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Love the homebrew rules you have here. I've actually made some similar changes within my own document. You seem like you'd be a great GM to play with.

Personally I give free raises in background lore while also giving each class a skill that natively increases as well.

Arcane for Wizards
Survival for Rangers
Religion for Clerics

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Added changes to the Focus Spells for Diviners, Enchanters, and Necromancers. Also updated Enchanters to get to choose either Society or Diplomacy, as is appropriate with my Bon Mot House Rule.

Love this change, however I think such a rune should 100% take up a rune slot and actually have a cost and level thats more relevant than 50gp. I think in my own implementation I'll move it to the same level and cost as Shifting.

My reasoning is this frees up the gloves slot and can be incorporated into a stave which most casters wield.

Samurai wrote:
Intoxicated Illithid wrote:
You nerfed Heal into the ground. This makes me very sad.

I don't think so. It applies the caster's casting stat mod no matter how many actions are used to cast.

So, yeah, a 2-action Heal is a bit weaker, only getting about a +3 or +4 point bonus instead of an automatic +8. But that is applied to the 1 action Heal and 3 action Heals as well as the 2 action heal. So, if you do a 3 action heal, everyone in your party gets 1d8+4, or more with Heightening, instead of just 1d8.

Using RAW, the 2 action Heal is the only one anyone ever uses if they have a choice because of the huge bonus, unless the whole rest of the party is gathered around and are all injured. In all our games the Cleric only used a 3-action Heal once, other than that, only the 2 action version.

Does the casting stat get multiplied with heightening on the two action heightening though?

As in does a 2nd level 2 action heal do 2d8+Double casting stat?

You nerfed Heal into the ground. This makes me very sad.

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I love the concept.
I'm not sure how strong it would be in practice but its interesting in the very least.

The document im looking at states that you've changed the scaling on Chilling Darkness from 2d6/2d6 to 1d6/1d6.

As far as alchemist I like your changes but I feel they fail to answer the primary issue with Alchemist. A lack of resources early. Bombers simply outright run out of ammo.

I love quite a bit of your changes, but out of curiosity, why the changes to Chilling Darkness?

Deadmanwalking wrote:

It's been pointed out in another thread that Savage Animal Companions, and Str-based companions in general, are basically a trap option due to vastly lower AC than Nimble companions and few real advantages (I think it's +6 damage at high levels for -1 to hit and -6 AC...something silly like that, anyhow).

I have added House Rules to correct this (mostly, increased Barding Proficiency). The trade is now -1 AC for +6 damage at high levels (and having to wear Barding). That sounds much more reasonable, and in-line with other similar trades.

Genie Companions should logically receive some similar modifications, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

I'm writing up my own document for Homebrew and House rules, mainly for my own players and I wanted to know if this fix keeps strength based/savage companions consistently at -1 AC compared to Nimble?

This is done through Expert to Master in Barding and Barding's Max dex being increased correct?

Question and I know this is old, but any progress?

Castilliano wrote:
I'm sure if Paizo had intended it for armor or shields the feat would've mentioned that because that'd become the most relevant use for most parties, especially for shields.

You're probably right. Still Paizo could have worded the feat better or at the very least specified what types of items it can be used on instead of being so arbitrary.

Nefreet wrote:

There's a Pathfinder Society Scenario where you fortify a dilapidated fortress against an oncoming troupe of undead.

I imagine this feat was designed for that very sort of use, since they attack and eventually break down the gates.


I suppose that could be the purpose.
I had really hoped it would be useful for shield builds.
Seems like it's got decent scaling to allow a Dwarven Shield Fighter or Champion to be quite unique in it's shield being slightly better due to their craftsmanship.

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Runehacking wrote:
Lightning Raven wrote:
Imma stop you right there. Feats are the main source of features in the game, so thinking that this is a negative thing in PF2e is meaningless

I didn't say it was a negative thing PF2 works this way. As I said, the problem is that most of these hexes aren't worth a feat.

Lightning Raven wrote:
Some Hexes are quite nice and some of them are in line with other cantrips and some of them are terrible

Well, since the hexes are tied to patrons, that means noone will pick anything aside from Winter patron and Baba Yaga (if that one even is legal).

Because the rest of them aren't worth their actions in combat compared to a regular spel cantrip.

