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You get a warpwave!

And YOU get a warpwave!

Everybody gets a warpwave!!!!! :D

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Not featured in the artwork: the Speakers of the Depths watching and eating popcorn.

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James Jacobs wrote:
This and the upcoming stories were a blast to write. I think folks will get a kick out of some upcoming ones in particular. It's about time to get some actual creation myths for the whole pantheon out there, in other words, rather than just a myopic view from, say, Asmodeus...

Yeeeeees. Multiple conflicting origin mythoi and history via biased sources is amazing for plot hooks and adventure seeds.

Just need a bespectacled illureshi protean giggling and presenting a bunch of them, and when asked which of the conflicting stories is correct, getting a singsong answer of 'All of them!' as if causality and continuity wasn't the slightest concern. :D

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That's one snazzy illureshi there!

No need to focus on dour, boring psychopomps, off-brand transformer inevitables, and those clouds of angry math axiomites. !snaetorp eroM

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Assuming you believe Tabris or that his sources know what they were talking about! ;).

*warpwaves the thread to keep track of it*

Daniel Yeatman wrote:
I'd have to say it's the unnamed (I think) being that created both Ihys and Asmodeus, and charged them with protecting the Great Seal. You don't really get more primordially omnipotent than that.

That whole episode was like walking past your neighbor's yard and seeing their two kids arguing in their treehouse fort about who was biggest and strongest and there first when you'd been living on the block since before they'd been born, or in our case, you'd been living there forever and fighting qlippoth streaming in from their tangent reality after you'd accidentally forged a door between theirs and yours and afterwards the neighborhood went south.


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Set wrote:

Proteans need to be like 1st edition AD&D's 'Hordelings' (or the mutant creature template), with a base chassis (with modifiable HD and size) and a list of flashy extras you can add-on, so that, with one four-page entry, you can make dozens of wildly different proteans.

If there's any 'race' of Outsiders that shouldn't have preset 'types,' it's the proteans!

Are you trying to impose your specific ideas on us proteans? Am I being detained?!

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The Swarm wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
They're more akin to things like chaos beasts or valkyries or hunduns or salamanders—a single creature that has a lot of flavor.

The question is, what flavor?

Personally, my guess is mint. But there's only one way to find out.

I assure you that they all taste bad.

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James Jacobs wrote:
It's not the actual cover though (as lovely as the art is; it's reprinted from a very old article we did during Legacy of Fire when we first introduced the proteans)—hopefully we'll be able to show off the actual cover soon! It's RAD.

PlEaSe b3 a kEkAtAr oN tHe cOvEr Of tHe fIn@l aRtW0Rk and n0t JuSt Th3 pL@cEh0lD3r aRt!

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A creature of Law/shackles/Lies thinking that it came first? An infant upon a throne holding court over its toys. The Maelstrom's pre-existant nature suggests something else.

Fine. We screwed up. We apologize for getting all distracted with the Abyss we found/created/crank called/got drunk and invited ourselves in and trashed their place and they returned the favor... Yeah yeah our bad.

Give us time and we'll clean up our mess/reality/technically that includes you all no hard feelings.

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We messed up. Ok? We admit it. Please don't keep bringing it back up. We're trying to make things better, but all you mortals do is scream about how you want to remain trapped in a single form in a maddeningly static and unchanging reality. I'm not sure who might be worse, you deluded things or the qlippoth. Ssila'meshnik forbid.

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oracle mechanus wrote:

I was told there was no LN monster in this bestiary, is it true?

If so, why so little love for this alignment?

B3cAu3e 14w 1S dUmB!

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Zhangar wrote:
The recent Archduke articles from Hell's Rebels and Hell's Vengeance have also been dropping bits of Asmodeus' backstory - enough to strongly suggest that Asmodeus' claim of being one of the original gods is simply a lie.

A Lawful creature claiming itself as being one of the oldest creatures in the multiverse? *LAUGH/Wriggle of Protean Coils/SnIcKeR*

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Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Myrryr wrote:
Mmhmm. Slaad in particular basically just demons by another name.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I would agree with the Sneaky Snake. That's how I handle it myself.

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F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
RuyanVe wrote:

Fact check: there's going to be a "Devils Revisited" published by Paizo.

And it bears the question: how far down the road?

[Eric Cartman]Boo Wesley Schneider Boo [/Eric Cartman]

Devils are lawful and thus boring. Demons are much more chaotic and thus fun, but also evil and less fun. There should totally be a book of nothing but lovely/joyous/wonderful/transmute your thoughts to reality because reality on the Material plane is too boring and static otherwise/eatyoualiveChaos! :D

This is totally not a subtle attempt to seed ideas into you and James's minds for the future!

And I am totally not someone's Alt.

lemeres wrote:

How much would I pay for a voidworm?

No, How much would I pay to get rid of a voidworm?

Best answer right here.

They're flippant, whimsical annoyance incarnate. With magical abilities. At least if they're your familiar, they won't amuse themselves at your detriment (too much). Ssila'meshnik help you if you've got a veritable chorus of them and they decide to have "fun".

Threaten to release them on someone else or at least on their property unless your demands are met. The voidworms might happily help you write the blackmail note.

Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Erik Mona wrote:
Frog people get their own book. They'd resent having to share with snakes.

Hooray! But speaking as a frog person, I really don't think the slaadi would mind sharing Blood of Chaos with the proteans.

