Ideas to adapt Final Fantasy XIV to pathfinder 2?


Long time since I posted (even if I still lurk around here reading), but I would like to use Pathfinder 2ed for Final Fantasy XIV setting.

I have clear how to do some things (Lalafell as halflings, Miqo'te as catfolk, bard is ranger with bard multiclass feats, while dancer IS Pathfinder 2 bard), but on other things, specially regarding tanks, I have no idea ow to proceed. Warrior is totally different on both settings, and Gunbreaker seems really different to anything on Pathfinder 2.
I have no problems doing some tweaking to PF2 classes, things like White Mage is cloistered cleric with some elemental ofensive cantrips. I would appreciate any help. ^^

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Ample use of free archetype should help with a lot --

PLD = Shield Ally Champion, maybe with a cleric archetype
WAR = Fighter maybe with Barbarian Dedication, or Barbarian w/ Sentinel
GNB = Gunslinger (Vanguard or Drifter) w/ Sentinel
DRK = Fighter w/ Sorcerer Archetype

WHM = Cloistered Cleric w/ Primal sorceror archetype
SCH = This one is a bit tough IMO, Maybe an Abjurer Wizard w/ Cleric MC. Maybe Cleric w/ Familiar Master. Neither feels right
AST = Another tough one: Cosmos Oracle might fit for somewhat
SGE = not sure how it would work, but either Cleric or Abjuration wizard + Inventor archetype should feel close to theme, abilities might be a bit wonky

The melee's are a bit tough, since three of them are basically just Fighter with different weapon groups (sword, polearm, etc) The combat style archetypes don't line up too well (Mauler for instance)
MNK = Monk
NIN = Thief Rogue w/ primal sorcerer
DRG = Fighter maybe with acrobat dedication, but pure fighter is closer I think
SAM = Fighter
RPR = Fighter maybe with an occult casting dedication

BRD = Ranger + Bard as you said
MCH = Gunslinger w/ Inventor MC

BLM = Evocation Wizard or Imperial Sorcerer
SMN = Summoner
RDM = Primal Sorceror w/ Swashbuckler MC

Thanks for the answer. Some of those ideas seems good and I surely will use them. Right now I am thinking something like...

Paladin (PLD): Champion Paladin/Redeemer + Cleric (this one looks one of the easier to adapt)

Warrior (WAR): Barbarian + Sentinel (theme is near perfect, but mechanics are not, too much damage and lacks the absurd self healing)

Gunbreaker (GNB): Gunslinger Drifter / Vanguard + Sentinel (looks good)

Dark Knight (DRK): Champion with custom cause + Cathartic Magic (champion is perfect, but no current cause looks adecuate, should look evil but NOT being evil. Emotion should be Anger, Hatred, Misery or Remorse)

White Mage (WHM): Cloistered cleric + druid (near perfect)

Scholar (SCH):Honestly, no idea. This is one of the XXIV jobs I know less of. Only sure is that needs an useful familiar

Astrologer (AST): Oracle with a mix of Cosmos and Lore mysteries. Not perfect, but can work. No idea of which dedication

Sage (SGE): Looks more like a Starfinder class with those lasers and medicine in-combat healing. What would be the best analitical/"science" healer?

Monk (MNK):Monk, quite easy, even if XXIV monk is more glass cannon

Ninja (NIN): Rogue thief + some elemental sorcerer dedication, more arcane than primal.

Dragoon (DRG):Here I am more thinking on some variation of acrobat Swashbuckler with spears, dedication mauler.

Samurai (SAM): One weapon Fighter, no idea on dedication.

Reaper (RPR): Thaumaturge with Tome or Weapon implement + Summoner dedication (wonky dedication, but seems the more fitting one)

Bard (BRD):Ranger + bard (near perfect match)

Dancer (DNC): Bard + acrobat (not sure here; theme is near perfect, but mechanics are VERY different)

Machinist (MCH): Gunslinger + inventor (near perfect equivalent)

Black Mage (BLM): Evocation wizard + ocultist witch dedication (something caster-y and spooky for dedication)

Summoner (SMN): Summoner + evocation wizard (easy one)

Red mage (RDM): Magus laughing shadow + swashbuckler (should do the trick)

On ancestries...
Hyur - Human
Elezen - Elf, but with no long lifespan, that is for Viera
Miqo'te - Catfolk. Miqo'te Rules, always ^^
Lalafell - halfling, maybe with some dwarf details.
Roegadyn - Orc, with less savagery (not many big options on PF2)
Au Ra, Viera and Hrothgar...not good equivalents, sadly. Should work on them from zero.

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A couple of things to think about --
1) Are you targeting a particular era/expansion of the setting. If you'
re skipping EW for example dropping RPR and SGE gets rid of two of the hardest ones to capture. Pre-ShB drops GNB and DNC, both had OK matches, but and still have lore reasons to be present. But the choice of setting also informs some of what balance/identity was critical at that time period. (Like WAR for instance was "too much damage" during some of the earlier expansions :) )

2) Most jobs in general are a touch too self-sufficent in FF since there's a lot of solo content. WAR with its insane self-healing is a poster child of it. So you'll always have to be prepare for certain bits of the job lore/feel to go away, you'll just need to decide what. Emnity/tanking is of course completely different so tanks will always have some interesting choices -- you can lean on Champion for the champions's reaction (and high AC), Sentinel (for high AC), or Fighter (other martial) for AoA/battlefield control.

3) Shield Healing, likewise is kinda tough, I don't think we have a solid "temp HP for others" cantrip yet. I did get some great use of of the Witch's Blood Ward hex. A custom patron for a Witch might work for SCH as a result. I'd still be cautious about leaning too heavily on a "useful familiar" for SCH though -- even the special Witch's familiar will not match up to the class fantasy in my opinion. I was looking at an Angelic Summoner w/ Witch dedication, but the eidolon doesn't have any healing abilities (unless you spend the a lot of feats on it. Fey Summoner w/ Witch dedication might actually work -- your eidolon gets the spellcasting feats automatically. You don't really care about the expanding Illusions/Enchantment though. If you're homebrewing stuff, exploring some alternate divine eidolon abilities might be able to get you close.

4) As another option on DRG -- Fighter w/ Dragon Barb Dedication. It loses the "acrobat" flavor for leaps but gets a small damager buff for the boosted life of the dragon buffs. Homebrewing a Polearm swashbuckler w/ dragon barb would probably be even better, but could be a balance nightmare.

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