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Is the new Mesmerist capstone less blatantly evil than the last one?

Steel_Wind wrote:
Vanessa Hoskins wrote:

But... this has magic tricks!

And the various Magic Tricks feats, as it turns out, are easily my favorite mechanical innovation this book adds to PF1.

This is a great mechanic that needs to be expanded in 3PP. Very impressed with this mechanic. Not sure who came up with it within Paizo, but Kudos on this whole concept. Love it!

Well Steel Wind, seeing how you seem to already have the PDF, would you please tell us a little bit about the alternative capstones? I definitely knoe of a few classes that could use a different one (i.e. something less blatantly evil for mesmerists, for instance)

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So Zaister, if you're here and answering questions, would you mind previewing the bestiary for us?

FallenDabus wrote:

Why do I get the feeling that Eternity's Doorstep may have something to do with a certain Dire Shepard trying to creep her way into the Great Beyond?


I am afraid I don't follow you.

Anyone care to elaborate on what kind of racial abilities aphorites get?

And what does Planar Heritage do?

Well David knott 242, is you are around and in the mood to answer questions, would you please tell us what the spells Soulseeker and Speak With Soul do?

Thank you, Skeld. Can you give us more info on the Progenitor druid?

What does Quintessence Mastery do?

Counterbalancing Aura also sounds interesting, anything on that?

Well, if this is your last song, at least you're going out on a high note.

What does Judgement Undone do?

What does the Bestow Planar Infusion line of spells do?

I have to ask, does the spell Anywhere But Here do exactly what you'd think it would do?

So, as far as I can remember, Empousai are (in greek mythology, in any rate) shapeshifting evil spirits who schtick is seducing, then eating young men. Seeing how in Pathfinder they are instead CN servants of Calistara, can we safely assume that they are only man-eaters in the figurative sense, rather than the literal?

A list of the spells would also be nice.

Anything for paladins?

Do Roselings have anything to do with Leshys? What can they turn into? Is it just me or are their a lot more shapeshifters in this bestiary section than usual?

Are etheroots intelligent? Are they actually NOT from the ethereal plane, and name is just there to confuse us? What do they look like?

What is a Wisagatcak, anyway? Do you know how to pronounce it? What plane is it from? Does it like to create disasters?

Anyway, what does the Leviathan look like? I hear it has a gaze attack that is worse than death, care to extrapolate on that?

Thanks again, Skeld! Anything on the Argent Warden? What does it look like? Is it intelligent? Is it made out of some celestial silver, or is it just a cool name?

What do Wrackworms look like, where do they live, and what is the scariest thing they can do?

Piggybacking off of that, could we get a description of the Aphorites?

magnuskn wrote:
This module made me wonder how it'd be to romance an Axiomite. ^^

Any particular reason for this specific curiosity?

An overview of the unique miracles the core 20 grant would also be pretty cool.

What is an Irii, anyway? What does it's base form look like? Is there a lot of interspecies conflict seeing as half of them are Lawful and the other half Chaotic?

Is the watcher meant to watch a particular thing, or just things in general?

Mind telling us about the Watcher? Does it look like Stan Lee?

Thanks magnuskn. Hykariut sound like they'd be a fun addition to a Hell's Rebels game, or maybe a good high level ally for a Galt campaign if you're aiming to end the unending revolution. I can't imagine the likes of Barzillai or Ileosa taking very kindly to Impariut, though. What is an Axial Monitor, anyway?

Thank you Skeld. Mind going into detail about the Bastion Archon?

Skeld, PDF Prophet wrote:

I have my copy if there are questions....


If you wouldn't mind, perhaps a list of the monsters, and their types, subtypes, and Challenge Ratings.

Thank you magnuskn. Mind telling us what tasks each of the inventables was manufactured for, and what they look like?

Very nice. Got anything on the Radiant Essence? I don't think we've ever had a good ooze before.

