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Honestly, a lot of it comes down to aesthetics to me. For example, while the Kasatha make for the perfect Hit and Run soldier, their 4-armed Conehead look doesn’t really appeal to me. Vesk, on the other hand though... I’m not usually one for tanky types mechanically, but they look slick! (Not to mention the sexual dimorphism involving vibrant coloration is really neat.) And let’s not forget Skittermanders and the more recent Vlaka. Stats be darned, I want to find a way to make a fun character out of them. (Which also reminds me, I’ve been kinda out of the loop for a bit as of late. Which races, if any, from AA2 are Society legal, and do they require boons?)

I also have a soft spot for humans and the legacy races, since they are what I really specialize in drawing art for. XD

Man, has it been a while since I’ve been on here! I kinda been on a bit of a Starfinder hiatus lately, but hopefully I’ll be able to resume once a session doesn’t interfere with other commitments. But enough about me!

My boy Felix, the young human blitz soldier that he is, is a dancer through and through, though he does dabble in other strains of the performing arts. And with the addition of the awesome new ribbon weapons (albeit only the plasma ones), he’s gonna become even better at it! (It also plays into his stellar Dex in battle, meaning he can actually hit things now, instead of relying on his 14 Str. Yay! XD)

I have a couple other characters concepts floating around that I haven’t gotten round to building quite yet, but a notable one is Machete, a Vesk of indetermine class who once served in his people’s military as a cook, before enlisting in the Society as a sort of liason. He now serves up cuisine for his fellow Society members and mainly fights with throwing knifes and his good ol’ Vesk chompers.

Kvetchus wrote:

One thought that occurs to me: Consider the Astrazoan race rather than human:


They have some interesting out-of-combat abilities (shapechanging - meaning you can pretend your a human anyway) and they can also regain hitpoints at the same time as they regain stamina (a 10 minute rest to regain stamin gains you HP as if you had a full night's rest, 1x per day). It gives a +2 to Dex and Cha, though a -2 to Con, which will only cost you a single stamina point. The other sacrifice would be an extra 1st level feat.

On feats... unless your built concept demands it, I wouldn't use a feat on multi-weapon fighting. You can always fight multi-weapon, you just take a -4 on the attack roll. The feat drops that to a -3, but only if using 2 operative or small arms. Early on that extra point to hit *might* be important, but honestly.... not really. And once you're higher level, it won't make much difference. I would opt instead for two adv. melee, or possibly even better: 1 small arm in one hand, and an advance melee in the other. That's if you really don't want to go with two-handed weapons. Remember, though, if you're dual-weilding and need to reload you'll need to spend a round to sheath, reload, then draw (provided your GM tracks ammo, anyway).

A couple players in my group were keen on multi-weapon fighting too, but early on the -3 or -4 is still pretty significant, so they stopped doing it. Since that was the groups first place through, we decided to allow everyone unlimited reworks until level 5 - everyone dropped the multi-weapon feat that had it and no one in the group has bothered dual-wielding since.

Anyway, if you drop the multi-weapon feat, the loss of that racial feat doesn't matter so you get Dex and Cha boost, lose 1 hit point, and gain a bunch of cool racial features and STILL get to play a "human" character if you want.

That sounds like an awesome idea! ...Only problem is that human is actually pretty core to the concept, given this character is a sort of reflavored rebuild of a character I made way back. On top of that, I exclusively play Society at the moment, and I think Astrazoans are locked behind a race boon I don't currently have. That said, I really love the idea.

You make a fair point with Multi-Weapon Fighting, but I'm not sure what to replace it with to improve my damage output. (I mainly went with it because my current Society character is a Blitz Soldier, but only 14 Strength, so he has some trouble hitting things. XD) I actually don't mind two-handed weapons and can roll with one of those, so long as it's a blade of some sort. However, given we have no two-handed operative weapons, I'd only be able to really make use of one until around Lv. 6, when my Strength score is halfway decent.

Kvetchus wrote:

Unless I missed something, Solarian weapons are not operative weapons, so you won't get your dex bonus to hit with your solar sword either, so you're in for a rough ride. It seems to me you've built a ranged solarian for use in melee combat... Conceptually, I see the interesting idea and you could of course make it work, but you will certainly feel underwhelming in the early levels until you can get your strength up and pack some of those feats in.

Operative and small arms weapons are pretty low-yield. They're great for Operatives when they can start making 4 attacks a round or get huge damage bonuses for trick attack (especially around level 7 when they can basically land trick attacks on most common foes without actually having to roll). For other characters though, operative weapons especially, and small arms in general represent kind of a nerf. You're typically better off with advance melee or longarms instead. (two-handed adv melee weapons have some of the best DPR in the game)

I'm sure you're in love with the fire sword, but to be honest, for this character... I'd go armor instead and let a plasma sword, or any sword with flaming fusion, fill your hankering for a lightsaber. Because of the dex bonus to-hit with operative weapons, you'll probably end up using those more than your solar sword anyway, so there's not real use in having it over the armor. Fire sword-like weapons and/or fusions won't come available for you until like level 5 or so, so if you're starting at level 1, make obtaining a suitable sword your characters personal mission.

