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Exactly what it says in the title. What feats are your favorite?

Honestly I really like Cosmopolitan. It's an excellent way to make your characters a bit more flexible while also giving you two free bonus languages.

Empath is also fun if you're running an Occult game, and you can never go wrong with Skill Focus.

Splintering Weapon has limited utility at higher levels, but is really fun for lower level characters and can be a nasty surprise for the PCs when a Villainous NPC has it.

Noble Scion and Racial Heritage can be great for flavor, though I honestly dislike how the latter is limited to humans.

Gruesome Shapechanger is also really, really neat, though unfortunately it is incredibly situational and, being a horror adventures feat, is better for enemies than players. The same cannot be said for my second favorite Horror Adventures feat, Disconcerting Knowledge, which is much better for PCs than monsters in addition to having amazing flavor and can really feel like a "Oh how the tables have turned" moment if pulled off right.

When it comes to metamagic, I really like Elemental Spell. It has limited utility but a lot of flavor and can be amazing in some specific situations.

I also remember really liking a bunch of Story Feats from Ultimate Campaign but I forgot most of them.

Unfortunately, even though Hobgoblins are my favorite race, most of their feats are rather disappointing. The whip fighting feat chain (Demoralizing Lash, Taskmaster, and Terrorizing Dislpay) is decent mechanically, but incredibly narrow and only really fits with a specific build. In addition, flavor-wise it'd be a better fit for a BBEG than a PC, which kinda annoys me in this particular instance because the Advanced Race Guide felt more geared towards Players than Horror Adventures or even Ultimate Combat did.

Honestly my favorite Hobgoblin feat is the Teamwork Feat Spirit of the Corps, which was introduced in the Monster Codex but honestly feels better suited for PCs than the Hobgoblin feats introduced in the Advanced Race Guide AND doesn't require you to be a Hobgoblin to take it.

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Check this thread out.

Anyways, Deific Obedience is one of my favorites... any of the Obedience feats, really.

Additional Traits is way up there, too.

I really like the Damnation feats, too... especially when each of the four feats is paired with one of the Apothesis rituals.

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I just love it.

Let's see, in no particular order ...

Improved Whip Mastery - control the battlefield with a whip, which is cool.

Stalwart - a different style of fighting defensively.

Bodyguard - teamwork makes the dream work.

Preferred Spell - for the right setup this gives you pseudo-spontaneous casting on a prepared caster.

Divine Interference - thematic and powerful.

Craft Wondrous Items - the best crafting feat.

I'm sure there are others.

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Agile Tongue is one I love. Deliver touch attacks from 10' away; you can also use the Disarm or Steal maneuvers with it as well. The best though is that you can use the tongue to perform the Sleight of Hand skill from up to 10' away.

Covering Fire is another fave for me. Ranged Aid Another. More than that, at the tail end of the feat it says any allies that have this feat gain the benefits of the Aid Another action against the opponent you target. So, if you're one ranged-focused PC in a party with three other melee types and you all have this feat, now all of you get to attack a single opponent on the field at +2 on your next attack.

Frankly, I don't think Teamwork Feats get enough love in general. Sure, some of them are bad options but things like Outflank, Distracting Charge and Pack Flanking leap to mind. Outside the normal combat bonuses though, you've got Lookout if an ally on the team can always act in a Surprise round, or Group Shared Spell if you're looking to optimize a combat familiar, or Escape Route to avoid AoO's. There's a decent amount of good in there if the party is willing/able to spend the precious feat and act like a team.

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