only mention them in passing and give nothing more than a few mechanics scattered across a few books about them.

In that you are right I should lay off the 'monkey' stuff. But I have heard people on these forums bash 'xfolk race' or ban this race, ban that race it's overpowered, it's a furry ewww, or Paizo should kill off 'x' race. (That one got deleted though as I can't find it anymore.) To me personally humans are boring, the same way I personally find Superman boring, they get it all, best at everything, no real believable threats,(Worldwound maybe?) Etc. The only thing it seems that keeps humans from being 100% on Golarion is other humans. (Which is generally the generic fluff of Orcs in Fantasy, if they ever united yada yada unstoppable, but the inverse is more truthful.) If presented as a united front there isn't a place unconquerable on the map, Kyonin (Elf), 5 Kings Mountains (Dwarf), Hold of Belkzen (Orc), none of those places could possibly hold out.

And speaking of Elves, as example I guarantee you story wise it won't be an elf that takes out a big bad like Treerazer, it'll be a human with a special sword that after the big bad has slaughtered all the 'helpless' elves will 'bop' the monster and big bad is dead. Hooray the human. The only non-human, major protagonist in a D&D or Pathfinder novel series was Tanis, Drizzt, and Varian Jeggare. (And admittedly Cattie Brie, Artemis and Wulfgar are all really well done human characters. The Dragonlance don't hate them but I mean Fizban isn't really a human either.)

Draco Bahamut wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:

By which I mean, it you have a 'race of warriors' (Klingons) in your setting, there's going to be some people who will only make Klingon Barbarians - because if they're playing a fight-y type, they want to use the fight-y race. Even though you could make a human barbarian too.

And the others players want to make counterculture characters, like a Klingoon investigator or a klingon pacifist healer. As human are good in everthing, they can´t make their loved odd ducks.

I don´t believe it, as odd combinations are very possible, Varisians Paladins, Ulfen Wizards, Vudran Skaldi, Chelaxian Barbarians, etc, are allways special snowflakes.

And yet I've seen people get hammered because they want to play the counter culture. "Oh no Dwarves can't/shouldn't be Wizards or Sorcerers. They should only be Clerics or Fighters." Or "Halflings can only be rogues" cause god forbid someone wants to play an agile yet very angry short fella with a big axe.

That said, I'm with the person that would like to play the Ulfen Sylph, I'd welcome that character concept to my table.

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If the ethnicities can/could be applied over all races in the books there might not be as much hate, and we do need a dog/wolf race and maybe a Lapine/Rabbit race. But that's neither here nor there.

The big problem with human-centric is many fold, 64 pages of hairless vanilla monkeys is a lot. When other races get 2 pages or less then a paragraph. Especially when humans have since the very beginning got 95% of the Pathfinder coverage. Then you look at what role humans play. 9/10 they are cannon fodder/monster food, or the mastermind BBEG. The 1 out of 10 humans are generally the named NPCs that either hand out quests or are speed bump villains. The PC human is generally in the minority of party composition for most gaming groups. (Our group only had one guy that even played the race.) Yet we are supposed to believe they are over 9 tenths of Golarion's humanoid population. So not only are they over saturated, but by and large just numbers alone they out number the races that are supposed to be the endless hordes like the orcs and goblins.

If they had those numbers then you have to look at either the breeding out of or given human nature the far more likely genocidal removal of every Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, all the way to the rarest of rare races within two generations. Humans are also stupidly overpowered/overly flexible in the mechanics of the game, with some of (if not across all classes) the best racial FC bonuses. A racial feat with more potential for abuse then even Leadership, and so many other annoy things.

So TLDR a lot of the hate of the human-centric stuff is the race is already getting the very best of the best, and yet they are generic, boring, oversaturated, over covered, and it feels like the race is really PUSHED on people whether they want them or not and those who play the game to ESCAPE being human in the real world.

Or for an even easier TLDR read this:

dotting for interest. Might go Ninja, or Barbarian or some such, since it looks like casters are getting offered. ^-^

"Devil's Advocate" wrote:

That might be true, but it also becomes a lot less significant after level one or two. The fact that they can't benefit Enlarge/Reduce Person is pretty huge, though.

There is also the fact that Humans do have the option to get two +2s and no -2 if they want, and can put them anywhere, not to mention "steal" from most other Humanoid's pool of uniqueness aught to rockett Humans up to ***+++. So don't buy everything that the book says.

Yup the Racial Heritage feat and the fact the generally get an extra feat to burn anyway. Makes humans very strong and certainly an OP contender.

Well that might keep it useful until oh say 5th level or so.

