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Ever wondered how you'd look as an elf, orc, human? Beign yourself you own character on Golarion, kinda like LARPing but cooler (no need to wash off make up or rip off pointy ears!).

11 years ago I jumped into the boards giving away character artwork for Pathfinder PCs, and that basically changed my life. A few years and many, many new gaming friends later, life took many unexpected turns and I got quite distanced from gaming and even artwork, which is now my part time trade.

Well, it's time to reconnect with the community and give back some of the awesomeness it has given me.

What's this thread for? To request YOUR portrait done as one of your Pathfinder's PC.


1. If interested, post your description within a spoiler button (to keep the thread short). I'll pick and draw one portrait a week. It'll be based on a picture of YOU. The more expresive the pic the better. No linkys on the thread, lets handle this witha bit of privacy, link me in a PM to your pic on social media.

2. The more expresive the better: Happy, sad, excited,terrified, hungry, etc. I'll pic the illo based on the expresiveness of the pic and the originality of the character. The final illo will be lined in here publicly, so, if you are not OK with sharing the illo, then please don't request it.

4. The races and classes to be draw will be those of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook

3. You can use the illos as you wish EXCEPT for commercial purposes.

So, be my guest and request!


I envision myself as a Half Orc bard.

Physically not very imposing. Decent Constitution and dexterity but an average strength. I'd say a balance between intelligence and charisma.

This bard uses a rapier, although has a short bow as a backup. Bardic performance is the most fun with the guitar kept on the back, but while fighting singing can be more practical. He probably wears studded leather, and isn't too concerned with being fancy.

This Bard is also a scholar, with many books on hand in the bag. He's always happy to share fun facts about the world when traveling with friends. He loves to tell stories and is always upbeat.

Let me know if you need anything more! I'll pm a pic

MageHunter wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Sounds Ok! Since you are first in here let's start with yours! Facial pic, the more expressive the better (whatever expression you choose).

*Edit* Got the pic, we are good to go, I'll have it ready by friday.

Thanks so much! I'm excited.

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Eh, what the hell, let's give this a whirl.

Gonna be boring and stay human...
Go with a Druid (rather than my favored "I wish" go-to of a Ranger)

Not so much a "I live in the woods by myself" Druid as, "that guy who lives just outside of town in a little shack in the woods with the mean dog and the No trespassing signs"

Little or no armor. Favors daggers but keeps a scythe handy. Tends to use his spontaenous summons to bring in birds to mess his enemies up while his animal companion (a rather vicious dog) runs interference.

Keeps more books than the average Druid. Would probably be a Witch if the APG classes were on offer ;)

Occasionally stomps out of his little clearing to inform the nearby village about the potential dangers of the forest (some real, some invented to get the idiots to leave him alone)

Called upon more as local sage than as DEFENDER OF NATURE, because, again, he mostly has the locals convinced to stay the hell out of his forest.

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Ooh! YES!

Halfling female, Chronicler, early middle-aged, brunette with grey streaks, curly, looks like everybody's favorite squashy-hug kindergarten teacher, but absolutely deadly with a knitting needle to a sensitive and squishy portion of the anatomy or a turnip hurled with force and accuracy. (Unadorned shortsword when pressed for an actual weapon.) Never seen without leather-bound notebook and quill, ball of wool and knitting needles, and bag of fresh cookies for passing out to fellow adventurers. Leather jerkin, TARDIS-blue cloak.

I'll throw my hat into the ring with my Kingmaker character, Raquel Cailean.

Your illustration will be based on a picture of me. I am male, but my character is a trans female. Hopefully this will not be an issue for selection. Sending along a picture via PM.

Prince Rickard Rogarvia was the third son of King Urzen. He grew up in the Ruby Fortress in New Stetven on the shores of Lake Reykal, where his family did their best to instill in the boy the same ruthlessness and cunning that the family wielded to hold Brevoy's disparate houses and factions together. But young Rickard proved to be a kinder, gentler soul than his siblings, with a natural charm and wit. He chafed at the harsh lessons, resisting his family's attempts to shape him into their image.

Things came to a head one day when Rickard was eleven years old. A servant woman who had been blinded by illness accidentally spilled hot tea on King Urzen. Outraged, the king ordered Rickard to flog the servant for her insolence. Rickard refused, and for his disobedience, the king disowned him, stripping him of the Rogarvia family name and banishing him from the Ruby Fortress. Destitute, the young prince did what he could to survive on the streets of New Stetven, in the shadow of his family's power. Though forced to endure the scorn of the ruling family and the mockery of the common people, Rickard never regretted his actions.

