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Ever wondered how you'd look as an elf, orc, human? Beign yourself you own character on Golarion, kinda like LARPing but cooler (no need to wash off make up or rip off pointy ears!).

11 years ago I jumped into the boards giving away character artwork for Pathfinder PCs, and that basically changed my life. A few years and many, many new gaming friends later, life took many unexpected turns and I got quite distanced from gaming and even artwork, which is now my part time trade.

Well, it's time to reconnect with the community and give back some of the awesomeness it has given me.

What's this thread for? To request YOUR portrait done as one of your Pathfinder's PC.


1. If interested, post your description within a spoiler button (to keep the thread short). I'll pick and draw one portrait a week. It'll be based on a picture of YOU. The more expresive the pic the better. No linkys on the thread, lets handle this witha bit of privacy, link me in a PM to your pic on social media.

2. The more expresive the better: Happy, sad, excited,terrified, hungry, etc. I'll pic the illo based on the expresiveness of the pic and the originality of the character. The final illo will be lined in here publicly, so, if you are not OK with sharing the illo, then please don't request it.

4. The races and classes to be draw will be those of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook

3. You can use the illos as you wish EXCEPT for commercial purposes.

So, be my guest and request!

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Wayfinder blog, YAY!

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It's sooooo nice to see this baby finally getting published :)

Quite the milestone, congratz Nic, Lou and the fabulous froggy crew!

One more item for my PaizoCon shopping list!

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A fantastic pic of Liz!!!

Go Wayfinder :)

Terah blog, Sweeet!

I can imagine Daigle's green face :D

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OMG, Mom, I'm on Paizo as a 3pp! ;)

I hope you enjoy it and help us hunt down more and more butterfrogs!

Find and research a Butterfrog! Study this fantastic creature and share your findings with the rest of the world. Get yourself published in Campaign Spots: The Butterfrog, a professional Pathfinder&#174; Roleplaying Game Compatible product, and be part of the very first Butterfrog Studio product. The winning entries and other selected entries will become part of Campaign Spots: The Butterfrog source book.

There is no purchase is necessary to enter the contest, and the final Player's Guide and Children's Book PDF will be free (yes, there will be a Children's Book!).

The contest is open to all the public and you can submit more than one entry. The contest starts August 8th and ends on August 26th. The finalists will be published August 31th.

Hop in the pond and become a croaking designer!

Once the voting ends and the finished Campaign Spots: The Butterfrog book is published, the winners will receive their prize through the mail. Winners' entries will be published in Campaign Spots: The Butterfrog book. Other non-winner entries will be selected as Runner-Ups and will be published as well.

Prizes are:
1st Place: Contest Prize Plate, Loot, Character Plate, and a signed exclusive edition of the Butterfrog's Box with the original illustration of your butterfrog.
2nd Place: Contest Prize Plate, Loot, a signed Exclusive Edition Book, and the original sketch of your butterfrog.
3rd Place: Contest Prize Plate, Loot, and a signed Exclusive Edition Book.
Runner Ups: Contest Prize Plate and Loot.

Prize Description:
o Contest Prize Plate: Your printed Diploma with your rank as an expert Butterfrog Journalist, Hunter, Crafter, or Storyteller.
o Loot: Various Butterfrog Studio merchandise. The Butterfrog book PDF, a plate of your butterfrog&nbsp;&nbsp;and a gift certificate.
o Character Plate: A printed custom illustration of your original character.
o Exclusive Edition Book: A contest-exclusive personalized softcover color copy of the final Campaign Spots: The Butterfrog book.

For more info, please check the full contest rules in here.

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The Butterfrog is the first -and numbered "0"- premier BFS product.

Check it out and bomb away! I'll post more info about it -and what's a Campaign Spot- real soon.

Make your game legendary spooky!

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Yes, it's not a joke, I'm up and ready to start publishing and soon [whispering]Augusssst[whispering] I'll launch the first free product!

Of course ALL will be under PFRPG and maybe some other systems. And of course ALL will be done with top notch, close to Pathfinder-nice writting, artwork, cartography and layout.

