GameMastery Item Cards: Legacy of Fire Deck

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The most fabulous treasures of the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path come alive in this jewel-encrusted new assortment of 54 unique GameMastery Item Cards. From magical lamps to silver-tipped scimitars and genie rings, the exotic items in this set add a delightful dimension to any Item Card collection and bring a great sense of immersion to Legacy of Fire campaigns, or any fantasy campaign!

GameMastery Item Cards allow heroes to keep track of their equipment in style, and the set is completely compatible with all of Paizo's other GameMastery Item Card sets. Each of these full-color cards features a beautiful portrait of an item on one side with space on the back to keep notes. GameMastery Item Cards are compatible with any fantasy roleplaying game.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-176-3

1 Chainmail
2 Padded Armor
3 Heavy Shield
4 Gem
5 Palanquin
6 Key
7 Camel
8 Cactus
9 Hookah
10 Waterskin
11 Chariot
12 Monkey
13 Goggles
14 Holy Symbol
15 Holy Symbol
16 Potion
17 Potion
18 Ring
19 Ring
20 Ring
21 Ring
22 Rod
23 Scroll
24 Scroll
25 Staff
26 Wand
27 Wand
28 Scimitar
29 Falchion
30 Khopesh
31 Greataxe
32 Punching Dagger
33 Nunchaku
34 Sling
35 Goad
36 Madu
37 Longbow
38 Drum
39 Egg
40 Sitar
41 Kaffiyeh
42 Lamp
43 Carpet
44 Map
45 Turban
46 Mirror
47 Veil
48 Bracers
49 Earring
50 Helm
51 Vest
52 Bottle City
53 Slippers
54 Hat

Sample cards. Click to enlarge.

Illustrations by Christophe Swal.

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Cards Subscription.

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****( ) (based on 6 ratings)

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****( )

Good set. Art could be better.

Pretty cool!

****( )

Ok, first of all, I don't play Pathfinder AP's, I play in my own home-made campaign in the world of Greyhawk. That being said, these cards are awesome! I like the artwork, the descriptions, the style. I would have preferred (goes for all sets) less wands and staves and for this set less 'weird' stuff like camels and cactus, but apart from that, excellent stuff. Really great to hand out! Love them :-)

Great Idea!

****( )

These just really bring the story to life, and your characters will love actually having the treasure you tell them they find! They also work well for the Sands of Osirion adventure modules!

Cool Stuff

****( )

Nice Artwork but the order is very confusing I'd like to have the old order back

Magnificent set


The quality of the artwork is as high as its ever been for the Item Cards. While the order the cards are numbered in is a bit odd (I'm sure there's some rhyme and reason to it, but I've no idea what it is), it's very easy to sort the cards both by type (armor, weapons, potions, etc) and alphabetically.

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I need help identifying which card set one of my Game Mastery cards comes from. It is a holy symbol of Ioemdea. It is card number 50 in the set. At the bottom it has the symbol for the Legacy of Fire card set, but I recently purchased that set of cards and it was not part of the set I purchased. Does anyone know what set that card came from?

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

I think you're looking for the Council of Thieves set.

Vic Wertz wrote:
I think you're looking for the Council of Thieves set.

Yes, I just checked and that is the correct one! Thanks a bunch - I really appreciate you letting me know!

So what deities are associated with the two holy symbols in this pack?

Paizo Charter Superscriber; Pathfinder Deluxe Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Legends Subscriber; Pathfinder Tales Subscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber
CharlesMarkley wrote:
So what deities are associated with the two holy symbols in this pack?

Sarenrae and Rovagug

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