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I turn back into human form and look down into room A.

*gathers a glob of snakes near her top face, then fires them in a decently aimed spray up at Nasty*


*climbs down into the writhing mass, changing into a noble-looking gelatinous cube along the way*

Awwww so CUTE!!!

Whew... this must have cost a lot to build...

Oooooh a pit! There could be oozes living down there. How deep is it?

Awesome! Secret passage!

Tentatively walks into the passage, waving the sword around in hopes that it will start to glow.

Hey Nasty! Good to have you back.

*gratefully accepts the meat mush and holds it in her hands, which expand to cover the gift*

*concentrates with a happy look on her face as acrid fumes spill from her hands*

*opens her hands as they return to normal size*

Ahhhh... delicious! I like organic food.

I always thought it would be a good thing to not be a person. Then again, you can still be hit by charm monster and dominate monster.


*stops waving the sword, embarrassed*

Sorry. Wasn't thinking.

Then again, are you really a person, Schism?

*takes the sword*
This is sharp indeed. And it has magic. It would probably make for a mulch matrix partitioner. How wonderful!
*waves the sword before the others*

*nudges Tvashtri*

What is it? Do you know?

(nudges JRRT)

He did loot them, y'know. Rocks.

I really need to learn more here.


AMH, is your only thought when seeing this that the skeleton might be some sort of monster?


Ooooh this looks interesting.

I search the slimy, watery surfaces of the skeleton to see if it could be an ooze living there.

Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (18) + 6 = 24

(Oh, and welcome back!)

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Gelatinous cube in a grapple?

I was young. I needed the money.

The next poster has a world-changing discovery.

Brilliant idea. My wholehearted support!

The truth is, naturally, that the majestic cube is busy calibrating its karyoplastic metarrhectic enzyme coordination. It takes a little time. Also, it is so sad to see such a beautiful creature in such pain. Adamantine armours take a lot of focus and fine tuning to dissolve.

Any exits here? A lava cave should be a monster lair, right?

Do we have a cleric who could cast resist fire on us?

That isn't going to last long, though.

BOILING water. Typical. Why did it have to be boiling water? So, who is first down?

I keep dissolving the door, really putting my back... Uhhh... Rear facet into it. Oozes do not breathe, and they do not burn well, but I do take the damage from that trap. And slobber through the door.

I was getting hungry, so, I start to dissolve the door by laying against it and partially changing to slime.

Does the door look organic?

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I believe Gurg put it best. "FOOD STAYS FOOD!!!"

Mommy wants a breath weapon... :-)


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There are many such spells, really. They are a bit esoteric, but can be useful in many different ways. If you need sewer water, vomit, bechamel sauce, blood, green slime... So very convenient.

"Why didn't you say so?"

Summon butter.

*pours gallons of garlic-smelling butter from her hands*

Wow... That gotta be worth something...

*has finished the green goop, looking hungrily around for more*


Ah well. Let's see what the others are up to.

*hurries along*

I wasn't thinking boyfriend. I was thinking food.

*starts slurping up the green goop through her skin, with a blissful look on her face*

Oooooh goopy green goo! My favourite!

I cast detect slime.

Good idea! Color spray on the third shark! (save DC 18)

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When the sharks come closer, I jump over them! Then cast levitate in midair and take stock of the situation.

JRR Tolkien wrote:
Contrary to headhunter beliefs, eating brains does not make one smarter


*looks at the face too*


Furs and club? The Spring/Summer collection is looking way better than last year.

Cool. Who carries the furs?

*perks up*

Dead things?

Trapdodger Barefoot wrote:

"Bonsai! I hit the mother load, these dice are made from real bones or tusks or something....and check out the jewel encrusted chastity belt!!!"

Tries on extraordinary jewelry cod piece....

"Did you find a key for it too? I mean, now you may need it..."

"I didn't know liches could... You know."

"Of course it did. It was probably REALLY tasty. Hazard of work."

"Sort of... no weird dimensions, no reason to eat you beyond making more ooze, no stars that are right, and so on. Maybe an underwater city, I am not sure. Yeah, Octa sounds like a good goddess for me."

"Hmmmmm... All this talk of gods and such makes me think I should maybe find one for myself. I have done some research, and oozes tend to worship one of a pantheon of sludgy gods, most devoted to dissolving various types of matter. I can't really seem to groove off a god of eating gravel, though. Maybe it makes sense if you have a -6 racial Intelligence modifier. However, there is one... They call her/it the Platinum Octahedron, the Eager Kiss, the Eternal Slime, the Willing Splitter. I THINK she is the gelatinous cube love goddess. For some values of love, anyway. What do you guys think?"

*picks up a few hunted heads and hangs them from a hair band*

I dodge the spear and snake bite, and go "THBTHTHTHTHTHTTTTT!"

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It can never be enough.

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