First off, thanks for the in-depth response! Now let's get to it! I probably should've made this clearer at the beginning, but I actually DID go armor with this one! The fire part will actually come from the Plasma Sheath revelation, though that doesn't really come online till Level 4. ...Which does bring up another point you made, early level functionality. At higher levels, the damage seems to be about on par with more optimal Strength builds, since Deadly Aim and Plasma Sheath would help bridge the damage gap, and I'd actually have a decent Str score by that point. But early levels, especially 1-3, do seem pretty painful. I'd pretty much have to spam Stellar Rush each turn to do decent damage and hope to land the bull rush so I don't eat an AoO each time after first. And that's assuming the terrain would even let me. Are they any ways you can think of to help with those early levels?

With my main Society character starting to get up in levels, I've been thinking about some other characters to branch out with, and this is one of them! So with that in mind, I would like some feedback on how viable this would be and how it could possibly be improved while keeping true to the concept on a fleet-footed, fiery swordsman! So without further ado...


Tempered Pilgrim

1 Operative Melee Weapon
1 Small Arm
Light Armor

Str: 10
Dex: 18 (Race +2)
Con: 10
Int: 10
Wis: 10
Cha: 15 (Theme +1)

Bluff (Class)
Diplomacy (Class)
Acrobatics (Class)
Sense Motive (Class)
Culture (Class)

Lv. 1: Close Combat, Step Up
Lv. 3: Multi-Weapon Fighting
Lv. 5: Enhanced Resistance (Kinetic)
Lv. 7: Step Up and Strike
Lv. 9: Deflect Projectiles
Lv. 11: Deadly Aim
Lv. 13: Penetrating Attack

Solarian Class Features:
Lv. 1: Skill Adept (Bluff, Culture), Solar Manifestation (Solar Armor), Stellar Revelation (Black Hole, Supernova)
Lv. 2: Stellar Revelation (Stellar Rush)
Lv. 3: Sidereal Influence (Sense Motive, Diplomacy), Weapon Specialization
Lv. 4: Stellar Revelation (Plasma Sheath)
Lv. 6: Stellar Revelation (Defy Gravity)
Lv. 7: Flashing Strikes
Lv. 8: Stellar Revelation (Reflection)
Lv. 9: Zenith Revelation (Solar Acceleration, Wormholes)
Lv. 10: Stellar Revelation (Glow of Life)
Lv. 11: Sidereal Influence (Bluff, Culture)
Lv. 12: Stellar Revelation (Soul Furnace)
Lv. 13: Solarian's Onslaught

Stat Gains:
Lv. 5: +1 Dex, +2 Str/Wis/Cha
Lv. 10: +1 Dex/Cha, +2 Str/Wis

Lv. 2: Synaptic Accelerators Mk 1 (Str +2)
Lv. 6: Synaptic Accelerators Mk 2 (Str +2), Synaptic Accelerators Mk 1 (Dex +2)
Lv. 13: Synaptic Accelerators Mk 3 (Str +2), Synaptic Accelerators Mk 2 (Dex +2), Synaptic Accelerators Mk 1 (Cha +2)

Note: I am well aware that the damage output is suboptimal. That's OK. I still have my high AC, mobility, and social encounter utility. I just wonder if the damage output I do have will still be competent, considering the revelations, stat gains, and augmentations I plan on taking, and if it can be improved. Thanks in advance for all your help!

Kvetchus wrote:
Also....... get a cybernetic arm or something so you can actually use two-handed weapons again :)

Haha! Thanks! XD

Late response, but thankfully Society perks meant I could have someone cast Regenerate on it, so it's as good as new! ...Though his left shoulder still smells faintly of barbeque.

Thanks again for the advice, everyone! ...Unfortunately, I already spent my Mk 1 personal upgrade on Dex. Granted, I was planning on using the Mk 2 to get a +4 in Str when I get the chance, but the earliest I can get it is Lv. 6 unless it shows up on a Chronicle Sheet. Is iit Society legal to sell back the upgrade I already have and then spend the necessary funds to grab it again for a different stat?

And BigNorseWolf, awesome suggestion for powered armor! I never even thought about that! It does essentially halve my movement speed (Blitz's Rapid Response, the Fleet feat, and Speed Suspension Augmentation don't work with a Battle Harness) and I'd have to spend a feat on it, but I'll definitely take in into consideration!

