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Hey guys,

Got a player going to be playing a Magus in an upcoming PFS game. Just trying to get a handle on the class. When using the 5th level powers of Arcane Pool, which allows you to add magical effects to the weapon in question, the "enhancement modifier" of bonus being added must fall within (and is subtracted from) the over all bonus of the weapon.

For example.

I'm 5th level, I can spend a AP point to get a +2 weapon OR a +1 Flaming Weapon.

I can not get a +2 Flaming weapon, +2 Vorpal Wepaon or anything like that.

Observation - Because Vorpal is a +5 bonus, your weapon needs to already be enchanted to at least +1 to be able to put it on it.

Finally if I had a +2 weapon and used the Arcane Pool abilities to add on special effects, can the ability temporary cannibalize my magic item bonus to help get a greater effect? Like if I was 9th level, and I had a +2 weapon. I could spend a AP to gain a +3 enhancement on my weapon. Could I trade +1 of my existing weapon bonus to join with my +3 from AP and make my weapon (for the 1 minute duration) a +1 dancing Weapon?

Thanks for the answers - just trying to make sure I understand as much as the rules as hoomanly possible.

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You cannot, unfortunately, "cannibalize" your weapon's own bonuses. It seems viable enough, but nothing specifically allows it. The Arcane Pool just lets you use the granted bonuses to get special properties, but nothing more.

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Ok - that is what I was thinking.

More specifically to PFS rules - who determines the Special Purpose of the Bladebound item? Is it randomly rolled by the GM overseeing the player (and signed on the Chronicle Sheet) when the player gets to the right level? Or does the player simply choose it?

Either way - it sounds like this would be one of those things written down on the Chronicle sheet and signed by a GM. Just to make sure people were not switching up their weapons special purpose between games.

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Mordaith, Black Blades do not have a speical perpose in PFS. This is due to the nature of PFS there is no one GM in PFS to handle something like a Blackblade Perpose.

You can use your arcane pool to up your blackblades enchantmet bouns to over come DR. You can use AP to add elemental damage and elemental burst damage but you are limted on using AP to add other enchamments by your arcana. Hope ths helps.

My master told me that if i had a +1 scimitar, i can't add an additional +1 with my AP ability, i can't understand why...i think it does question is...does it stacks?

PD: i am level 2.

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Zilfrel Findadur wrote:

My master told me that if i had a +1 scimitar, i can't add an additional +1 with my AP ability, i can't understand why...i think it does question is...does it stacks?

PD: i am level 2.

The rules explicitly state that they stack:

PRD wrote:
At 1st level, a magus can expend 1 point from his arcane pool as a swift action to grant any weapon he is holding a +1 enhancement bonus for 1 minute. For every four levels beyond 1st, the weapon gains another +1 enhancement bonus, to a maximum of +5 at 17th level. These bonuses can be added to the weapon, stacking with existing weapon enhancement to a maximum of +5. Multiple uses of this ability do not stack with themselves.

As an aside: +1 weapon at 2nd level? I guess you must've played up once or twice, or very carefully saved your pennies...

and if I had a +8 magical weapon, can be a +8 keen?

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fomore wrote:

and if I had a +8 magical weapon, can be a +8 keen?

No, since you can't have a +8 weapon.

However, you could have a +4 weapon, black blade arounbd 13th level, and add +4 worth of enhancements to it, from that 13th level Arcane Pool point, but only one of the +s can go to weapon enhancement, so you could have a +5 weapon with +3 of other enhancements. Keen is a legal Magus enhancement from the base pool, but it can only be applied to a legal target for it.

So, at 3rd level, a Bladebound Magus has a +1 slashing weapon, which they can, for the cost of one AP point, make +2 for one minute.

At 7th level, IIRC, that Black Blade becomes +2, and the Arcane Pool point can add +2 worth of enhancements, form either just a plain vanilla +2 making it a +4 weapon, or +1, keen, or Frost and Flaming, etc.

The Magus write-up includes the basic enhancements, which you have to look up in th esource to see how much bonus it costs to use, and some of the arcana available add additional options for the Magus.

Note that a Magus couldn't use the Vorpal enhancement, for instance, until 17th level, when his pool use adds +5 enhancement, and the weapon would already have to be at least +1.

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