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1) In the past, poison use required the character class to be Evil. Why is this alignment not required by the Alchemist? Is this a typo? I mean you are purposely poisoning people, yet you can be lawful good? :/

2) What is the point of pumping Spellcraft as an Alchemist, when they already can identify magic potions using their Craft Alchemy skill? Do they need it to write formulae from a Wizard's spell book? Or is it just to be able to identify magical non-potion based items.

3) Do Rapid Shot and Fast Bombs stack? i.e. At level 10 would he be able to toss 2 bombs in one round, or 3?

4) Can an Alchemist craft magical Rods, Staves, Wands with his infusions and the proper feat? Like pouring the infusion on the item while crafting it, like a bard or wizard would cast a spell onto it.

5) Does the Spell Penetration feat work for bombs and other infusions?

6) Does the Eschew Materials feat work for an Alchemist?

7) Does the Elemental Focus feat work for an Alchemist?

Sorry for all the questions...

I am trying to figure out what to play in my friend's next campaign. I am interested in using a two handed weapon type melee character, that has some decent flexibility (can do more than just fight), but does some solid DPR. Looking for something fun and unique as far as a combination of race/class.

Anyone have suggestions, or have something like this they are running now they can share for ideas?

Is it possible to make a solid Two Handed Weapon Barbarian/Ranger/Horizon Walker that can dish out very respectable damage in comparison to other melee fighters of the same level?

I like the concept of the Ranger Guide leading into the Horizon Walker, but love the concept of the guide being from a Barbarian tribe and utilizing rage and rage abilities.

Has anyone tried this or thought of this concept? What kind of level mix, and feats would you suggest to maximize damage per round ability using this concept? Or do you think this would be too watered down to be worth doing?

What are good classes to multi class with a Barbarian besides Oracle? I am looking for something unique to play as my next character.

I am DMing a campaign right now, and one of the party members is a summoner. The Eidolon at level 3 has a buffed 24 AC, 3 attacks per round, and a ridiculous + to hit and damage... Doing nearly 30 damage per round, and rarely missing.

Right now, it is a one man team. It alone can take on pretty much any group of monsters I throw at the party, and I am scared to increase the CR to the point that I TPK them due to lucky/bad dice rolls...

Does this make sense that an Eidolon is that tough at level 3? I need some advice on how to handle this, as it is becoming very frustrating as a DM to challenge the party.

My wife wants to play a Mwangi Witch Doctor. I thought using the Witch beta test class would be perfect for this. However she wanted a Tamarin monkey familiar and the monkey was not listed as an option. Because I thought it was the perfect fit, I decided to allow this and add the following rules to support it.

Feedback would be appreciated.

Helaku (Tamarin Monkey Familiar)
Picture: Monkey Picture Link

Monkey Familiar:
• Witch gains a +3 bonus to Climb (monkey shows her the best climb path)
• Familiar Bonus Spells: 2nd- Identify, 4th- Touch of Idiocy, 6th- Rage, 8th- Confusion, 10th- Dream, 12th- Repulsion, 14th- Insanity, 16th- Sympathy, 18th- Refuge

Reasons for Spell Choices:
• Identify – Monkeys curiously play with items and make new uses out of them, including flinging their own poo at people…
• Touch of Idiocy – Makes people revert back to their primal instincts. You might find it surprising that monkeys are not as smart as humans if you visit your local Wal-Mart or drive in any parking lot, but it is true in most cases.
• Rage – Enraged monkeys display much more strength than it looks like they possess. Primal emotions take over with the adrenaline.
• Confusion – Monkeys sometimes act randomly and chaotic when they get excited.
• Dream – Monkeys not only dream, they twitch in their sleep!
• Repulsion – Would you come close to an enraged monkey or a monkey armed with poo?
• Insanity – When a monkey gets scared/trapped or really excited they act like they are totally insane…
• Sympathy – Monkeys show great emotion and are sympathetic to emotion
• Refuge – Monkeys have a safe refuge high in the trees.

I am currently working on my campaign which will include 5 characters:
1) Mwangi Witch Doctor (Witch beta class)
2) Chelaxian/Taldorian Rogue (working towards Assassin - Mother was Taldorian, Father Chelaxian)
3) Gnome Fighter (focussing on crossbow mastery)
4) Varisian Gypsy (Sorcerer going Harrower)
5) Half-Elf Ranger (Two Weapon Style)

Backgrounds are all elaborate and tie into the campaign.

Is anyone running this right now? How is it so far? Are there any gaps in the story? Is it pretty solid? How fun is this for the players so far?