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Thanks so much for the opportunity chummers, but the game is moving a tad too slow for me.

I am going to exit stage left.

Good luck with your adventures in SR : )

p.s. If anyone comes across a SR game that has a 1/day posting requirement, I would love it if you messaged me.

Jinx focuses on trying to remember the way back, but quickly gives up. Pip leads them unerringly, and it becomes apparent rather quickly that if the young ork was leading them afoul that there would be little the motley crew could do about it.

Clapping Pip on the shoulder the gunslinger wanders into the Pirate's Cove. Ensuring that he has Stick-'n-Shock rounds ready for Mr. Turner.

Jinx slides out from behind the table and sidles over to flop next to the little rapscallion.

The kid had grit, "Dig your moxie kid. Lead on."

It was probably better for an ork to broker the deal judging by the kid's actions.

Watching Hellcat for a moment he patiently listens to the other's accounting of their leads and then offers up, "'JT operates out of a warehouse called the 'Pirate Cove' in the Ork Underground."

Jinx seeks out a cigarette to deflect any questioning glances that might be cast his way to glean more of how he would know that, hoping 'Cat might step in and smooth over anything that follows. Social nuances are not the gunslinger's forte. He resolved awkward situations with the liberal application of ballistic projectiles.

People experiencing climax for the first time don't look as happy as Jinx, but he finally tears himself from his repast long enough to ask, "Anyone know anything of use to help track down JT? Miyako? Crix? Jack?

Jinx glances at Hellcat, confident that she will take the lead when it is time to reveal what the know.

Returning from the water closet the gunslinger pulls his jacket over his comically-bloated belly, looking as if he had been impregnated in the washroom, and attacks his foot with vigour.

A krill wafer only half chewed momentarily is seen again as he asks Jack, "You okay chummer?"

Jinx has a rating 6 medkit.

Crix Zelbourne wrote:
So what's our plan from here?

Has the group found the Pirate Cove warehouse previous to Hellcat and Jinx joining the group?

If not, we could throw some social rolls/nuyen around to track down its location, make sure everyone is healed up to be combat effective, then draw in information to kidnap Jack Turner and work out our plan to get him back to the KE.

For a rail the gunslinger can really pack the growlies away. Wrappers speak of a repast consistent of burgers and cakes made of soy, wafers of krill and libations of Fizzygoo. Those closest can hear his stomach complaining loudly, and threatening to eject the newly attained sustenance via whichever pipe is closest.

Sensual contrails of cigarette smoke lazily drift up from the slight gap in his mouth mouth an are cruelly dragged into his nostrils for further processing. Stabbing out the butt the moment its cherry had come uncomfortably close to his flesh he keeps his eyes on the waitress in an attempt to discern the cause of her distress. Perhaps she knew the location of the Pirate's Cove.

While waiting for the others to speak of any leads they had on Mr. Turner he excuses himself to use the facilities before Gorging the Redux begins.

Mr. Johnson, The Revenge wrote:
The medicine check can be impeded by things such as being awakened, or having less essence. For most characters unless you are completely untarnished by both ends up being -1 to -2 to medicine checks on you. (In addition to things like environment.)

Jinx is an adept and also has enough tech built into him that his essence is a 4.1, what would his penalty be to his roll?

Good information for later wounds.

Mr. Johnson, The Revenge wrote:
So as not to repay the entrance fee to get into the Ork underground the group does know of several cafes they can likely just put up their feet for a little while to let their bodies readjust to the damage they have taken.

In looking at the map the old GM left for the group in the Campaign Info tab:

The Ork Underground

Is the Crossroads Cafe (#2 on the map) not in the Ork Underground? Or is there more in another map? I imagine there's more to it since I don't see the Pirate Cove warehouse there.

p.s. I am completely lost with the damage taken and healing thing. Anyone have a quick explanation before I hide in my closet?

Was using the damage that Jinx took more as roleplaying fodder than speaking to any damage he took (being just formed formed from the ethos moments prior), if our new GM wants me injured I am fine with it

Children coming down on Christmas morning have nothing on the twinkle in Jinx' eye as he orders enough food to fill his stomach thrice and still fill his pockets with edible swag.

"Wizard, domo arigato. Dear Diary, Miyako was nice to me today."

