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Okay, so this game is fundamentally a fantasy game about escapism, however this particular post is literally nothing but pure escapism.

For context, this post is coming from a place of me having an incredibly intense depressive episode because of the real life real world news, and wishing I were this larger-than life fantasy character in a magical world where I could actually do something about all the horrible s!+! going on in the world. It is coming from a place of intense frustration and mental anguish and is pure, distilled, undiluted escapism.

With that being said - if you could be a level 20 Pathfinder 1E Character, what race and class would you want to be - in addition (optionally), what traits/feats would you like to have?

Okay, so here's a bit of a weird one

Basically, the idea is a NG cleric with the Darkness and Knowledge domains.

HOWEVER, I am not aware of any gods which grant that alignment/domain combination.

So basically my idea is this - my character worships a being known as the Gloomfather, a LG god with the domains of Darkness, Good, Knowledge, Law, and Travel - but the catch is that nobody has heard of the Gloomfather other than my Cleric.

My cleric still gets her spells when she prays to the Gloomfather every morning, but nobody really knows what's going on there - I figure that'd be a good plot hook for the GM if I ever get to play this character.

Feats I'm considering taking for this build include:
Martial Weapon Proficiency for the Gloomfather's "favored weapon", since he may not be real
Eldritch Heritage - either Umbral or Vestige
Disconcerting Knowledge

What do y'all think of this ide? Is it any good? Do you have any suggestions?

Okay, so yesterday I had an idea for a fighter build centered around Draconic Eldritch Heritage. The character concept was originally a character that's the emissary/indirect "hand" of a good-aligned blue dragon (in fact, the same one I talked about in a separate post), however I not only endorse but encourage you to create your own version of this build with any alterations to the mechanics or flavor of this character that you want.

Race: Hobgoblin (Engineer Alternate Racial Trait)
1st Level:
Feats - Catch Off-Guard, Skill Focus (Perception)
2nd Level:
Class Features - Bravery +1
Feats - Throw Anything
3rd Level
Class Features - Armor Training 1
Feats - Eldritch Heritage (Draconic Bloodline [Blue] - Claws)
4th Level
Feats - Weapon Focus (Claw)
5th Level
Class Features - Weapon Training (Natural +1)
Feats - Weapon Specialization (Claw)
6th Level
Class Features - Bravery +2
Feats - Rending Claws
7th Level
Class Features - Armor Training 2
Feats - Vital Strike
8th Level
Feats - Improvised Weapon Mastery
9th Level
Class Features - Weapon Training (Natural +2, Hammers +1)
Feats - Greater Weapon Focus
10th Level
Class Features - Bravery +3
Feats - Critical Focus
11th Level
Class Features - Armor Training 3
Feats - Improved Eldritch Heritage (Draconic Bloodline [Blue] - Draconic Resistances)
12th Level
Feats - Greater Weapon Specialization
13th Level
Class Features - Weapon Training (Natural +3, Hammers +2, Thrown +1)
Feats - Penetrating Strike
14th Level
Class Features - Bravery +4
Feats - Improved Vital Strike
15th Level
Class Features - Armor Training 4
Feats - Staggering Critical
16th Level
Feats - Greater Penetrating Strike
17th Level
Class Features - Weapon Training (Natural +4, Hammer +3, Thrown +2, Light Blades +1)
Feats - Bleeding Critical
18th Level
Class Features - Bravery +5
Feats - Greater Vital Strike
19th Level
Class Features - Armor Mastery
Feats - Deepsight
20th Level
Class Features - Weapon Mastery (Claw)
Feats - Critical Mastery

Now, at the core of this build are the surprisingly impressive claw attacks granted by the Draconic Bloodline. However, there are two major issues.

Firstly, there's the limitation to the number of time the ability can be used; secondly, there's the fact that natural weapons cannot be enchanted. I came up with a workaround for both.

The solution for the first problem is honestly a stroke of genius - Catch Off-Guard, Throw Anything, and Improvised Weapon Mastery are incredibly fun feats, but they don't see nearly as much use at higher levels - but when we combine it with our Draconic heritage, we create a fighting style where we use our limited-use claw attacks as our primary weapon, then grap whatever's nearby and use it to completely wallop any remaining enemies.

