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Inquisitor of Desna for adding bane to starknives as needed to buff damage output, along with 'teamwork' feats to take advantage of the situation as needed.

Ranger of Desna would also stack some standing damage adds to the weapons, if you're in a campaign where your favored enemies are primary opponents.

I'd also recommend two levels of Spherewalker, as it grants any starknife you wield the returning quality.
http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/prestige-classes/other-paizo/s-z/spherewalk er

Don't worry if you get it wrong to start. My brother and I started off mis-playing MERP because we liked the Lord of the Rings books.

For a while, we played that every time you tried something and succeeded, you got another skill rank. So we'd have adventures of trying to climb trees and getting 5 more ranks in climb that day.

Roleplaying is about exercising your imagination. If you're enjoying it, then you're doing it right. :)

Inner Sea Gods. Rangers who worship specific deities can take their combat style.

for my Magus, I took enduring blade, got a lesser extend metamagic rod, and used greater magic weapon. Make a +3 for most of the day weapon, and then tune it with bonuses pertinent to the battle at hand for 1min/lvl.

I had arcane accuracy as well, useful for full attacks after you discover the target's AC is just out of range, and used Bladed Dash to spellcombat-movetoflank as needed.

I played through Curse of the Crimson Throne, and while there were some occasions where I nearly exhausted my resources, it kept me viable the majority of the time.

we had a non-archetyped dwarven two weapon fighter in our RotRL campaign, and it worked out fairly well, once he got to combat. Unfortunately, our mage didn't want to learn telekinetic charge to launch the dwarfapult at the enemies.

I was playing a monk/ranger with big game hunter and FE Giants, and picked up Lunge to help out with reach issues. It worked out fairly well even to the 6th book.

I think Book 2 of Rise of the Runelords has some rules on that. Handily even has a map.

You could go with an Intelligent wand able to activate itself.

I used spring attack with my Monk of the Sacred Mountain, along with Lunge to reduce the amount of time I spent out of bastion stance.

Unless you're really lucky to start combat at short range (for spring attack) all the time, you're going to have some rounds spent getting to the proper position anyhow. Or find yourself out of position as the enemy 5' adjusts, or need to 5' adjust yourself to grab a flank.

Not a problem. I've learned a lot with my tiefling hexcrafter magus working through CotCT. Lvl 12 now, and having a blast.

I started off with a +2 concentration trait, then took combat casting after an unfortunate incident at level 2 or 4. Now, I don't need to roll any concentration checks for lvl 4 spells or lower DC15+4+4 is 23.. Concentration is 12 from level, 4 from int, 2 from trait, 4 for casting defensively gets me to 22, and the improved spell combat gets me to 24. VERY handy.

you would need int of at least 11 to get spells, and for only a lvl 1 dip it's not really worth it, as you'd be suffering arcane spell failure in medium or heavy armor.

Spells though:
True Strike - this is awesome with spell combat, as you take a -2 penalty to get +20 to the attack you want to pull off.

Call Weapon - situational, but useful if there's a specific weapon you need to handle the threat at hand, and an ally is wielding it.

Stand Guard - From Knights of the Inner Sea, lets you 'stay awake' through your rest, and still recover spells and heal as if you had rested.

Stone Fist - fixed duration, but a non-feat improved unarmed strike.

And since you have a spellbook, you can jack of all trades the entire lvl 1 list with a single level dip.

Malusiocus, you're combining two different defensive abilities.

Fighting defensively doesn't prevent AoO for spellcasting, since normally you can't combine fighting with spellcasting. It just grants a bonus to AC for a penalty to attack. You don't need this portion for spell combat.

Casting defensively is done when in a threatened area, and you have the DC correct. for shocking grasp, dc17 concentration check, which is your level+int bonus +traits/feats that apply.

Night Shade:

As you were already engaged, you chose to attack with spell combat. You make your melee attack at -2, then should have made a concentration check to avoid provoking the AoO. On succeeding, you make the second attack at -2 again, but if you hit, this time it does both weapon and spell damage.
It is a normal attack, not a touch attack though. That's the price we pay for getting weapon damage and crit range via spellstrike.

If you had failed the concentration check, then you'd lose the spell and the second attack that went with it, but still take the penalty on the other attack.

You might consider a Magus dip along with your fighter. Arcane pool is awfully handy for making the weapon at hand the best one for the job. I played from lvl 1-9 without picking up an actual magical weapon, because I could add that as combat started or drew near.

