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Kurgess - Please Muscle

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The Poorly Trained Dragon Monk:
Ancestry & Heritage: Human (Half-Elf)
Background: Warrior (Trained Intimidation, Warfare Lore; Intimidating Glare General Skill Feat)
Class: Monk (Expert Fortitude, Reflex, Will, Unarmored Defense; Trained Perception, Athletics and 4 other skills, Simple Weapons, Unarmed Attacks, Monk Class DC)
Level: 20

Starting Ability Boosts & Flaws
Ancestry +STR, +DEX, -CON, -WIS, +CHA
Background: +STR, +CHA
Class: +STR
Free: +STR, +DEX, +INT, +CHA
Net: ++++STR, ++DEX, -CON, +INT, -WIS, +++CHA
Starting Stats: 18 STR, 14 DEX, 8 CON, 12 INT, 8 WIS, 16 CHA

Level-by-Level Breakdown
1: Natural Ambition Ancestry Feat (Crane Stance Monk Feat (+1 circumstance bonus to AC while in stance; can only use Crane Wing attacks (1d6 bludgeoning damage; brawling group; agile, finesse, nonlethal, and unarmed traits) while in stance; reduce High Jump and Long Jump DCs by 5, and when you leap can move an additional 5 feet horizontally or 2 feet vertically while in stance))), Flurry of Blows, Ki Strike Monk Feat (Occult), Powerful Fist
2: Elemental Fist Monk Feat, Quick Jump General Skill Feat (can High and Long Jump from standing without auto-failure on check; can High and Long Jump as a single action)
3: Fleet General Feat (Speed increases by 5 feet), Incredible Movement +10 feet, Mystic Strikes, Skill Increase (Expert Athletics)
4: Ki Rush Monk Feat, Powerful Leap General Skill Feat (vertical leap 5 feet up, increase horizontal leap distance by 5 feet)
5: Ability Boosts (+STR, +DEX, +INT, +CHA), Alertness, Nimble Elf Ancestry Feat (Speed increases by 5 feet), Expert Strikes, Skill Increase (Expert Intimidation)
6: Crane Flutter Monk Feat, Intimidating Prowess General Skill Feat
7: Fast Recovery General Feat, Incredible Movement +5 feet (+15 total), Path to Perfection (Master Fortitude), Skill Increase (Master Athletics), Weapon Specialization
8: Water Step Monk Feat, Wall Jump General Skill Feat (jump off of walls once per turn improving to any number up to available actions at Legendary)
9: Ancestry Feat, Metal Strikes, Monk Expertise, Skill Increase (Master Intimidation)
10: Ability Boosts (+STR, +DEX, +INT, +CHA),Wall Run Monk Feat, Battle Cry General Skill Feat
11: Breath Control General Feat, Incredible Movement +5 feet (+20 total), Second Path to Perfection (Master Reflex), Skill Increase (Expert Warfare Lore)
12: Stance Savant Monk Feat, Terrified Retreat General Skill Feat
13: Ancestry Feat, Graceful Mastery, Skill Increase (Master Warfare Lore)
14: Meditative Focus Monk Feat, Experienced Professional General Skill Feat
15: Ability Boosts (+STR, +DEX, +INT, +CHA), Diehard General Feat, Greater Weapon Specialization, Incredible Movement +5 feet (+25 total), Skill Increase (Legendary Athletics), Third Path to Perfection (Legendary Fortitude)
16: Master of Many Styles Monk Feat, Cloud Jump General Skill Feat (triple Long Jump distance, when you High Jump use normal Long Jump calculation instead)
17: Adamantine Strikes, Ancestry Feat, Graceful Legend, Skill Increase (Legendary Intimidation)
18: Meditative Wellspring Monk Feat, Scare to Death General Skill Feat
19: Incredible Investiture General Feat, Incredible Movement +5 feet (+30 total), Perfected Form, Skill Increase (Legendary Warfare Lore)
20: Ability Boosts (+STR, +DEX, +INT, +CHA), Enduring Quickness Monk Feat (Quickened; action limited to Stride, Leap, High Jump or Long Jump), Legendary Professional General Skill Feat

Level 20 Ability Scores & HP
23 STR, 20 DEX, 8 CON, 19 INT, 8 WIS, 21 CHA, 188 HP

Level 20 Athletics Modifier

High Jump Breakpoints without and with Crane Stance, all including Quick Jump and Cloud Jump
6A/6AA/6AAA w/o Crane Stance: 40 feet/75 feet/110 feet
6A/6AA/6AAA w/ Crane Stance: 45 feet/80 feet/115 feet
11A/11AA/11AAA w/o Crane Stance: 45 feet/80 feet/115 feet
11A/11AA/11AAA w/ Crane Stance: 50 feet/85 feet/120 feet
16A/16AA/16AAA w/o Crane Stance: 50 feet/85 feet/120 feet
16A/16AA/16AAA w/ Crane Stance: 55 feet/90 feet/125 feet

Ideal set-up at 20th level
Standing between two nearby walls (both 300 feet tall) while in Crane Stance, use Quick Jump to make a High Jump as a single Action (the average result on a d20 is 10.5 so let's treat each odd attempt as 10 on the die, and the even attempts as 11 on the die) use second action to Wall Jump at the peak of your ascent, repeat for third action, repeat once more for quickened action. You've just jumped vertically an average of about 198 feet (99 points of falling damage or 52.65957447% total HP). Maximum possible jump height is 216 feet (108 points of falling damage or 57.4468081% total HP)

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Desna - I can't help but think of this when I think of "The Song of the Spheres."