Blood is still caked on his face, and he would easily blend in with the street denizens, but the food keeps his noise organ quiet save for the occasional groan of contentment that comes from having hot food in his system.

He leans back, stomach overfull and system regretting how fast he crammed food into his gaping maw, to continue to draw nourishment from his flattened cigarette.

"Anyone know anything of use to help track down JT?"

Hellcat and he were operating on intel that Turner was operating out of the Pirate Cove, but there was no reason to reveal anymore then they had to.

The gunslinger nods to Crix, confirming that the walking knife rack was correct about his street name, and then starts to tip his hat as Miyako introduces herself. It is only then that he becomes aware that his hat is missing.

He could accept the abuse to his person, the slander to his name, the derogatory comments about his lack of physicality, but he would not abide the loss of his hat!

Agreeing to meet up at a familiar location he stomps off to find his hat.

Finding a table with multiple exits, adequate sight lines, and the ability to place one's back to the wall was just a matter of course. Considering that they would be speaking of things best kept from the auditory canals of those around them.

Jinx, a voluminous cowboy hat tipped back to reveal his face, fills his soykaf with so much sweetener that you imagine that it tastes like a coffee milkshake. In his mouth is a half-smoked and partially-flattened cigarette butt he found outside of the cafe.

His stomach spoke first, for he hadn't eaten in days, and hadn't eaten a full meal in recent memory. Ancient cobwebs and randy dust bunnies were mating in his wallet, which left him with enough nuyen to barely cover this drink turned meal.

"I echo Crix's words. Returning marks alive is not my specialty. Perforated is more my style."

The movement is subtle, easily missed by anyone not watching closely, as Jinx crosses his arms across his chest placing both hands within easy reach of both Yamaha Sakuras holsters on his protruding hips. There was no reason to move, for his position afforded him a nice view of the room and it occupants.

Recognizing that Tosh is working to continue his intimidation, the trog was tough amongst all manner of backup, and tired of the constant posturing he offers, "Crix needs rest. Anywhere would be better than here. Let's bug out."

Jinx subtly nods his thanks to Miyako for brokering a better deal for all of them.

His injuries are nothing more than the remnants of far too many beatings, and those that are fresh are relatively superficial. These injuries flare into grotesquery under the momentary conflagration of a match's head meeting its sulphurous end. Lines of smoke erupt from the man's mouth mere moments after the cigarette's cherry betrays his inhalation.

He lets a sultry wash of smoke escape his mouth before tossing a thumb accusingly at himself, "Jinx", and then following it with his yellowed pointer finger indicating the woman on his left, "Hellcat".

If this was a poker hand Jinx would be holding big slick and looking like he might muck.

To make more Nuyen to locate Jack Turner, for MacCallister, was something he would never turn down, especially if it got him away from the KE.

The gunslinger raises his eyebrow to Hellcat, wondering if she was going to attempt to broker a better deal out of this volatile situation.

A crooked smile plays across Jinx's face, cracking the lines of dried blood 'neath his nares.

Athack's boss gave the impression of being loosely bound by laws, yet here she was bending the rules by employing this motley band of Runners, those held under duress by force, so that all could work together on a mutual lie.

Jinx cared not at all, for he had long ago lost any trust in the system.

As long as he was getting paid.

The gunslinger imagined that it was less a lack of moral flexibility that guided the KE to seek them out, but rather how the top-flight security contractors would be out of their element in the Underground.

The sooner he was out of the stench of this place the better.

I can commit to a daily posting requirement.

What's the expected posting frequency of this PBP?

Each step betrays a slight tackiness to the soles of the gunslinger's boots. Leukocytes, erythrocytes, plasma, and platelets coat the soles of his feet. While this is not an uncommon experience, considering the wetworks associated with his dark vocation, he is finding it difficult to ignore the reminder that his friends were dead.

Gunned down in cool blood.

Jinx could not abide this, and was itching to carve a f&~&ing ashtray out of the closest KE operative's skull.

Closing his eyes he places everyone in the room, and sifts through scenarios for dropping all KE before they even can get off a shot.

Let the bleeding commence, since your going to Kunark without a healer it looks like!

Taking a few steps to slow the moment of the push, throwing out his hand to brace "Hellcat" in the process, Seb (only his mother called him Sebastian) takes a moment to remember the KE Operatives' faces. If ever he could return the favour of the treatment...

