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It may be my poor reading of the rules. But a player at a PFS game last night told me that you could apply more than one archetype to your class. (In this case Ranger Archetypes of Skirmisher and Falconer) provided they don't replace the same class abilities?

I checked it out, and it seemed to back up his thoughts on the matter. Saying that you could have more than one Archetype provided you met the requirements.

But - is this legal for PFS?


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Pretty simple question. If the PC's unexpectedly attempt to pursue an NPC are we allowed to make use of the Chase Mechanics?

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Pretty simple question. When we are doing all our paper work, do we count boons in the Chronicle sheet number sequence?

Or are they just loose papers that are legit regardless of number - provided they are signed and dated.

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Ok. Pretty specific example but it is my situation. I apologize if this is clearly stated somewhere. I looked - but to no avail. (perhaps I need more tea...)

I am running First Steps for some PFS players in a homegame.
We have done Parts one and two.
I applied my GM credit of both to my fresh/never played Gunslinger.

I've been invited to play in a 1-2 level Module on Monday, in which I plan to play my Gunslinger.

If the module can not be completed in one session, we are not awarded xp or PP.

When I run my final installment of First Steps on the Follow Wednesday, provided my Gunslinger has not got a final XP. Can I apply the sheet to him still - even though he is "stuck" in a module. If so, does the credit apply only After the game? Do I just level him up, with no option to buy gear?

Just found myself in this confusion situation. We may be playing to much pathfinder here... :3

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It was pointed out by a dashingly handsome friend of mine - there is very little reason I can think of that someone would ever buy a Bracer of Armor +1 for 1000 coin - when you can pick up a Haramaki for 3 gold.

While in Non-PFS games, that is fine, if it floats your boat.

But is there something I am missing about these items, that makes Haramaki balanced for organized play?

While I do recognize that you can upgrade your bracers later, you can do the same with a Masterwork Haramaki.

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Just going over a few sessions, and a question popped up to me.

Party is derping along, find themselves in front of a wonderful old painting. DM notes say "A knowledge history DC: 15 will reveal this is a painting of the founding of Absalom."

Should the onus be on the players to request this information? Should they turn to me and say "What could I know about this?" and then I request the check? Should, upon them seeing it, I say "Ok give up them Knowledge History rolls!"

What about perception checks. The party is wandering by a pile of rubble, the session says "Searching the rubble and getting DC 10 perception will see a small pile of 100 coins!"

Should I ask the party to give me a perception check while going around the area - so the notice the coins? Or is it again on the onus of the PC's to specifically say "I'm checking the rubble for treasure."

And finally - and I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this one - if the PC's down an enemy, should I start instantly in to the "on it you find...." talk? Or should I wait to hear them say the magic words "I loot dat corpse."

In non-PFS games I tend to rule these however I feel at the time, sometimes mixing it up a bit. However with PFS, and with so many of the Faction/Session goals counting on players knowing, finding, or discovering something - Not only do I want to avoid cheating the players out of their victory. I also do not want to hand it to them on a silver plate.

Any advice?

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Couple of questions that have come up recently. Now my friends and I are new to the PFS but we've got lots of time on our hands and a great desire to promote this fine Society.

A couple of questions came up about event reporting.

If me and four friends are bored, sitting around, and decide "Hey, Why doesn't Josh run us on a session?" and I say "Sure!" Can I just log on, create an event and play?

Second - if at a Gameday or Convention, for which I would have registered the event well in advance, lets say I figured on two tables. But we get there, more people show up to play than we have tables - and we are allowed to toss another table in - How do we go about adding this new table so everyone gets proper credit? Are we even allowed - or is the Con Event Game Day thing set in stone?

Thanks for the answers, we are heading to our FLGS tomorrow to discuss the PFS and I just want to come off as knowing what I'm talking about. ;)

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Hey guys, small question - sorry if it is covered else where, but I did look. :)

If I am running the First steps games for a group, and one player has a 2ed level or higher character, can they instead play a 1st level Pregen, and apply the credit to their higher level registered character?

I hope that question was clear. It seems a bit muddled.


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Hey guys,

Got a player going to be playing a Magus in an upcoming PFS game. Just trying to get a handle on the class. When using the 5th level powers of Arcane Pool, which allows you to add magical effects to the weapon in question, the "enhancement modifier" of bonus being added must fall within (and is subtracted from) the over all bonus of the weapon.