I've been playing Society for quite some time, and while I'm having a blast playing, something's been troubling me as of late... When it comes to fighting, I'm VERY hit or miss it seems, and it's often the latter. I don't really feel like I'm being really effective when it counts.

Granted, I do know that sometimes it's just in the dice, bosses have high HP and AC, and my Str score isn't the highest at 14 to boot (I invested most in Dex despite being a melee fighter because I wanted more AC with mobility by going Light Armor to fit in with my speedy skirmisher concept), but I really feel like I need some advice on how to be useful when I don't happen to score a lucky crit. Like say, battlefield tactics or even some feats I could take.

To get into more specifics, I'm currently a level 3 Blitz Soldier with a total move speed of 60 ft., with the Weapon Focus feat and Melee Striker Gear Boost to help offset my lower Str. And while I am starting to branch out into more weapons after getting my arm burned off rendered me practically useless, I still want to be primarily melee and my spear has sentimental value to my character. I've read a bit about readying actions to always keep your opponent 10 ft. away and pelt 'em with opportunity attacks, but is there anything else I can do? Thanks in advance for your help!

Dracomicron wrote:
IfritSlasher wrote:

Totally agree that the disparity does seem a little extreme, given scanners exist. I'd say this could all be fixed with a little errata, but I doubt they'd errata an item completely invalid. And with regards to your hand situation, with Armory coming out in a month or two, perhaps that could be rectified? Here's hoping!

Also, looking even further into options, I looked at all the boons available for Society, and for the relatively low price of 6 Fame, you can actually get someone to cast Regenerate on you, if you prefer the nice fleshy (or in your case, scaly) feel of your old appendage. Of course, I dunno if you're a Society player, so this may not even apply to you. If that is not the case though, I would like to humbly submit the club name of Out on a Limb.

Oh, I'm not worried; Zoggy is only marginally hindered by the loss of a hand, since his minimum left-handed punching damage is more than most characters' maximum damage with a 2 handed weapon. He now has a Society boon to give a discount to augmentations, so I'm sure I'll get the situation sorted one way or another, but you're right, I'm hoping for a good option in the Armory.

Let's do the math here! Assuming Lv. 3 Soldier...

1 Base Damage + 5 Str Mod (18 + Stat Raising Augmentation) + 4 Vesk Weapon Specialization + 2 Melee Striker = 12 Min. Damage

Compared to my boy Felix and his signature pike...

8 Base Damage + 2 Str Mod + 3 Weapon Specialization + 1 Melee Striker = 12 Max Damage.

And considering I've done only about half the scenarios out there, you're probably higher than 3. ...Dang. Zoggy's got mad skills. XD

App-L wrote:
Distant Scholar wrote:
Does it come with MP3s?

Also, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yQ52BW8hW70

Dracomicron wrote:
Kitsch Zero wrote:

The cost of the combination of Hideaway Limb and Prosthetic Limb may seem out of proportion with their individual costs, but that is because its price is probably linked to its utility, in terms of game balance. So, the hidden 1,200 cr cost is for that ability to double up augmentations.

Seems a little extreme, especially since the storage capacity of the hideaway/storage limbs are not even able to defeat a standard security checkpoint.

Also, you raised a good point about the prosthetics being both arm and hand, and leg and foot slots. According to RAW, my vesk with a missing hand can't JUST get a hand, he has to get the rest of his arm cut off and then the whole arm replaced. Unless I want to drop 71K for a Polyhand, there is no simple hand replacement, Luke Skywalker style.

Totally agree that the disparity does seem a little extreme, given scanners exist. I'd say this could all be fixed with a little errata, but I doubt they'd errata an item completely invalid. And with regards to your hand situation, with Armory coming out in a month or two, perhaps that could be rectified? Here's hoping!

Also, looking even further into options, I looked at all the boons available for Society, and for the relatively low price of 6 Fame, you can actually get someone to cast Regenerate on you, if you prefer the nice fleshy (or in your case, scaly) feel of your old appendage. Of course, I dunno if you're a Society player, so this may not even apply to you. If that is not the case though, I would like to humbly submit the club name of Out on a Limb.

Dracomicron wrote:

It costs 150 credits.

What more use do you want for that price point?

MY question is why a hideaway limb costs 150 credits, while a storage limb, which is the same thing except that it also acts as a prosthetic, costs 1,450 credits.

Prosthetic limb: 100 credits
Hideaway limb: 150 credits
Storage limb: 1,450 credits?

How does that math make sense?

And according to RAW, you can't have a Quickdraw Storage Limb at all, even though the complexity of the procedure necessary to put that mechanism in a pure prosthetic would have to be significantly less.

Basically the RAW punishes amputees, which I'm not sure is a good look...

