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A Story Begins Here.

So, the basic story is that once every hundred years a ghostly coachman rises from his unknown grave to travel the roads collecting souls in his black carriage. Of course, most people think this is just a myth or story to scare little kids. On the night of your village's harvest festival, the carriage passes through, stealing the souls of most of the villagers. As the most experienced/trusted villagers, you are begged to rescue the stolen souls.

"E'en in death, his grip did not loosen on his blade. As the colours of the world faded and became grey, his eyes remained sharp. Face to face with the reaper, he stated 'If there is nothing to fight for, then death holds little interest for me'."

Chapter 1:

In silence, Daedran's flags were taken down from the governor's manor and the black banners raised. The black fabric cracked in the wind as a summer breeze descended from the dwarven mountains to the north. The warm air carried the smell of the feast prepared for the wake throughout every nook and cranny of the city. It drew the people out of their homes as if roused from a long, unnatural slumber.

Visitors filed in through the city's gates, some eager to pay their respects to Haxson Lewell, the man who had carried the valley on his shoulders for the last fifty years. Others came simply grateful for a meal on someone else's copper. The few remaining soldiers of Daedran weaved through the milling crowds to set up tables for the feast. You find yourselves working your way through the crowd, a feeling of unease hanging in the air.

Here's where to discuss all things related to the game.


I'll post character creation stuff here by the end of the day, at least.

For Anyka, Gashka, Derika, Vishanti and Chris.

A place for Frostine, Dagmarr, Sigdrifa, Rosa, Thorgr and Jerrica.

Gather, all ye Summoners and Midwives.

Have a discussion thread.

For five years, the faithful of Sandpoint have attended church in temporary structures erected after fire destroyed the previous temple, and while their new religious leader was helpful, kind and wise, church wasn't the same. Now, the new cathedral is finally done. All that remains is for the Swallowtail Festival to renew the site's blessings from the gods and it will be as if the Sandpoint Fire had never occurred.

You arrive in Sandpoint shortly before noon. The streets are bustling with activity in anticipation for the Swallowtail Festival which will begin in just a couple of hours. This may be your best opportunity to secure some lodging or do some shopping before the crowds descend on the town.

Non-essential side stories go here.

Just in case you need it.

Corda, Vishanti and Derika's adventures go here.


You awaken in the center of a small village. The houses appear to be made from gingerbread, frosting and candy canes. You see several other people gathered around you, in a state of confusion you can easily relate with. The sound of trumpets come from the east end of town.

Open for dotting.

Picking up where we left off...

*puts up a fancy placeholder*

Open. I'll post something worthwhile in a bit.

Then Redeem This Code, First Come, First Served:

We've recently started Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands, but our Oracle has gone on hiatus so the brave man and women of the group are a bit short-handed. So, we're looking for 2 able-bodied folks to join them in exploring and fighting off the evils that lay within. After finishing SKotB, I will most likely move onto another module, so I'm aiming to have a complete campaign when all is said and done.


General Stuffs:

Level 1, 20 pt. buy, avg. starting gold, 2 traits

Any classes or races are acceptable except for those in the Occult Adventures playtest (as I have not looked at that fully, but if that interests you, I shall give it more than a cursory look) or third party classes/races unless some material can be provided so I may look it over (but that's not a guarantee that I'll accept it).

The current party is a Shaman, a Bloodrager and a Fighter (as well as the Oracle on hiatus).

The party will give their input on submissions as well.


Campaign Info:

So here's some background info on the world and the game:

The country of Camaden is divided into five city-states with several villages and hamlets occupying the outlying areas. The capital of Camaden is Kalbern, located on the eastern coast. Kalbern is known for its vigorous trade and large presence of the merchant class. As a result, mercantilism is the main philosophy of Camaden, even beyond theism. Trade Princess Fiella Strombeck rules Kalbern, strictly but fairly. Though the gods play a large role in the world at large, Camaden is fairly secular.

