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Awesome fast answers guys!

1) In the past, poison use required the character class to be Evil. Why is this alignment not required by the Alchemist? Is this a typo? I mean you are purposely poisoning people, yet you can be lawful good? :/

2) What is the point of pumping Spellcraft as an Alchemist, when they already can identify magic potions using their Craft Alchemy skill? Do they need it to write formulae from a Wizard's spell book? Or is it just to be able to identify magical non-potion based items.

3) Do Rapid Shot and Fast Bombs stack? i.e. At level 10 would he be able to toss 2 bombs in one round, or 3?

4) Can an Alchemist craft magical Rods, Staves, Wands with his infusions and the proper feat? Like pouring the infusion on the item while crafting it, like a bard or wizard would cast a spell onto it.

5) Does the Spell Penetration feat work for bombs and other infusions?

6) Does the Eschew Materials feat work for an Alchemist?

7) Does the Elemental Focus feat work for an Alchemist?

Sorry for all the questions...

Qik wrote:
I wish they'd do something about the Spell Focus requirement for Augment Summoning for the Alchemist; it's not just a feat tax, it's utterly worthless.

Unless of course they expect you to multiclass with a Wizard in order to qualify for it and they put it in there as an option if you happen to be multiclassing.

I am trying to figure out what to play in my friend's next campaign. I am interested in using a two handed weapon type melee character, that has some decent flexibility (can do more than just fight), but does some solid DPR. Looking for something fun and unique as far as a combination of race/class.

Anyone have suggestions, or have something like this they are running now they can share for ideas?

Cheapy wrote:
Skrimisher and Wild Stalker. Rage, no spells. Two levels of rogue can get you a nonscaling favored terrain.

I can't wait to see these new archetypes. It definitely has the potential to flesh out the character I am thinking of playing.

Cheapy wrote:
I don't have it on hand, but I think it's incompatible with Guide. I think hunter's bond is replaced by both. What were you looking for in Guide?

Ranger's Focus and Terrain Bond were the key ones. The Terrain Bond really makes sense with the Horizon Walker. However, I guess it isn't a game breaker.

Is there any Archetypes for the Barbarian that makes it more suitable to meld with the Horizon Walker?

Basically, I like the premise of a Barbarian type character who can track, and is like a guide and is very adept in varying terrain. Is more of a melee fighter. Not interested in this character having spells really.

Cheapy wrote:
There's an archetype in UC that gives rangers Rage. And some rage powers. May I suggest that?

O M G !

I have a subscription and have not yet been provided access to this book yet. I had no idea!

But in doing so I would not be a Guide any more, I would be another archetype, so I would lose the benefits gained from the Guide. Are the benefits from this new Archetype better?

Is it possible to make a solid Two Handed Weapon Barbarian/Ranger/Horizon Walker that can dish out very respectable damage in comparison to other melee fighters of the same level?

I like the concept of the Ranger Guide leading into the Horizon Walker, but love the concept of the guide being from a Barbarian tribe and utilizing rage and rage abilities.

Has anyone tried this or thought of this concept? What kind of level mix, and feats would you suggest to maximize damage per round ability using this concept? Or do you think this would be too watered down to be worth doing?

How viable is a straight Barabarian past level 10 in comparison to a straight fighter, ranger, or paladin. Does it hold it's own?

They pay attention to bug posts and update the program with fixes regularly. The programmer is active on their forums. The tool is updated very quickly when new books come out. It is very user friendly considering how complex the rule system is.

I keep trying to multiclass in Ranger, or Fighter as an example, but I find I can make a better character staying solid Barbarian for 10 levels. The extra feats from the fighter are not 'necessary' and neither are the benefits from the Ranger class in comparison to what is delayed or lost when sacrificing Barbarian levels.

Am I doing something wrong???

Glutton wrote:
if you are multiclassing no way. uncanny dodge is severely overlooked as one of the better base abilities.

That is what I thought. My DM likes playing NPC rogues, so I can see myself getting sneak attacked to death. heh heh.

