Back in Business (Alpha Run) [Shadowrun 4E]

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This is the thread for the Alpha Run campaign of Back in Business (Shadowrun, 4th edition).

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I'm coming down with something and exhausted, so I may not be posting for a few days. Thanks for bearing with me. Cheers!

Feel better soon!

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No problemo! Rest up !!

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Recuperate and rejuvenate.

Drink lots of fluids?
Idk, whatever works. Good luck.

Would you guys be interested in a new teammate, a gunner type? I rerecruited for Beta Run and I had one submission over what we needed to fill up Beta Run back to 5. He hasn't given a crunch yet, but he did submit a background. If you guys are interested, I'll offer him a chance to submit his crunch for Alpha Run.

I was going to ask if we would be getting the leftovers.
As much as it would hurt me to have my domain (combat) encroached upon, I suppose I could suffer him.

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More meatshields for me is good.

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If Crix is ok with it, then so am I :)

We are kind of lacking in the defense department. I can kill like a madman, but someone to soak up the bullets would be nice.

I have no objection.


Please note my Adept Powers in my profile, most notably, Power Throw.

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I can see the map but can't move my position, i can move Jack.

Sorry, I edited Droid so you can move him. :)

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Thanks. I've misplaced my book currently.. I add electronic warfare autosoft to my hacking roll when I'm trying to break into a network right?

No, Electronic Warfare is for encryption/decryption, detecting wireless nodes, intercepting wireless signals, signal jamming, and the like. You use Hacking+Logic for directly interacting with a device (e.g., actually sitting at the keyboard of the computer you're trying to break into) and Hacking+Exploit, likely, for breaking into a node.

To simply things, though, for commlink warfare right now we're handling it as straight up Cybercombat, which is handled much like regular combat, with Cybercombat+Attack program as your attack roll, Response+Firewall (on the Matrix summary sheet, it says +Stealth not Firewall...weird) for defense, and System+Armor program for damage resistance. These hackers are being as subtle as a sledgehammer, so no Hacking+Exploit test is needed if you wish to simply hammer away at their exposed icons with Cybercombat.

These hackers' comms are not hidden, so you can simply use Cybercombat+Attack program to attack the hackers' icons (and attempt to crash their commlinks).

My brother is getting married on Saturday and I will be out of town tomorrow until Monday, so this weekend will be quite busy. I'll get posts in when I can, but I won't have access to Roll20 for most of that time (just my phone internet), so if I am able to post, I probably won't have access to the map.


Sorry guys, I'm on a very busy schedule right now, working 6 days a week and long hours, so I haven't had a chance to post for awhile. I'll try to get one in sometime soon.

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computer+logic+analyse-1: 12d6 ⇒ (4, 3, 5, 6, 5, 2, 1, 6, 1, 6, 4, 3) = 46 = 5 successes

[edit] crud I just realized I posted in discussion rather than gameplay... Can I keep these or do I need to retool in gameplay?[/edit]

hey folks, just wanted to pop in and say I am still around. Mr. Johnson, I hope all is well with you.

Yeah me too. Just totally unconscious.

Rise from your graves!

Crix had posted in another thread I started (LINK) about your game screeching to a halt.

Thought I would pop by and share my interest in playing.

Now we just need to trap a GM....

It would be nice to trap a new GM .. this is a good group.

Jack Be Nimble wrote:
It would be nice to trap a new GM .. this is a good group.

I would need too much of a primer (never played before) to be of use, and was hoping to get in with a game so I could learn the basics.

SR is such a foreign concept when coming from different systems that it greatly intrigues me.

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I have basically no experience with shadow run so I would be a very bad choice to run but if we manage to snag a GM I'd love to still play.

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Yup me too.

I was thinking about switching to Lyst if we got another game going.

Would anyone be willing to give it a run for the short term hopefully to get the neophytes up to speed hoping that a GM comes out of the woodwork (and possibly from one of the neophytes once they're more comfortable)?

So does anyone know how to get this game posted to recruit a new GM?

I am not familiar enough with SR to feel comfortable running it.

Me either. I've read a lot of the material but I've only ever played one game.

Hi, I'm invading from the Beta thread.

I'm very familiar with the SR mechanics, but less so with the setting - I'm familiar with it, but not enough that I'd feel comfortable running it.

That being said, I would volunteer to step in to GM the rest of the run, since I'm intrigued by as much of it as the Beta team got though, except my schedule is going to suck between now and October, and I'm already pushing the limit of my time for PbP's. If people are willing to wait for October, I can pick this up then. If someone wants to step up to run it, and lean on me for mechanical support (either via email, IM, forum PM, or whatnot), I can try to help with that. Or, if we can recruit another GM, I'd love to either get them to pick up Beta too, or defect to Alpha (assuming there's room).

Just sent this...

Davachido wrote:
Saying that I wouldn't mind giving SR5 a spin in the GM chair before I do it with my local group. I don't think I've got the time to do a full campaign but a short scenario (say about a little over half the length of one chapter of an AP.) with basic characters definitely.

Crix mentioned that he had a group going, but then the GM disappeared (Back in Business), a GM is willing to start in October and is looking for a short term GM in the interim.

Would you be interested?

Also, would you be willing to take on a neophyte (moi) who would like to get their feet wet?

Further to what's going on in the recruitment threads I'd be happy to pick this up until October where Maeyan can take over. I have been played SR but never as a GM I am willing to give it a spin though. Though which system is this group wanting to run in. SR4 or SR5? If 4 I might need to brush up on the rules a little as I haven't read the pile of errata that made 4.5 yet.

@Jinx: Like I said in PM yea I'm fine letting new players join, as long as the other players are too as it is more their game than mine.

I would be fine if some new players want to join us.

I think we were using 4e.

Yes, we were.

I take it you were using the errata correct? Also was this an predone adventure or was it of the GM's making?

I do not know if we were using any errata. I was using the anniversary edition of the rule book.

I am almost certain it was a published module.

Okay cool, gots me a basis to work on then. I shall try to be back by Sunday (if not sooner) with everything read up by then and to figure out where you guys got to in the module.

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That's great Davachido, much thanks.

Davachido, thank you for taking this on. :)

And I am currently unconscious fyi, so pardon my infrequent posting. I just don't have much to do.

Never made a character for this game, any advice?

That's like all I do is make characters.
We could use a face. Look into making a high CHA & AGI Elf with some pistol skill (hold-outs?) and lots of social focus. You can use the remainder to splash in some magic. It's an easy and powerful build.

Okay reading through the module now, I am trying to recap and go along with the gameplay thread as I read through. I take it everyone is at the base level of characters with no Karma award correct?

Sorry if I'm asking a lot of basic questions, I just want to be thorough.

You are correct, we have received no karma as yet.

Don't worry about questions, better to ask than have misunderstandings.

Right I have caught up where you guys are and you guys stopped at quite a good spot, just before a scene change. I shall post as soon as I can, I am still brushing up on the changes in the anniversary edition. Once I get the reading down pat (just got the magic and matrix to run through now,) I shall post a continuation of the scene.

Crix Zelbourne wrote:
We could use a face.

Face is something I could definitely get behind once I get a solid handle on the game. Right now I think I am best to fall into the background until I get the basics of the game down.

Any advice anyone has for me I am wide open for.

I was looking through some new archetypes (balanced character of the hop leaving me to learn what all the stats and things mean) and was wondering if either of these would have a place in your game:

  • Bad Enough Trog
  • Gunslinger

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