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the thassilonians are exiled azlanti that followed Xin due to his different approach in magic, thassilon died 10k years before the pathfinder setting so it´s super old and quite possible that (as elves did) they managed to open portals to another worlds (the 8 runelords of thassilon knew of the earthfall and made epic magic plans to survive/escape it)

The Ragi wrote:
+3 Str, +1 rank, +3 class skill, +1 theme, -2 armor penalty (vesk racial ability) = 6

thx, im still new to starfinder and even though i´ve played pathfinder for many years I still find the SF sheets confusing

Garretmander wrote:
Ismodai wrote:
i was checking the iconics stats and i founds things like Obosaya having athletics+6 (+3str 1 rank +3 class skill=7) or Keskodai having +9 to mysticism with int+1 (both at lvl 1) what am I missing?
Mysticism is WIS, but I dunno about the soldier.

true, its 4(wis)+3 (class)+1rank+channel skill =9

the other is wrong then

can I use weapon specialization with the solar connection epiphany for the mystic ? technically is a proficiency provided by my class

i was checking the iconics stats and i founds things like Obosaya having athletics+6 (+3str 1 rank +3 class skill=7) or Keskodai having +9 to mysticism with int+1 (both at lvl 1) what am I missing?

but what is the mechanic behind this, for example the Aeon guard in the alien archive 1 is a CR 3 that attacks with a freaking +11 with ranged attacks and +8 melee, where does the math come from?

so, my friends and I are going to try starfinder for the first time, I have played PF but they know only DnD 5e. so I´m helping out with a few things. I was looking at some npc/monsters to better understand the ranges starfinder has and found out that I can´t seem to understand the enemy attacks. like a CR 1 npc with dex +4 has a +8 ranged attack or something. please help me as I believe I misread something

I'll explain. I'm playing kingmaker and I am the general and twin brother of the king. We gave our characters a targeryenish style. We are both dragon disciples the king a chsrismatic sorc/dd and the general a sorc/ ranger/dd. So, this being said i play with a bardiche taking advantage of reach, mist spells and blindsight. My only problem is carrying a big axeish weapon around. Specially when is convenient to switch to natural attacks.
The gauntlet comes into play for rp reasons mostly. I made a red "dragonclaw" spiked gauntlet the symbol of my authority and the banner of the realm.

Hi guys. I need help mixing a glove of dtoring and a +1 gauntlet. Im not sure how much does this cost or how should i consider the pricing. Since one is a weapon enhancement and the other a wonderous item. Any advice will be appreciated

Moat of the list are members of GWAR. Check some black metal bands. They got cool names already.


there is a certain alchemist in an AP that has a crapload of constructs in his castle if I remember well

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in our king maker campaign the king is a dragon disciple and his twin brother, the general (me) is also DD (king is caster, I am melee) and the grand diplomat is a bard/pathfinder chronicler


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so far no tiefling flight unless your class lets you do so. very unfair since aasimars do have a feat chain that alouds em to fly with real functional wings

if you want a Conan like the ones in the books, you should rise int and wis a little, and you need a few lvls on rogue also.

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if the succubus kills the grappled creature, and the party brings him back to life, the GM should give him the "die hard" feat for free

nice!! you gave something to start. i wanted to include some reference to the winter/unseelie court (since we seem to be about to face evil fey) but I´m also stuck there

so, in the campaign I´m playing, we got a +2 fey bane bardiche that my dragon disciple is currently using. and since its a powerful weapon with some story behind (I dont wanna let some spoilers out, so I wont tell more) I thouoght that it deserves to have a name, but I´m kinda stuck, I don´t wanna name it "feycleaver/feyslayer/feychopper" or something like that, so I´m taking suggestions from you people :)

well, i built a ranger/sorc/DD with a bardiche and a spiked gauntlet hoping to enlarge myself and threat 20ft but my GM says that i cant throw a punch with a gauntlet and an attack whith the bardiche at the same time (i have combat reflexes) is this correct? if it is so, should i switch to a spiked armor instead?