My point was more the sanctity of the natural 20 to hit, than negating a crit :)

If someone has built their pc to crit on 15s and hand those crits off to their 4x damage flanking buddy with the scythe, then by all means, block away.

Considering rolling a 20 to hit will hit AC infinity, it does feel kinda cheap to beat it by just rolling their Attackbonus+21.

Perhaps allow it to block the confirmation instead on nat-20 rolls, which means it couldn't block a hit-20 followed by a confirm-20.

If you're using pointbuy, then he'll always have the option to dumpstat. You can either remove the option by changing your stat generation, or find ways to make every stat important during the adventures.

Did you ask him /why/ he makes the same personality over and over?

Talk to your GM about the class. Find out how he interprets Magus to work on those multiple interpretation points.

I've been playing a hexcrafter magus through 12th level in Curse of the Crimson Throne, and am having a blast.

I didn't go with the metamagic traits most people recommend, instead I went with +2 concentration and took combat casting. I don't need to make concentration checks to cast during spell combat (I'd need to roll a -2 or so atm to fail)

There have been some issues with things I pulled out in combat, like getting +int for arcane accuracy and using spellcombat to cast bladed dash, granting another +int of a different type to the first attack I made on the opponent I was moving to flank, and could then finish my spell combat full attack against.

honestly, spellstrike is the class feature I use the least, though that is more due to our party composition and lack of a controller wizard influencing my spell selection.

The monk loses his AC bonus when wearing armor. so the padded +5 negates 12 points from wisdom and ac bonus you have listed above.

touch loses bracers of armor, shield, barkskin.

flat footed loses wisdom, ac, dex, wildshape (if its not a natural armor bonus) the ki point, full defense.

We have a rakshasa blooded sorcerer gone harrower in our campaign, which is working out fairly well, but requires more care in choosing spells.

Unbreakable (Ex): As long as it has at least 1 point in its arcane pool, a black blade is immune to the broken condition. If broken, the black blade is unconscious and powerless until repaired. If destroyed, the black blade can be reforged 1 week later through a special ritual that costs 200 gp per magus level. The ritual takes 24 hours to complete.

A magus can handle this fairly well, since you can enhance whatever weapon you require on the fly. Mine in CotCT just claimed her first permanent magical weapon at lvl 9 or 10, because to that point there had been plenty of masterwork ones to trade off with for different damage types.

Cestus would work, giving both bashing and piercing damage, and a 19-20 x2 crit.

Sorcerer benefits quite a bit from the harrower's metamagic ability, since using the cards isn't a full round action.

We have a rakshasa blooded sorcerer in our CotCT campaign whose gone this route.

Check out the Varisian Pilgrim from Inner Sea Magic. it's an archetype that really fits the Desnan cleric, and lets you use domain abilities on your traveling companions. it does trade out medium armor and shields for this, but you can gain that back with a multiclass if you wish.

the Spherewalker prestige class is another good option for increasing your versatility, though you'll need to talk with your DM about it to ensure you can meet the entry requirements. Having played through RotRL, I can think of several places that would count as Holy to Desna, and there is sufficient distance traveled to make it possible.

I had a blast with a half-orc inquisitor of Desna in Serpent's Skull, which might be a better option for combat medic than pure cleric if you want some more oomph. Judgements are limited in times per day, but early on it makes up for being a 3/4 BAB class, and once you can toss bane on your attacks it's icing.

Unless your DM is adding a good deal of side quests, you're not going to reach 20th level. I think we ended up around 15 or 16 when we ran through, and that was on the fast track for xp.

The Morphling wrote:

but losing one of your precious spell slots as a level 1 or 2 character.

ny tips? I haven't found any other options for Concentration checks than the feat and the trait.

At level one or two? +4 for combat casting and +2 for a trait are all the options I found. It's better to cast then move or step into combat.

Fortunately, the DCs for casting defensively are fairly static.

lvl 1 with only 16 int(since that will get all six levels of spells), combat casting and the trait has +10 to concentrate. You are looking for 15's for cantrips, and 17s for lvl 1.

by the time you get level 2 spells, and advance to dc19, you're lvl 4, with +13 to concentrate, needing only a 6 to cast those.

at 7th level, you get lvl 3's at dc 21, but have +16 to concentrate, and at least my DM doesn't have it fail on a 1, so you're auto concentrating on cantrips and 1st level, and needing only a 5 to cast vampiric touch.

at 10th level, when you get 4th level spells at dc23, you've got +19 on casting defensively, and +21 defensively during spell combat.

I've been playing a magus with this setup, though I didn't take combat casting until lvl 5. I've picked up a headband for +2 int, so at lvl 10 i am autopassing spellcombat concentration checks for spells through lvl 4.