Aravel, the second largest city of Camaden, is home to the elves. It is located in a heavily forested region of Camaden. Latherian Greenstep, an elf steeped in mystery, is the ruler of Aravel. Many travel to study in Aravel because of their world-class institutions. Aravel has the Silverspar Bardic College, the Goldleaf College of Philosophy and the Brasspin University of Sciences and Alchemy. While the names might denote a ranking of each area of study, Aravelians hold each in equal esteem.

Luth, home to the dwarves, dominates the mountains of west Camaden. A large tower is the seat of the dwarf king, Warrafin of the Iron. In stereotypical fashion, Luth is a mining town and the dwarves there are unmatched in their skill of crafting and appraisal. The phrase "In a Luthian's Eyes" refers to one's ability to see the true worth of something or someone.

Ganz, a city on the southern plains, is known for its temples and military might. Most of Camaden's warriors hail from Ganz. While their military force is the greatest in Camaden, General Alpert is a methodical and contemplative man. Though he has his own ideals, the general is content to maintain the status quo. Most religions flourish in Ganz as the Ganzites are religiously tolerant. Ganz maintains a healthy population due to its relief programs and constant employment opportunities.

Tull, the last of the city-states, is definitely not the least. The Ollison Academy of Wizardry is Tull's seat of power and its defining feature. Ollison is quite liberal in its teachings and no school of magic is prohibited. Of course, there is the occasional issue of walking corpses getting loose, but the headmaster, Diemos, is proactive about keeping Tull safe.

The game itself takes place in and around the village of Vinse. Once, several decades ago, an adventurer named Valentin Ironwolf erected a keep on a bluff near the forests surrounding Vinse. Ironwolf fought against the goblins and orcs of the area, but was unable to finish his keep. The goblins and orcs banded against him and slaughtered Ironwolf and his family, before turning on each other. Now, villagers are disappearing from the area and trade has ground to a halt. The keep has been referred to as Valentin's Folly or the Shadowed Keep and something foreboding is occurring within its walls.

I will leave recruitment open until the afternoon of Monday 11/10.

It had been two months since you received your invitations to the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Shibuya. The day had finally arrived and you found yourselves standing outside the massive structure that had been built over 200 years ago for the Summer Olympics. You can barely see ahead of you with the massive crowd of people milling about. A few people trade friendly banter while some groups openly taunt and tease each other. This is a big day.

Registration Day for the Neon Dance Hall Tournament wasn't a small affair. Given the turnout this year, you hope that you'll make it in before tomorrow morning. The rules were quite specific: today was for registration, tomorrow the fighting would begin at 8 am, sharp. There was a bit of a stir four years ago at the last tournament with people taking cheap shots at the unaware and you hope the NDHC (Neon Dance Hall Committee) finally fixed that snag.

You hear a roar from the front of the crowd as the doors to Yoyogi finally open. The line moves quite slowly, the mass of people condensing slowly but surely into an orderly line. About two hours later, you are in the middle of the pack, latecomers grumbling about how the NDHC should open a second registration center. Yet, the tradition has continued for over 50 years, something utterly Japanese in the ritual.

Here is where we shall discuss and design our anime-styled cyberpunk game.

As the sun rises, you find yourselves in Vinse, a small logging town in the northern region of Camaden, a week's travel from Aravel, home of the elves. The spring weather feels cool and you can sense rain only days away. But rain is common during this season, more so in the north than anywhere in Camaden's expanse. Flooding is a problem, ruining many fields and generally making labor unproductive.

There are a few buildings that stand out to you in this small community. A sawmill, an inn called "The Gilded Axe" and a common hall. The rest are small cottages and shacks. A few people mill about the area, an air of fear surrounding the small town. The townsfolk look over their shoulders once or twice as you make your way up the dusty path.

Handle your arrivals, folks. I'm sure you didn't all show up at the same time, lol.

Welcome to the discussion thread!