Correct me if I'm wrong but they shouldn't be evaluated against normal offensive cantrips since they're usually not the same amount of actions. You could for example use Stoke the Heart and cast a spell.

Taja the Barbarian wrote:

I'm going to guess 'no': Metal shields and armor need to be fairly thin or they quickly become too heavy to use effectively.

I have no idea what the practical intent of this feat is...

That's the real question I suppose. Is the first line of text actual rules text and if so what in the world are we meant to use this feat for? Armor I guess?

Can I use the level 5 feat Dwarven Reinforcement on shields?

Super Quick Question... hopefully
Can I use the level 5 feat Dwarven Reinforcement on shields?
My instincts tell me that this is what the feat was made for, though the first line of text leaves me confused and unsure as to what it can and cannot be used on.

Hear me out, is specifically calls out THICK objects and shields are specifically refereed to under the rules as THIN pieces of steel or iron. So although I feel as though the first line is mostly flavor text as opposed to rules text I was just looking for clarification or at the very least the opinions of others on the use of Dwarven Reinforcement.

For Reference...
The Feat: https://2e.aonprd.com/Feats.aspx?ID=1400
The Rules Calling Shields Thin: https://2e.aonprd.com/Rules.aspx?ID=729

I really like your second idea in your second post. I think I'll adapt this to my own games.

You're doing Sarenrae's work creating these maps and hand outs for the public. It's honestly amazing.

BadBird wrote:

Halcyon Druid with a level of Anger Id Rager Urban Bloodrager, wielding a Furious scythe and using stoneplate (with Longstrider). Dual Talent Human: 15/17, 14, 14, 10, 15/17, 7. Traits: Magical Knack, Wayang Spellhunter: Dazzling Blade.

Take Dazzling Blade, Sense Vitals, and Heroism as bonus arcane spells. In combat you buff with Sense Vitals and then slap swift-action blind on targets with Persistent Dazzling Blade. Then you start harvesting chunks of enemy with Sneak Attack Anger Bloodrage Furious scythe strikes. With level 9 Sense Vitals, a +4STR belt, and a +2 Furious scythe, you can deal almost 40 damage per hit (and instakill on scythe crits). With stoneplate and Barkskin you've got great AC. And you've still got access to good Druid spellcasting as an option too, even if your spellslots are mostly blinding and buffing.

I have to ask, do you have a full build for this character?

I'm going to be making a second level character to replace my recently deceased sorcerer and I'd love to see exactly what you have in mind for this build.

If you're assuming doing 4d6 four times a day is enough to carry a character through a day of encounters you're doing something wrong. Although it's a great spell to reserve for strong singular opponents it'll likely overkill many multi character encounters. Additionally it's a melee attack which puts the Technomancer right in the fray and can indeed miss and when you miss with this attack it hurts a lot more than when I miss with my 1d8 rifle as a mechanic.

It is not because of the Charisma stat reliance that these classes are strong.
Rather it is simply the abilities they possess.
For the Master summoner and Synthesist summoner they would not care what stat their abilities were dependent on.
Oracles similarly rely on charisma to power their spells and other abilities, because of this they max charisma, were it wisdom they would max that, were it intelligence they would max that.
It is not because of the stat but simply because a few of the stronger classes rely on that stat.
If you take the stat charisma in a vacuum it is not really a strong stat.
No saves rely on it, only a few non social skills care about it.
A charisma of X isn't required for many feats, and having a larger one does little on classes that don't lean on it.
On the other end of things you have a stat like Dexterity, quite a few in and out of combat skills rely on it, it applies to a save as well as to AC. Dex applies to ranged attack and to melee attacks with light weapons at the cost of just a feat. It adds to your CMD and quite a few feats rely on it. I would say dexterity is the stat most classes don't mind boosting.

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Although I know it has nothing to do with your thread I must say I was utterly confused reading your title. I thought you were implying that the guide was going to show me how to play a hexcrafter as a Strength based Ranger.

thank you for the clarification.

If I was to charge into battle wielding a one handed weapon in two hands and thus make an attack using power attack and strength and half is there anything that would then prevent me from quick drawing a shield (since shields are weapons as well) during the same round and adding it into my AC?
If not would it work with a Quick Draw Shield?

I understand that on subsequent rounds I'd have to drop my shield in order to continue two handing my one handed weapon, but that's not my intention. I'll likely two weapon fight after the first round of combat wielding the shield.