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Smart Fighter:
Ancestry, Heritage, and Ethnicity: Tian-Shu Human (Ilverenal Half-Elf)
Background: Artisan (Trained Crafting and Guild Lore; Alchemy Specialty Crafting General Skill Feat (get +1 circumstance bonus on checks to craft alchemical items, increases to +2 circumstance bonus with Master Crafting))
Class: Fighter (Expert Perception; Expert Fortitude and Reflex, Trained Will; Trained Acrobatics, Athletics, Diplomacy, Intimidation, Medicine, and Society; Expert Simple and Martial Weapons, Expert Unarmed Attacks; Trained All Armor, Trained Unarmored Defense, Trained Fighter Class DC)
Languages: Common, Tien, Elven
Deity: Qi Zhong

Starting Ability Boosts and Flaws

Ancestry: +STR, +DEX, -CON, +INT, -CHA
Background: +STR, +DEX
Class: +STR
Free: +STR, +DEX, +CON, +INT
Net: ++++STR, +++DEX, ++INT, -CHA
Starting Ability Scores (Modifiers): 18 STR (+4), 16 DEX (+3), 10 CON (+0), 14 INT (+2), 10 WIS (+0), 8 CHA (-1)

Level by Level Breakdown

1: General Training Ancestry Feat (Alchemical Crafting General Skill Feat (gain four common 1st-level alchemical formulas as well as the ability to craft alchemical items)), Attack of Opportunity Activity, Sudden Charge Fighter Feat (gain access to the Sudden Charge Activity which costs 2 Actions; Stride twice and make a Strike if you end within melee reach of an enemy), Shield Block Activity
2: Alchemist Dedication Multiclass Archetype Feat (Trained Arcana and Alchemist Class DC; Alchemist Infused Reagents class feature, # of reagents equals level, ability to create free alchemical items during daily prep, Advanced Alchemy level is 1 and is fixed... for now; four additional common 1st-level alchemical formulas), Battle Medicine General Skill Feat (Treat Wounds as an action, whether successful or not target is temporarily immune to your Battle Medicine for 1 day)
3: Bravery (Expert Will, success on Will save against a Fear effect gets critical success result instead, when gaining the Frightened condition reduce its value by 1), Toughness General Feat (+1 HP/level), Skill Increase (Expert Crafting)
4: Basic Concoction Archetype Feat (Quick Bomber Alchemist Feat), Magical Crafting General Skill Feat (gain four common 2nd-level or lower magic item formulas and the ability to craft magical items)
5: Ability Boosts (+CON, +INT, +WIS, +CHA), Nimble Elf Ancestry Feat (your Speed increases by 5 feet), Fighter Weapon Mastery (Club; Master Simple and Martial Weapons of the Club group, Expert Advanced Weapons of the Club group; gain Critical Specialization of all weapons with Master Proficiency), Skill Increase (Expert Medicine)
6: Quick Alchemy Archetype Feat (gain the Quick Alchemy Alchemist Activity), Continual Recovery General Skill Feat (when you use the Treat Wounds downtime activity the patient becomes immune for only 10 minutes instead of an hour, this applies only to your Treat Wounds activities not any other the patient receives)
7: Battlefield Surveyor (Master Perception, +2 circumstance bonus to Perception checks for initiative), Diehard General Feat (die at Dying 5), Skill Increase (Master Crafting), Weapon Specialization (deal extra damage based on your weapon proficiency; 2 for Expert, 3 for Master, 4 for Legendary)
8: Advanced Concoction Archetype Feat (Efficient Alchemy Alchemist Feat (when crafting alchemical items during downtime can produce twice as many in a single batch; doesn't affect Advanced Alchemy)), Impeccable Crafting General Skill Feat (whenever you roll a success at a Crafting check to make an item of the type you chose with Specialty Crafting get a critical success instead)
9: Unwavering Mien Ancestry Feat (whenever you're affected by a mental effect with a duration of at least 2 rounds you can reduce that duration by 1 round; when you make a saving throw against an effect that would cause you to fall asleep treat the result as one degree of success better), Combat Flexibility (when making daily preparations can choose and gain one Fighter Feat of 8th level or lower that you don't already have until your next daily preparation and must meet its prerequisites), Juggernaut (Master Fortitude, success on Fortitude save gets critical succes instead), Skill Increase (Master Medicine)
10: Ability Boosts (+DEX, +CON, +INT, +WIS), Expert Alchemy Archetype Feat (Advanced Alchemy level is 5), Inventor General Skill Feat (can spend downtime to invent common formulas you don't know)
11: Armor Expertise (Expert Light armor, Medium armor, Heavy armor, and Unarmored Defense; gain Armor Specialization effects of Medium and Heavy armor), Fighter Expertise (Expert Fighter Class DC), Canny Acumen General Feat (Master Will @ 17th level), Skill Increase (Expert Athletics)
12: Master Alchemy Archetype Feat (Advanced Alchemy level increases to 7, for every level beyond 12th Advanced Alchemy level increases by 1), Titan Wrestler General Skill Feat (Disarm, Grapple, Shove, or Trip a creature up to two sizes larger than you, increases to three sizes larger @ Legendary)
13: Haughty Obstinancy Ancestry Feat (if you roll a success on a saving throw against a mental effect that attempts to directly control your actions you critically succeed instead; creatures who fail to Coerce you using Intimidation get a critical failure instead), Skill Increase (Master Athletics), Weapon Legend (Master Simple Weapons and Martial Weapons, Expert Advanced Weapons; Club; Legendary Simple and Martial Weapons of the Club group, Master Advanced Weapons of the Club group)
14: Advanced Concoction Archetype Feat (Combine Elixirs Alchemist Feat (gain the Combine Elixirs activity as a Free Action triggered when you use Quick Alchemy to create an alchemical elixir at least 2 levels lower than Advanced Alchemy level, can spend 2 additional batches to add the effects of a second alchemical elixir to the first, final elixir's level is equal to the highest level among the combined elixirs +2)), Robust Recovery General Skill Feat (when you Treat Disease, Treat Poison, or someone else uses one of those actions on you, increase the circumstance bonus granted on a success to +4, and if the patient succeeds on the saving throw, the patient gets a critical success instead)
15: Ability Boosts (+STR, +DEX, +INT, +WIS), Evasion (Master Reflex saves; success on Reflex save gets critical success instead), Adopted Ancestry General Feat (Dwarf; can take Dwarf Ancestry feats not dependant on physiological features you lack), Greater Weapon Specialization (increase Weapon Specialization damage; 4 for Expert, 6 for Master, 8 for Legendary), Improved Flexibility (when using Combat Flexibility you gain a second feat that can be up to 14th level and can use the first feat to meet prerequisites of second feat), Skill Increase (Legendary Crafting)
16: Advanced Concoction Archetype Feat (Far Lobber Alchemist Feat (alchemical bombs thrown by you have a range increment of 30 feet instead of the normal 20)), Craft Anything General Skill Feat (able to ignore most requirements for crafting items)
17: Unburdened Iron Ancestry Feat (ignore speed reduction from any armor; reduce all other speed reductions by 5-feet (i.e. a -10 foot speed reduction becomes a -5 foot speed reduction)), Armor Mastery (Master Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, and Unarmored Defense), Skill Increase (Legendary Medicine)
18: Advanced Concoction Archetype Feat (Calculated Splash Alchemist Feat (can cause splash damage to become equal to your intelligence modifier instead of the normal amount)), Legendary Medic General Skill Feat (once per day per target, you can spend 1 hour treating that target and attempt to remove a disease or the blinded, deafened, doomed, or drained condition; use the DC of the disease or of the spell or effect that created the condition, if the source is an artifact, above 20th level, or similarly powerful, increase DC by 10)
19: Fleet General Feat (your Speed increases by 5 feet), Skill Increase (Legendary Athletics), Versatile Legend (Legendary Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons, Unarmed Attacks; Master Advanced Weapons and Fighter Class DC)
20: Ability Boosts (+STR, +DEX, +INT, +WIS), Boundless Reprisals Fighter Feat (gain an additional reaction at the start of each enemy's turn), Hefty Hauler General Skill Feat (increase Bulk Capacity by 2)