Yeah... That is really baffling to me too. Funnily enough, that's actually why I asked, since my character's arm got flambéd by a Hellknight. XD And looking back at my options recently, I just realized a prosthetic and hideaway are mutually exclusive, considering they occupy the same slot, and the latter isn't a standalone limb. ...Unless a hand slot is considered distinct from an arm slot, in which case the storage limb is completely vestigial...

Can we get a dev in here to answer this? Could I have a hideaway limb be installed in the hand slot, even though the arm slot is taken by a prosthetic?

OK, so reading through the description, it says that retrieving an item from a non-Quickdraw version only takes a move action rather than a standard. However, from my time playing Society, I recall that anyone with a BAB of at least 1 can draw a weapon while moving, and taking an item out of storage, like a healing serum, is a move action anyway. So, other than the obvious smuggling utility, what use is it really?

I'm REALLY psyched for this book! We really need more weapon variety to fill in the item level gaps!

Another thing I wonder though... I know the book is still a few months away, but something caught my attention: "equipment-themed player options". Does this mean we could potentially get special feats, themes, or archetypes that'd correlate to fighting styles?! As long as there aren't any crazy prerequistes, those would be so cool! I've always liked the concept of a weapon specialist! (And since I'm a Society Player with mnemonic editor in my back pocket for incorporating all the cool Pact Worlds stuff, it'd be awesome to know whether I should hold out for this book's release so I can edit those things in too. XD)

EDIT: It'd also be awesome to see operative weapons and small arms getting more love. Blaster pistols especially are really iconic for so many character concepts! (Not entirely sure how to let them shine without completely rendering two-handed rifles obsolete, but I'm sure something could be arranged! Trick shots maybe?)

I dunno if this has been asked already, but here goes. For items on the Chronicle Sheets from non-CRB sources like Alien Archive and the Dead Suns AP, do I need the source book they came from in order to purchase and make use of it? Thanks in advance!

Thurston Hillman wrote:

Nefreet provides some good examples above. There's a lot that goes into these decisions, even with Starfinder where we're trying to allow more content to be available from the get-go. Comments on Azlanti equipment or the Devastator connection are on point, but I've learned that it's generally best to avoid getting into the nitty-gritty on specific choices with the Additional Resources. The reason for this is simple: there's a lot of wildly divergent views, and a lot of people can get very passionate about certain topics, leading to forum threads specifically dedicated to "Developer Appeal."

What I do want to re-iterate on this topic, is that these decisions aren't made by one person. The OP team discusses these items internally, and we enlist the assistance of some trusted Organized Play veterans to help provide some guidance that we might miss during our readings.

As far as why certain rules aren't changed prior to printing: most products are created for a space beyond Organized Play, and some options are specifically made for campaigns that don't mesh well with the style of game that Starfinder Society is. In any environment like Organized Play, where everyone is playing with the same overarching rules, it's also harder for us to balance when powerful items come through. Generally, we tend to have an approach of "does this invalidate an existing option? If so, we should consider looking at restricting it." In many ways, this is our form of "GM Campaign Guidelines" that you might expect to see in a home game.

Hope that helps explain things a little!

It does, actually! Thank you very much!

Heya! This one goes out to the devs, and despite how it may sound at first, this is more a question of curiosity rather than complaint.

It strikes me as odd that very specific things, such as the mature xenolash weapon (but not any of the others of its line) and resilient jacket magic item are banned from Society play. I know some things like the Aeon Guard stuff and Devastator connection wouldn't fit in lorewise with the non-evil restrictions in place, but what about the others? Were they deemed overpowered? If so, why, and how come they weren't simply balanced before release of the books they came from? I know Society play is not the only way to play Starfinder, but still, it's a curious oddity. Thanks in advance for the response!

"Wrath" RockNarSonn wrote:

Hello All!

I am enamored with Starfinder, and want to start a Fanfiction Story of my main character in Starfinder: '"Wrath" RockNarSonn', a Vestan Soldier Icon.

I cannot find any links or threads to show where to put my FanFiction, so I humbly ask if there isn't one, can one be made?

I promise to abide by any baseline rules of decency and legality of course.

Salut, Wrath

I'm not really a forums expert, but honestly, I think General Discussion would work just fine. People post stories of their adventures here all the time, so I don't really see a reason why not. Only thing I'd advice to be careful of is that, if you are a Society player and base your story off of your experiences there, just be sure to put the appropriate spoiler tags in the topic title. Other than that, I don't really have much else to say other than I look forward to reading it!


EDIT: One more piece of advice, given this is a forum and people will want to give feedback, I'd also suggest making a new topic for each chapter, providing links to the previous ones for easy access. I'd imagine it'd be hard sifting through a multi-page topic trying to find the next chapter. XD

Metaphysician wrote:

Ask Your GM.