The Froggie Studio will focus on Designing and producing RPGs of our own line and to help other produce their games. I'll continue to offer artwork, cartography and graphic design to other companies and also offer a full developing process to your products. You'll bring us your manuscript, we'll get it PDF/Printer ready.

I'll give more details right after PaizoCon

The studio is in the brewing process and soon will be released into the wild, any suggestions and comments are most appreciated.

Suggestions/comments on stuff like:
-If you are a Indie start-up publisher, what would you like to be offered by an outsuorcing RPG studio?
-If you don't publish, but would like to have some of your personal RPG material professionally developed, what would you need?
-As a gamer, what kind of unique material/resources have you not find yet with the current 3pp?

The froggie studio will be a brand new and fresh one, but I've been running around and picking some interesting brains and there's a bit of know-how under my belt ;)

Frog on!

PS: Knowing that there are plenty of other (bigger and older) frogs in the gaming industry, the name butterfrog may not be final, lest I incour the wrath of the Frog Gods!

After checking shuttleexpress.com and seeing it's $80 round trip fare, I'm obligued to try and find another ways to get my froggie self to and from the airport. Shutte Express is an excelent way of doing it, but the Redmond location is almost twice as expensive as the past Bellevue hotel.

So! Anyone arriving Wednesday night (very late, 11:30 pm) and/or leaving Sunday night (8-9pm) to SEATAC?

I suppose there are public bus service on Sunday night, so that's an option too, gotta check that out.

BTW, that $80 is my transportation budget, so that can be gas money too. I rather give me moniez to a paizonian fellow! :)

aRrrrrrrrr! There :)

Awesome artwork!

Go Paizo Fans United!

Check out Drew's comic Pokeweed if you wish to see a curios "Party" of a kid, a dog, a "snow golem" and all mighty Chtulh...errr, Chuck and his pet rock.

Drew is starting to take preorders for his first comic compilation -a collector's book!, and here I am pimping his work for its totally worth it.

Check it out and support your fellow paizonians work! :)

Preorders in Drew's email, which is listed in his facebook profile

RP Storeblog, the Rite way to blog! :)

Love the Badger!

Over? :D

I'm facing a very difficult desicion and I really could use advice. I'm debating if I go or not to GenCon this year...the "problem" is this:

Wayfinder #1 got an ENnie nomination and of course I'd LOVE to go and be present at the ENnies ceremony -win or not-. I WF wins...well, no explanation required. If not, I think the nomination is good enough to be of some leverage to introduce myself around try to make new contacts and hopefully more work in the future.

On the other hand... That's at least a $1000 trip and this is a VERY considerable unexpected expense, one that thank Gosh I can cover, but that's $1000 that I could use to pay off several debts.

Who knows if I'll ever have the chance again to get a nomination, let alone get the Award (dreamy!)... Could this "fresh" nomination be of any leverage to try and make contacts? Is it worth the unplanned expense?... My biggest question is: Why am I thinking this so hard?

SO! What would you do? :(

I feel Jason's pain... that mini-collective-disorder is a killer!

Thank you Paizo for the support!!!

*hugs purple golem*

Get one, two or two dozen and support Wayfinder! (and actually get something cool for your money this time ;))

No use on explaining why I didn't buy them earlier... but they are sold out now and I NEED to get into it, or else I'll have to kill N'wah and wear a N'wah suit to get into it.

So! If you have a couple extra tickets to spare (or just one!), I'll be enternally in your debt if you sell it to me.

Thank you!

EDIT; I think the thread name should be "your" no "you" or whatever:P pardon my poor english

And yet I cling to my Pathfinder superscription...how sick is that?

Any "hang to it/cut it loose" suggestions?

Sorry guys, I'm kinda frustrated right now and I'm vening a bit...


I'm looking for a volunteer webmaster who wants "in" on my projects and is willing to participate pro-bono. The tasks at hand are simple, just upload very simple HTML front pages, upload a few "products" and create some links every now and then. Nothing overly complicated.

I have a domain (or two) that is hosted already but my 0 Ranks on website programing has them all blank and empty for quite some time now.