Thanks Zaister! So the Edict Dragon really is a honest-to-Abadar true planar Dragon? Sing a song of Silver, this AP has the best Bestiary section since Rasputin Must Die! What does the edict dragon look like, if you don't mind me asking, and what's the coolest thing it can do?

magnuskn wrote:
Alright, I got the PDF. After the disappointing third module, I was very apprehensive about this particular part of the AP. But it is very well crafted, with a good mix of politicking, socializing and kicking monster ass. Now let's see in one month how the finale turns out. :)

Well magnuskn, seeing as you already have the PDF, mind giving us a peek at the bestiary? ( i.e. the names of each monster, their CR, and monster type) Thanks in advance.

While you are here Mr Jacobs, could you tell us what monster types are NOT in the bestiary section?

Mr. Jacobs, if the heroes from RotR and S* are accounted for, what about the ones from Curse of the Crimson Throne? I mean

CotCT Spoilers:
seeing how Castle Korvosa is built right on top of the Great Mastaba, where Sorshen is said to rest, it would seem they'd have a runelord encounter of their own. I mean, even if Sorshen doesn't have any particularly malevolent plans for Varisia (something I highly doubt), surely one of the other runelords would take interest in it. It would be odd if a group of such high level adventurers did nothing in response to the runelord threat.

Well fellows, I suppose now we know what the CR 30 is, we need something else from the bestiary section to obsess over. Maybe The Directosaur could help us with that.

Mr. Jacobs, are there any templates in this book?

If so, is it a half-lawful outsider and/or a half-chaotic outsider template? (i.e. like the half-fiend and half-celestial templates already in the game)

The Gold Sovereign wrote:
Typhon or some kind of titan.

Wasn't Typhon (in Pathfinder at any rate) an archdevil? If so, I don't think it can be him because A) he would be from an evil plane, and B) Ragathiel killed him, and Ragathiel is only CR 26.

James Jacobs wrote:

CR 30 monster hints:

1) It's not Tabris.

2) It's not from one of the evil planes.

3) It's something we've mentioned before but never statted up.

4) It's from mythology.

James Jacobs wrote:
I might just let folks know about what the CR 30 critter is at PaizoCon, but not before.

Alright, looks like we got one last chance to guess what it is before it is officially announced. Since I'm too lazy to look through all my Pathfinder books to see what mythological creatures have been mentioned but not statted up I'm going to guess Jörmungandr because it's seems like a monster that would be CR 30. That, or Fenrir, either would be cool.

James Jacobs wrote:
The Gold Sovereign wrote:

Mr. Jacobs, how many "two pagers" are there among the monsters in this book's bestiary?

9 two-pagers.

Would that be counting the three races that you already said would be two-pagers (i.e. the three races and six other monsters), or not counting them? (i.e. nine monsters excluding the three races we already knew were getting two pages)

James Jacobs wrote:

Fun Behind-the-Scenes fact: The original cover order for this was a few iconics fighting an astradaemon in the Boneyard, with Groetus looming in the background and the river of souls extending out into the distance... but then I realized we already did most of this cover for the cover of Horror Adventures (which takes place in the Boneyard—note the moon in the background!).

So I adjusted things—I kept the astradaemon fight front and center (because I wanted to feature a recognizable outsider "native" to Pathfinder, not exported from D&D, and one that we hadn't yet had Wayne paint—in both cases, the protean was covered already by both for the cover of the original Great Beyond, and an innevitable was a D&D export that I wasn't as eager to put on the cover), and set the image in Abaddon around a portal to Elysium, as two opposed outer planes (neutral good and neutral evil) that the iconics were defending.

Personally, I think Wayne knocked this one out of the park. :-)

Oh, don't get me wrong, It's a lovely cover, all my grousing aside, and I think Wayne always does a magnificent job. I guess we're all just antsy waiting for such a long anticipated book to finally come out. Any fun facts you feel like sharing about it to help ease the wait, Mr. Directosaur? ;)

I wonder if this book will have a truly planar paladin archetype. Don't get me wrong, Faithful Wanderers are a great archetype, and work well in the Abyss (or the Worldwound, for that matter), but are bit to focused on one plane to function as a more generalist planeswalker.