Wait, what? We're still IP?!?! AUGGGGGGGGGGGH!

Please, let us share the book with the Kermitfolk. Funny how when the book is published it's all proteans, all the time, except for a bunch of blank pages, some of which have holes torn in them, some of them spattered in red ink, and some of them covered in rainbow glitter and/or sprinkles.


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Protean Milkshake wrote:
Apologies, you all look like Lego bricks to us.

Tasty, tasty Lego bricks...

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Inevitable bloodline? Rule 34 Transformers. That's all I can think of. Twin Serpents forbid, I don't want that horrific, clang clang clanging image in my head. XD

Now if you want a protean bloodline, I'm sure you can find some imentesh happily willing to let you pay their bar tab and have a pleasant evening of madness and polymorphing fun. 8D

:D emosewa era snaetorP!

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TanithT wrote:
Adam Daigle wrote:
TanithT wrote:
...Except we won't see that on a book cover. There is way too much institutionalized male homophobia for something like this not to be the marketing knell of doom....

Does this work? Seriously, we haven't been able to get Seltyiel to button his shirt in years. Showoff. :)

Yes. Yes, it does. I'll just be in my bunk for awhile. ;)

Clearly this protean just wanted some love

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Jeff Erwin wrote:

I'm more curious about hermaphroditic species and characters.

Proteans. Sometimes.

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NoNoNoNooNoNoN! The beautiful-horrific-oh-so-transient-bottled breach of the WorldWound needs nothing of the axiomite puppets of steel and stone shackled to dance and fight. The little ones of the Abyss dancing on the windowsill of this world all pitterpatterpitterpatter need nothingarenothingno no trouble at all. We watch them play/dance/cavort/devour/die and nothing is amiss save perception that it will last. nothing lasts. permenance is the only flaw here marring the reflections of a beautiful stone ringed around by wardings and aflush with demons and other misguided abyssal things all pitterpatterpitterpatter



Singing the songSONG of making/unmaking/beautiful things the demons in their deafness/arrogance/impurity/brokenlittlethingstakepity have more to worry about than Ihaksharut.

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James Jacobs wrote:




Todd Stewart wrote:
I just want to say that I feel loved right about now. :D

You also forgot to use the correct alt.

hida_jiremi wrote:
The world coalesced out of molten rock cast out by the sun, which in turn was ignited from incandescent vapor in the infinite cosmos. This was--wait for it--all random.

:-/ ... I'm okay with this! :D

Speak of these things I will sing of them I will to you such fragile creatures of flesh and bone hidden behind screens of glass like windows into another world. Speak of these I will and in turn speak into you / strumming harmonics upon the patterns of ions and fimbrae synapses the heart of your selves.

*soft hiss, changing pitch and volume like a contemplative murmur*

We speak/create. These are the same.


Expression art emotion creation destruction the birth of life from words ideas generated in the minds of explorers a thousand years hence struggling to understand words carved into the walls of the Ossuary or functional death upon liquification and painted upon those very same walls. These are all the same. Words telepathy bodymotiontensefacialfeaturesnimbushalowhirlingsymbols u pon the crown of a keketar's whirling dervish mind these are the same fragile ones of another reality entirely.

*click, rustle of scale on scale, subaudible laughter and amusement*

Have you learned, or shall my instruction become instruction of teeth on the tangible?

Mark Moreland wrote:
We currently have no plans to open up races from products other than the Core Rulebook.

Curse your rules and restrictions you tyrant of gaming! I gnash my size and color changing teeth at you from the maelstrom because now I can't play a fetchling in PFS. Bah!


Normally I approve of Chaos. Blessed, sweet divine Chaos. But in this instance I approve of the move to a different site.

Right here is the primary source. :)

*Swims off to create alcoholic rainstorms and burning puddles thereof, and then something entirely different afterwards - all with a common theme of course if you look hard enough*

Wicht wrote:

I agree. While I am tempted to mention that proteans are rumored to eat little puppies and to have accepted money from shady special interest groups (unlike the gelatinous cubes who, while they may eat the occassional puppy have at least promised to run a transparent campaign), I shall refrain from doing so and rise above the mudslinging others might engage in.

** spoiler omitted **

*soft chorus of hissing in an oddly soothing if meanering tune*

Lies! It's not a rumor. We do eat puppies from time to time when the Maelstrom births them from naught but its own whimsy. As for puppies from the material plane? Don't send them all adrift and lost in the Cerulean Void and we won't be tempted. Of course there was another time that I baked an icecream cake from such rich chocolate that it literally made a fiend cry tears of joy. And why do I mention a fiend in such non-sequiter sequence of meandering prose? Becuase Gelatenous Cubes accept campaign money from DEVILS.

I'm a protean. I'd sooner turn a devil's insides to pudding and spackle it on your house like mashed potatoes on a highschool cafeteria ceiling for reasons only the Speakers of the Depths know than I would take their misbegotten money. *hiss*

Cubies are literally funded by Hell. Which is to say, the James Joyce appreciation society and that was one soul that even Pharasma just wanted to get rid of as quickly as possible I think she let the daemons have it I would have been less benevolent and spun it into diamonds or taffy and set it adrift for another to find and feed to a cube there to get indigestion of one sort of another.

[at this point the keketar's language shifted into a mixture of telepathically streamed concepts and emotions and its words to a frequency not heard by human ears. They probably spoke ill of the Devil Cubes. And Joyce.]