"Jinx" is not much to look at. Long dirty white hair cascades down narrow shoulders of a rail-thin frame, suggestive of the starvation associated with extreme poverty. Peering out from 'neath that mop of greasy hair are dead grey eyes, seemingly shards of cold chipped from a glacier. His entire appearance is unkempt: several days of stubble forcing its way free of his face, his person unclean and clothes threadbare. You deduce the truth of his appearance as he gets close enough for you to take in the waft of taéngelé on his breath.

The black eye, bruised cheek, and dried trickle of blood from his nostrils speaks to the truth of his sarcastic mouth. Such treatment was nothing new, he just didn't have the sense to keep his thoughts to himself, or his acidic mouth shut.

Strapped around his hips are twin Yamaha Sakura pistols, their handles turned forward for the underhand or twist draw. These pristine pistols, the tools of this gunslinger's trade, have been maintained with a devotion generally only found in the obsessives.

Looking bored, at least the face he presents to the battleship-sized trog and company, he moves with preternatural grace to finds a wall to put his back to protectively close to Maeyan. The elf magician was the one with the words, he just spoke with a liberal application of precision-channeled ordinance.

Nodding to each person in turn, and surprisingly flashing them a winning smile and wink, he reflexively takes their measure. Nicotine-stained fingertips toy with his pistols absentmindedly, like he might shoot something on a whim just to watch it die.

The Underground was a wonderful place to draw in information about missing girls: he was in. Not that it mattered much if he agreed, they didn't have a hell of a lot of choice in the matter.

<<"Who are we bringing in - and what are you paying?>>

Link to Jinx' character sheet on Myth-Weavers: HERE (also found if you click "Human" under his name, while clicking on "Gunslinger" will take you to a handy Shadowrun slang website).

'Tis a work in progress...

Jinx presses a blood-soaked bar rag to his left cheek, wincing with the frigid contact of the ice cubes entombed in the sodden fabric. Breathing in slow, deep breaths he pushes away the pain working to ignore the sticky warmth he could feel under his armour. Blood loss makes him slightly giddy, bolstering his nerve and permitting him to take a peek. It is as he feared, his abdomen isn’t much more than shreds of meat, broken ribs held together by tendons and burned skin.

Time for some ‘ware.

Getting dusted by a ‘Dorpher would just be embarrassing.


In the mountains at the moment posting via tethered cellular on my laptop, so my connectivity will likely be hit and miss. Not sure if I am back home tomorrow afternoon/evening, or Monday afternoon/evening, but will keep up as best as I can on the fly.

Not my norm to be out of range of a connection, so the future should not have many delays like this, though depending on the time I get back you might not even notice I was AFK.

Crix Zelbourne wrote:

Trog could carry some extra weight in combat for sure, but wouldn't be doing us any favors on the social side of things. Still, I guess if you're tough enough, diplomacy is mostly unnecessary.

Alternatively I could bring in Lyst who is somewhat of a face and let your Trog fill Crix's combat role, but changing characters in the middle might interrupt the feel.
Of course, not playing for months might have already done that. So I'd leave that one up to the team.

When I play other games I have a feel for what the character can do, and how they stand, but with SR's yahtzee-esque fixation on the cascading waves of D6s I'm not sure how useful I would be.

Either way I am happy, but if the trog could fill a roll/role I am 103% there.

Crix Zelbourne wrote:
We could use a face.

Face is something I could definitely get behind once I get a solid handle on the game. Right now I think I am best to fall into the background until I get the basics of the game down.

Any advice anyone has for me I am wide open for.

I was looking through some new archetypes (balanced character of the hop leaving me to learn what all the stats and things mean) and was wondering if either of these would have a place in your game:

  • Bad Enough Trog
  • Gunslinger

  • Never made a character for this game, any advice?

    Just sent this...

    Davachido wrote:
    Saying that I wouldn't mind giving SR5 a spin in the GM chair before I do it with my local group. I don't think I've got the time to do a full campaign but a short scenario (say about a little over half the length of one chapter of an AP.) with basic characters definitely.

    Crix mentioned that he had a group going, but then the GM disappeared (Back in Business), a GM is willing to start in October and is looking for a short term GM in the interim.