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The "requirement" of the specially summoned devil having at least as many HD as you was an artifact of the CR system used in 1E Pathfinder. However, with the XP Budget set-up that 2E has I think it shouldn't be too hard to figure out an appropriate challenge for the prospective Hellknight.

Using your 5th-level aspirant example let's look at the descriptions of the two most likely threat levels for such an ordeal.

2E Core Rulebook wrote:

Moderate-threat encounters are a serious challenge to the characters, though unlikely to overpower them completely. Characters usually need to use sound tactics and manage their resources wisely to come out of a moderate-threat encounter ready to continue on and face a harder challenge without resting.

Severe-threat encounters are the hardest encounters most groups of characters can consistently defeat. These encounters are most appropriate for important moments in your story, such as confronting a final boss. Bad luck, poor tactics, or a lack of resources due to prior encounters can easily turn a severe-threat encounter against the characters, and a wise group keeps the option to disengage open.

Now based on the lore of the test, it's really hard to figure out which constitutes enough of a challenge (though I expect LOWG to have some hints at this) for the sake of the example let's say the GM adjudicates it should be a severe-threat.

2E Core Rulebook wrote:

Threat XP Budget Character Adjustment

Severe 120 30

Since the group is the standard 4-man party, and the other party members won't be allowed to render aid during the duel let's subtract 90 XP from the XP Budget due to the aspirant's team-mates being side-lined. That leaves us with a Budget of 30 XP. Since the duel is supposed to be one vs. one, we need a devil that would cost the exact same ammount as the points we have in the Budget. At every level this would be a creature one level lower than the party's overall level. At 5th-level this means we either wait a level so that the Barbazu is level 5 to our level 6, or the GM could use a modified Barbazu.