Sometime before your arrival:

There are thirty or so of you crammed in the small train car. The heat is unbearable as the cooling unit's fan chugs and churns. Two armed guards patrol the length of the car, their pistols at the ready.

"Das macht mich immer nervös ..." one guard mutters.

("This always makes me nervous...")

"Was sind Sie so Angst, Richter?" the other asks

("What are you afraid of, Richter?")

"These kids have been through hell, they're riding on a train that feels like hell. What if one of them snaps?"

"Then they're killing themselves and their friends, if they have any."

Richter looks toward the next car behind yours. "We better make it to Oldenburg soon. The cooling unit's completely out back there."

The other guard just shrugs. "If they die out here, it's God's Will. Not like life will be better for them in the city."

"Lenz, do you have no soul?"

"No, I sold that for a job standing around this stupid train for eight hours every time it brings in more people," Lenz grumbles.

Richter shakes his head and looks out at the faces sitting uncomfortably in the car. "They're still people, though..."

"In den großen Plan der Dinge, sie sind jemand anderes zu Essen aus dem Mund zu nehmen."

("In the grand scheme of things, they are someone else to take food out of my mouth.")

And I turn it over to you six.

Welcome :)

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"You don't remember your parents. To be fair, nobody else did either. Your first memories were of the learning center in Lohne. The clockwork nannies were the closest thing you could consider family. The learning center had no formal name, but it was more of a city than a building. Children of all ages lived here until adulthood, then they were sent to Oldenburg to live out the rest of their lives, you supposed. No one ever came back and the instructors at the learning center weren't forthcoming with any answers that didn't have to do with your education.
They broke you and made you in their image. There was but one god. Other beliefs were heresy, but they allowed atheism and agnosticism. Hard work was the only valued skill. Creativity was stifled except if it could be used for whatever Oldenburg asked for. They taught you a useful profession as well as training in a career. Schedules were rigid and corporal punishment meted out freely.
Then you made it to adulthood, turned in your uniform, got your train ticket to Oldenburg and your wage ticket, and started your new life...

The wasteland stretches out before you, only the hardiest of plants managing to survive out there. The cooling unit on the train was going out and the unbearable heat from the outside was creeping in. The window was hot to the touch, but you couldn't help but look out as the three-tiered city of Oldenburg rose from the horizon like some foreboding colossus. Soon, the train pulled into the station, the gas lamps set every ten feet apart and you were shuffled along to the North Registration Center. Separated into groups of 10, the guards in neatly pressed grey uniforms sent you into classrooms and told you to wait."

Well, I'm starting up another homebrew, this one a blend of Dark Sun, Eberron, Fallout and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (maybe a smidge of the stereotypical Wild West, depending on how things go). The tone of the game may change as we progress, so I am not saying anything is set in stone. I have 3 players already and I'm looking for 1-3 more. Now for the not-so-fun nitty gritty stuff:

The Golden Rule: No douchebaggery will be tolerated. If you offend another player or me, you will get a warning. Second time, you're out. If you are offensive to an intolerable degree, there will be no warning.

1. This will be a mature game. Rating-wise, it'd be a hard R/NC-17. If you can't be (or pretend to be) open-minded/civil/mature about it, please don't apply.

2. I make no promises on posting rate. The three players joining usually post in the evening/night CST (GMT-5:00). The other game I run with them moves fairly quickly and 50 posts a day is not uncommon. I will not demand a constant poster, but someone who can keep up with it and post once a day at the very least is preferred. Most important: Read all the posts!

3. Please try to give me forewarning about absences. I understand about emergencies and, personally, I will try to give advance notice if I will be unavailable, but I am usually here daily. I don't want to bot your character for extended periods of time.

4. There will be more role-playing than roll-playing. Therefore, submit a character with depth. If your concept is no more than the 3 F's (fighting, food and fooling around), it is likely that your character will be passed over. Give your character room to evolve and we'll be fine.

