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I love the concept.
I'm not sure how strong it would be in practice but its interesting in the very least.

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Runehacking wrote:
Lightning Raven wrote:
Imma stop you right there. Feats are the main source of features in the game, so thinking that this is a negative thing in PF2e is meaningless

I didn't say it was a negative thing PF2 works this way. As I said, the problem is that most of these hexes aren't worth a feat.

Lightning Raven wrote:
Some Hexes are quite nice and some of them are in line with other cantrips and some of them are terrible

Well, since the hexes are tied to patrons, that means noone will pick anything aside from Winter patron and Baba Yaga (if that one even is legal).

Because the rest of them aren't worth their actions in combat compared to a regular spel cantrip.

Correct me if I'm wrong but they shouldn't be evaluated against normal offensive cantrips since they're usually not the same amount of actions. You could for example use Stoke the Heart and cast a spell.

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Although I know it has nothing to do with your thread I must say I was utterly confused reading your title. I thought you were implying that the guide was going to show me how to play a hexcrafter as a Strength based Ranger.