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Ambush Bug mask included


Even if you don't play the game (or never did play, or never plan on playing), this module is well worth the price of admission. Written in the same vein as the AB minis from Fleming/Giffen in the 80s, "Don't Ask" is a real gem. And, if nothing else, the back cover is a cut-out Ambush Bug mask, perfect for fighting rogue argyle socks with (if necessary).

All battles on Athas would be fought right here


Because, apparently, every drop of water in the Dark Sun setting is on these tiles. Forget relics and artifacts; all that's missing is a tile that shows a twenty-foot wide block of iron and these tiles might represent the most prized treasures in the entire Dark Sun setting.

They're great tiles, with great art (okay, the 3-D wagon looks a lot like a 1950's American pickup truck), and if you're setting a game on either a sun-baked, barren plain or on a lake they're going to be fine. But for Athas? Not so sure about that.

Old school awesomeness!


These killer mushrooms are fantastic. I just painted up a bunch this past weekend, and I'll probably get another set before too long. They tower over a Reaper female gnome I worked on at the same time, so they're solidly in the Medium size range as they should be. Even if they're just set pieces, these minis are worth having.

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Magnificent set


The quality of the artwork is as high as its ever been for the Item Cards. While the order the cards are numbered in is a bit odd (I'm sure there's some rhyme and reason to it, but I've no idea what it is), it's very easy to sort the cards both by type (armor, weapons, potions, etc) and alphabetically.

Maybe the best fire giant mini ever


I'll just say it- I love this mini. The pose is much more dynamic than any of the fire giants made so far by either the D&D minis line or Reaper. From every bulging muscle down to the cruel scowl on its face, this guy is unbridled malice. And that sword... God help the poor fool who gets smacked with that thing.

The miniature is scaled to stand about twelve feet tall compared to a 28mm human figure, so it's the right size. I think it weighs a metric ton, but thanks to the lead alloy it's very affordable.

I'd have given it the full five stars, but my criticism of the mini is the same for all of the P-65 figures I've seen. The alloy just doesn't seem to take the mold as well as the tin Reaper figures do, so (and maybe this is just my imagination) the features aren't as sharp as they could be. The softness of the metal also means bends and breaks are inevitable, such as the base peg that had snapped from one of the mini's feet when I got it. However, that was an easy fix, and the mini painted up beautifully.

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Simply Amazing


Since this book was announced I just kept thinking that if it's at least as good as the 3.x Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (I think easily the best supplement made by WotC for third edition), it will easily be worth the price of admission.

I've just spent two hours taking in the depth and scope of the book, and I'd already say it easily surpasses my hopes and expectations.

The Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting is a classic.

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There are no words to express the profound love I have for this mini.

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The various Item Cards always add spice to the gaming experience, but having the cards for Rise of the Runelords showing the major items and weapons encountered is invaluable.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen...


I picked up a booster pack today, more out of curiosity than anything else. From the gallery on the WotC website these minis looked terrible. Some of the sculpts seems like they were done by an elementary school art class (whoever gave the green light to the Griffon figure from this set should be ashamed of him- or herself), and the paint jobs were awful, with very few of the minis having any shading or highlights. So I wanted to see if the product out of the box looked as bad.

They were worse.

The "face" painted on the Defiant Rake mini looks like an afterthought (it doesn't help that there isn't much of a face actually sculpted on the figure to begin with). The Troglodyte Bonecrusher, just as seen in the WotC gallery, is a flat grey with no detail work done to its hide, and half of the armor isn't painted. The Drow Spiderguard is unpainted save for the hair and sword. The right arm of the Orc Raider is in a very artificial pose, and the hand is half the size it should be to make anatomical sense (unless this orc has the half-Tyrannosaurus template).

These are the highlights. The other four minis in the package were worse.

They've actually found ways to make the Guard of Mithral Hall figure from the Night Below set look good.

Great intro for the fledgeling DM


There's virtually no prep work involved other than reading through the game. Everything that the DM needs to know as the game goes along is spelled out in the module. Best of all, the game itself is a fun little romp for the players, too. Some great roleplaying opportunities, all sorts of nasty things to beat up. The only thing that could have made the game better would have been including some illustrations of certain NPCs or locations.