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Who would know that my Maze needed sweeping?

Don't worry, Todd. You don't have to do it. I'll give a mop to the next one that I send there.

*Wonders about Todd's real intelligence score, as he doesn't seem to have any issues walking through the Maze*

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

*sprinkles holy water on the door handle to Todd's supply Closet*


Who put water on my door knob, and why?

Okay, I'll admit that that hurt...

So who's idea was it?

*stands there, threateningly with his mop*

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Lion 'n' dead lion joint farteth.

Isn't that rather convoluted, even for you, dear Anagrammaton?

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Shakespeare wrote:

Lion 'n' dead lion joint farteth thus,

as king 'n' dead king alike passeth laws,
from breath to breath, twixt supine hinder paws.


So you're Madame Sissyl now. That sounds nice. Why that social upgrade, my dear?

Honey, someone has to annoy the little commie goblins around here.

1st Comrade Mincepony: Madame Sissyl is always putting us down!

2nd Comrade Schnauserpie: Down, down!

1st Comrade Mincepony: Down, down, down, with the blood-gorged atomic leeches of Wall Street!

2nd Comrade Schnauserpie: Down, down, down, down, with the imperialist paper running dogs, gnawers of the People's toil-hardened entrails and thwarters of the democratic will of the Proletarian Masses of the Pomarj!

1st Comrade Mincepony: She says we come from the wrong side of town!

2nd Comrade Schnauserpie: Ultra-bourgeoise pop culture references mean Purgings, Comrade. Just saying.

1st Comrade Mincepony: Whoopee! Together we will build Socialism through regular colonic irrigations!

What a double nuisance! Communists and Goblins!
You're not even worth my time.

Awww, who's a cute widdle gobbo?

See, Sylvie? Aren't they adorable?

Liberty's Edge

I think they are pretty cool. I'm thinking of helping them to liberate whatever a Jerbli is.

I don't know. They look like freethinkers. Dangerous thing in a goblin.

*shows up with a horde of robots shooting at the goblin communists*

Or, lAy DOwn, AnD AsSUme thE IntErgrATioNAL PosIStion And Be IntergRATeD Free Of ChargE. THEiR Will BE hOT fUn CitIZEns.


Goblins won war vs Ape-Troll-rat army, so we win this too!!
*Lets the tribe of ?communist? goblins die to weaken the enemy*

True goblins attack now!!!

Bat swarms fly over the field, dropping thunderstones and electric charged items upon the robotic forces, disrupting sensory systems and frying circuitry.

Liberty's Edge

Oh, yes. I like goblins.
*Casts some sort of Haste equivalent on them and lets the mayhem go on*


Scarab Sages

Hey, Friend Computer: Is it the year 2000...or 1900???

1st Comrade Mincepony: Comrade, I'm worried. The Computer doesn't seem to be growing, and it's not eating the food I give it.

2nd Comrade Schauserpie: You don't give computers food, idiot - they make their own via photosynthesis. Water it, or, if you haven't got a watering can handy, wee through the little holes in the back. Make sure it's turned on while you do it, though, else it won't work.

Scarab Sages

I wonder what happens when the rapacious capitalist Goblins from World of Warcraft show up....

CiTIzen I'm-HiDIng-In-yOu-R-ClosEt, YoUR CleARANCe LeVEL iS NoT HiGH enOUgh To ReCEive ThAT InfOrMaTIOn.

*Calmly Disintegrates the Goblin weeing on him.*

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I'm back and so disappointed in so many of you.

Welcome back, Vid!!!
You were missed!

now i'm like 70+ posts behind in all the threads I was reading. this one alone had 4 pages.

We did it so you had something interesting to read ;-D

Scarab Sages

*prestidigitates Vidmaster7's beard into a riot of tie-dye colors*

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If that where a picture I would totally make that my avatar.

I totally want THAT hair! Probably not the facial hair.
My hair is so brown and dull and boring...
I also want your hat Sihir Aneh. Where can I get one?

well no one naturally grows tie-dye hair after all except maybe unicorns. If you don't have a tie-dye beard your missing half the fun. I think some of sihir's hair might be tentacles.

Hmmmmm... I could get tentacles too...
Or snakes! I'd look like a gorgon! I'd only have to find a way to avoid being bitten. A hat with real living snakes would be so cool!
Everybody would wear one of them! I just have to figure out how to do it.

snake and/or tentacle beard... no I don't think so. Id look to much like Davy Jones from the pirate movies.

Just a hat. More fashionable and easier to remove if you get tired of it. Think of it. We could set a trend.

I feel like the snakes would not be to happy about this. Its one thing wearing a bunch of snakes on your head but a bunch of angry snakes that is a bad time.

Stop her.
I've seen it happen before.
It starts like this and you end wearing a miniature circus on your head.
She tried to get me to wear a hat that resembled a dragon head and spat real fire.

*Important notice*

If you let Ylenia design you a hat your gonna have a bad time.

*that is all*

Ylenia, there is this sponsor for new businesses, interested in starting a headwear shop?

Of course I do! I have so many ideas!
Don't pay attention to Istixia. I wouldn't have anybody wearing a miniature circus. My shrink spells cannot reduce objects or people to such tiny size.

I need to copy this page so I can have a reference to show people what enabling looks like.

This entire thread is devoted to enabling trolls, why single out this page?

Good point. Speaking of which, Message Board Troll has been absent for quite some time.

Has someone finally tipped the vat of acid on him?

Message board troll posted just last week... tuesday to be precise.

He has disappeared longer then I did.

He's scared of the trombones.

Trombones can be rough but I feel its the percussion section you have to watch out for.

Huh? Whuh? Like, somebody need a percussionist, man? Cause I got these bongos and I can be all like ba-BA-da-BAP-ba-da-BA... groovy... yeah...

Ill take my avatar at a younger age for 500 Alex.

Aren't we all, like, ourselves, but at a younger age, man?

Think about it.


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