Now for character guidelines:

Level 1
20 pt. buy
Any Paizo Races (build-your-owns will be considered, follow the race guidelines in the Advanced Race Guides)
Any classes out of the core books [CRB, APG, UM, and UC] (except for synthesist summoner, I know what they can do. And absolutely no 3PP classes)
2 traits
Average starting gold

I'd also like a backstory, I know I didn't give much wiggle room, but your creativity is being judged here.

I'll close this after Friday, July 25th, or ten character submissions (whichever comes first).



Well, GOG was giving away a copy of The Witcher EE with every purchase, so I have a couple extra copies. So, if you missed out and would like to have a Witcher of your very own, just PM me and I'll shoot you a code. I only have two so first come, first served.

Leaving your companions behind, you set off to seek the fisherman who the seer told you about. The walk down the coast is oddly comforting though Harakhty's words still sting in your heart. After a little while, the afternoon sun warms your skin and you spot a small shack. Knocking on the door, you are greeted by a woman.

An early morning fog rolls along the ground of the train station. For your own reasons, you find yourself here in the rural town of Cabbot in Hannal. A halfling in a conductor's uniform paces up and down the platform, looking at his pocket watch. Old newspapers rustle by pushed by a cool spring wind. Children patrol the platform as well, seeking handouts and hawking today's news.

"2:05," the halfling grumbles audibly. "Train's late again."

As he complains for the fifth time, the great steam engine rolls into the station with a massive roar. It is a seven-car beast, the 'Pride of Coldglass' painted on each car in an alarming red color. The grey metal of the cars seem to blend with the mournful sky. The halfling relaxes as you hear a pssh from the train's doors opening.

"Tickets! Tickets please!" the conductor bellows over the din of people pushing to get on the train.

You makes your way into Car 6 and settle into the cushioned seat. These tickets weren't cheap, but you are glad that your money was well-spent. The car is lined with velvet curtains and green-shaded lanterns sway slightly as the train begins to take off. You have a couple of hours before your stop in Coldglass, the only place in Hannal to make money anymore, so you've been told.

Feel free to meet, greet and figure out how to kill a little time.


You don't remember much about the last two weeks. Your mother had been coming around nightly, giving you enough blood to live on, then beating you and berating you. Aliethia had been coming around as well, shortly after dawn. In her dead eyes, you could almost see love, lust and jealousy. Your mother you could deal with, but Aliethia's tortures were something else.
At first, it wasn't so bad. She would press her cold lips against you, kissing your neck and torso. It began to get worse when she found the pendant that Elena had given you among your belongings.

"What's this, Drago? Found another lover?" she asked, furious. Her voice had changed from the raspy, quiet whisper when you had met her again. You could smell your mother's blood on her breath. "Should I find her and kill her? Give her the same gift you gave me? No...I'll make you forget about her."

Crushing the pendant with one hand, she stripped off your breeches with the other, the last of your clothing. She began her kissing as usual, then moved lower and lower. Unwillingly, your member stiffened as she wrapped her lips around it. The cold saliva made it uncomfortable, but it also felt as liberating as if you were breaking a taboo. Then she pressed her teeth against it, making you seize up. For better or worse, she finished up, licking your seed off her pale lips.

"It'll be better once your mother finishes what she started," she said coyly before leaving you hanging from the wall stark naked.

As she fed on the blood of your mother more, she became more voracious for sex. Yet, some of her beauty returned in the process. Every day she would strip off her clothing and mount you against the wall, the soft hairs of her nethers stroking your sex. But she was still dead, without fluid. The sex was passionate and feral, but it chafed, it cut, it bled. Aliethia seemed to take delight in seeing you bleed.

A few days ago, your mother stopped visiting and your thirst burned within you. It was only Aliethia now. And she stayed from dusk until dawn, satiating her desires. "Tomorrow will be the last night we do this. Tomorrow you will die and I will be whole again, my love. I will find this Elena and I will tell her all about our time together, about how you f#&!ed me and forgot all about her."