For example.

I'm 5th level, I can spend a AP point to get a +2 weapon OR a +1 Flaming Weapon.

I can not get a +2 Flaming weapon, +2 Vorpal Wepaon or anything like that.

Observation - Because Vorpal is a +5 bonus, your weapon needs to already be enchanted to at least +1 to be able to put it on it.

Finally if I had a +2 weapon and used the Arcane Pool abilities to add on special effects, can the ability temporary cannibalize my magic item bonus to help get a greater effect? Like if I was 9th level, and I had a +2 weapon. I could spend a AP to gain a +3 enhancement on my weapon. Could I trade +1 of my existing weapon bonus to join with my +3 from AP and make my weapon (for the 1 minute duration) a +1 dancing Weapon?

Thanks for the answers - just trying to make sure I understand as much as the rules as hoomanly possible.

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Hey guys,

One of the players in my local group is curious about uses/effectiveness of Slight of Hand in the PFS games. I figured they would not be able to make/keep money off the skill - but it may make some scenarios easier.

Any thoughts, suggestions, recommendations, sage advice - so on.

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Hey guys,

About to start running a local PFS game. One of my players is already a member of the PFS, but he has mentioned to me, that some how over the years he managed to get two PFS ID numbers.

Is there a way he can consolidate both numbers so every thing is nice and by the books?

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Thinking heavily about running a PFS game for a poor deprived friend in a far flung part of the country. Would open it up to other PFS members, thinking about running it over skype or Teamspeak or something like that.

My questions are - what about players needing to produce the materials? Is that waived in the case of online play - and people can just use the SRD?

And what is the best way to get Chronicle sheets to and from each other?

And finally - Dice Rolling - I'm so new to the idea of Online play. Are there any good programs for dice rolling?

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Hey guys,

Just got back from a con, played in some PFS stuff, loved it. Now me and my gaming group are looking to start doing some stuff locally, and looks like I'm first to the wall with my GM hat on. (Wouldn't want it any other way)

Now lets say a situation rises where a player shows up to the table, they have a pregen character from a previous game, there character is well beyond 1st level, and there are no chronicle sheets showing the progression to Fourth.

Is this character even legal for play? Are you allowed to take a pre generated character and keep it for play? What exactly do you do about missing Chronicle sheets?

While this situation may not actually happen, I've got a worried feeling it may in the next few months and I'd like to be armed against it. That said - hopefully everything is all hunky dory and everyone will be happy! :3

And two quick questions about Chronicle Sheets.

1 - The number listed by my event - that is my event code? Correct?
2 - If a character dies horribly, and the player makes a new one, and is allowed to replay a session - can they attribute the Chronicle to their new character?

Thanks for the answers in advance. Looking forward to getting a session or two under my belt.

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Recently arriving back from the Tian Xia, Menas Dampton flips the open sign at "Damptons Delve". A small hole-in-the-wall bar in the Naos district in the bustling city of Magnimar.

With a morning prayer his my beloved drunken lord, Cayden Cailean, he saddles up behind the bar while the staff takes the orders of various early patrons. The staggering priest waits to see if any need his particular brand of "Wisdom".

Menas stands roughly 5'9", is of Taldane descent. Tanned skin, long curly brown hair and friendly green eyes. A fairly standard Bartenders outfit and apron upon his person. A wooden mug emblazoned with the holy symbol of Cayden Cailean hangs on his person on a chain.

"Well, another day - another penny." He says with a slight smile, watching the few regulars trickle in.

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Hello again gang.

I've been over the Guide to Organized Play and I think I understand how this works. I'm really just looking for verification.

Me and my local gaming community are running PFS games.

I run some folks on a few low level sessions. They all log their stuff for the Chronicle, and I get a GM credit for the Chronicle as well.

Next month rolls around, one of my previous players is running some games, and one of the sessions is one I already ran as a GM. If the current GM is ok with it, and I'm not a big jerkface fun spoiler, I am allowed to play. At the end of this game the GM (even though he got a player Chronicle for it) gets a GM credit. And I receive the regular Chronicle sheet.