Within the first few pages of the Bestiary, is a stackable monster template for those monstrous individuals that are a lower-grade challenge for the heroes. We only need to apply it once to get the newly minted Barbazu to be challenging but surmountable opponent for the lone aspirant. The modifications would be as such.

  • Decrease the Barbazu's AC, attack modifiers, DCs, saving throws and skill modifiers by 2.
  • Decrease the damage of its offensive abilities by 2, or 4 if it was an ability that can't just be spammed.
  • Finally reduce HP by a value based on the original level of the monster, in this case the value is 15.

Doing this we get the following freshly minted Barbazu (listing only what's changed).

Newly-formed Barbazu Creature 4:
Perception +11, greater darkvision
Skills Acrobatics +9, Athletics +11, Intimidation +8, Religion +9, Stealth +9
AC 20; Fort +13; Ref +9; Will +9; +1 status to all saves vs. magic
HP 45
Melee glaive +13, Damage 1d8+5 slashing plus 2d6 evil and infernal wound
Melee claw +13, Damage 2d6+5 slashing plus 1d6 evil
Melee beard +13, Damage 1d6+5 piercing plus Avernal Fever
Divine Innate Spells DC 17
Rituals DC 17
Avernal Fever (disease); Saving Throw DC 21 Fortitude
Infernal Wound A bearded devil's glaive Strike also deals 1d6 persistent bleed damage that resists attempts to heal it. The flat check to stop the bleeding starts at DC 18. The DC is reduced to 13 only if the bleeding creature or an ally successfully assists with the recovery. The DC to Administer First Aid to a creature with an Infernal Wound is increased by 3. A spellcaster or item attempting to use healing magic on an afflicted creature must succeed at a DC 19 counteract check or the magic fails.
Wriggling Beard . Frequency once per round. Effect The barbazu make a beard Strike. This Strike ignores their multiple attack penalty and doesn't count toward that penalty, and damage is reduced to 1d6+3 piercing plus Avernal Fever.

Now, had the GM decided that an extreme-threat was appropriate, we would have used the default barbazu; doing so would raise this from a taxing, but likely victory to one where the PC is likely to fail barring strings of lucky rolls on their side or the opposite on the GM's side. or just plain downright in-character cheating such as coming pre-buffed with effects that lasts a moderately long time, though if such were discovered by the test's administrators it would certainly lead to a rescinding of the Hellknight title and expulsion from the order at the very minimum.

I'm currently early in the process of converting the 4E D&D Encounters Adventure "Storm over Neverwinter" to Pathfinder 2E. One of my early roadblocks is the Monster conversions.

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1: Fighter - Brawler
Because not all unarmed warriors should be monks.

2: Monk - Master of Many Styles
However, I do love my kung-fu fighting.

3: Monk - Tetori
Also Wrestling.

4: Rogue - Phantom Thief
Because you want your Rogue to have some class.

5: Fighter - Lore Warden
That dumb muscle stereotype can get mauled by an owlbear. I like my genius bruisers thank you very much.

One of these upgraded with holy, bane (undead), as well as ghost touch. Alternatively, a +2 Ghost-Touch Disruption Amulet of Mighty Fists, for the lolz.

Lord Foul II wrote:

Anyone know of a way to get monk to go off int?

If so wizard/kensei/monk would be great.

While not from Pathfinder, there is a feat from the 3.5 era of Dragon magazine (specifically issue 319 May 2004 page 71; in the "Warriors of the Animal Fist" article by Patrick Younts) that has to be taken at or before the first monk level (so first level for this tristalt). The feat is called Kung Fu Genius, and allows you to base all monk abilities off of INT instead of WIS, requires INT 13 and the above stated timing for taking it.

Monster Hunting Inquisitor:
Race: Dwarf
Class: Inquisitor
Archetype: Sacred Huntsmaster
Deity: Angradd
Trait 1: Beast Bond (Social; Handle Animal is always class skill, +1 trait bonus to Handle Animal and Ride)
Trait 2: Glory of Old (Regional (Five Kings Mountains))

15 Point-Buy

STR: 15 (7 points)
DEX: 13 (3 points)
CON: 14 (5 points)
INT: 12 (2 points)
WIS: 12 (2 points)
CHA: 7 (-4 points)

Starting Stats

STR: 15 (+2 mod)
DEX: 13 (+1 mod)
CON: 16 (+3 mod)
INT: 12 (+1 mod)
WIS: 14 (+2 mod)
CHA: 5 (-3 mod)

Level Progression

1: Animal Companion (Boar; see below), Domain (Tactics Inquisition), Monster Lore, Orisons, Stern Gaze, Cunning
2: Cunning Initiative, Detect Alignment, Track
3: Hunter Tactics, Teamwork Feat (Tribal Hunter), Animal Affinity
4: +1 STR, Animal Focus
5: Bane, Discern Lies, Power Attack
6: Teamwork Feat (Outflank)
7: Weapon Focus (Greataxe)
8: +1 WIS, Improved Empathic Link
9: Teamwork Feat (Paired Opportunist), Dodge
11: Stalwart, Mobility
12: +1 DEX, Greater Bane, Teamwork Feat (Circling Offensive)
13: Combat Reflexes
14: Exploit Weakness
15: Teamwork Feat (Coordinated Charge), Distracting Charge
16: +1 WIS, Raise Animal Companion
17: Second Animal Focus,
18: Teamwork Feat (Duck and Cover)
20: +1 STR, Greater Empathic Link