When she left for the last time, you heard a whisper from a neighboring cell. You had heard the "guests" your mother kept on occasion, screaming and groaning. But this whisper seemed to call your name.

You have been in this dungeon for a long time. The lady of the manor had recently been forgetting you, paying attention to some other prisoner. The screams from the other cell were disturbing, but, at least, it wasn't you. Yesterday, you were able to break the locks on the shackles. It was time for your escape.
When the strange zombie left the other cell, you decided to see who was visited with such misfortunes. A naked dhampir hung there with a single word carved into his chest with jagged letters: "Drago".

Here's another one of my strange experiments:

It is the year 983 AA (the Age of Asmodeus). Almost one thousand years ago, the world of Vesaria suffered a great cataclysm, suffering frequent planar incursions. Asmodeus, the Shining Light, stepped forth and commanded his devils to save humanity. In the aftermath, the world embraced their infernal savior and the other gods, save Sarenrae, were forgotten by their worshipers. In an agreement with Abadar, Asmodeus brought forth technology in order to better the world, built sprawling cities and ushered in a new era of prosperity. Progress overshadowed religious sentiments and a secular world emerged. Yet, no one knew that Asmodeus had slain Abadar and taken his portfolios.
In a world where the only conflict exists between the civilized races and monsters (quite infrequently at that), Asmodeus has become the ruler of an ignorant world. Yet, seeds of dissent are still present. Sides will need to be chosen in the coming conflict.
Gerahl Sandos, the legendary hero that signed a treaty with Asmodeus to protect the people of Vesaria from his devils, who received immortality for a small price, who became the High Cardinal of the Church of Asmodeus, lies dead in a pool of his blood, cast from the tallest spire of the Asmodean Cathedral.
Whispers of rebellion begin to spread in the city of Coldglass, but who was really behind the assassination and what are Asmodeus' true intentions?


Looking for 4 players (no more, hopefully no less)
Two traits
No hero points
1st level characters, 20-pt. buy
Pretty much any race except custom races (unless you work it out with me)
Average gold+100
Certain classes have some restrictions that I'll explain when they come up, but I'm open to anything except most 3pp stuff.

Posting requirements:

It really depends on the players, I try and shoot for once a day, at least. Once every two days, at worst.

I tend to be a little mature in some games (cussing, scenes of violence and gore, maybe a little sexiness if the story calls for it), so be aware of that.

I'll keep recruitment open until Friday afternoon-ish.

It is a sunny morning with a cool breeze as the ships pull in to the docks at Biggenham, the largest port city on Valania. You make your way off the decorated ships, noticing red, pink and white pennants flapping in the breeze. Taking a glance around, you see that there are far more women than men waiting for the large carriages that begin pulling up. Grizzled fishermen on an opposing dock stare at the tourists and spit in the water. White horses with pink ribbons in their manes tow gilded carriages made to carry eight to ten people.
As you are escorted to the waiting area, you are assaulted by felt, taffeta and feathers from some poor bird who probably did not witness the indignity of seeing them dyed in horrid colors. Women push past you with disregard, dusting up their finery in the process. Whether you protest or not is of little difference, as old friends chat, children yell and men boast about how their conquests will go. Your voice is lost in a sea of others, further making this an unpleasant experience.
Finally, you board one of the eight carriages and make your way to Strotfeld. The trip is quite scenic, but boring. Your fellow passengers seem too self-absorbed to talk to you and the fat woman who inexplicably sat next to you, forcing your leg into the carriage door, heaves breaths that smell oddly like roasted pig and carrots.
It it midday when the carriage pulls into the unloading area. You gratefully step out of the carriage and rub your sore leg. People shuffle about anxiously as a troupe of eight women of different races approach dressed in pastel pink dresses.

"Welcome one and all to our annual celebration of the great Bill Quiverpike," one of them announces. "We are your ever-faithful tour guides who will be available to address any of your needs. We strongly suggest that you seek your lodgings first. We have quite a few serviceable inns around Strotfeld. We are also forced to inform you that the neighboring town of Blackshire has begun offering amenities this year."

