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Maccabee wrote:
Try hopping a fence or climbign a ladder wearing body armor and boots. You wont feel unencumbered or agile in the least. Even if youve done it a lot, and I have, its still a massive b***H to do.

It's not difficult with boots on. And try doing the same thing as having a bag on your back wearing the same amount as the hypothetical armor. The armor should only get the penalties from weight, not some strange penalty for just "being armor".

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:

Admitedly I'm not an armor expert, but the "armor is heavy" seems pretty obvious. Then again Game mechanics don't always follow real life.

It's heavy, but it's easy to move around in. And if you're trained in it's use (armor proficiency) you have the endurance to fight in it as normal. The shortcomings of it's weight don't really come into play until hours of combat.

Anyway, things that are "obvious" are very often wrong. Especially in things someone doesn't know much about.

Stubs McKenzie wrote:
Im a fan of getting rid of most acp... i dont think i could be convinced to drop stealth and swim though.

The swimming thing as been disproved over and over again. The only time it's an issue is when you're swimming for extended periods of time.

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:

Doesn't armor training mitigate the ACP? Isn't that the point of the fighter class?

If you read what I do, it gives skill bonuses instead, and still lowers the stealth acp. It's not overpowered, and it's not all that hard to believe when you've got people who's bodies are harder then steel.

ShadowcatX wrote:
I love how both examples of restrictive armor have been met with "Well, all armors except that one."

That's because they're exceptions, not the norm.

You should base rules off the norm, not the exception.

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Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Real Armor (not modern armor made for show) is not mobile. Its heavy and cubmersome as crap. Often knight's needed cranes and otther apparatus' to get on their horses. A step ladder at the very least.

That's jousting armor or bulletproof armor. Not armor commonly used in combat.

Lemmy wrote:

Yeah, that what I was considering doing in my game.

The fighter could complain about "losing" one of his class features, but I've buffed the class in ways than more than compensate for this.

Make him get bonuses to the skills in armor. I mean, you've got dragons, is it that immersion breaking if the fighter is actually more able in armor?

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Lemmy wrote:

Actually, While I haven't worn armor, I've more than once seen people do it.

In fact, I've seen people performing cartwheels while wearing armor. And chances are, they were not trained warriors.

I'd rather remove all ACP's, except Stealth.

I don't have a problem with armor being penalized. I have a problem with it being penalized twice for the same thing.

How unbalancing would it be to remove those ACPs? It's not like people are always saying ("hey, the fighter is too powerful! He suffers no ACP!"

I throw them out in my games except for the stealth one, and it doesn't cause an issue at all. Martial classes are penalized enough, and armor doesn't have much going for it as is, so it doesn't change too much.

Actually just about all the armor check penalties are nonsense, especially the swiming ones. I actually went to a historical armor presentation and asked a bunch of questions about it to the presenter, and he was telling me the only real issue was extended periods of exertion were an issue, most historical armors were very maneuverable.

Try this

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gpBA73LlaGbxj_nIxtcoyDCiZ8TD14sqtk2B-3z az1U/edit

Does the paizo official stuff even get to high levels?

Is there one paizo put out or supports?

I guess I know what I'm spending a chunk of my next check on.

If you purchase the licence, and you put the herolab on two computers, but lets say one breaks, would you have to buy it again to put it on another computer?

what's a good spell to spellstrike the magus with at higher levels? intensified empowered maximized shocking grasp with spell perfection? Or is that a waste of resources?

Edit: Slap on the wayang spellhunter and magical lineage traits, and you've got all that at second level. Is that worth the feat investment?

I love swordstaffs. They're one of my favorite weapons conceptually, and the stats on it made it worth it.

Well, everything related to leveling up is in the classes section. It's not spread out at all.

To level up. Roll your hit die and add your constitution bonus, then add that to your total health. Increase your bab by whatever your table says. Increase saves. Add class features. Increase skills. Gain a feat or attribute point when applicable.

Skills increase by x+int every level, x being the number of points the class gives you, rogues get 8, fighters get 2 etc.... Also, there are no cross class skills. Class skills just get a flat +3 bonus.


Edit: Also, what kind of information? Leveling is the same as before.

Stack that with magical lineage. Gets impressive.

Two separate. Don't want my players sneaking into the monsters.

Kthulhu wrote:





Where can this build be found?

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gpBA73LlaGbxj_nIxtcoyDCiZ8TD14sqtk2B-3z az1U/edit

There's my conversion. Only thing I might get rid of is the armor profiencies, but I feel it adds some durability.

Edit: I'm going to scap em'. It's too much.

Jodokai wrote:

Can't you combine that with spell perfection for unlimited casts of intensified shocking grasp a day? Or first level intensified maximized shocking grasp....

Multi-classing a magus is generally a bad idea. If anything a two level fighter dip.

lonewolf-rob wrote:
Ibrahm wrote:
All I said is it's a shame I'd have to pay for OGL content again.

That's a common misconception. What you're paying for with the add-ons is *not* the OGL content - that's free. What you're actually paying for is to have someone else to do all the work of entering the data, including writing all the scripts so all the rules get applied in the correct ways, and then test everything.