The solution to the second problem is a lot more inelegant and brute force. Basically, if the claws can't be enchanted, then we must simply find a nonmagical means of making them do as much damage as possible. This is the point of the Weapon Focus/Specialization feat chain, the Vital Strike feat chain, the Penetrating Strike feat chain, Rending Claws, and the four Critical feats. A neat side benefit to this is that Vital Strike and the Critical Feats can continue to be used even after we run out of uses for our claw attacks.

Lastly, the reason I chose Deepsight was because I wanted to create a character that was a bit more well-rounded instead of just having one gimmick (the unique fighting style). It's honestly pretty meaningless and replaceable but I like it.

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Sorcerer is my favorite class, and I gotta say a huge part of the reason why is the bloodlines.

The sheer variety of different abilities and options, all with their own mostly-unique heritages and mechanics to go with them leave me starstruck in a way few other classes can match.

That being said, while I find myself charmed and drawn in by the flavor of most bloodlines, some do stand head and shoulders above others in my assessment.

My top 5 Bloodlines would have to be

1) Aberrant - One of the three big authors who primarily shaped the way I interact with fantasy, science fiction, and horror literature is Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Since I was young, I have held an intense fascination with misshapen otherness and things that should not be. The Aberrant Bloodline embodies these ideas perfectly so there's no way it's not going to the top of the list.

2) Vestige - Since I was an incredibly small child, I have always been obsessed with the distant past. Hidden away in the Blood of the Ancients Player Companion lies the perfect bloodline to bring that past to life. Also, even if one ignores the ancient past thing, having your own mindscape is just badass.

3) Draconic - Okay, I promise not all of these Bloodlines will just be "oh I really liked this thing since I was a kid so that's why this is one of my favorites" but out of the three that are, this one is actually the most so. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with dragons. I had dragon books, dragon paintings, dragon shirts, dragon stuffed animals - everything and I do mean everything was about dragons. Now, I've cooled it with the dragons by a lot but I still love them and they hold a special place in my heart.

4) Boreal - I know this is gonna be a controversial pick, cos from my admittedly limited understanding, common consensus is the Boreal Bloodline is hot garbage, and while I agree it isn't the most powerful, it is the most cohesive cold/winter-themed Bloodline in Pathfinder, and it's also got some genuinely really cool abilities (pun intended). There are a lot of things that feel magical about winter and about the extreme north and south of our world, and it seems downright tragic to me that I was born just in time to watch this magic fade.

5) Impossible - This one is a bit harder to pin down on why exactly I like it and what's so cool about it. I was immediately grabbed by the Relativity bloodline power, but even outside of that, the Impossible Bloodline is just full of weird and quirky s$$% that does fit together in a cohesive manner but at the same time is strangely hard to describe. The name, I suppose, is fitting.

Now that I've explained what my favorite Bloodlines are and why, what are your favorite Bloodlines? Why do you like them so much?

I don't know what it is, but there's something about me that really, really genuinely loves creating good aligned characters from traditionally evil races.

I don't know whether it's my political leanings (which I will not talk about cos I don't want to start an argument), my naive desire to see good in everyone, or my general love of subversion, inversion, and deconstruction of widely held societal ideas, but I just love taking a traditionally evil creature and making a good version of it.

Now, this brings me to the actual point of this post. Blue dragons are my favorite Chromatic dragon, and I wanted to share this love with my players by having them potentially run into a Benevolent blue dragon who could potentially be an invaluable ally (I'm more of an open world sandbox DM).

Now, I've got her character mostly figured out, however I still think it'd be good to ask the internet for tips on how to portray a blue dragon who is also a genuinely good person. Like what are some ways we could recontextualize her blue dragon nature with a Lawful Good alignment or have her blue dragon-ness slip through? What kind of events would even lead to a blue dragon reconsidering her life choices and deciding to become good?

I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Okay, so Pathfinder 1E was my first TTRPG ever. I love it so much and know most of the base game books like the back of my hand.