You can see the tour guide's face sour at the mention of Blackshire, but her demeanor quickly changes as she continues her announcement. "We remind you that weapons are not permitted within Strotfeld, so please secure these in your lodging. Also, no outside food or drink may be brought on the premises. Our bakers and cooks work really hard to provide you with quality foods, so please support them. Finally, the fireworks over the river will begin promptly at dusk, so if you'd like to watch them, we recommend finding a comfortable spot early."

The tour guides depart, leaving the amassed people to find their lodging. Several carriages bear people back and forth, though the drivers for the ones going to Blackshire look rather suspect.

Your choices are:

Le Maison de la Joie (The House of Joy):
20 gold per week, includes breakfast and a light evening meal. There are nightly revues and gambling.

The Bald Bard's Inn and Tavern:
3 gold, 5 silver per week, includes a light breakfast.

Blackshire's Finest:
1 gold, 5 silver per week. No meals are provided.

Once you have decided upon your lodging and stowed any "contraband", you make your way back to Strotfeld. There is a large, elegant sign reinforcing what the tour guide told you in bold, red letters. Next to that sign is a schedule of events.

2nd of Blossoming:

Opening ceremony at noon in front of the Quiverpike Fountain. Merchant stalls, matchmakers and mediums open for business.

Afternoon Shows: "Two Fishmongers from Dunbarrow" at the East Pavilion. "How to Love a Difficult Woman" at the West Pavilion.

Sunset: Grand Tour of Quiverpike's Home Giveaway! At the Quiverpike Fountain.

Dusk: Fireworks Over the Avern River.

Evening Shows: "Big Trouble Over Nothing" at the East Pavilion. "Hubert the XVII" at the West Pavilion.

Merchants, matchmakers and mediums close after the evening shows.

Late Show (no children allowed!): "Rovagug and Juniper" at the East Pavilion. Banned in 20 cities! Come see it now!

After looking over the schedule, you walk into the village proper shortly before noon. The houses are all painted in various pastels and there do not appear to be any commoners about. You pass by a couple of stern paladins of Abadar, looking quite uncomfortable in there decorated uniforms of pink and red. You also see clerics of Shelyn and Erastil, dressed in similarly-colored cassocks talking with various people.

Go ahead and tell me what you're doing for the day up until sunset.

Opened for all your questions, musings and whatever else fits.

"Alas, this heart of mine knows no good nor evil, but simply that it wants to love and be loved. I would climb mountains to sing of your beauty, I would also commit the foulest of deeds for your smile. Just remember that of me when I lay on my deathbed. Do not call the priests and pray for my forgiveness. If Hell I've courted and brought you into my arms, then Hell I deserve, its flames a reminder of my burning passion." -Bill Quiverpike

Bill Quiverpike was the greatest bard (halfling or otherwise) of the modern era. His plays are known throughout the civilized world. Since his death five years ago, every year on the auspicious day of his birth, a festival is held in the town of Strotfeld. Numerous folk come from all over the world to see his historic home and sit in on the many performances of his works. During the festival, people visit with matchmakers, renew their wedding vows and go sailing upon the romantic Avern river.
A select number of people are chosen to take a tour of Quiverpike's home and see his prized possession, the Stone of Verona. The Stone of Verona was rumored to grant the holder the words that would melt his or her beloved's heart.
Being seasoned adventurers with your share of heartbreak, you decide to take a trip to Strotfeld and try your hand at finding new romance. The boat fares are discounted for this occasion and, who knows, you might just find another adventure around the corner.

So, here's the weird experiment part: there is little combat in this game. This is a more investigative/heavy roleplay game. The "goal" would be to find that one romance that has always eluded you.

Here's the crunch: 3rd level characters, any races from the ARG, any classes from the CRB, APG, UC or UM, 20 pt. buy, 3000 starting gold, two traits (including ones from Ultimate Campaign), and you have to come up with one romantic tragedy (or lack of romance) from your past for your backstory.

