Thunder Dancer (Hobgoblin Magus Build)

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Okay,so I apologize if this isn't as cohesive or specific as my builds usually are, but this idea has been bouncing around in my head all day.

The race isn't actually important so long as you get a bonus to Dexterity, Intelligence, or Charisma and don't get a penalty to any of them, I just chose Hobgoblin cos they're my favorite race.

For traits, I went with Savage and Talented and I replaced Sneaky with an alternate racial trait - either Authoritative, Battle-Hardened, Engineer, or Fearsome, though this is the least important part of the build.

For stats, the first priority is Intelligence, followed by Charisma, then Dexterity, then Constitution, then Strength, with Wisdom as the dump stat.

For feats, six of them (well, technically seven cos I'm taking one of them twice) are essential to the build. These are Weapon Finesse, Dervish Dance, Skill Focus (Knowledge [Nature]), Eldritch Heritage (Stormborn Bloodline), Improved Eldritch Heritage (Stormborn Bloodline), and Greater Eldritch Heritage (Stormborn Bloodline).

It's worth noting that, while Dervish Dance applies your Dex modifier to damage rolls as well as attack rolls, Weapon Finesse does not, so your damage output will be impacted by your low strength until you pick up Dervish Dance. In addition, I am aware that at 5th level, the magus can use their arcane pool to mimic the effects of shocking and shocking burst, and it last longer usong this method than the bloodline power, thus rendering Stormborn bloodline's Thunderstaff ability may seem redundant to some people. I personally see this more as giving them a little bit of extra juice as a baseline they can always squeeze out of their sword even when completely out of arcane points.

For feats that aren't essential but which I might take, I'm considering Cosmopolitan for Knowledge (Engineering) and Survival, Deepsight for the boost to Darkvision, Elemental Spell (Electricity) for flavor, Persuasive if I decide to go with the Authoritative alternate racial trait, and Weapon Focus (Scimitar) for obvious reasons.

As always, feel free to alter and use this build however you so please if you think it's cool and want to use it in your campaign.

If anyone likes, dislikes, has commentary about, or especially has feat recommendations for this build I am eager to hear them.

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