The blind servant woman never forgot his kindness, and one fateful night in 4799 AR, when Rickard was thirteen, she was able to repay the favor. She found Rickard in the halfway house where he was living, telling him that the gods had granted her a vision of some uncertain doom that was about to befall all the members of House Rogarvia. She had begged the gods to spare the boy who had showed her mercy years before, and when she awoke, she discovered a glowing elixir among her meager possessions. She told Rickard that drinking the elixir would exact a heavy price, but he would be spared his family's fell fate.

That night, all of the members of House Rogarvia disappeared in the Vanishing. That night, Rickard disappeared along with them. That night, Raquel was born.

The elixir shifted her sex from male to female. Though shocked at first, it didn't take the former prince long to adjust to her new body. Indeed, she felt more comfortable in her new skin than she ever had as a boy. Finally, this was a chance to be free to forge her own destiny in life. True, with most of her family missing, she was the rightful heir to the Dragonscale Throne, but who would ever believe her tale? And did she even want to claim her tainted legacy?

So instead, she found employment at a tavern in Restov, first as a serving wench, and then as a brewer's apprentice where she learned the secrets of crafting fine alcoholic beverages. The brewmaster happened to be a devout follower of Cayden Cailean, fostering Raquel's burgeoning faith in the Drunken God. His tenets of freedom, bravery, and enjoying life spoke to the desires of her soul, and in short order Raquel found herself a member of his informal clergy. Orphaned from her family, Raquel followed the Caydenite tradition of taking her god's surname as her own.

In recent years, Raquel has done her best to ignore the political strife that threatens to tear Brevoy apart. But some part of her remains the prince of the land, and when rumors began to swirl of an expedition to bring order to the Stolen Lands, Raquel knew that this was her chance to help create a better world for the Brevic people. With a song on her lips and a mug of ale at her belt, Raquel prepares to venture forth and help tame the wilds...

Appearance and Personality:
Raquel is a pale-skinned woman with dark, chestnut-brown hair. It usually hangs loose to the middle of her back, but she ties it back in a ponytail when adventuring. She stands just over five-and-a-half feet tall and is slightly on the broader side, though she is fairly strong and fit. She wears a simple homespun brown dress with a wine-red sash, though she dons a chain shirt when expecting trouble. Her rapier is never far from her hip, and a buckler and crossbow complete her ensemble. Tucked deep in a secure pocket is her well-worn signet ring of House Rogarvia, the only memento of her lineage.

Raquel is quite plucky and affable. She does her best to be friendly and is quick with a joke or an offered ale to lighten the mood. Those who would wish her harm sometimes falter in the wake of her charming smile. She is wholly devoted freedom and good, and having extensively studying Cayden Cailean's faith and the denizens of his Outer Planar home on Elysium, she seeks to emulate the courage and strength of the native azatas. As expected of a Caydenite, Raquel is a heavy drinker, frequently taking shots of "liquid courage" to help her face any obstacles that might stand in her way. She also has something of a competitive streak, instilled in her by her cutthroat siblings when she was growing up.

Long time no see Hugo. And still you're as friendly and helpful as ever. Kudos to you, my friend.

I love your maps.

Customer Service Representative

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Moved to General Discussion. Awesome concept!

Lathiira wrote:
Long time no see Hugo. And still you're as friendly and helpful as ever. Kudos to you, my friend.

Hola! I'm glad to be back, I hope for good!

Remember to include a picture!

I'll base the illo on the picture, so if you are smiling, the cherecter will be smiling! If you want an angry orc, choose an adecuate pic. :)

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captain yesterday wrote:
I love your maps.

Glad you like'em! Maybe once this threads is over I should do a map thread?


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Hola todos!

First sketch coming tomorow, final illo over the weekend!

*back to the drawing board*

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Hey, when did that Butterfrog get the Advanced Artist template?!

GeraintElberion wrote:
Hey, when did that Butterfrog get the Advanced Artist template?!

Not just yet, I'm trying it to earn it! ;P

A coule more days to have the first portrait ready! I'm trying a new style and it ain't easy to switch...

I'm always the GM. I don't have anything for you to illustrate. *sad*

Hugo Solis wrote:

A coule more days to have the first portrait ready! I'm trying a new style and it ain't easy to switch...

No problem. I'm very excited. :)

Hugo, I just went to your Deviant Art page. Holy cow that's some good stuff!

Are you still accepting submissions?

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Good friday everyone! I'm still off to a slow star, but this thread will go on for the rest of the year. I have the first two portraits queued, one will be ready tomorrow and the next will be ready on mondasy. By next week I'll pick and do the third, which I still haven't choose.

I'll do these fully hand-made (no dgital!), so it's a bit of a slower process.

Thanks for risking yourselves to get artsy-mutilated! :D

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No problem. Artsy mutilation over the regular kind any day.

Can't wait!

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