I'm looking for 4-6 players.I know this will be a turn-off for some, but I hope some might be interested in a different "romantic" game. I'll close recruitment on Sunday and hope for the best.

Merely a placeholder.


The dark clouds hung over the village of Ardfell like they did since the adventurers came. There was never any rain, only a sense of fear. The fields were fallow and the mines infested with giant spiders and worse. The sounds from beyond the walls were unnatural and nowadays people hid once the faint rays of sun set. The shadows were long in the village square as all the townspeople looked to the seer.

"Much like a pebble disturbs a still pond, so too have these adventurers disturbed our lives. These self-proclaimed 'saviors' have thrust us into a dangerous predicament and we are left to deal with it ourselves. I require four of you to go forth and save our village."

So spoke the seer of Ardfell. The townspeople looked amongst themselves, trepidation in their eyes. What would happen next and who would bear this burden?


I'm looking for 4 individuals for this game. Characters start as 1st level NPCs (adept, aristocrat, commoner, expert or warrior). 15 pt. buy. 260 starting gold.

Core races only. Ardfell is a village of 93 men, women and children. It's not very diverse race-wise.

I'll close recruitment tomorrow evening or when I have four people.

I'm surprised this thread wasn't made ages ago. Anywho, if you're wanting to play with strangers who are unlikely to yell at you in foreign languages, here we are.

System: PS3
User name: black_fae_blues
Games: Dead Island 1, Saints Row 2, Mortal Kombat, Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (apparently it's still supported), White Knight Chronicles (until they shut down in mid-June)
Availability: Sporadic, but who knows?

Yes, I'm a budget gamer...Until Dragon's Crown comes out.

The summons come in the morning as usual. For some of you, this has become the standard procedure for how the Society has given you missions. For Garen, the Venture-Captains have finally taken notice of your abilities and assigned you an important task. You stretch and prepare yourselves to meet with Venture-Captain Drandle Dreng, the former Master of Scrolls.

In the heart of the Pathfinder Society’s headquarters at Skyreach, Venture-Captain Drandle Dreng, a wiry old man with a wild gray beard and glinting eyes, sits on a large plush bench next to a finely dressed, full-figured woman who looks as though this entire meeting isn’t worth her time. Dreng warmly greets the you and introduces you to the woman, Lady Gloriana Morilla; the Taldan woman tilts her head slightly in acknowledgement of the introduction, but otherwise makes no move to greet anyone.

Oblivious to any social slight on the lady’s part, Dreng goes on to explain the your mission. “Recently, a contact from the Low Azlanti embassy in Escadar approached us with an offer. It seems they have discovered a unique relic of Azlanti origin on the Inner Sea’s floor that we have a unique opportunity to add to our collection for study. In return, however, we must deliver one of our catalogued items to Escadar in exchange. The Low Azlanti drive a hard bargain, so we need you to escort a relics broker to Escadar so he can authenticate the Azlanti item and mediate a fair deal on the Ten’s behalf."

Dreng warns the you that the Pathfinders are not the only group that looks to acquire this relic. It seems the Aspis Consortium has also tendered an offer, and the gillmen have decided to accept the Consortium’s deal if the Society cannot finalize its agreement within 30 days. An Aspis-funded warship patrols the waters just beyond Absalom’s harbor, preventing Pathfinder agents from sailing to Escadar unmolested. Luckily, he and Lady Gloriana have come up with a solution.

Lady Morilla stirs from her silence and speaks in a strong, demanding voice. “I have used some of the Empire of Taldor’s most skilled operatives to plant a false crew manifest and course plans with the harbormaster, ensuring that the Aspis Consortium spies who certainly keep an eye on such matters believe we are moving our relic to Escadar on a ship tomorrow morning. This decoy should occupy the Consortium sufficiently for you to travel overland to Escadar with plenty of time to make the final agreement with the gillmen before the Society’s window of opportunity runs out.”