1: Bonus Trick (Attack), Link, Share Spells, Skills (+1 rank Climb, +1 rank Perception),
2: Skills (+1 rank Swim), Weapon Focus (Gore)
3: Bonus Trick (Hunt), Evasion, Natural Armor Bonus (+2), STR/DEX Bonus
4: +1 INT, Skills (+1 rank Linguistics (Common))
5: Skills (+2 ranks Survival, +4 ranks Perception), Cunning
6: Bonus Trick (), Devotion, Natural Armor Bonus (+4), Skills (+2 ranks Survival), STR/DEX Bonus (+2)
8: Skills (+2 ranks Survival), Cosmopolitan (Dwarven, Terran, Sense Motive always class skill, Survival always class skill)
9: +1 STR, Bonus Trick (), Multiattack, Natural Armor Bonus (+6), Skills
(+2 rank Perception), STR/DEX Bonus (+3)
10: Skills (+2 ranks Survival), Eldritch Claws
12: Bonus Trick (), Natural Armor Bonus (+8), Skills (+2 ranks Survival), STR/DEX Bonus (+4)
13: Skills (+2 ranks Survival), Combat Reflexes
14: +1 WIS, Skills (+2 ranks Perception)
15: Bonus Trick (), Improved Evasion, Natural Armor Bonus (+10), STR/DEX Bonus (+5)
16: Skills (+1 rank Perception, +1 rank Stealth), Power Attack
17: Skills (+2 ranks Sense Motive)
18: Bonus Trick (), Natural Armor Bonus (+12), Skills (+2 ranks Sense Motive), STR/DEX Bonus (+6),
20: +1 CON, Skills (+2 ranks Sense Motive)

Made a little progress on the build(s), but would still like some feedback.

Yeah, I was planning on going melee with a big two-handed weapon which will probably be the Greataxe from my deity.

As for my stats. I devoted that 14 to INT because with the skills I want the character to have (Handle Animal, Intimidate, Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (Nature), Perception, Stealth, and Survival), I need at least 9 skill ranks per level in order to have some extra points to put into other skills such as Climb, Swim, Knowledge (Dungeoneering), Knowledge (Planes), and Knowledge (Religion). The FCB would then go to shore up his HP (since he doesn't have judgements anymore for the Dwarf FCB), though, come to think of it... if I drop INT and WIS to 12, I can get that starting 15 STR, 14 CON, CHA I'm planning to keep so I actually have a chance of starting with more than the one bonus trick, though if I'm allowed to take 20 on Handle Animal to train my companion for the Hunting general purpose it's not as important. I don't necessarily need him to be the best at intimidation. Hmm... decisions, decisions. I need to mull this over.

Anyway, any suggestions on what teamwork feats to aim for?

So I've been getting the urge to build a skillful warrior who hunts monsters, and after much back and forth I have decided on a Dwarf Inquisitor (Sacred Huntsmaster) of Angradd. Below is his build so far as well as his animal companion (both character and animal companion remain unnamed for now).

Monster Hunting Inquisitor:
Race: Dwarf
Class: Inquisitor
Archetype: Sacred Huntsmaster
Deity: Angradd
Trait 1: Beast Bond (Social; Handle Animal is always class skill, +1 trait bonus to Handle Animal and Ride)
Trait 2:

15 Point-Buy

STR: 14 (5 points)
DEX: 10 (0 points)
CON: 10 (0 points)
INT: 14 (5 points)
WIS: 13 (3 points)
CHA: 12 (2 points)

Starting Stats

STR: 14 (+2 mod)
DEX: 10 (+0 mod)
CON: 12 (+1 mod)
INT: 14 (+2 mod)
WIS: 15 (+2 mod)
CHA: 10 (+0 mod)

Level Progression

1: Animal Companion (Boar; see below), Domain (Tactics Inquisition), Monster Lore, Orisons, Stern Gaze, Cunning
2: Cunning Initiative, Detect Alignment, Track
3: Hunter Tactics, Teamwork Feat (),
4: +1 STR, Animal Focus
5: Bane, Discern Lies,
6: Teamwork Feat ()
8: +1 WIS, Improved Empathic Link
9: Teamwork Feat (),
11: Stalwart
12: +1 STR, Greater Bane, Teamwork Feat ()
14: Exploit Weakness
15: Teamwork Feat (),
16: +1 STR, Raise Animal Companion
17: Second Animal Focus
18: Teamwork Feat ()
20: +1 CON, Greater Empathic Link