Lord Fyre wrote:
David knott 242 wrote:

One interesting thing from this book that I haven't seen mentioned is that it gives an alternate means of assessing the relative power levels of the different races via a system that does not use the race point system from the Advanced Race Guide. The ratings in this book are as follows:

Standard (no asterisks): Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Halfling, Human, Catfolk, Changeling, Dhampir, Gillman, Goblin, Grippli, Ifrit, Kitsune, Kobold, Nagaji, Oread, Ratfolk, Samsaran, Sylph, Tengu, Triaxian, Undine, Vanara, Wayang.

Advanced (one asterisk): Aasimar, Drow, Duergar, Elf (Aquatic), Fetchling, Goblin (Monkey), Hobgoblin, Lashunta, Orc, Skinwalker, Suli, Tiefling, Vishkanya.

Monstrous (two asterisks): Android, Gathlain, Ghoran, Kasatha, Merfolk, Strix, Svirfneblin, Syrinx, Trox, Wyrwood, Wyvaran.

Hobgoblin being rated as "Advanced" was a surprise. They are not that powerful.

Counterwise: Goblins are rated as "Standard" despite having the better skill bonuses and an amazing dexterity score.

Yeah but heck other then Troxs and maybe Kasatha, and maybe just maybe Svirfneblin, the monstrous ones aren't any better then a stock human. So this to me is bunk. As far as advanced, you could argue Drow, but as long as it's not 'noble' it's not op.

Dragon78 wrote:
I really don't think of aasimar and tiefling as advanced races.

People say it's the resistances but those people are wrong.

Parody wrote:
KingmanHighborn wrote:
My best dressed character? Oh that's gotta be my Daz Bangfang

Your link gives a server error (403 Forbidden). Did you mean this image on elfwood?

ObTopic: Jirelle and Radillo are solid choices; I like them both.

Yup same image, but yeah. Daz is boss. IMHO.

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My best dressed character? Oh that's gotta be my Daz Bangfang

I mean that fur coat, both on him and the fur lined cloak of resistance and pants, rocking sandals, practical yet stylish belts, poofy entertainer's outfit, a gold leaf earring and a well made backpack. Not to mention those weapon cord accessories. And Raccoon > Parrot. :P

Paladin (small size and str penalties get mitigated a lot by Smite)
Fighter (Swarm Fighter archetype)
Trapper Ranger

All of that is good. Range, sneaky, and casty they do very well.

Golarion is a lot less humanocentric, like instead of 95% in a region it's more like 50% and the other 50% being other races. Except in deeply human ran/racist nations like Cheliax and Taldor.

As far as what's popped up in game that changes the world?

There is a dwarf wizard in command of all of Xin-Shalast, slowly making it a dwarf colony.

Fourshadow wrote:

*Facepalm* I just love it when players demand races as pcs that npc populace would generally rather see dead. I hope the GM actual role-plays those scenarios/encounters.

Humans, broken?! Are you certain you aren't thinking of tieflings and aasimars?

I am really looking forward to the in-depth human ethnicity information in this...

Not my fault most NPC populaces then are racist...speciesist?...But gnolls are a 'civilized' part of certain regions like Katapesh. So it's not like you would NEVER find one walking down a street. I have 3 in Pathfinder alone that I enjoy playing and they fit so well in to the party and story.

As far as mechanical brokenness of the human race? I've barked up that tree on other threads, tl;dr it's part of what Corvus said...among other things....racial heritage...*eye twitching* FC bonuses...

As far as Tieflings and Aasimars in the long game/campaign/ap are well balanced in comparison to a human. As long as I've played I've only seen one player in our group make a really powerful Tiefling, and she did it so the other people at the table would take her seriously. But even then what made her character terrifying could of been done with a human.

Under 20 ARG RPs the human race is king of the builds,book support and the cheese.

Lord Fyre wrote:

And, you are incorrect. The eight Core Race should have bee KOBOLDS because they are awesome!

No! They should take the place of Halflings! Cause they are certainly cuter. ^-^ /jk

I do like Kobolds as well though, defiantly a top ten race in my book.

Alexander Augunas wrote:

1) Gnolls aren't 0-Hit Dice races. Inner Sea Races follows the same coverage rules as the Advanced Race Guide

Actually they are now and they came from. ARG: /gnoll-6-rp

Which is good as they should of never been a lvl adjustment race to begin with. (Of course if it was up to me they would of been a core race cause gnolls are awesome)

At least they aren't broken as hell like humans ^-^

I wonder if the clockworks require I. Familiar feat.

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Orang-Pendaks, Vanaras, and Humans....eck to many monkeys...would of been nice to get a wolf and bunny anthro (since there is that harrow card) PC races. /slight joke but serious about more anthro races.

I am really happy to hear more familiars though.

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Rise of the Runelords: Anniversary Edition

You know people would pay for a book with these rp sidebars on the outside core races like the uncommon, and Featured races.

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