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I'm currently working on a crossblooded sorcerer character concept that's a hybrid of the Aberrant and Draconic Bloodlines.

At first level, this character is a human with the Mixed Heritage, Heart of the Fields, and Heart of the Streets alternate racial traits, the Affable and Courageous traits, the Rugged Northerner feat, and the Claws bloodline power.

I am unsure whether to go with the Gold or Red Dragon Bloodline, however they're mechanically identical so it doesn't really matter.

However, I'm not sure which Bloodline Powers to pick up after first level. I am definitely going to be picking up Alien Resistance, however I am unsure to go with Dragon Scales at 3rd Level, Breath Weapon at 9th Level, and Aberrant Form at 20th Level or Long Limbs at 3rd Level, Unusual Anatomy at 9th Level, and Power of Wyrms at 20th Level.

I kinda was wondering if I could get some input on which one of these two pathways would be better, as well as some feat suggestions for the character?

It depends on what you want focus on.

Long limb is very useful for delivering touch attacks, but draconic resistances give you some nice defenses. Is your character actually going to use the claws that often? If so the extra defenses might be a better choice, but if you are going to have a lot of touch spells long limb is probably the better choice.

Breath weapon vs unusual anatomy comes down to do you want a defensive power or an offensive power. If you went with draconic resistances for defense, then taking unusual anatomy would probably be the better choice. If you went with long limb either could work.

Aberrant from is probably a little better if you are going using the claws or otherwise expect to be in melee. Bing immune to critical hits and having DR is going help you more in melee. Immunity to fire is always good. Overall Aberrant form seems a little better, but either one is good.

What alignment is your character? Since the gold and red bloodlines are mechanically identical, I would probably go with the one closest to your character alignment.

The combination of draconic resistances unusual anatomy and aberrant form gives you a lot of defenses. Long limb combined with breath weapon is more focused on offense.

Giving a character attack routines does help bolster survival at low levels.
However, as the game goes on and level increases your slow BAB progression will cause melee attacks to miss at a higher rate and thus be less effective. Damage for the most part won't increase nor will you take feats that will really help.
I'd save the attack routine as a surprise for would be close combats, for helping out against low AC opponents, or when you're cornered/threatened.
Spellcasting does increase with levels so it is effective to bolster those routines.

Putting some feats/abilities into martial/melee routines can be done effectively up until about 3rd level. It will lessen your spellcasting effectiveness but that can be acceptable.

Basically anything you can cast OR pay cash for should likely be done that way rather than invest feats or permanent class abilities into.

I can not recommend crossblooded.
In your line of development;
 Aberrant: Long Limbs:3rd, Unusual Anatomy:9th, Aberrant Form:20th(why worry as it's so late) are the best of the lot. For Long Limbs see Long Arm:T1 and Reach metamagic but it does scale with level (yay). Alien Resistance:15th means you don't have to worry about low level casters - were you worried?
 Draconic: Draconic Resistance:3rd (use a spell but the Nat'l AC is nice), Wings:15th(so late), Power of Wyrms:20th(really late) are best. For Draconic Resistance see Resist Energy:A2. Wings is easily replaced by Fly and Overland Flight but natural flight is nice.

I'll leave feats to the Class Guides below.

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The choice between Sorcerer or Wizard is generally based on how well you know the spell lists (and the specifics of the spells) as Wizard is a better choice IF you can work the spell list.
Multiclass dip Mage-Killer build as an example of a caster dipping to increase basic martial abilities and a few other things.

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