A big thanks to our local VC - A newbies debt.

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I would like to thank Jonathan Bilodeau. He is (and forgive me if I got this term wrong) the Venture-Captain for the Canadian Atlantic Region. He has been super helpful answering so many of my questions (and the questions on behalf of my other con-going friends) leading up to the Halifax Convention this weekend.

It is a really heartening thing to feel welcome at the table and in the society before even playing my first game. So thank you again to Mister Bilodeau, and to everyone on these forums that has been so helpful in these last few days.


Good job, Jonathan! And, Mordaith, welcome to PFS. It's very cool of you to publicly thank your VC like that. They work hard to make sure folks have a good time. Obviously, Jonathan is doing it right. :-)

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I love when I read feedback of VCs and VLs doing a great job. It can be a thankless job sometimes and all of these volunteers do it out of their love of the game. Great job Jonathan, and thanks to Mordaith for expressing those thoughts.

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VCs are supposed to be cold of heart, devoid of emotion has they slaughter PCs by the hundreds, all the while planning conventions and misleading players to make bad character build choices. Am I wrong Mike?

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Shut up Todd!


Hundreds? Set your goals higher.

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Todd Morgan wrote:
and misleading players to make bad character build choices. Am I wrong Mike?

Using "misleading" assumes the VC knows better... I would not assume that of a VC... ;)

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Just a follow up. My girfriend, my sister and I had a blast with the PFS tables at Halcon. We are excited to play again, and will start up our own games in Fredericton, NB.

Jonathan and the other GM we had were fantastic and fair. They not only handled questions from vetted Pathfinder Players, but it was great seeing them help out the players at the table that never played any Pathfinder ever.

It was a great time, and there is little wonder in my mind why every PFS game was full.

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Glad to see you had your first couple of games Mordaith. Hopefully you had a good mix of experience on your table.

Table numbers are interesting. Ive been in both games with a full table of 6 and ones where a pregen had to be used to make the table go. Strangely its often those with just 3 players where their characters tend to shine more and get more 'screen' time.

What is the character ratios like where you are? Too many Paladins?

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Matthew Pittard wrote:

What is the character ratios like where you are? Too many Paladins?

Paladins are like cowbells....they make a lot of noise, and you can never have too many.

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Not a single paladin to be seen. I was a bit surprised. I saw one other Cleric, a cavalier, a bard, a rogue, there were two barbarians and an even archer type. Others used pretense (Samurai, Fighter, Wizard)

Forma convention we had pretty well rounded tables.

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As the aforementioned girlfriend (and bard) I can affirm that I had a wonderful time playing the Society games and also at the non-Society game which was also organized by our beloved new VC, Mister Bilodeau.

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Thank you for the good word guys. I'll make sure to have your cheques in the mail by this weekend. I'll have to say, Mordaith, et al, were already hyped, and giving them a good time was the easiest part. I look forward on coming up to New Brunswich and meeting them again and having my crew run a few games for them. Great players.

As of note. The non pathfinder society game was run by a local Game Master Renee, who has been trying to get an all girl Pathfinder game at the con for the past 3 years. Lyarie, thank you very much for being up to the task and helping Renee to her dream. She needed that boost and she was glowing the rest of the weekend. You rock.

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