If finances are tight or you have more spare time than spare cash, there's nothing stopping you from adding the content you need yourself. You are welcome to add whatever content you wish to Hero Lab, including all the content from the various books. We make all the same tools available to users that we utilize in-house. And there are plenty of folks happy to help answer questions on our support forums if you run into a snag with something. :)

Thank you for clearing all that up for me. I think I might be making this investment, making npc's quick seems awesome.

The 8th Dwarf wrote:

What you are paying for are all the person hours of data entry, and coding you don't have to do your self to have a functioning coherent up to date NPC character and monster builder.

It is very cheep and you can run it on more than 1 PC. It is also modular so you only need to purchase the book sets you want.

If you don't want to pay people for their hard work then there are other options Erain 7's excellent excel sheet is available. As it is a community effort it is not 100% up to date and you won't see new books until months after their release.

What annoys me is people with a massive sense of self entitlement complaining that they can't get other peoples hard work for free.

If don't like it don't bomb a technical question thread with a tantrum about it. Go ask questions in the product thread or email the company I am sure they will be able to explain how the capitalist system works. You know you pay or trade for the goods others produce if you want them.

What tantrum? All I said is it's a shame I'd have to pay for OGL content again.

[bladebound][kensai]magus/[weaponmaster] fighter

A wandering swordfighter completely controlled by his blackblade.

Edit: Come to think of it, what would you do about those stacking weapon mastery's?

Kybryn wrote:
^precisely why I've not purchased it. I've already bought the books, why do it again?

That's the case then? That's a shame, most of it's OGL. bah.

Since this is a hero lab thread, I was thinking of buying it, but do you have to pay for each pathfinder book individually on it?

Would using the half giant race from psionics unleashed help this massive weapon wielding barbarian?

One more question. Do tieflings get more cool stuff?

I've got an unrelated question about the magus. Anyone know of a good sheet for a blackblade?

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I'm buyin it, I love your company.

Edit: The swordstaff made it all worth it

GnomePaladin wrote:
Ibrahm wrote:
oh dear lord this has gotten far more impressive then I could've imagined.

Looks like you've *puts on sunglasses* created a monster.


didn't that show just get canceled?

Stockvillain wrote:

@Ibrahm: The "Wyrwood" are pretty much warforged-equivalent.

On a side note, there are no new races in the book. The ones in the Build-A-Bear section are examples of how the rules work. Several of them are Bestiary conversions [centaur, drider, ogre], the rest are examples of using the rules to create custom races.

got a link?

Is there a race in there similar to the warforged from 3.5? Or some sort of substitute?

oh dear lord this has gotten far more impressive then I could've imagined.

Carbon D. Metric wrote:

You are setting up a level 17-20 game with fresh optimized characters? Sounds like you have a room full of friends trying to out-do one another. At least you didn't mention gestalted PCs...

If my group asked for that I'd pull out the Beginner Box and rededicate them.

You shouldn't make assumptions like that. They just want to have fun with big numbers for this session.


Kryzbyn wrote:
Spell likes don't require somatics.

Yeah sorry that was about the magic carpet bit. Maybe we should do half dragon instead though. The breath weapon would be deadly.

Tarrasque can't talk.

Hmm. That's a good point. How can we make something nearly immune to magic fly?

I'm going to be playing with some optimizers soon, and I want them to cry in fear of this creature. I know I should pick natural weapons as soon as possible, but what archetypes and whatnot would be best for the tarrasque? He's gonna have 15 fighter levels.

my bad

Von Marshal wrote:
I beleave it's the total spell level as if the spell perfection wasn't there. (Magical lineage-1) Fireball(3)intisified(+1)empowered(+2)(Quickened+4)ending total of level 9 spell. Then subtract 4(quicken is your free) for spell perfection use a 5th level slot. When you cast it grap your (rod) maximized. There you have it a intisifed, empowered, quickend, maximized, fire ball.


Just get a small sized polearm. You still get the reach and the crit range, but you can wield it in 1 hand and can spellstrike and spell combat with it. All for a little less damage and a -2 to attack rolls.

Crysknife wrote:
Does not seems so difficult, but have you looked at words of power?

This may sound stupid, but I always have a hard time understanding them.

Cheapy wrote:

Remember that all spontaneous casters "receive more" class abilities than their prepared counterparts. A straight conversion won't work as well. You need a conversion and a buff.

And Atarlost, if you really can't see why runestones of power are more expensive, I don't think you've actually read what they do. Wizards would kill for what those stones can do.

So replace spell recall with a similar feature that would work with spontaneous casters, and knowledge pool with being able to metamagic without increasing casting time. Maybe increase the magus's arcane pool. (1/2 level) + (int modifier x 2)? Or for a big buff level + int modifier?

Hmm. Why change the casting to cha? The duskblade in 3.5 had int spontaneous casting. Otherwise that seems pretty sweet, but I'm thinking for just a general magus and not a bloodmage guy, give the magus the ability to not increase the casting time of a meta-magic spell for 2 arcane points, then one, then none at 4th level, 7th level, and 11th levels, respectively.

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