I mean, its not PVP, so it shouldn't be banned. The issue is, is it any easier than normal combat maneuvers. Obviously, a PC *could* simply stand still and let an attack hit them. . . but whether they can do that to one specific person while still dodging hostiles?

I have actually, which is actually the reason I bring it up!

I did the exact thing with the Bull Rush in my most recent session, and the GM made the fiat call of allowing it, removing the +8 Combat Maneuvers usually must overcome, so long as the player I BR'd was willing to go along with it. Seems pretty reasonable to me, though of course table variation exists, which is why a universal errata could be nice.

That all said, I never thought about like that. In the chaos of combat, I suppose it wouldn't necessarily be as easy as an automatic success.

I've always liked unconventional tactics, and considering some situations that could unfold, it's given me some ideas!

-Bull Rushing an ally out of harm's way.
-Repositioning an ally to place yourself between them and a dangerous melee enemy.
-Tripping an ally to drop them prone, reducing their vulnerability to ranged attack. Extra points if ally is a Ysoki.

I think these could prove pretty handy, especially in situations when someone rolled a particularly low initiative. However, given Society play is opposed to PvP actions, could these tactics be employed (assuming the player in question is OK with, of course)? And if so, how would it work, and is there any way to make it easier to do so? Thanks in advance for your help!

Dotting for future reference. It just so happens I'm actually working on a character sketch right now, so this is perfect! What's the deadline?

Woodenman wrote:
IfritSlasher wrote:
Also, could someone please provide information on what the ** spoiler omitted ** archetype provides? Thanks in advance!
There is no archetype by that name. Did you mean something else?

OOPS! I meant Theme, not archetype. My bad. XD


Woodenman wrote:
Brew Bird wrote:

Knowing my luck, I'll probably not have my shipping notice until next week.

In the mean time, would anyone be willing to share the ability score bonuses of the new races? Particularly interested in the SROs and Astrazoans.

** spoiler omitted **

Borais get Con and Cha?! Photon-centric Divine Champion Solarian zombie here I come! XD

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Overall I had a blast, and this scenario was everything I was hoping it to be! A couple things though...

I really wanted that sweet Fan Favor, so I was doing acrobatic stunts out the wazoo to try and impress the audience while I bode my time for a booth interview. ...It unfortunately never came as I apparently reached the quota long beforehand. I was really looking forward to it, honestly, but I suppose I can't fault our GM too much for it. Don't get me wrong, I think they're a great person and Game Master, and I respect the time out of their day they take to run our games and their generous in-the-moment fiat calls, but from a roleplaying perspective, they're relatively by the book. To be fair though, I probably could've dropped a hint or two about wanting to be interviewed.

We also didn't deal with the rainbow armadillo nonlethally, though that's more on me running a more combat-centric character both crunch and fluff wise. Apparently "they're usually pretty docile" wasn't much of a deterrent, even if I was curious why it got out of hand. XD (Kinda makes me wish Starfinder had 5e's rule of "Do you wanna take them out nonlethally?" Or at the very least, a "set your phasers on stun" option, but I digress.)

On the plus side though, we had several funny moments, including, but not limited to...

-Me being called out as a necromantic sympathizer.
-Our group frequently referring to the rainbow armadillo as a mastiff after our GM gave us a size comparison.
-Several bad puns for your viewing pleasure.
-Me almost blowing myself up with shoddy flamethrower handling.
-A shipping war amongst the fans about whether our lashunta envoy should be with me, our Ysoki Mechanic, or the Ysoki's drone, Ms. Frisbee.
-An innuendo-laden conversation about tossing my character into a lubricated orifice.
-Me choosing whether to cut off the leg or cut off the leg of the final boss.
-Our aforementioned Lashunta envoy winning a Fanservice Point before it was all said and done.

I also got my mileage out of my ridiculous Acrobatics bonus (+9 for a Level 2 Human Soldier), avoiding a clutch AoO from the final boss while I pushed our Android Operative out of harm's way and being literally unable to fail an Acrobatics check to stay on my feet while Greased up, so long as I wasn't being flashy about it. XD

But yeah, all in all, an awesome session, and I was all for a sequel episode!

I exclusively play Society, so this issue would most likely never come up, but I'm still curious. Could you still use a powered weapon even after losing all of its charge? I mean, some weapons like the flame doshko and cryopike exclusively deal their respective elements' damage so I could see why those might not work, but then there's things like the Dragonglaive from Alien Archive that deal a physical damage type on top of their element and are clearly designed to be an enhanced version of an already existing weapon and would seem perfectly capable of damaging things on its own, powered or not.

RAW, how would this situation pan out?

Oh man! I heard about this coming out way back, but I had no idea it has so much new content! Given all the new PC options, this is definitely gonna be a must buy for me! It even comes out on my birthday! ...This is gonna be a long two weeks.