Dreng laughs to himself absently, then instructs the you to go to the Siphons in the Puddles and meet with the Pathfinder Society’s ally, information broker Grandmaster Torch. "He’ll give you a map for a smugglers’ trail through the isle’s center that should allow for relatively easy and secret travel overland to Escadar. The Society has hired an appraiser and relics broker named Nester Rees to verify the authenticity of the gillmen’s relic; Rees will meet up with you after your meeting with Grandmaster Torch.
"I have arranged lodgings for you at an Escadar tavern called the Grindylow’s Goblet, where the gillmen have agreed to meet. Once you arrive, you only need to send word to the Low Azlanti embassy, then
have Master Rees conduct the negotiations at the tavern on the Society’s behalf."

Dreng emphasizes that you are responsible for Rees’ safety and for the success of his negotiations.

Open for my previous players.

I'm looking for two 1st level PFS characters to run through A Vision of Betrayal, the last session of the First Steps series. I'll close recruitment on Friday afternoon CST.

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It is the year 251 AS (The Age of Separation), the fourth age in the world of Vesaria. A vicious war draws to an end on the continent of Alarion and new kingdoms have arisen from the chaos. However, for one kingdom, these new kingdoms threaten its existence.
Icathia, staunch ally of the kingdom of Alarion (now divided in two, East Alarion and West Alarion), has lost the majority of their nobility and their treasury in the Great War. Minor nobles and petty politicians are the new government, most willing to cede to the adjecent kingdoms of Brannum and Talathel. Matters are also made worse by the orcs to the north, who hold a sizeable territory of their own and are eager to plunder Icathia.
Hope seems a dream for the young. It is only a matter of time before Icathia becomes another victim of conquest, but three groups have developed interest in a forgotten island kingdom to the south: Zahvroma. Forgotten since the end of the last age, Zahvroma seems like the last resort for the Icathians. Either the people of Icathia can immigrate to the new land, seek assistance from the Zahvromans, or plunder them to bolster the near-empty coffers of the kingdom.
However, Zahvroma has secrets...

The heroes will be commissioned by one of three groups of their choice to explore Zahvroma and report their findings. These groups are:

The Icathian Explorer's League: A privately funded venture mainly concerned with historical relics. The IEL seeks to explore Zahvroma, determining its fitness to support an new colony for immigrating Icathians.

The Icathian Royal Guard: Formerly the military of Icathia, the group turned mercenary in order to survive. Battlemaster Verrin seeks to restore the glory of his organization by any means necessary.

The Green Circle: Mostly comprised of druids and rangers, the Green Circle attempts to root out corruption in nature. The Green Council isn't so sure about the safety of Zahvroma and the rumors surrounding the island do little to ease their minds.

The Basics: 4-6 players (it's homebrew so I'll take what I can get), 20 pt. buy, average starting gold + 500 gold commission, anything out of the core hardbacks [CRB, APG (some archetypes may not be good fits), ARG (except custom races), UM, UC, UE], a group must be chosen for your character to align with, be sensible with your alignment choice as cooperation won't get you killed. I don't use hero points or traits, but, if you make a compelling case, I might change my mind.

If you're wanting to play something from a 3PP, just supply a way for me to look it over.

The Biggie: I want to be able to introduce themes that I usually can't with my usual gaming group. This is intended to be a mature game, dealing with things such as homsexuality, transgenders, torture and so on (in as tasteful a manner as possible). If you can't be (or pretend to be) open-minded about such subjects, please don't apply.

Schedule: I work nights except for Mondays and Tuesdays, so one or two posts a day is acceptable (and probably all you'd get out of me :D). If you hate the game, have other commitments or cannot keep up with the posting requirement, please let me know so I don't have to guess if you're coming back or not. I know this is not always possible but I'll make a judgment call if you haven't posted in two weeks.

If you have any other questions, feel free to post and I'll answer back as soon as I can.

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