Why didn't the Ranger/Cleric make this argument to give up part of his treasure share when it was the Sorcerer/Fighter who was getting the shaft on treasure?

My gut tells me the answer is 'it didn't benefit him' then.

My gaming group has been together in whole or part for 10-15 years. Through all of 3.0 through most of 3.5, we always did the shares.

For a while we did a 'party share' so we could pick up wands/potions/supplies that would be consumed by the group as needed, and just gave each PC a double share.

My current group Played Savage Tides, and we had some issues with people wanting 'their fair share' of everything, which resulted in everything being 'sold' and anyone that wanted something bought it with their share. Wasn't too bad, until we sold off the 20 fly potions two sessions before we really needed them.

For Age of Worms, I took over as the accountant, and just kept consumables as the party share, and split the rest. It seemed to work out decently, so we kept it for Rise of the Runelords. That gave us some glitches however, as we got some really expensive items early, and when a time to split came, no one could afford them. So they got sold, and we missed them later.

In Curse of the Crimson Throne, we're trying a more dynamic loot split. If you can use the item, then you do so. Don't go selling it, because it belongs to the group as a whole. If you get something better, then hand it down to someone else who can use it. If no one wants, then it gets sold and split.

TLDR version, there's no reason not to modify your loot handling, but it needs to be agreed on outside of the game too. If the ranger had mentioned his concerns when he first decided to bring the cleric along, then it could have been discussed and settled, before there was a pile of loot with items everyone wants and now might not get because their share is smaller.

what's the ground made of? boards or paving stones are still likely within the devil's teleport weight limit, so he'd likely take those along and be annoyed that he had to go find universal solvent.

if it's solid rock, then he could attack the ground to break himself loose, then teleport.

it is a neat plan, but not one that should negate teleport indefinitely.

I could see his boots remaining behind, stuck the the ground.

The bigger question is how did the caster get glued to the ground, since that seems more complicated.

Ancestors Oracle of the Skull Clan is one of my backups for our CotCT campaign.

My RotRL PC was a half elven monk/ranger after finding mention somewhere of Shoanti bare hand fighting. stun/disarm/grapple works really well in theme, and favored enemy helped out with tohits once we got out of cities.

IIRC, I went spire clan for the one who fosters off to the other clans, and fostered under the Hawk, but this was before the Varisian player companion was out.

also, SHARE THAT TRAVEL MAP with your GM. all the distances are already labeled with travel times. They will squee.

For extra bonuses to hit, Ranger is hard to beat. I multiclassed monk/ranger in RotRL with big game hunter and favored enemy giants. it made a big difference in my offense even though it was just +3 to hit over normal, because they were bonuses that stacked with the bard's inspire courage, and haste. There were still times I gawked at the fighter's to hits with his dual axe build, but I was also up in combat a round or three before him most times.

Not a trait, but there is a lvl 1 feat.


I just checked the race traits from Blood of Fiends too, and didn't find anything that specifically helped mimic your parentage.

Chaos_Descending wrote:
bonus to perform checks involving speaking/breathing and perhaps count as a masterwork wind instrument?

This is so in...

Too bad its a sorcerer...

The Pipes of Foo items tend to require ranks or reasonably proficient players to activate to summon rats, or frighten people, or speed building.

Perhaps have it grant ranks in perform (wind instrument) ala headband of intellect now ;)

Do get Varisia: Birthplace of Legends and Inner Sea Magic.

The former has really interesting archetypes for varisian and shoanti characters, along with the single most useful thing we could have used in our RotRL campaign: A map with travel times already printed on it.

It also has two alternate campaign traits for each AP set in the area, along with a full set for Jade Regent.

Inner Sea Magic has the Thassilonian Wizard Archetype, which you might want to toss on several of the baddies if they didn't already do so in Anniversary Edition.

Going to toss some things in no particular order

Bite attack

Ignore hardness - coconuts being tasty, but tough to crack open. Could pair with bite attack to grant adamantine at higher levels.

Ingested Poison immunity

Convert atmosphere to breathable - immunity to drowning or suffocation as it's able to more efficiently filter oxygen

message (send only as it projects sound to the recipient)

bonus to perform checks involving speaking/breathing and perhaps count as a masterwork wind instrument?

I am running an inquisitor of Desna in our Serpent's Skull campaign as our primary battlefield healer. We've an NPC Cleric who's more backup, but being able to spontaneously cast has been a great boon. It does limit my combat boosting spells, but with a brawler-grappler and an insanely well statted barbarian-ranger, we are not hurting for damage output.