Holt wrote:

Which do you guys prefer? I'm currently running my game with the GMgen portion of PCgen (makes initiative a cakewalk), the character generator is very good IMHO as well, and I'm currently trying out herolab, and I was wondering what you folks think of each program...


I love using Hero Lab.

I think based on the feedback so far, I am interested in the following:

Shapeshifting and arcane spells do not feel right for my playstyle. I think I would like to go more Barbarian than the other class.

I have a question, is the loss of Uncanny Dodge and improved uncanny dodge worth it for the Invulnerable Rager?

Brian Darnell wrote:
Do you know what you are trying to achieve with the combination?

I am looking for a solid melee barbarian with some flexibility and role playing options besides just being able to kill things. Something interesting to play.

What are good classes to multi class with a Barbarian besides Oracle? I am looking for something unique to play as my next character.

drbuzzard wrote:
I don't believe you are limited on improved natural armor until fifth level.

I bought Hero Lab yesterday. They restrict the Eidolon until Level 5 to get this feat. Hero Lab is the official Pathfinder Character Generator. I am assuming they would have verified this.

Here is the link where they state that they are the official character software management tool for the Pathfinder RPG.

Thanks guys this really helped. After more research I found out the player did in fact change it to quadruped during their first level (with my permission). I forgot about that since that was a few months ago.

So it was a quadruped. Jaryn's build above was extremely helpful.
Is there a program made to be able to construct these things?

Also, I noticed that with a 17 AC, if you cast mage armor and shield it becomes near invincible from standard attacks. It will be AC25 vs normal or AC29 against opportunity attacks. With monsters of equivalent level having +3 - +6 on their main attack, I need a 19 or 20 to hit...

The tank fighter in the party is hovering around AC20 and cannot benefit from shield or mage armor to help. So he is taking a seat to the eidolon. Not only that, the eidolon is attacking 3x per round at full attack bonus and full damage bonus. So the eidolon is significantly outdamaging the fighter and all of the other characters as well.

Does this Eidolon start leveling off as it increases its level, or does it continue to be this powerful as compared to other PCs? As it is, the players can sit back and watch the eidolon take on 6-8 enemies (meant to fight a party of their level) and solo them all in a few rounds because of its movement rate, pounce and its 3 attacks without the summoner even needing to heal it.

This is the first time I've DM'd one of these things, and the stackable AC is definitely causing the combats to be slanted... It allows the summoner to be very aggressive with it. It is currently strong enough to take on their own party and kill them...

I am writing this off the player's eidolon sheet...

It is a serpentine base. 31 HP, spd 40', STR 15, DEX 15, CON 13, INT 7, WIS 10, CHA 11. Improved natural armor, tail, claws, pounce, increased damage claws; Feats: mobility, dodge.

Combat: Bite +6 (magic fang), 2 claws +6 (magic fang) to hit each attack, 1D6+3 damage each (+1 Magic Fang), init +2, combat maneuver bonus +5, cmd 17. Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +0, AC: 10 + dex 2 + improved natural armor +2, +natural armor +4 (due to level), +2 Serpentine natural armor, +1 dodge, +mage armor +4, +4 shield, +4 opportunity mobility. Max effective AC: 29AC/33AC vs opportunity attacks.

Total Evolution Pool: 5
Total STR/DEX: +2
Total #feats: 2
Total skills: 12

I appreciate any assistance to help me sort this out.

I am DMing a campaign right now, and one of the party members is a summoner. The Eidolon at level 3 has a buffed 24 AC, 3 attacks per round, and a ridiculous + to hit and damage... Doing nearly 30 damage per round, and rarely missing.

Right now, it is a one man team. It alone can take on pretty much any group of monsters I throw at the party, and I am scared to increase the CR to the point that I TPK them due to lucky/bad dice rolls...

Does this make sense that an Eidolon is that tough at level 3? I need some advice on how to handle this, as it is becoming very frustrating as a DM to challenge the party.

