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Kileanna wrote:

@Vid, that's one of the weakest reasons for a Paladin to fall that I have ever heard.

Now come to think of it... one of Dalindra's Antipaladins, the one who used to be a Paladin, is a half elf who is dating a human disciple of the really awesome dragon woman. Should I make him fall even more? Should I make her fall? (Dispelling her wings or something)

@Klorox, I also have a lot of old characters from old editions to translate to Pathfinder and I feel too lazy to do it. Some of them are NPCs so I never bothered to adapt them as they don't use their character sheets a lot. One day I'll do it. One day.


She's not a fashion designer, just a weirdo with funny hats.

Beautiful-eyed monster.

Pulg should not rule this city because he only speaks the truth. Not a desired quality for a ruler.

Zoltan cannot rule this city because he doesn't even know what rules are. Also, he'd get bored and planeswalk away from it the first day.

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I don't have a dragon fetish!
That's just that all the silly people seems to think I am just a weird (and awesome) woman with scales. I pity them.

People shouldn't care so much about what we do with our free time!
I hate those paladins, always judging. I don't know how I ended dating one. And a half-elf too! I guess that makes me half-vegetarian or something.

It's a good place to search for a good aged wine. As long as you have purify drink. That would be the most stupid way ever to be infected with ghoul fever.

And just to make it clear, I don't have a drinking issue. Other people have an issue with me drinking. Let each one fix her own issues.

EDIT: Forget about purify drink. It removes the alcohol. You'd be drinking grape juice.

Stop her.
I've seen it happen before.
It starts like this and you end wearing a miniature circus on your head.
She tried to get me to wear a hat that resembled a dragon head and spat real fire.

Poor Ventnor had a flu. You don't want a dragon with a flu.

The next poster has a good idea to get Vid's hair to grow back quickly.

Honestly, I didn't even know what was all about, I just wanted to work with a red dragon.

The next poster started a business with Ventnor that didn't work.

Plant creatures. They don't know their place. I never liked eating vegetables and sure I don't like to be eaten by vegetables.

The next poster cultivates some plants.

I am a dragon.
No, saying it doesn't make it true, unfortunately.

Superior Reptile

I want to be number 18!!! I HAVE DRAGON BLOOD I SAY! I deserve to be treated as a dragon!!! Eat me!

The next poster has tasted me and will share his opinion.

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Angels? You're kidding me? They have feathers! I could be with a bird and I wouldn't notice the difference! No scales, no deal.
I could accept a non-godly dragon, though. But I'm not paying for it. I still have to think my view on a non-draconic god.

@Lady-J: Don't worry, I keep reading «Switch Hitter» as «Switch Hitler»

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Quintuple love. I'm OK with that.
So bad Takhisis is dead, she was a good candidate too.

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I'm not paying for sex if I can't have a prostitute who is BOTH a god and a dragon. I only want the best.

Scales! Why should a tree have scales? It's like they had gotten tired of being plants and wanted to be dragons! Who would want to be a tree if you can be a dragon, thinking of it? They must be intelligent trees, but I'm still offended by the idea of a tree trying to be a dragon.

The next poster shares my obsession with dragons.

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The Real Sexy Redhead of Doom

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Cultist of Rakdos

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Completely aggree. Only good black is the cinder black that's left after a good old fire breath.
Red is best 10/10