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Metallurgy was a BIG part of irl alchemy but isn't represented much in the PF2 alchemist class (or the PF1, afaik). You have Silversheen (way too expensive, imo) and the Philospher's Stone, but not much beyond that. This research field is focused on buffing equipment, providing metallic effects, and making tools to solve problems. Here are some spit-balled ideas:

Field Discovery: you can make extra vials of Silversheen (treat object as silver), Cold-Iron Lodestone (treat object as cold iron), or just a general Strengthen Metal Object vial (object has more Hardness, hp, and is better balanced to give +1 attack rolls for a short time).

Perpetual Infusions: Silversheen, Cold Iron Lodestone, or Strengthen Metal vial

Some objects to go with the new Research Field:

Cold Iron Lodestone: this small hunk of dark-gray rock is strongly magnetic and sticks to objects. After sticking to a metal object for 10 min, that object will be treated as if it were made of cold iron for [insert duration here], after which the lodestone becomes inert.

Strengthen Metal Object Polish: this quicksilver-like substance can be applied to any metallic object to make it harder, sturdier, sharper, and better balanced (essentially giving it a +1 on whatever roll is made with that object or to that object's DC, whichever works best). It taps into the platonic idea of what the object should be but this almost-perfection only lasts for a short time of [insert duration here].

Metallic Body Mutagen: same as Stone Body, but instead of the penalty to Reflex saves you are weak to electricity damage.

Adamantine/Mithral/Sovereign Steel/Orichalcum Sheen: like Silversheen or the Cold Iron Lodestone, but gives the object the properties of adamantine, mithral, sovereign steel, or orichalcum for [insert duration here]. Could also do the same for the other star metals featured in the Shattered Star adventure path (noqual, abysium, djezet, etc.)

I've considered adding in something to make crafting metallic construct creatures easier, but idk what that would look like.

Thoughts? Critiques? Ideas? L

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I love the concept.
I'm not sure how strong it would be in practice but its interesting in the very least.

Intoxicated Illithid wrote:

I love the concept.

I'm not sure how strong it would be in practice but its interesting in the very least.

Thanks! I don't personally think that making a weapon count as silver/cold iron by itself is really worth it, so I wanted to add in the Strengthen Metal Object Polish to give you a concoction you can use on the average day.

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They should also get shield block as a bonus feat. Anything that increases the hardness of an object is going to be very useful on a shield.

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