Regarding the actual content,

Close Combat
definitely sounds fun! I imagine it'd synergize well with a reach weapon, which my SFS character just so happens wield!

Also, could someone please provide information on what the

archetype provides? Thanks in advance!

Kevin Willis wrote:

And as a corollary to this, in the event Paizo releases more archetypes, feats, etc. in the future, how would one go about incorporating those into an existing character? Thanks in advance for your help!

We'll see when that material releases!

It is extremely unlikely that we will be allowed to swap out feats, archetypes, etc. that we have already selected just because something new has been published. We should be able to use new material that doesn't conflict with our existing build (such as a 6th level character taking a new feat when she would normally gain one at 7th level), but not conflicting material (such as a 6th level solarion wanting to use a new archetype that replaces 2nd and 4th level class abilities).

Late follow-up response, but update! With the new Pact Worlds book coming out this month, it looks like I'd best hold off on the mnemonic editing till I can see all the new options I'd have at my disposal! Luckily, as Gary said, I'm low enough level to pull it off, but it still leaves me curious about the future. Remains to be seen, I guess!

Jacob Rennels wrote:

Keep in mind that for society play you can't purchase the Mk 1 Mnemonic Editor (ilvl 5) with credits until level 4. This means you can, at level 4, go back and correct level 2 or 3, but not level 1. Unless you gain access to a Mk 1 Mnemonic editor at level 3, via a chronicle sheet or boon, you cannot do a level 1 rebuild once you hit level 2. As of this writing, no chronicle sheet (scenario of AP) grants access to a Mk 1 Mnemonic editor.

This does not preclude using fame to purchase.

I see! Thanks for the clarification! Good thing I have Fame to spare!

Kevin Willis wrote:
IfritSlasher wrote:
So my question is this: given the 1st-level rebuild is no longer an option, how can I still legally rebuild my character? My guess is splurging on a mnemonic editor, but while I have the funds, the item level seems to be a bit too high for me at Level 5 for even a Mk 1 model. What can I do?
Check out the "Basic Purchasing Plan" boon on page 27. Those purchases are not limited by Item Level. The Mk 1 mnemonic editor is 4 Fame.

I guess I missed that part too! Thanks again!

Welp, it seems I done goofed. I'm having a blast play Society games and now I'm one adventure away from 3rd level! And whilst deciding on what feat and items to get in preparation... I happened upon the Forerunner archetype, which previously I never gave a second thought to, and realized it'd be perfect for my character.

So my question is this: given the 1st-level rebuild is no longer an option, how can I still legally rebuild my character? My guess is splurging on a mnemonic editor, but while I have the funds, the item level seems to be a bit too high for me at Level 5 for even a Mk 1 model. What can I do?

And as a corollary to this, in the event Paizo releases more archetypes, feats, etc. in the future, how would one go about incorporating those into an existing character? Thanks in advance for your help!

Considering your description... What about "No laughing matter"?

With a newfound boon at my disposal, I now am planning on making my 702 character a Dwarf Mystic! ...One problem though. I'm having trouble deciding on which connection to go go for, as I want it to tie in directly into her backstory.

Amare is a young Dwarven girl from the

Marbleheart clan
. She led a relatively normal life until the Starfinder Society came along. It was then that she encountered a dashing young adventurer named Felix (my current character) and instantly got a crush on him. He and his companions were in and out of her settlement in less than two shakes of a dogslicer, but that hardly mattered to her. It was love at first sight. She decides to join the Society herself as means of trying to not only see, but to fight alongside the object of her affection, wielding magic to compliment his skills in melee combat.

...And therein lies the dilemma. I do know she'll be wielding a doshko (Felix was wielding one when she first saw him, and Dwarves get Advanced Melee Weapons for free) and wearing Heavy Armor (HA Proficiency feat at 1st level), but that's about it. I'm flexible with how to play her as, both mechanically and personality-wise, but they're so many good options, I dunno what to go with!

First off, Overlord. This was the first one that came to mind for the sheer comedic value of Felix having a literal psycho stalker. However, other than that, I don't see much going for it.

Next up, Healer! A supportive skillset seems to make a good fit given her motives, and Lifelink synergizes well with Dwarves, since they have HP to spare, no matter what class they are! And AoE healing also seems pretty useful if a fight goes bad! My issue here though is that it seems a bit too... stereotypical.

Next option that came to mind was Mindbreaker. Ironically less psycho than Overload, the idea was that she was a powerful psychic who actually doesn't realize the extent of her powers, and seems to cast spells and class features by accident in times of strong emotion. Mechanically, the features it gets sound like an absolute BLAST, but I have hard time tying it in to the back story.

Empath is a great thematic option, but the actual functionality of it doesn't really appeal to me.