I need to put and end to it NOW

What is The Frog Lab (TFL)?
Its the website/"company" where I plan to host and "publish" the stuff we create/participate in with several other paizonians and other publishers. TFL does not intend to become a publisher, but intends to support other publishers to create their stuff, aimed mostly to the graphic part, like Art, Cartography and Graphic Design. Sometimes we will create products of our own and will publish it ourselves if its free stuff, or publish it through other companies if its comercial stuff.

What am I looking for?
I need a serious webmaster that's willing to comit with the project and can spare a couple hours a week for it. I'm thinking this will require some 6-8 hours on a month-lapse (or shorter if desired) to create the website structure and afterwards some 1-2 hours a week to keep it updated.

What's in for the webmaster volunteer?
Well, I can't offer $ right now... Since most of the projects are free, TFL is not making $ as a "company" right now. What I can offer is a spot on TheFrogLab crew hoping that eventually will become a paid/side job and/or maybe some art bits as trade for the webmaster service.

What's to be done on the website?

Fixed features
>Linkys to projects where the frog lab has participated
>Catalog of full TFL developed projects

Paizonia (comic strips)
>Upload one or two strips a month. Several strips to upload already.

>Upload some art pieces, link to projects we TFL have partcicipated. Upload the rest as time goes by...

Wayfinder (Paizo Fan United)
>Upload/link to No. 1

>Some linkys to TheFrogLab patrons/contractors/friends
Other fixed features may be added soon.

Where is TFL right now?
We are a few freelance people that is interested in joining some of the projects. I'm pretty much the only "base" member so far. I'll list the other freelancers as soon as I get ther permission :P. Currently we are working on Atomic Array, Rite Publishing, Pathfinder Paper Minis, Paizo Fans United and Nevermeet Press. We have worked -and hopefully continue to work with- Kobold Quarterly and Open Design. Soon we will appear with a very "special" publisher... just a few more months... :D

Projects on the works
-Jackanapes adventure by Clinton Boomer (first playtested at PaizoCon II!) (TFL+Publisher)
-Breastiary (TFL with N'wah)
-Golarion Cultures Calendar (TFL)
-Halls of the ountain Kings 4e (Open Design)
-Litorians (Rite Publising)
And other more secretive projetcs...

So, I hope I can pick your interest and find a Webmaster for TheFrogLab soon! If you are interested to participate with TheFrogLab but other than a webmaster, just write me or post.


You'll leave me a poor"er" man....

FINALLY!!! Congratz dude :D

What's the pagecount on this one?

In the recent event of all D&D PDFs gone into the lazy's maze, many of us lost the chance of aquiring -at least electronicaly- our beloved old D&D goodies...

I have come to notice that there are some people out the willing to sell/give away their old edition books to make room for newer books, a huge LCD screen, or simply shelf space for dig up relics of ancient spellweaver ruins. Also some of you have FLGS nearby with shelfs that still sell old stuff.

I would really appreciate if someone outthere would help me get my hands on the stuff listed below. I would contact you and arrange the aquisition of this stuff and see how can I compensate this person(s) for the trouble :D

I'd love to get:

Dark Sun
Dune Traders
Slave Tribes

Wheel of Worlds
The Eternal Boundary
The Great Modron March
Faction Wars

I'll see and get a pic/list of my LGS and see if I can help someone with this. Also, my broter has plenty Raventloft stuff that he may want to get rid of (doubtfully) and another friend has a lot of Forgotte Realms stuff that is likely he would get rid of.

Alrighty, I hope this thread becomes useful and please post up your requests/available stuff!

Yay! cities!!! Can't wait to see it

And so we start. A Hombebrew Minkai campaign by Lilith.

David Wickham, Karelzarath and me started just past saturday and we shall start posting the journal up soon. Here's the thread so we can start filling it up with nonsense and post from our GMistress :D.

I'll try to do a picture journal a la "pathfinder".


I don't know id this is for Cosmo or Gary...matbe Gary

2 week ago to know I have to enter my password everytime I go away from the browser... I don't even have to close it to be asked to enter my password again, and I endup re-entering it around 7 times each day... (I'm a pazio fan :P).