Inquisitor judgments give a good boost to offence, since they're swift actions to activate or switch, and last for a combat.

Alchemist for bombing goodness? Synergizes with the wizard for spellbook loot, and can bind bombs to missles if you need greater range.

I went with an animal bane cestus for my grappler monk/ranger, simply because the most likely things to grapple him would also likely stuff him in their mouth.

Master of Chains prestige class from 3.0 could switch the chain between reach and double.

I believe Exotic Weaponmaster prestige from 3.5 could flurry of blows with it, but it still didn't make it a double weapon.

Half Orc:Chain Fighter racial trait would work along the same thematic line. grants flail and heavy flail proficiency, makes dire flail and spiked chain martial.

I went with monk+ranger for my RotRL char, and used Shuriken when moving into combat would put me without backup, or when I killed everything within Lunge range early. Favored Enemy bonuses helped, though I would have loved the belt of mighty hurling had it been out at the time.

You can get flame arrow cast upon them as ammunition, weapon blanch them for DR cutting, and if you run into a regular species of opponent, invest in some +1-bane shuriken to toss on primary throws.

Hexcrafter Magus would let you take the Healing Hex at 4th level.

Magus get Infernal Healing, though the cost may be somewhat steep in PFS.

You also get UMD, though the Cleric 1 Magus 4 would be able to use any wand of cleric spell, which might be a better option, to build off of channeling positive energy.

Halfelf might also work well, as you could take both classes as your favored.

It's also in the Blood of Fiends supplement, which is the Tiefling Race book :)

amulet of mighty fists with bane (monster type you are running into)

I just finished a campaign with my monk/ranger build.

qingong monk of the sacred mountain/spirit totem ranger.

ability to heal for ki was switched out for barkskin

favored enemy giants, big game hunter and giantbane AoMF got me +5 to hit +6+2d6 damage vs the most prevalent enemy we had.

since i was a spellcasting ranger type, i could use a wand of lead blades in prep/surprise rounds, just keeping it in my hand through the fight. 10 rounds gets a good boost.

monk's robe boosts damage too, and I went the full dragon style tree, picking up elemental fist as well for those times when what i wanted to stun was only failing on 1's

She could go with Tiefling as the race, since that could easily cover odd colorations.

We've been playing Rise of the Runelords for a while, and what Fiendish Dire Weasel did was roll up the items for Sandpoint, and then list which shops had which items within them.

Magnimar got a bit less detailed of a workup, given less details on the shops included in the AP, but as we adventured, he would alter the lists based on what seemed likely to have sold since we last visited. There was a decent turnover of minor magic items, particularly among scrolls and potions, but some of the major staves stuck around since our first visit, because /we/ were the market they were intended for.

Sandpoint turnover was less rapid, since we had resolved most of the issues that would attract adventurers there.

I am also in a Serpent's Skull campaign, and our DM there rolled up everything for Sargava, and then decided which items would be possessed by which NPCs, if they didn't fit the few shops that dealt in items. +5 adamantine fullplate shouldn't just sit on a dusty manequin when there's a Dwarven Cleric around that could be wearing it after all ;)

Honestly, them not being able to move more than 20' away isn't a hindrance. You the caster being bound within 20' of this thing that you 'might' incapacitate with some lucky dice rolls is a downside.

It doesn't prevent the target from attacking you, or dispelling the lash, or attacking the lash, until you manage to reduce a stat to 1.

I'd say remove the Con penalty, if your DM's dislike is that it reduces HPs of people without them getting a save, or make it concentration duration.

Tetori archetype stands out here, as might Monk of the Sacred Mountain. I haven't checked to see if both can be taken.

Snapping Turtle Style would work well too, though it overlaps Sacred Mountain somewhat.

Azaelas Fayth wrote:

They provoke AoO but if no one can hit you you are fine. Though the Fighter right next to you can get one.

Don't you Also need EWP(Whip)?

As far as I see this seems like a solid build.

Standard bards are proficient with Whip, unless their archetype alters their proficiencies.

The way it's written, and given that it has hardness and hit points, make it seem like it should be a physical barrier to the target moving more than 20 feet away.

It doesn't give the grappled condition, so the only way to escape it would be killing the caster, or damaging the whip.

bookrat wrote:

Let's hope those links work.

The links you shared are the edit links, which aren't enabled for viewing. I am interested in viewing them though, as we've had a number of attention span issue players in the past, and cleaning up character sheets was one of the methods we used too.

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