1: Bonus Trick (Attack), Link, Share Spells, Skills (+1 rank Climb, +1 rank Perception), Intimidating Prowess
2: Skills (+1 rank Swim), Weapon Focus (Gore)
3: Bonus Trick (), Evasion, Natural Armor Bonus (+2), STR/DEX Bonus
4: +1 INT, Skills (+1 rank Linguistics (Common))
5: Skills (+1 rank Intimidate, +1 rank Survival, +4 ranks Perception), Cunning
6: Bonus Trick (), Devotion, Natural Armor Bonus (+4), Skills (+2 ranks Intimidate), STR/DEX Bonus (+2)
8: Skills (+2 ranks Survival), Cosmopolitan (Dwarven, Terran, Intimidate always class skill, Survival always class skill)
9: +1 STR, Bonus Trick (), Multiattack, Natural Armor Bonus (+6), Skills
(+1 rank Intimidate, +1 rank Perception), STR/DEX Bonus (+3)
10: Skills (+1 rank Intimidate, +1 rank Survival), Power Attack
12: Bonus Trick (), Natural Armor Bonus (+8), Skills (+1 rank Intimidate, +1 rank Survival), STR/DEX Bonus (+4)
13: Skills (+2 ranks Intimidate), Improved Natural Attack (Gore)
14: +1 WIS, Skills (+2 ranks Intimidate)
15: Bonus Trick (), Improved Evasion, Natural Armor Bonus (+10), STR/DEX Bonus (+5)
16: Skills (+2 ranks Survival), Eldritch Claws
17: Skills (+2 ranks Survival)
18: Bonus Trick (), Natural Armor Bonus (+12), Skills (+1 rank Perception, +1 rank Survival), STR/DEX Bonus (+6), Improved Natural Armor
20: +1 CON, Skills (+2 ranks Perception)

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Or we could go clubbing.

Oh, World I don't have a problem with in itself. It's the way Capcom have basically given the one finger salute to those of us wanting XX in a language we understand and without having to jump through hoops to get a version that not only do we not understand, but we can't even transfer over our multiple hundreds of hours on Generations.

Well that and the Capcom Apologist Drones saying that the Nintendo based fans deserved to be screwed over.

Personally, I don't think World is going to be successful enough in the west to make up for the losses in Japan that going onto a home console means, but I certainly don't wish it to fail. If it does fail, it could very well be the last Monster Hunter game Capcom makes, at the very least the last that ever gets released outside Japan.

As much as I want to like some of the stuff that got revealed at E3 this year, I have an all-consuming rage at Capcom and its legion of apologists and defenders over how Capcom has screwed over a portion of its Monster Hunter fan base by abruptly switching platforms from the 3DS to the following systems for the first game of the 5th Generation of Monster Hunter: PS4(version available in and outside Japan)/XBOX1(version only available outside Japan)/PC(version only available outside Japan, and releasing later), three much more expensive systems (extremely so for a powerhouse gaming PC like Monster Hunter World will likely require) essentially pricing out a section of their fan base, also there will not be any cross-platform online thanks to Sony's refusal to play ball.

Especially since they (Capcom) are refusing to localize what will likely be the last true Monster Hunter game produced for Nintendo systems; Monster Hunter XX (read as Double Cross, ironically named in light of recent events) when like 80% of the work is done already as it is basically the same game as Generations/X(Cross) except with even more content and the ability to transfer your save data over (this doesn't work across regions so you can't just import XX and transfer your Generations save over). I say systems because they recently announced in Japan that they're working on a version of XX for the Nintendo Switch which will be available in August.

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Hey all, not only did I turn 29 today but it was also my first day as a volunteer worker at the local Habitat For Humanity Re-Store! Things went swimmingly and I feel I really got along well with my co-workers. They even gave me a surprise b-day party. Feels really good to be doing something besides sitting at home.

Just to put it into perspective how much better I feel, ever since I graduated High School I've been looking for work even if it was only a volunteer position, but for one reason or another could never land a job with only two exceptions: a short seasonal position at the local Best Buy that was mostly thanks to the efforts of a job search instructor, and now this volunteer position at the local Re-Store. Now pretty much everyone knows how hard of a job looking for work is, especially when you get nothing but rejections, throw depression and anxiety into the mix and you have a general idea of how negatively I thought about myself when I wasn't able to obsess over something else; whether the flavour of the week was a certain television program, video game, TCG, or books, didn't matter so long as it helped stem the tide of negative self talk.

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Good on you John for being the kind of person the world needs more of. Sad to hear that it was your pastor of all people who betrayed your trust, though glad to hear that the bank is working with you and appears to be investigating the matter.

I sincerely hope that however much was lost, that you are blessed with ten times as much in the near future, whether that be through direct reparation or an improved life situation.

Any changes to Aldori Dueling Disciple and its feat line (for reference: Duelist of the Roaring Falls, Duelist of the Shrouded Lake, and Falling Water Gambit)?

CrystalSeas wrote:

a gentle reminder that some of us have mothers who scream in our faces how much they hate us and have told us repeatedly what horrible people we are.

Hugs for everyone for whom Mother's Day is a fraught holiday.

*joins in the hugs to show support*

While I'm lucky enough not to be in that situation, my heart goes out to those who are.

On an unrelated note, one of the web comics I follow called Assigned Male is getting harassed on its FaceBook page by individuals who are either alt-right or just ****-posting extreme alt-right stances on sexuality and gender identification. This (among other things, but this was the straw that broke the camel's back as it were) has me livid at humanity in general and leaves me wanting to declare WH40K-style exterminatus on this speck. Fortunately, that's not possible. Sharing my frustration has taken the edge off of my rage though and I'm calming down to more rational thought.