As you can see I have MANY subscriptions. The reason why I have this many subscriptions is because Paizo generally puts out a high quality product, and I've been impressed by their attention to detail and quality of artwork in all of their product lines.

I was extremely disappointed by this set of cards when you consider they are the same price as previous sets of cards which have way more quality and value. Sadly, I feel ripped off by this deck. To the point where I was considering dropping this subscription. I've decided to wait and see if another deck of cards comes out displaying this poor of a quality in the future. If it does I will be dropping the subscription and waiting for reviews before buying again. Or maybe just forget about the card line altogether.

The artwork is very good, but the quality of the cards is so bad, I don't expect them to last very long before they show wear. Where they are die cut the edges bend downwards making them more difficult to handle. After a few uses I expect the edges to show some wear because of this as well.

I recommend everyone passing on this deck, and instead buy the Friend's and Foes deck which was done in a higher quality for the same price if you would like a deck of faces.

moon glum wrote:

Helaku (Tamarin Monkey Familiar)

Monkey Familiar:
• Witch gains a +3 bonus to climb
• Familiar Bonus Spells: 2nd- Identify, 4th- Touch of Idiocy, 6th- Rage, 8th- Confusion, 10th- Telekinesis, 12th- Repulsion, 14th- Insanity, 16th- Polymorph Any Object, 18th- Wail of the Banshee

Reasons for Spell Choices:
• Identify – Monkeys curiously play with items and make new uses out of them, including flinging their own poo at people…
• Touch of Idiocy – Makes people revert back to their primal instincts. You might find it surprising that monkeys are not as smart as humans if you visit your local Wal-Mart or drive in any parking lot, but it is true in most cases.
• Rage – Enraged monkeys display much more strength than it looks like they possess. Primal emotions take over with the adrenaline.
• Confusion – Monkeys sometimes act randomly and chaotic when they get excited.
• Telekinesis – Monkeys are adept at getting into things and hurling stuff
• Repulsion – Would you come close to an enraged monkey or a monkey armed with poo?
• Insanity – When a monkey gets scared/trapped or really excited they act like they are totally insane…
• Polymorph Any Object: as per Identify
• Wail of the Banshee: howling monkeys!

That is a good list moon glum! I think I like your last two better than my choices!

Thank you as well Zurai, I will try and find the Wayfinder books here and have a look at them. I've done some commissions in the past as well, but I never thought of it as a serious business or anything.

This got me thinking of a drawing I did a while back (see link), it is sort of mayan and jungly...
Jungle Princess Picture

Thanks guys. I doubt my artwork is good enough for Wayfinder as I generally just draw for fun, but it is nice to see your support! Thanks everyone. :)

Thanks for the comments on my drawing, I hope the color version is up to expectations...

Colored Witch Doctor

Snorter: I checked the monkey link, and it is working, your browser must be blocking it.

I appreciate the kind words about the picture everyone. I've been drawing my D&D characters since I was 9 years old. That is what got me into drawing. I turn 40 this year. Been playing a long time. I've never published anything, or have submitted anything to a publisher, so I consider myself just a 'hack'.

I do like to see the different takes on the monkey familiar. I initially actually went with +3 on Acrobatics, and changed back to Climb. I always thought the lizard should have been +3 on Disguise, not climb. Think of the chameleon, or a green tree lizard blending into its environment... I think they got it wrong on the lizard personally. Though definitely the Monkey could be either Acrobatics or Climb as they are known for both.

Heh heh. Well my wife asked me to draw her Mwangi Witch Doctor and monkey. Wayne Reynolds I am not. I am not great at outfit design or drawing monkeys, but I gave it a stab. I will probably color it in photoshop too or will face death by nagging...

Mwangi Witch Doctor

beholderbob wrote:

I have a witch character with a monkey familiar as well, and I'm still trying to lock down a spell list.

Looking at the spell lists for the other familiars, they seem to be a bit more disconnected/not as literal as your take on the monkey. For example - the pig has physical prowess as its schtick, while the raven is the trickster, and the owl a master of protection. So, going more with a theme then animal derived spells...