After this point, neither myself, or the other PFS member can earn gold or xp or any other perks from replaying the adventure. But, we could replay it again, if we were allowed (like to round out a table or something)

Am I understanding this right? Thanks a lot. Expect more questions and clarifications as I grow closer to getting a game going.


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I would like to thank Jonathan Bilodeau. He is (and forgive me if I got this term wrong) the Venture-Captain for the Canadian Atlantic Region. He has been super helpful answering so many of my questions (and the questions on behalf of my other con-going friends) leading up to the Halifax Convention this weekend.

It is a really heartening thing to feel welcome at the table and in the society before even playing my first game. So thank you again to Mister Bilodeau, and to everyone on these forums that has been so helpful in these last few days.

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Hello again!

I had some questions relating to DMing PFS events and the aftermath.

First, is there a page that gives step by step instructions on how to DM an event, how to fill out the paperwork, and what is expected?

I have been poking through some of the free Adventures and notice at the end the Chronicle sheets sometimes have a list of "Treasure" found. Do all PC's get this? Do you write down who gets what?

And I may not be reading this right, likely not, but in some cases are there new abilities that are granted to the people who participated in these games?

Likewise, is playing through particular Sessions how you get the ability to play different races? (Had some friends asking about Tengu)

Just keen on knowing what would be expected of me as a PFS DM - as if I get more and more involved, I'll likely be doing that


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Pretty simple. I think the answer is yes.

Am I allowed to have a donkey to carry extra gear? If so, what is the survival rate of these poor little beast of burden? Should I expect to be on to Sir Hothsworth Mulenstien the fourth by my 5th session? How about getting the lil' guy to come with me in dark horrible places. I know it says they will - but are not happy about it.

Will I need to pester the party ranger/druid/animal person to beg my mule to carry my gear in the dungeon?

Finally - are we considered to have a "Home"? Do we have storage. Like if i don't need to bring my collection of 20 pieces of Azlanti statuary with me every adventure, I'd likely be happier for it. Or is storage something only gained through a vanity, and we must rely on the trustworthiness of our local innkeeper?

Thanks again. I've got my gear all done up now, and I think the character is done. Except, I'm not sure if my mule is legal. Poor widdle average str Cleric.

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Hello again! I'm sure I'm almost done with these questions!

Firstly to the important one. I live in a city, that to my knowledge, has no active Pathfinder Society groups. Is it possible just to start running games myself? Do I contact my FLGS for sponsor ship? Is there a link/faq that can supply me with all this information? My gaming group has five very active GMs who love the Pathfinder rules and setting, so we probably could share the duties a bit, and try to draw in other people from the community.

Second question. I can not seem to find guidelines for posting on the Faction Forums. Is anyone allowed to start a thread? Can soft-rp by post be done in them? Is it all assumed to be letter writing and response ala bulletin board?

And I suppose one final question: Interaction with other Characters. Can me and a pal make brothers? If I talk to a character over the forums, can I make mention of him to other pc's around the table? Is it legit that me and another player who's characters met at a con last year remember each other if we find each other at a table together again?

Thanks again. I'm just about to go over eq for my character so I'm getting a little more excited.


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So my character is a Bartender. Which is fab.

I figure he lives in Absalom. Which is also fab.

So, do I just drift from bar to bar like the littlest hobo, earning sweet tips where I can? Do I have a regular gig at a nondescript bar that remains undefined for ease of play and story? Or can I pick a specific bar out of Absalom that I can say my character works at?

What happens when I eventually earn those 5 sweet PP and buy the Tavern perk? Do I take over an existing named/nondescript bar? Can I just make up my own?

Sorry if this sounds all... detail/fluffy/stuff. I just want to be able to go in to my first game knowing what I'm allow to say about who my character is.

Thanks a bundle guys. I haven't been this excited about a gaming experience in a long time.


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Hey guys,

First off, really excited about joining up with the Organized play. I loved shared campaigns and Pathfinder is easily one of my favorite RPGS.

I am heading to Hal-Con (in Halifax Canada) this weekend. I saw that there was some society games being played, and I decided to make up a character and join in the fun.

I made up my character and submitted it through the registration form. How long does it normally take for him to show up in the database? I got a concept in mind that I'm pretty keen to play.

I followed the instructions to the letter, so I'm not sure if I missed anything.

Also - what is this I hear about "Online" play? Thanks in advance anyone with the time to help a newbie out.