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Good friday everyone! I'm still off to a slow star, but this thread will go on for the rest of the year. I have the first two portraits queued, one will be ready tomorrow and the next will be ready on mondasy. By next week I'll pick and do the third, which I still haven't choose.

I'll do these fully hand-made (no dgital!), so it's a bit of a slower process.

Thanks for risking yourselves to get artsy-mutilated! :D

A coule more days to have the first portrait ready! I'm trying a new style and it ain't easy to switch...

GeraintElberion wrote:
Hey, when did that Butterfrog get the Advanced Artist template?!

Not just yet, I'm trying it to earn it! ;P

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Hola todos!

First sketch coming tomorow, final illo over the weekend!

*back to the drawing board*

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captain yesterday wrote:
I love your maps.

Glad you like'em! Maybe once this threads is over I should do a map thread?


Remember to include a picture!

I'll base the illo on the picture, so if you are smiling, the cherecter will be smiling! If you want an angry orc, choose an adecuate pic. :)

Lathiira wrote:
Long time no see Hugo. And still you're as friendly and helpful as ever. Kudos to you, my friend.

Hola! I'm glad to be back, I hope for good!

MageHunter wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Sounds Ok! Since you are first in here let's start with yours! Facial pic, the more expressive the better (whatever expression you choose).

*Edit* Got the pic, we are good to go, I'll have it ready by friday.

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Ever wondered how you'd look as an elf, orc, human? Beign yourself you own character on Golarion, kinda like LARPing but cooler (no need to wash off make up or rip off pointy ears!).

11 years ago I jumped into the boards giving away character artwork for Pathfinder PCs, and that basically changed my life. A few years and many, many new gaming friends later, life took many unexpected turns and I got quite distanced from gaming and even artwork, which is now my part time trade.

Well, it's time to reconnect with the community and give back some of the awesomeness it has given me.

What's this thread for? To request YOUR portrait done as one of your Pathfinder's PC.


1. If interested, post your description within a spoiler button (to keep the thread short). I'll pick and draw one portrait a week. It'll be based on a picture of YOU. The more expresive the pic the better. No linkys on the thread, lets handle this witha bit of privacy, link me in a PM to your pic on social media.

2. The more expresive the better: Happy, sad, excited,terrified, hungry, etc. I'll pic the illo based on the expresiveness of the pic and the originality of the character. The final illo will be lined in here publicly, so, if you are not OK with sharing the illo, then please don't request it.

4. The races and classes to be draw will be those of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook

3. You can use the illos as you wish EXCEPT for commercial purposes.

So, be my guest and request!

I'll get back into this, fan drawing PCs hobby... It's been 12 years now, wow!

I'll start another thread on monday the 02/18/2019 to have a fresh start.

This time I'll keep t more realistic time-wise, so I'll do just portraits (neck or shoulders up) at the rate of 1 a week.

It'll be a bit different this time, I'll draw YOU as a character (within my amateur artsy skillz). I'll put the details on the thread this coming monday.


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The new cover style is AWESOME!!!

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Jacob W. Michaels wrote:


* And finally artist Hugo Solis has agreed to provide a sketch of the winning monster. ...

Make that a large color illo ;)

Sorry to hear about your proteges Treppa...

*+5 on the hugs*

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Well, just poke my head to say Hola!, glad to see all's the same in here (it wasn't that long anyway).

Laterz folks!

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I'm playing ZBP and I'm loving it... regular Zombicide it's lots of fun too

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Here I am making another attempt to return to the boards... Of course never as a crazy frequent poster as you are guys!

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Videogame talk? Way too rusted on that front...

Zombicide? Yes please!!!

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La mejor de las suertes Liz, and looking eagerly forward to see what's the next kind of magic you start to weave!

Long live the Cookie Mistress!!!


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Wayfinder blog, YAY!

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Steve was one of the first persons to hire me as an artist and to give me brutally honest advice regarding artist-publisher relations, I'll remember him always.

We'll miss you Steve!

Callous Jack wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:
This has to be one of my favorite posts ever.

Wow, "R" thread, yay!

Too early thou... beign at the dayjob doesn't help' either...

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[grafitti]For a good time call Tim "Timitius" Nightengale[/grafitti]


*claps to the rythm*

Aberzombie wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:

The beginning of yet another fantastic day!

Get out there and grab a double fistful of it!

Whoa! My last post was over a week ago. Let me explain.

No, wait. Let me sum up.....

10 April - diagnosed with the flu and put on Tamiflu.
11-13 April - Blargh!
14 April - back on feet just in time to go to the downtown hotel I have for the PE Exam the next day. Later in the evening, I finally confirm that the Tamiflu has given me insomnia.
15 April - operating on about 2-3 hours of sleep, I proceed to take the 8 hour PE (Professional Engineers) Exam.
16 April - lack of sleep was finally catching up with me.
17 April - f#!+ this s&#!, I'm taking a sleeping pill.
18 April - slept more, but woke up to torrential rains. Many roads flooded. I man-up and drive to work anyway. I am one of 4 (maybe 5 by now) people in the office.