the crafter has to pay only the difference between the cloak +1 and the cloak +2, that beig 1500 gp, it matters not that it´s slotted, he is upgrading an existing item, not adding another power/boost/bonus, same with weapons, armor, ring of protection, amulet of nat. armor atc

well a rakshasa tiefling gets +2 cha +2 dex so this plus the "tieflings consider their CH +2 for sorcerer thingies" gets you a +4 to cha, add an agile amulet of mighty fists and you got a bonus to hit, to damage, more AC and better cha

panthro from thundercats looks like a monk with spikes n stuff

i really am taking the familiar because of story developement but then i thought of DM is so gonna hate me ;3

i know that, its a risk i could take eventually, all i need is to soften the enemy a little for the magus in my party to finish it
risks aside, i need to know if this is legal

hi, i´ve been checking the forum about a cleric with a familiar using it to deliver touch spells and so far it seems it works so what i want to try is this: i cast a spell like harm/bestow curse and i make the familiar the toucher, next round, i use the chaos domain power to make the enemy roll twice and take the worst THEN my familiar makes the touch attack. i know it takes 2 rounds to work but it could be a very powerful save or die against a boss or something like that

so, is it ok? or am i forgetting something?

beastmaster ranger?

well i can`t really help with this because i have`t checked the feats, but i think that what bigtuna tries to point is that by lvl 7-10, the mobs do a lot of damageso if you have like 10 or less HP left, one swing will probably kill you for good,so all those feats should be invested in not being punched

what about cleric spells? any suggestions?

Allods, the mmorpg ahs the arisen, undead enhanced with machine parts ip-d3cemaa.jpg

the book of exalted deeds had a spell that could turn an evil creature into a good one paying a negative lvl or something like that

yes i meant reincarnate, sorry, my bad :S

well, as you can see, so far i got 2 answers, and they are the opposite, that`s why i m in a doubt.

hi plp, i´ve read a lot of resurrection threads but i cant seems to understand how does the spell work exactly, (i may be retarded or something´, dunno right now >.>)

so im going to make an example to see if i get the spell right

let´s say i got a half elf cleric lvl 11 with the following stats (without magic gear)

14-14-14-13-18(14+2 racial+2 lvl 4 and 8)-12

and he dies because an undead ogre with a pair of rune axes chopped him

somehow, the party finds a a scroll of limited wish and casts resurrection on him
now lets assume i roll an elf on the d100%
now comes the problem

option A: i remove the +2 wis and i add a -2 con +2 dex
option B: i only add the -2 con +2 dex and the mental stats remain as they were


isn´t sacrificing summoned creatures to trigger a trap an evil act? my DM would hang me if i try....

joe higashi from king of fighters

im not at home right now but in the book about the other planets there´s a space whale ship thing thats very very big

my friends and i play RotRL and we got a halfling monk with touch of serenity and he is by far the best tank i`ve seen, without being optimized, he just has ridiculous AC, usually goes first, moves a ton and blocks/uses the ToS on a big guy untill the rest of us catch up

well oracle, like a sorc, is not able to cast lvl 2 spells untill lvl 4, so even if it kicks in at 3rd, is still weird

so i was checking this archetype that looks like the kind of char i usually play and i wanted some feedback about it, is it really good? bad? underpowered?
and also:
Elven Arcana (Ex): At 2nd level, an ancient lorekeeper’s
mastery of elven legends and philosophy has allowed her
to master one spell used by elven wizards. She selects one
spell from the sorcerer/wizard spell list that is at least one
level lower than the highest-level oracle spell she can cast
The ancient lorekeeper gains this as a bonus spell known.
The spell is treated as one level higher than its true level
for all purposes. The ancient lorekeeper may choose an
additional spell at 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 14th, 16th, and
18th levels. This ability replaces the bonus spells she would
normally gain at these levels from her chosen mystery
(bold mine)
this means that at lvl 2 i gotta pick a wizard cantrip and i can cast it as a 1st lvl spell?