And finally Xenodruid is also a great thematic option given her homeland, and isn't half-bad mechanically either!. Kinda a slow starter at first level, but the class features that come after look awesome!

TL;DR Version Secluded dwarf girl falls in love with a Starfinder. What kind of magic suits her best?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

It doesn't seem to specify when I looked at it in the Core Rulebook. It'd make more sense to me if you and your allies wouldn't be targeted, but again, it's not specified. Possible oversight due to a more ranged combat-heavy system?

I appreciate all the suggestions, everyone! I've got a bunch to address, so lemme take it from the top!

Dervish Dance! I totally forgot about that! For some reason, I thought Flame Blade didn't run off of Strength by default, so I'll definitely be using it, thanks! And as for stats, good call, but I may end up with a different spread than you suggested though thanks to a different option given by another poster, which I'll get to later. Thanks anyway though! And as for Flame Blade Dervish Combat, it seems plaidwandering is right about it not being PFS legal, so that's an unfortunate pass. On the off chance I can play a home game though, I'd definitely go for it!

As for why I didn't make him a sorc or wizard... I actually WAS thinking about that, ESPECIALLY Sorc, since spontaneous casters are much easier to play and it runs off of Charisma. I ended up going Druid though because of the exclusive fire spells they get, and the ones they don't have are covered by Fire domain. If there's a sorc archetype that can get access to Druid spells though, I'd love to look into it!

Now Dragon Shaman! Interesting idea, and I like the options it gives, but thematically, I don't think it quite meshes. That said, and army of of salamanders at my beck and call is a HILARIOUS mental image, so I thank you for that. XD

So finally we get to shadowhntr7's suggestion! I was not aware, actually, but that I believe is the PERFECT fit for Mozilla! He's definitely more of a caster type anyway, so the hit to BAB isn't too painful. And the class skill gains of almost all the face skills is AWESOME! And the mischief feature is totally in character for a Kitsune! Thanks for that! Only caveat is that it doesn't stack with Green Scourge, but I can still get Flame Blade anyway, so no biggie!

Thanks again for the advice, everyone! I'll get started on building him posthaste!

avr wrote:
Just a thought, but you could take one of the animal shaman archetypes as well as green scourge. Wolf shaman might be appropriate.

It's definitely an interesting idea, but unfortunately, it locks me out of Fire Domain, which is a core part of the concept. Thanks for the input though!

JetSetRadio wrote:
I was actually going to help with this one until I saw the edit. You should swift to Starfinder. It's awesome.

I actually play both concurrently! And while I do agree that Starfinder is indeed awesome, I still believe both have their merits!

Anyway, as much as I'd like to make him for Starfinder, kitsunes aren't an officially available race yet (I'm aware a 3rd-party product is out there that covers them and many others, but Society play is the only way I can play at the moment), so that rules that out for the time being.

I will say though, if you do have tips for making a fire-themed caster in Starfinder, I'd love to hear it!

And yes, before you ask, his name is Mozilla.

Anyway! After reading up that "Just for pun" topic a few months back, I was inspired to make this character concept! ...Just one problem. I know nothing about building a primary caster, especially on as complex as a Druid. So here are the guidelines... Make him competent, PFS-legal, and able to BURN UP HIS FOES IN A BLAZE OF GLORY. Oh, and built with a reasonably small amount of reference books. ...That's really it.

Now, I DO have a bit of a start, but these are still quite mutable, and I'm open to suggestions! Green Scourge archetype looks promising for that sweet enhanceable Flame Blade, and as for stats...

Str: 5 (Race -2)
Dex: 16 (Race +2)
Con: 12
Int: 12
Wis: 16
Cha: 16 (Race +2)

(And if you're wondering what's up with his Cha score, I love playing the face and plan to make use of the Kitsune's favored class bonus. Not necessarily essential, but still nice to have.)

So yeah! Have at it, I guess! Thanks in advance for your help!

EDIT: Whoops. Posted in the wrong forum. I guess this is what happens when you type stuff up early in the morning with large fingers on a mobile device. Flagging to move to the correct forum would be much appreciated. XD

I haven't played a PFS game quite yet, so I can't really say much on the loss of the Scarab Sages, but the Concordance sounds downright awesome! My Voice of the Wild, fire dancer flavored Bard would fit right in! I wonder what sort of benefits it'll give...

According to the character creation guidelines for PFS, it says that I don't need copies of certain materials, including "www.paizo.com/traits". However, typing it up just brings me to the homepage.

I'm not sure to what web address it's supposed to be referring to, but does this mean I can take any PFS legal trait without needing the sourcebook? (For those curious, it's the Fiery Glare trait from Bastards of Golarion and it's the only thing I'd use from the book.)

Kyle Baird wrote:

Given only these two options for your character, which would you choose?