You need a fresh bowl of brains!

Old topic but here it goes:

I slept standing up, at church...
I slept in an abandoned hotel, with bats coming out of an open cistern!
I slept on crowded car for two days
I slept on an airport waiting for the sun to rise (darn red eye flights)
I doozed off on a biz meeting... so embarrasing
I slept on the same room with a Paizo overlord! :D

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Felicidades a los dos!!!

*adds lots of JBE to the shopping cart*

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Rhune es fabuloso!

Not the usual "steampunk" setting, it keeps the classic fantasy feeling while presenting technology on a "stormpunk" way, that is technology with a nordic and old school feeling.

Mis dos centavos

Come visit me, is only "a bit" further south! :D

I'll bring a bottle (or two) of good tequila next time I'm up there, and we'll see what we all do :D

Patrick Curtin wrote:

Well, an extra shift worked, bringing my hospital total to six with really not many more possible. Three shifts at new job II Weds-Fri training.

I will be a lot happier when some of these checks come through

Lots of training = lots of energy to keep up with those crazy shifts...

Mmm... gotta try that white russian, sounds yummi!

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I'll do my best! I'll post the process and all :)

Excellent thread, KC! Marked.

Patrick Curtin wrote:
BTW nice job on the cartography credit on the Cypher System adventure The Dream Spiral Hugo.

Thanks Patrick!

Patrick Curtin wrote:
2 1/2 hours left. Then blessed sleep....

Sleep?, who needs sleep? that's for wuzzes and elves!

Judy Bauer wrote:
Kord_Avatar wrote:
Buenos Aires, Argentina. Hola Pathfinders!

!Hola! Mi familia política es también de Buenos Aires. (Pero que no juegan Pathfinder, a excepción de mi esposa.)

We visited for our honeymoon, and got May Revolution minis as souvenirs. :P

Wow! muy bueno español Judy, con acentos y todo! :)

Corsario wrote:
¡Viva México!

Cabr...así es!

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Guadalajara, Jalisco, México!!!!


Heh, stay on topic on these threads it's daily chore... so many new posts!!!

Aargh! So cruel to tempt me with this...

Any news from that job?

Patrick Curtin wrote:

Hour on the elliptical-check

Half hour walk with dogs-check
Biceps and back-check
Job interview-up next ...wish me luck!

best of luck!

Is that a "much-needed-food-money" 2nd job or a "need-moneyz-for-my-gaming" 2nd job?

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Patrick Curtin wrote:
Calex wrote:
Hugo Solis wrote:
I can't help but to think of a treetop tavern map everytime I check into this thread... Mmmmm...


Please make this a thing! That would be soo cool!
Yes! Built within a huge mangrove by the ocean edge bartended by a grumpy old hadrozee and his flamboyant halfling partner. Oh and they are ex-pirates. Because everything is better with pirates.

Well, I'm honor-bound to make a monkey tavern, and soon(ish) it will become a reality :)

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I can't help but to think of a treetop tavern map everytime I check into this thread... Mmmmm...

Drejk wrote:
Hugo Solis wrote:
David M Mallon wrote:
I might even like this more than Hellboy, which I didn't think was possible....
Blasphemous! :)

Not a HB fan...?

Celestial Healer wrote:
Also, boss told me today I should be getting about a 20% raise sometime between now and May.

Sweet, congratz!

Crystal Frasier wrote:
Calex wrote:
Crystal Frasier wrote:
Butterfrog wrote:
Are you ever coming down to Mexico?
I.... don't have a passport.
As a Canuck, I remember the days past when we did not need a passport to go south and visit Washington. We spent allot of summers down in a cabin we had on Lummi Island. All gone now. These days I dread crossing the border becuz of the cold reception we get at crossing. I've gotten merely unfriendly to down right hostile. Too scary. I just stay home these days, and dream of what I'm missing at Paizo Con or Comic Con. Have you ever experienced a situation with any officials that made you uncomfortable or afraid?
All the time, but not from border crossings. Like I said: No passport (they can be tricky for trans women to acquire if anyone involved decides to be a jerk, and I've dreaded the process too much to begin it). But I dread any time I have to explain my background in a government setting because it usually ends in cold stares and my having to come back later with extra documents. Traffic stops or even being around police are even worse, because I am keenly aware that trans women can be accused of prostitution for walking around in broad daylight, then thrown into prison with men. I've had other negative experiences with police, and heard far worse from friends, and it all adds up to a very deep fear.

Well, Guadalajara is the "San Francisco" of México, so this is the place down in Mexico where you'll waltz around the smoothest if you decide to get a passport. You can even get married down here again and hopefully adoption will be open soon too :)

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David M Mallon wrote:
I might even like this more than Hellboy, which I didn't think was possible....

Blasphemous! :)

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So, how's it going? FAWTLy threads too crowded nowadays?

Darned, forgot to send it as a gift... well, still goes to charity.

Yay Paizo for doing this!!!

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