    Would you be interested?

    Also, would you be willing to take on a neophyte (moi) who would like to get their feet wet?

    Davachido wrote:
    Saying that I wouldn't mind giving SR5 a spin in the GM chair before I do it with my local group. I don't think I've got the time to do a full campaign but a short scenario (say about a little over half the length of one chapter of an AP.) with basic characters definitely.

    Crix mentioned that he had a group going, but then the GM disappeared (Back in Business), a GM is willing to start in October and is looking for a short term GM in the interim.

    Would you be interested?

    Also, would you be willing to take on a neophyte (moi) who would like to get their feet wet?

    Would anyone be willing to give it a run for the short term hopefully to get the neophytes up to speed hoping that a GM comes out of the woodwork (and possibly from one of the neophytes once they're more comfortable)?

    Jack Be Nimble wrote:
    It would be nice to trap a new GM .. this is a good group.

    I would need too much of a primer (never played before) to be of use, and was hoping to get in with a game so I could learn the basics.

    SR is such a foreign concept when coming from different systems that it greatly intrigues me.

    Rise from your graves!

    Crix had posted in another thread I started (LINK) about your game screeching to a halt.

    Thought I would pop by and share my interest in playing.

    Now we just need to trap a GM....

    Crix Zelbourne wrote:

    Be sure to check out the PbP I was in, "Back in Business", that was going quite well until the GM dropped out. My whole team is still intact and I might even be able to bring in one more. What we really need is a GM.

    The other players are Miyako, Droid, and Jack.

    Back in Business

    Aziza Plumbockett wrote:

    Many actions in SR require opposed dice rolls to resolve. For example, a player might roll to hit a ganger with a burst from a SMG, and generate successes, but then the ganger can either roll his Body to resist the damage, or perhaps use Gymnastics to try and dodge out of the way. If the ganger generated more successes than the player, he could mitigate some or even all of the damage, depending upon his dice pool, armor, etc.

    It's not always as simple as 'roll your melee attack on a d20 against an AC of 14', so running a combat for a PbP game could take even longer than it already does for a Pathfinder game.

    So the player rolls their dice, in their action, but is unaware of how they did until the GM posts (along with their opposed rolls).

    It seems a bit like a player attacking an unknown AC.

    I must admit that SR seem like it was made by the makers of Yahtzee, with its D6 fetish : )

    Aziza Plumbockett wrote:
    As for the dice system, the fifth edition rules for Shadowrun are due to be released very soon, so any discussion of the dice system of previous editions may be null and void. I know nothing about what the publishers are doing with the system for the new edition.

    My thought was to go with the 20th Anniversary Rules, since I imagine they're more commonly found in people's hands.

    Let's pretend like we're using it.

    What would be the barrier to running the opposed dice system in a PBP?

    Figure we'll work out the bugs, or see if it doesn't lend itself to PBP. Since it's such a role heavy game (like Werewolf), I imagine it would be perfect for this medium of delivery.

    Aziza Plumbockett wrote:

    If you forgot, then they were dosed with Laes...

    I wouldn't mind finding a Shadowrun game myself, but I'm uncertain how well it would work as a PbP, given the nature of the opposed dice roll system.

    Never played SR, so nope, no clue about Laes v. Semtex.

    I really haven't gotten deep into the rules. How does the opposed dice roll system work?

    I am a complete neophyte for this system, though a veteran of PBP and other games. I have the books and would love to give it a shot.

    Any takers?

    <leaves out cookies* as a lure>

    * Either laced with vanilla or SEMTEX, I forget.

    Tried multiple times, as did my players, to log in to no avail yesterday.

    Today I tried to open a link at the bottom of a thread about 2 minutes after opening it and got this message:

    "You have made too many requests for the same page too quickly.

    Please wait a minute before trying again."


    Two things make Deadpool: healing and the mouth/personality.

    The rest is but window dressing.

    Make whatever you think would be fun, and add in the mouth/personality.

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    blackbloodtroll wrote:
    Rogue, the class, or Rogue, the concept?


    Sounds like the imp is putting in the lion's share of the crafting. Perhaps it should be the wizard giving the imp +2 to the imp's crafting roll.

