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puffs on his stogie

Urizen wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:

120 new posts? Yagottabekiddinme!

Busy morning. Probably won't be around much this afternoon, either.
Quit yer b~*@~in', leafy. I started with 200 more than yours when beginning this thread. Your pity party will not be taken upon by me. No sir. The Dude does not abide.

I thought I saw him abiding last night.

puffs on stogie

puffs on his stogie

stares blankly at Stabracadabra

takes a swig from his Jim Beam

*puffs on his stogie*

*tokes on cigar*

*lights a stogie*

Where's me stogie and ale?

lights up a stogie

lies back with a bowl up popcorn, refreshing periodically

Woodraven wrote:
you guys are insane, I am not reading the missed pages, so I am starting off fresh. cigar and a beer anyone?

Don't mind if I do, but make that beer a bottle of Jim Beam.

lounges around in his smoker's vest smokin' a stogie

*lights a stogie*

*lights a stogie*

Rear Admiral Bÿrdtúrgler wrote:
Excellent, soldier. And while you're at it, the mayonnaise too. Miracle Whip. Thick 'n' creamy...

My mayonnaise is thicker than usual....

Jilly Bean wrote:
I'll be camp entertainment if she's too goody for it...How's it going Boys? ;)

All I need is a bottle of Jim Beam & a Cigar.