Favorite Pathfinder 1E Hardcover Books, Softcover Books, and other Merchandise?

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So what are your favorite Pathfinder 1E hardcover books, softcover books, and other merchandise?


Advanced Players Guide, Occult Adventures, and Advanced Races Guide. Also the core book would be on the list but that seems to be a given.


Distant Worlds, Occult Origins, Psychic Anthology, Heroes of Golarion, and Chronicles of Legends come to mind. I am sure there are more.


Nothing that comes to mind.

APG and Advanced Race Guide, to be sure, along with Ultimate Intrigue. I also really like the hardcover Monster Codex, and wish it was the first in a series.

As for softcover, Distant Worlds is one of my favorites, together with Blood of the Sea. And Occult Bestiary is one of my favorite Paizo books just to flip through.

More Monster and NPC Codices would have been cool.

Would have thought more people would have some favorite Paizo merchandise;)

I find Blood of the Moon fascinating, if a bit flawed...Book of the Damned has some...wicked...material in it.

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My quartet of hardcovers from 1E that I consider pretty much solid gold:

Occult Adventures
Horror Adventures
Book of the Damned
Inner Sea Gods

There are other hardcovers I really like, but those four are the creme de la creme for me.


This one could balloon really easily, since it encompasses every single AP volume, almost every PF1 campaign setting book, and the vast tidal wave of player option booklets. So I'm just gonna grab five I liked and get on with my life-

In Search of Sanity
Distant Shores
Faiths of Golarion
Horror Realms
A Song of Silver

Note that I wanted to pick The Skinsaw Murders, but it's not technically a PF1 book- it was a 3.5 book set in Golarion, so I nudged it aside...

Other goodies:

I've gotten some mileage out of the Harrow deck, and the miniature lines have some good stuff. But I think my favorite, even though I never use them?

The pawns were sheer cost-effective, "here's what you need" brilliance for the battlemat-using public, and while I'm more "theatre of the mind" oriented, I know a good thing when I see it.

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Hardcover - Ultimate Campaign. (Though I lived all the themed books too - ultimate intrigue, wilderness, horror adventures...).

Softcover - War for the Crown AP.

Other - Rise of the Runelords, Anniversary Edition - deluxe version.

I am surprised that there are isn't more people on this one.

* APG (wealth of new ideas right after CRB)
* ARG (so much thematic content)
* Monster Codex (flavorful description want you to run these monsters)
* Crimson Throne hardcover (reading the localized version a second time now)

* Blood of Fiends (oh, this d100 table for quirks)
* First World (Campaign Setting, writing is just stunning)
* Lords of Chaos (especially the origin of demonkind)

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Advanced Player's Guide
Inner Sea World Guide

The Dragon's Demand
The House on Hook Street

The module line really had some great products which tended to be overshadowed by the APs.

Other Merchandise:
Flip Tiles

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