i+ll discuss this with my GM (i`m the alchemist who wants to add a new toy to my arsenal) :P

yeah but the PrCs usually say something like "gain no proficiency with any weapon or armor" if it doesn`t

no errata about this right?

well the main thing i think is that the text says "fuse grenade as if it were a splash weapon" so it technically is not, but behaves as if, this is what confuses me about applying the alchemist rules on thrown stuff or not

i was reading the prestige class thinking of a lorewarden/SoW character and it seems that it does not say if it has prof in all weapons and armors, i checked the forum and i can`t seem to find an answer, so, what is it? because, i could build a lorewarden in fullplate with this combo if the PrC has the heavy armor prof.


WEIGHT 1 lb.
This hollow clay container holds a
small charge of black power and a
slow-burning fuse. Lighting the fuse
is a move action; 1d3 rounds later
the grenade explodes, dealing 2d6
points of bludgeoning damage and
1d6 points of fire damage in a 10-foot-radius burst (Reflex DC
15 halves). You throw a fuse grenade as if it were a splash
weapon. Crafting this item is a DC 25 Craft (alchemy) check


WEIGHT 1 lb.
Iron 50 GP
Silver 70 GP
Cold iron 100 GP
Adamantine 150 GP
This variant of a fuse grenade
has most of the black powder
replaced with metal pellets. When
it explodes, it deals 1d6 points of
bludgeoning damage, 1d6 points
of piercing damage, and 1d6
points of fire damage in a 10-foot-radius burst (Reflex
DC 15 halves). A typical pellet grenade uses iron pellets,
but they can instead be packed with silver, cold iron, or
adamantine, bypassing damage reduction as appropriate
to that material type. Like ammunition, the pellets are
destroyed after one use. Crafting a pellet grenade is a DC
25 Craft (alchemy) check.

hi all
i was wondering if an alchemist throws a fuse or a pellet grenade (from ultimate equipement), do they count as thrown weapons for the int bonus on damage?

yeah the DM complains al lthe time that every NPC has like 2 pages of background and dies in 3 rounds

well, the GM is running the AP in the forgotten realms so instead of thassilon its narfell and there is an enchanter/red wizard in the party with ridiculous social skills, noone can escape his bluff/diplocacy/spells , so we dont have trouble there but since the beggining of the campaign we just know that the sihedron rune is "an old narfell/thassilonian rune" and we cant get furtherinfo ( with skill checks of 30+) all we know is that once upon a time narfell/thassilon enslaved giants and now some giants for some random reason started attacking ppl, then we found out that there is a warlord wizard called mokmurian who is supposed to be behind all this giant rampage, but we know nothing about karzoug or the other runelords (and why the hell those lamias where there)

hi everyone
first of all im not sure if this is the right sub forum so it its not, prease correct my mistake

ok the thing is, our party is lvl 11 and about to finish the stone giant fortress but so far, trying to recall all that happened so far, i cant find a connection, i mean the whole campaign seems to be like "you are there and something happens, you don`t know why, or who was behind, just go and solve it"


we just saw an aasimar going crazy and her party, a deathcult sponsored by a lamia, some , haunted houses, and then ogres ogres and ogres (plus the stone giants now) all that connects them is the sihedron rune and lamashtu, so, i dont really know if our DM is hiding too much info or its just that way, i mean we are more than half campaign done and we still got no idea of what we are doing besides killing giants

mind to share your experiences?

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well maybe it seems powerful but it makes the wizard spend his standard action, that means that unless he has quickened spells, he sacrifices his action to help a fellow party member to hit the enemy (as far as I see, the descrition doesn`t say that the penalty is only against you)

well ,maybe a fighter(lorewarden) 4 or 5 then all ranger keeps the fighter boost to dmg and feats and you won´t lose so many skillpoints

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