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    slade867 wrote:
    Martial work, that is dealing HP damage to things so that they actually die, is called “janitor work” or “clean up”. This is meant to imply that it’s somehow lesser to the caster who cast a spell to make that job easier. Where did this idea come from?

    Cleaning up is honest work, not a lesser contribution.

    When you start feeling that this is "lesser" just fire the people that do this job for your company. Very soon you will learn that they are critical to any endeavour.

    <tips his "Insensitivity Police" cap and wanders off into the sunset banging coconuts together>

    minmaxhater23 wrote:
    so my friends have recently introduced me to pathfinder and I am way into it now, But in our group there is this guy who has been playing for years and he recently joined the group and he is a total douch bag. he has ruined half of the game so far and I have had to make two new characters because he keeps killing my guys. So I need some advice on how to make a level 10 super crazy strong fighter that is impossible to kill. CAN ANYONE GIVE A NEW GAMER SOME ADVICE!!??

    Poison him when he sleeps.

    I miss old D&D when you used to get 100xp for killing PCs : )

    xorial wrote:
    Rules are too far when it no longer resembles the game you are supposedly playing.

    This has me scratching my head, since it suggests you can have fun wrong. If everyone is having fun, then the rules are perfect.

    One swings for a coup de grace while the rest of the group readies an action to do a regular attack right behind that action. They are not performing coup de grace, but the damage should mount from the free round of hits.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    Harnessing the awesome power of an ancient magical item, permitting the stuff of your very soul to be the conduit for the energy to flow, as your mind becomes the foci sharpening the raw mana into a real world use, finally aching to be released by a mere flick of your tongue...

    Is a tad different than saying "huzzah" in casual conversation.

    A different way to look at this would be: Are you really suggesting that someone with multiple command word activated magical items should be able to cast them as much as they want because you found an entry that sort of kinda relates? Then, after they've released 6 spells (I'm pretty sure canon PF has no restriction on free actions) it is time for them to perform their regular actions.

    KA-BOOM! wrote:
    My lack of fun is stemming mostly from reading the rules, thinking something is legal, then finding out that Paizo changed that on me with either an explicit or general ruling made in an FAQ no one told me about.

    As you traipsed through many pages, in many books, to find loopholes that permitted you to bypass anything that stood in your way of being a medieval chain gun, it would seem incumbent upon you to wend your way over to the FAQ and see if the aforesaid loopholes had been closed.

    Generally if you're destroying everything you meet, and outshining everyone on your team, you realize that perhaps that was not how the game was intended to be played without the need for a FAQ.

    Just my 2.7 cp.

    <wonders how he accidentally clicked on a Rules Question in the first place, since he's from the "just houserule it and have fun" camp>

    Quandary wrote:

    To the OP: Paizo themselves solicits players to post Errata issues. Posting issues, and discussion to resolve vague rules interactions (that potentially could have a valid RAW resolution, even if it conflicts with RAI and thus may still need Errata, or may simply be borked and non-functional per RAW) is the natural consequence of that. If you have a problem with that, you should petition Paizo to stop requesting such feedback, much less feeding it by responding to it via Errata, FAQ, and messageboard posts addressing the issues.

    I would agree with you when it comes to the posters who end up engaged in never ending harangues which basically come down to differing opinions of game design/balance, which conflicts with Paizo's own designers... But besides that there is a large amount of objective, constructive posting which is in fact validated by Paizo itself.

    Forgive if I came across as a champion quixotically tilting at players who wish to explore the nuances of an issue that has created some chaffing in different player's sensitive bikini areas. It is only those that are out simply to quibble for the enjoyment of trolling their way through their digital existence that cause me discomfort.

    Personally I find no use to such threads, whether Paizo initiated or not, for the substance is hidden amongst the barbs and jibes, so I wear the +2 codpiece of "Just Houserule It!".


    p.s. I do not visit debates often enough, so please correct me if I am in error, but what I believe is the most often outcome is that someone poses a generally valid question, then a murder of posters (pod? flock? giggle?) wanders in to post solid suggestions/good-natured sarcasm, and most ideas are slowly lost in a steadily-rising quagmire of someone saying something inflammatory and people arguing against it. Like any conversation it is hard to ignore those screaming next to you, so the conversation slowly tapers out as the people with anything constructive to add wend their way to different ports to ply their collective trades.

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