Dragon78 wrote:
Well if we are going to have a shape shifting themed archetype for bard then why not ones for hunter, rogue, ranger, slayer, swashbuckler, medium, spiritualist, and monk.

First let's get the obvious ones out of the way.

Hunter: Has one already, the Feral Hunter.
Ranger: Has one already, the Shapeshifter.

As for the others, what would be fair to lose for the Rogue, Slayer, Swashbuckler, Medium, Spiritualist, Monk, or Bard to gain wild shape or an equivalent ability, whether based on the Shifter's or not?

Uncle Teddy's Bear, Fred wrote:

* grabs everyone in a big fluffy bear hug *

Stay awesome, everyone.

I'm German, French-Canadian, Irish, and Native American. What does that make me (besides a mutt)? :)

If I had to guess, y'are Métis.

About the next Street Fighter character, do you mean Dictator or Claw?

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While I can see the Cold Iron Warden Inquisitor archetype working relatively well for some versions of Zelda; I still prefer going with the full casting of Oracle.

As far as Link goes, I actually have a full build for him as a vanilla Slayer that is a switch-hitter, except going sword-and-board for melee instead of two-handed weapon. Even gave him some mad boomerang skills towards the end of the build, because of it being one of the most commonly appearing items in one shape or another in the Zelda franchise. The build's only assumption is for 15 point buy in order to get the most needed stats, though higher point buys will make him just that much stronger.

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It should be pointed out that Zelda is the reincarnation of the goddess Hylia, so I would definitely focus on a divine caster base for Zelda herself. Most likely Oracle as she's not beholden to a deity because she used to be one in her original incarnation. That just leaves what kind of Oracle archetype, Mystery, and Curse.

For archetype I propose Seer, either Lore or Time as the mystery, and Powerless Prophecy for the Curse.

Disappointed at the lack of love that Wonder Maker is getting, it has to be my favourite feat out of this bunch, but then I love the concept of tinker gnomes *rides away on giant space hamster*.

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Oh my, haven't liked an Unearthed Arcana this much since, I think, the wizard and warlock one with specialized invocations for each patron (except Undying).

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Happy Easter! *offers hugs and warm wishes to everyone that wants them, hugs not mandatory for warm wishes*

I had almost the exact opposite opinion on SCAG as you SmiloDan. Almost, because I agree with the fluff being meh. However, the new subraces Duergar, Svirfneblin (even if it's just a reprint of EEPC), and Ghostwise Halflings are fairly well balanced. I actually like the Banneret/PDK more than the Battlemaster out of the PHB, and unless a character concept specifically requires a Champion or Eldritch Knight my go to will be the Banneret. The Backgrounds, while nothing you couldn't make yourself, are at least interesting and provide more specific flavour than some of the PHB ones.

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True but doing 3x unarmed strike damage from constrict, Wis mod x3 + 12 from the full Kraken Style tree, as well as being able to use all three grapple checks to do damage is just so insanely fun. Especially when you get asked how you defeated the evil giant causing trouble for the locals and all your character can say is "I hugged him REAL hard."

When I play a grapple focused character I play a Tetori who grabs the full line of Kraken Style/Throttle/Wrack, alongside Rapid Grappler and anything else that boosts grappling. So I sometimes forget that not everyone does this.

Eh, I don't see it. Not just for the fact that his identity and the fact that he's a makai knight aren't secrets by any definition except maybe that he doesn't go around bragging about the nightmarish horrors he slays. Also, he dons the armor magically in the span of a few seconds, I don't think there's any vigilante archetype that can pull that off (though I could be wrong).

The spell Instant Armor sort of fits, but it only makes full plate at 12th caster level and it's not even magical or masterwork except for the fact that incorporeal creatures can't bypass it the way they do normal armor.

A transforming hero in the vein of Garo. Easy enough in most superhero systems but I want to pull it off in Pathfinder/D&D.

Link from The Legend of Zelda, this is kind of a cheat because I already have a Pathfinder build for him, but just getting to play it would be fun.

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Chess Pwn wrote:
Ryan Freire wrote:
I feel like reposition and drag can be better done by just choosing grapple and using the move with grappled target action. Grapple does damage while moving/controlling.
Grapple by itself doesn't do damage AND move. If you succeed your grapple check you can do the damage, or the move options, not both.

Probably used to playing a Tetori (who gets constrict), or using the Kraken Style feat line, or both for the free damage on successful grapple checks.

I rather liked it despite some nitpicks and my dislike of Alpha 5's design. Admittedly Alpha does look better in motion than in stills, but the classic just looks nicer IMO.

While not exclusively for 5E I find Dungeon Grappling by Gaming Ballistic interesting if you like that kind of tactic (or if you're a GM looking to make common and fantasy animals worthy threats rather than cannon fodder, and monsters flat out terrifying). It's more limited in scope than something like the Tome of Beasts as it's strictly focused on grappling and how to make it as engaging as swinging a sword or casting a spell.

It's a little on the pricey side if you just use the 5E section but it also supports other game systems including OSR stuff, and Pathfinder, as well as brief suggestions on how to adapt the methodology to systems that aren't covered.

Hope so, will test by changing password.

Edit: Seems to have resolved itself as I'm not getting any warning now.