I'm considering the 'bad monkey' - flinging, pounding, destructive, crazed...

magic stone, hideous laughter, rage, confusion, mislead, forceful hand, giant form, irresistable dance, crushing hand

Or perhaps the theme could be tool user, madness (madness domain), or social animal (use the charm domain spells?)

The version I have in progress uses the spell compendium, so I assume listing a non-paizo source is kind of pointless.

Just some thoughts. Like I said, I haven't found a list I like yet. Of note, they may be holding off on the monkey familiar to allow them to utilize spells found in the APG. Well, I can hope.


Make sure you post your final monkey build, I am interested to see it.


The Party I am running through this is going to be squishy too.

!) Witch (Witch Doctor)
2) Sorcerer (going Harrower)
3) Fighter (specializing in Crossbow and light armor)
4) Ranger (two weapon style)
5) Rogue (going assassin)

I am hoping the two lightly armored melee can hold them long enough for the mages and fighter to rip them down as well as rogue sneak attacks. Witch will be taking some minor healing. Should be interesting. Lots of offensive capability.

Rhubarb wrote:
i have never understood why monkey was not on the list, i have pleaded ( and twice got my way) with dms to allow it. i once even played a wizard turned into a monkey for like 4 months.

I agree, to me a monkey is a no-brainer especially when it comes to Mwangi which is such a large area... Maybe they were thinking 'traditional' witch when they made it, or have different plans for a Witch Doctor class of its own in the future and left it out for consistency.

Either way I hope my spell choices are alright. :)

My wife wants to play a Mwangi Witch Doctor. I thought using the Witch beta test class would be perfect for this. However she wanted a Tamarin monkey familiar and the monkey was not listed as an option. Because I thought it was the perfect fit, I decided to allow this and add the following rules to support it.

Feedback would be appreciated.

Helaku (Tamarin Monkey Familiar)
Picture: Monkey Picture Link

Monkey Familiar:
• Witch gains a +3 bonus to Climb (monkey shows her the best climb path)
• Familiar Bonus Spells: 2nd- Identify, 4th- Touch of Idiocy, 6th- Rage, 8th- Confusion, 10th- Dream, 12th- Repulsion, 14th- Insanity, 16th- Sympathy, 18th- Refuge

Reasons for Spell Choices:
• Identify – Monkeys curiously play with items and make new uses out of them, including flinging their own poo at people…
• Touch of Idiocy – Makes people revert back to their primal instincts. You might find it surprising that monkeys are not as smart as humans if you visit your local Wal-Mart or drive in any parking lot, but it is true in most cases.
• Rage – Enraged monkeys display much more strength than it looks like they possess. Primal emotions take over with the adrenaline.
• Confusion – Monkeys sometimes act randomly and chaotic when they get excited.
• Dream – Monkeys not only dream, they twitch in their sleep!
• Repulsion – Would you come close to an enraged monkey or a monkey armed with poo?
• Insanity – When a monkey gets scared/trapped or really excited they act like they are totally insane…
• Sympathy – Monkeys show great emotion and are sympathetic to emotion
• Refuge – Monkeys have a safe refuge high in the trees.

I am currently working on my campaign which will include 5 characters:
1) Mwangi Witch Doctor (Witch beta class)
2) Chelaxian/Taldorian Rogue (working towards Assassin - Mother was Taldorian, Father Chelaxian)
3) Gnome Fighter (focussing on crossbow mastery)
4) Varisian Gypsy (Sorcerer going Harrower)
5) Half-Elf Ranger (Two Weapon Style)

Backgrounds are all elaborate and tie into the campaign.

Whether a party 'needs' a healer or not is based on what the DM throws at you, and/or how unavailable he makes healing potions, healing wands or salves...

I can't wait. Elaine's writing is fantastic and so is the subject matter!

I can't wait for this one... So much possibility...

Is anyone running this right now? How is it so far? Are there any gaps in the story? Is it pretty solid? How fun is this for the players so far?