Permanent Death or Sold into Slavery*

Decide now!

** spoiler omitted **

I know this is an old question, but it's too good for me to pass up!

Personally, slavery, no matter what the level. Call me a sap, but I'm way too attached to my characters to kill them off if I can help it. XD

I would think spells like Mirror Image and Blur/Displacement would be good defensive options since you're on the front lines.

If you have good ranks in Intimidate, Blistering Invective could be an option to deal damage and make it even harder for foes to hit you by demoralizing them.

Finally, if you wanna use the Voice of the Wild archetype, you can get access to fun spells like Lead Blades, Barkskin, and Blessing of the Salamander as well! It still retains Inspire Courage, so that still works!

I'm probably speaking for a bunch of people when I say... A more readily available Skittermander Race Boon. And a matching plush as well. I myself would also like to see official SFS legal conversions of races like Ifrit or Kitsune.

And I agree with you, Strawberry Machine Cake merch would also be awesome!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

At least Uncanny Dodge still works though, right?

Alright! Thanks!

I've already completed my third scenario, and I'm set to level up now! So, question. Can I still apply the 1st level rebuild and get all the perks like full sellback value and skill redistribution? I read up that you can no longer do so once you've PLAYED at second level, which I haven't yet, so I should be able to, right?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

More weapons? Count me in! The weapon progression was something that kinda bothered me. Unless you're a Solarian, you'd basically be switching back and forth between different weapon styles or elements just to keep up. Here's hoping we can expand that arsenal, not only for more variety, but to also allow me to be thematically consistent while progressing through levels!

And as unlikely as this, I am also hoping for something akin to the Shield Weaves from the Phantasy Star Portable/Online series, completely segregating defense from aesthetic. It wouldn't really do much gameplay-wise, but when the only armor that matches your character flavorwise is Defrex Hide, and maybe Second Skin... I say it'd be pretty nice.

Well, if I may offer my input here, the very word Charisma originally meant "gift" in the language it came from. The way I interpret it, it CAN mean force of personality, but also a certain jai ne se quoi about a character, or a divine/innate gift or talent (including good looks and suave social skills). When looking at it through that perspective, sorcerers, paladins, clerics, and yes, even solarians make sense to run off that stat, which in the Solarian's case is the Force their connection to the cosmos.

I don't really have a specific name to give, but I can provide two methods I usually use.

1: Find a word in another language that means something relevant to the character. Pick the right language, and it could be nigh-indistinguishable from the feel of the sample names. Latin is a personal favorite of mine, but for Vesk specifically, some of the names given seem to give off a vaguely Arabic or Indian vibe. (I'm not a language expert though, so take that with a grain of salt. Heck, I just type in things into Google Translate most the time. XD)

Or 2: Throw naming conventions straight out the window and pick something that sounds cool. If nothing comes to mind, then try saying random syllables or names out loud until something sticks. Go wild. XD

Hope this helps!

The Goat Lord wrote:
What I want is endless possibilities, a system supported by a wide array of various supplemental material that allows me to craft any kind of story or character I want, similar to Pathfinder. What I don't want is the opposite of that.

I second this! ...Hopefully coalesced into one book, and not a bunch of relatively obscure sources you can never find at your local bookstore or game shop.

While I adore the system as a whole and I know it's still pretty new, a relative lack of options is a bit jarring. Especially since I play a Soldier, who gets a starshipload.

I also don't want them to keep the wonky weapon progression they have right now. Like, have complete lines of different weapons types (i.e. spears, swords, elements of ranged weapons) that update every 1-2 levels. And again, preferably not scattered through a bunch of different books.

If a book references another book, like say how Flamesinger references Ultimate Magic's Fire Music feat, are you required to have the book being referenced for the archetype to be legal?

zza ni wrote:

if you want to do flame blade and such..and your not sold out on bard.. maybe try Green Scourge you can go all day long with flame blade and shelaligha with this AND empower them (also deal other energy type beside flame). (and if you think ull need summon nature ally ,just prepare it and spontaneous replace if needed)

also not sure this is pfs legal but work very nice for flame blade builds

Just looked it up and.... WOW! Those look awesome! :O Normally, I'd NEVER play a prepared caster in any capacity, but with both Shillelagh AND Flame Blade available as long as I have the slots, that's REALLY tempting! ...Unfortunately, I don't have the resources currently to splurge on the source books, so that will unfortunately won't be an option at the moment. Thanks for the heads up though'

RumpinRufus wrote:
Flame blade, obviously!

I can't believe I almost forgot that spell existed! Thanks! Giving up Barkskin and a double weapon to use it is a tad problematic, but the touch attack ability AND fire flavor is really appealing! I'll definitely take it into consideration! I wonder how practical it'd be to dual wield a pair...

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