However, even a person as stubborn as me can see when the times are changing, and while I don't like the artstyle for Pathfinder 2E, a lot of the races and feats and stuff seem legitimately really cool.

In addition, it looks like 2E will get a surge in players due to WotC's OGL shenanigans meaning I have a chance to actually play in a game instead of DMing like I literally always have to for my friends even though I know I suck at it (for some reason they disagree but I can't even do voices ffs)

However, there is still an issue - I have a character idea that I really really want to play, but this character is very heavily rooted in the rules of 1E.

This character is a Crossblooded Sorcerer with the Maestro and Aberrant Bloodlines, plus a dip into Eldritch Heritage for some Impossible Bloodline powers.

The character is heavily inspired by the video game Control, and in 1E, I intend on taking the 1st, 3rd, and 9th Level powers of the Maestro Bloodline, the 15th and 20th level powers of the Aberrant Bloodline, and using Eldritch Heritage to scoop up the 1st, 9th, and 15th level powers of the Impossible Bloodline.

Is there any way to convert this character to 2E while still retaining most of their abilities?

Okay, so considering my username, it's honestly surprising how long it took me to make a post about my favorite race in the game...

However, the time has come. This will be the first of hopefully many Hobgoblinposts from me.

Anyways, for my next game I want to play a good-aligned Hobgoblin Sorcerer, but I'm kinda stumped on what Bloodline they should be.

I want one that would make sense, flavor-wise, for a Hobgoblin who was born and raised in a fairly typical Hobgoblin society.

I do not care about optimization, I care primarily about flavor. I want something that would make sense.

It's also worth noting that I plan on taking an alternate racial trait in place of Sneaky, so if you want to do something with that, I'm using the Engineer alternate racial trait in its place.

Okay, so recently I had an idea for a truly bizarre Pathfinder character.

They are a Kitsune Crossblooded Sorcerer with the Aberrant and Vestige Bloodlines and the Gruesome Shapechanger feat.

I intend their backstory dark but not particularly edgy, but I haven't figured out the details quite yet. I'm planning to take the First, Third, and Fifteenth level powers from the Vestige Bloodline and the Ninth and Twentieth level powers from the Aberrant Bloodline.

However, I don't really know how to flavor them. Does anyone have any advice?

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Exactly what it says in the title. What feats are your favorite?

Honestly I really like Cosmopolitan. It's an excellent way to make your characters a bit more flexible while also giving you two free bonus languages.

Empath is also fun if you're running an Occult game, and you can never go wrong with Skill Focus.

Splintering Weapon has limited utility at higher levels, but is really fun for lower level characters and can be a nasty surprise for the PCs when a Villainous NPC has it.

Noble Scion and Racial Heritage can be great for flavor, though I honestly dislike how the latter is limited to humans.

Gruesome Shapechanger is also really, really neat, though unfortunately it is incredibly situational and, being a horror adventures feat, is better for enemies than players. The same cannot be said for my second favorite Horror Adventures feat, Disconcerting Knowledge, which is much better for PCs than monsters in addition to having amazing flavor and can really feel like a "Oh how the tables have turned" moment if pulled off right.

When it comes to metamagic, I really like Elemental Spell. It has limited utility but a lot of flavor and can be amazing in some specific situations.

I also remember really liking a bunch of Story Feats from Ultimate Campaign but I forgot most of them.

Unfortunately, even though Hobgoblins are my favorite race, most of their feats are rather disappointing. The whip fighting feat chain (Demoralizing Lash, Taskmaster, and Terrorizing Dislpay) is decent mechanically, but incredibly narrow and only really fits with a specific build. In addition, flavor-wise it'd be a better fit for a BBEG than a PC, which kinda annoys me in this particular instance because the Advanced Race Guide felt more geared towards Players than Horror Adventures or even Ultimate Combat did.

Honestly my favorite Hobgoblin feat is the Teamwork Feat Spirit of the Corps, which was introduced in the Monster Codex but honestly feels better suited for PCs than the Hobgoblin feats introduced in the Advanced Race Guide AND doesn't require you to be a Hobgoblin to take it.