I have the "remember passwords" option on on my browser but Paizo's website doesn't seem to recognize me anymore... can this be fixed? pretty please?


Based on lots of peoples ideas, I.Malachi's 2009 calendar, Fake Healer suggestion and my excuse not to make a Xmas poster (sorry, the schedule got too tight); I'll make a Golarion calendar for campaign use. This will be like any wall calendar using golarion's months, days and stuff and using my doodles.

If you have any suggestions or know a lot of Golarion holidays and stuff I'd appreciate you post it right here and make my work easier (tight schedule, remember).

I'll design it in letter size paper so its easy for printing.

Please bring in your ideas!

Hi Cosmo/Alison!

I wanted to ask you if there's a way to pay for somebdy else's products, as in a gift certificate or something like that. I need to pay for/get some paizo credit to a friend and from other people and I'm wondering if there's a way to do this.

Thank you in Advance

Ha!, this is a fine example:

Dragonborn3 wrote:

Frame 1 A human and a hairy dwarf:
Human: Excuse me sir can you help me? I seem to be lost.
Frame 2:
Dwarf: :smacks the human:
Frame 3:
Dwarf to hurt human: Didn't your mother teah ye how to talk to a lady?

I hope dragonbron3 don't mind me putting this here ;)

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Ladies and geeks! Here come We’ll draw your Pathfinder requests II! Well, we are starting a new thread to have more people jumping in from a fresh start! If you never saw the first thread, this is the one: I’ll Draw your Pathfinder PC!

What is this thread?
This is some sort of art forum where people come and share their drawings and take commissions from other people to practice and have fun! Here, We are a bunch of people who loves to draw and take requests for drawing fantasy stuff like characters or items!
The thread is open for anyone who wants to share his talents and to all those who wish to request a drawing.
We normally do its (but aren’t limited to it!):
Pathfinder or other campaigns Characters
Items and Equipment
For monsters, visit the Monster Drawing! thread!

How does it work?
You can simply ask for a “commission” and some of the awesome people here will volunteer his time and talent to draw it up. You may ask an artist in particular to do your drawing request but in general everything posted here is “free for all” and you may have two or more artists doing your request. All this is for free and all request remain property of the artists. If you want professional stuff made you should ask the proper artist in particular.
To ask for a commission simple post the character/item/stuff you want to get drawn and provide as much details on it as possible. If you put links to pics for reference its even better.
Sometimes we are “overworked” and your request may go without any takers, but don’t get discouraged, sometimes the request gets lost or the artist were too busy at the time you posted it up, so just keep insisting and someone will take it up.

Here’s several examples of the stuff made so far and the artist who made it:

The Eldricth Mr. Shiny
-Radik Aurel (colored)
-Xak for Timitius
-Xak for Timitius
-Eldon Tindertwig for Rumblefish
-KemKepi for flash_cxxi
-Mahara, Orc for Alex Walters
-Black, Half-orc Druid for... err somebody
-Terin "the beast" Talonshift for Fake Healer
-Desna For Varisian Wanderer
-Desna For Varisian Wanderer (color)
-GreenLady Sygil
-Steel Sisters (Equipment)
-Pistol for N'wah
-RedDragon Helmet for Captain
-Thourngrim's Waraxe for Ardentscholar
-Wand of Hastur-ness for N'wah
-Elemental Weapons for Dragonborn3
-Dragon Armor for Dragonborn3

Callous Jack
-Karrila for David Fryernn/Karrila.jpg
-Daghnaen DeGalt For Cuchulainn
-Heraguv Meneskus for Lastknightleft
-Heraguv Meneskus 2 for Lastknightleft
-Carienne Treewalker for Emperor7
-Dravite Schorl
-Dravite Schorl
-Vox the Hobgoblin Druid
-Rath the Dwarf Barbarian
-Vox & Familiar & Rath (added by Butterfrog)

-Aasimar Sailor for R-Type
-Nathanial Cavarly for kessukoofa
-Halfling for Kessukoofah

-Radik Aurel for Mr. Shiny
-Radik Aurel (color)