When I went to login after accidentally logging off, my browser gave warnings that connection was not secure.

While this might be cheating as I did get to play the character for a little bit, he didn't last a full campaign. I present Fray Tejón the Gnome luchador/priest of Segojan Earthcaller. Made him for a 4E game as a Gnome Brawler Fighter with the Ordained Priest theme, eventually he would have been able to suplex giants.

A concept I haven't done (mostly because I haven't figured out the logistics of how to do it) is a character whose choice of weapon is a deck of cards. Now before I get all and sundry stating that you can already do this in at least Pathfinder let me stop you right there. I don't mean in the "throw cards at enemies Gambit style" of using a deck of cards. Oh no, I mean that when fists start flying he pulls out his deck and plays a (possibly children's) card game to defeat his foes.

A toast you say?

Not sorry.

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TerminalArtiste wrote:


** spoiler omitted **

As someone who turns 29 in a handful of months who's never been in a relationship his whole life let me just say this to start: it doesn't matter, despite what society tells you, whether you have sex or not. It isn't a necessity.

Rant on society's obsession with sex:
I've heard all and sundry being described as being "sexy" or having to be so, and frankly I'm ******* sick of it. Everything from food items to stat bonuses in video games. It's absurd, and honestly more than a little unhealthy since it creates this expectation that if you aren't regularly engaging in sexual activity, there must be something wrong with you; which is utter BS. I would continue but I'm starting to get really angry and finding it harder and harder to maintain a train of thought without devolving into angrish.

*Belated hugs for Slothsy*

Petty Alchemy wrote:
Not sure I agree with the Arcane Archer working better as a ranger archetype, since the Ranger is traditionally a divine caster. If the Fighter has the Eldritch Knight, Arcane Archer seems like a natural fit as well.

I see where you're coming from, though I disagree with it. The divide between arcane and divine magic (and primal) simply doesn't exist in 5E. Besides, with all the ranged weapon attack boosting spells that the Ranger has access to that no other class does; makes them more of an Arcane Archer in my books than a Fighter archetype that doesn't even get spells.

My Thoughts:
Arcane Archer: The Arcane Archer already existed, it was called Ranger. If they had to do it as an archetype it should have been for the Ranger.

Knight: Cavalier from Kits of Old did this better.

Samurai: Should have had a focused version of the superiority die mechanic similar to the Scout's from Kits of Old except the applicable skills should be Athletics, History, Insight, Perception, or Persuasion, and a damage option that, like the cavalier's, is limited by weapon type; specifically to longbows and longswords. Drop Elegant Courtier (and add Bonus Proficiencies at 3rd level in two of: Animal Handling, History, Insight, or Persuasion) and Rapid Strike (for Relentless), keep Unbreakable Will, and alter Strength Before Death so that in addition to the normal effect, you're superiority dice increase in size one step to d10s.

Sharpshooter: No real opinions on this one. Just doesn't have much that sparks my imagination.

Except not, the link to the PDF doesn't work yet. Been trying since the page went up.

Personally, as far as Fighter is concerned, I hope they go more in the direction of the two archetypes from the kits of old Unearthed Arcana. Battlemaster is fine on paper, but with no higher level abilities for combat (just more selections from those they didn't pick at 3rd level) it really feels lackluster next to Champion (which gets a second fighting style and another increase in threat range in addition to the 3rd level one) and Eldritch Knight (which eventually gets 3rd-level and 4th-level spells). Purple Dragon Knight is also more interesting because it feels more like a leader than a Battlemaster that picked Commander's Strike and Rally.

While not technically a grognard by most metrics (born about a decade or two too late for playing the real old-school stuff, only got to start around the 3.X era when I was in my mid-teens) I'm the closest thing to one in most of my groups because I've been aware of D&D for about as long as I can remember.

It started when I was exposed as a wee lad to Tower of Doom at an arcade (at least I think that's how it went, the memory has gotten fuzzy with time), and only grew when some years later I heard about Shadows over Mystara. To this day some of my favourite settings are those born from AD&D 2E or earlier (Mystara/Known World/Red Steel/Savage Coast/Hollow World, Dark Sun, Greyhawk, Spelljammer, Planescape, Ravenloft, sections of the Forgotten Realms that aren't overused and therefor aren't as saturated with high-level NPCs as the Dead Sea is saturated with salt).

For this kind of build I recommend V.Human with your starting feat as Tavern Brawler (for proficiency in improvised weapons and d4 unarmed strike). Fighter obviously for the increased number of ASIs/feats.

Like Steve I'd homebrew a feat that further enhances this unique combat style. Just spit-balling here but something like:

Shield Champion
Prerequisite: Shield Master
You have mastered techniques of using a shield as a weapon. You gain the following benefits.

  • You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls made with a shield.
  • Donning or doffing a shield no longer takes an action.
  • When you use a shield as an improvised weapon, you use a d6 for damage and its throwing range increases to 30/120.

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Happy second Thanksgiving. I'm thankful that despite the unpleasantness of late, there are still people standing up for what is right. I wish I had something inspirational to say, but I think that Leonard Nimoy said it best "live long, and prosper."

Can't wait til tomorrow when I can pick up the latest issue from my pull box.

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