Benchak the Nightstalker
-The Shade for Hugo Solis
-The Shade (B&W)
-Zulshyn for James Jacobs
-Zulshyn for James Jacobs
-Queen Ileosa
-Heraguv Meneskus (colored by Benchak)
-Heraguv Meneskus v3 (colored by Benchak)

Jason Kirckof
-Female Spellcaster
-Rin Faerwinth for Nightstalker

Fake Healer
-Olaf Olaffson the Barbarian for Olaf Anderson

Working on his first commissions

Hugo Solis
Not to make this post any longer, please check my profile. All my drawings are linked there ;)

There are some monster commissions already made, you can find those here:
Monster Drawing!

So, without further rant! Put your draw request or take up a commission!

Current open commissions:
Butterfly Knife
National Flag

Thanks to all artists and posters for making such a great thread! Thanks to Montalve and Kessukoofah for the lists of open commissions and current art done. If I missed something please let me know

I'm curious on the "why" of the avatar name of several of you guys. In an attempt to make you explain it, here is mine:

Butterfrog comes from Butterfly and Frog (no actual butter involved). Back at College (1999) we had an asignment to do a personal "corporate image" and I just started dating my wife back then. To impress her and to make something to involve both of us, I used her favorite "animal" and I used mine. And so the Butterfrog was born. Since then I grew attached to it and now I actually use it as my favorite moniker.

So, there you go. Anyone interested on putting a background story on you Avatar?

Fellow Paizonians, come and praise the puffy lords of jack-post-toil and join the ranks of the poodle minios!

As you may notice the poodle ranks and pots are thickening and you either join of bore to death!

Let it be for respect, admiration, comptemt, hate, or plain love to spongy tails, come and speak your mind to the Werepoodles and lets them receive their deserved attention!

I claim my alliance to the perro-puqueque to receive infinite post-wisdoms and endless amusement (the good-nature ammusement) on the boards!

COme and join! there's plenty of wisecracks, squealing toys and poodle-chow for everyone!

I have a high level barbarian who was in a looong fight anf after his Rage ended in the middle of the battle he started Raging again.}

My question is: Do the bonus Con HP come in again?

His HP dropped dangerously near to 0 on the battle and he saw Starting a rage again as an option of getting the extra HP fro the Con increase AGAIN. I know "bonus" HP goes down first ut what if these HP came from Con increase? These HP were reduce already before he raged again, when he "lost" the rage and then entered it again would he regain those HP? It would be like dispelling a Bear's endurance and Casting it again to get the HP...

How would you rule this out? Any opinios?

Thanks for adding the Butterfrog to the ranks! Thanks a lot

I just noticed this option on one order and I wanted to confirm if now its possible to ship together regular non-subscription orders with ongoing monthly subcriptions?

Thank you in advance

I'm want to dust off the cobwebs of my drawing board and I want to draw 5 characters! My main problem when drawing is that I can't decide on the subject, so help me with it and the drawing is yours!

The first 5 posters to post their character description will get their characters drawn within the next 3 weeks (sorry...quite busy!). These are the characteristis:

-Standing pose, like the characters in the cover of the PAP
-2 Signature items (to keep it simple)

Post the profile and all the detais of your PC so I can draw it the closest to your personal view of it.

If you want to check my style firts (no to desacrate your OC with a crappy drawing) check my work here.

I'll post the finished works in this thread.

I hope you will like it!

I want to suscribe to PF Companion but apparently the SD Companion is added automatically and I already have it. Can I suscribe without getting this issue again? If I can, please add the suscription to my account.

Thank you!

I just received my PFCS and the last issue of CotCT and first issue of SD PFAP!!!

To all those who wonder if Paizo's stuff can reach you outside the US, this is big clear YES! Even with our lousy local mailing service the products arrived in 16 days and in fine conditions and at a reasonable price.

Thanks a lot customer service!
Keep up the good work

Damn... seems I'm quite alone here... no paizonians at Guadalajara... sigh... :(

Will this gazetteer repeat the content in the Pathfinder adventure paths? I love all the Pathfinder stuff but not as much as to pay for reprinted material... Keep up the great work!

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