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UnArcaneElection wrote:
Claxon wrote:
thejeff wrote:

Welcome to live pretty much anywhere before the modern era, and still in a lot of places.

The point isn't that Cheliax is wonderful, it's that it's surprisingly not awful for a country run by devils. And that there are plenty of worse places in Golarion.

Exactly, thank you! You get what I'm trying to say.

Yes, s%%# can be bad for certain individuals. But UnArcaneElection was focusing too much on individual outcomes and not the whole.
{. . .}

Not just individuals (although when bad stuff happens to a lot of individuals, it adds up), but also whole demographic groups (including but almost certainly not limited to Halflings and Tieflings).

Maybe if you want to be treated like a human being, you should have been born as one. Stupid slips...

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The afterlife is a massive scam. 'You' die as an entity when your life ends. Afterlife strips you down and turns you into the fabric of the plane. I'm not gonna waste my life suffering and sacrificing for the weak so I can go to Heaven and get f+$&ing processed. Gonna get my rewards while I'm here to enjoy them.

Asmodeus. Popular, powerful, has his own (awesome) country, Imp familiars are useful, lots of special rules and items.

Glory to the Prince of Darkness.

pezlerpolychromatic wrote:
Asmodeus, Prince of Darkness wrote:
C'mon! Sign the contract! What have you got to lose! It's a sure thing!
He looks trustworthy.


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LG has Paladin, CE has Anti-Paladin and LE has Tyrant.

Chaotic Good, despite being the obvious favorite of the devs, is the only one left out in the cold from delicious, Charisma-scaling badassery.

...as it should be. *polishes spiky armor*

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I don't get all the hubub about evil spells. They're not chaotic or anything crazy like that. I know lots of devils, and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't give us a spell that had any nasty consequences.

Maidrayne Vox


Take Soulless Gaze and any other Damnation feat.

PFSRD - Soulless Gaze wrote:
Two Damnation Feats: When you demoralize a creatures more than once using Intimidate, you can create stronger fear conditions rather than increasing the duration of the shaken condition.

Only costs your immortal soul. Refer a friend!

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The Dark Prince be praised! The sourcebook of prophecy is upon us!

Oh thank god.

Wait what? Why did they retcon LG Centaur!? ;(

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I always wear my numbername tag.

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F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Captain collateral damage wrote:
Noooooo. I wanna play as the Glorious Reclamation instead.

That one there. Take it away.

We don't brook distention in Imperial Cheliax.

Yes, milord.

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The NPC wrote:
The kineticists have to have something to do because idle hands are Asmodeus's playthings.

That claim has never been substantiated.

Please cease and desist before we are forced to take legal action. With swords.

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There's also the Worldwound. LG Archons and LE Devils working to stop CE Demons. Mendevian crusades include a decent number of Lawful Evil folks, I'm sure.

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There's way too much misinformation about Hellknights in this thread.

Hellknights are not an Asmodean organization, or even a Thrune-run organization. There are plenty of Asmodeans and Thrune-thugs in the Hellknights of course, because they're a Lawful organization that mostly operates out of Cheliax, but a Good person who joins the Hellknights to uphold righteous law is not deluded nor slowly succumbing to Evil any more than an Evil person who joins is being tempted by the light.

They're ridiculously hard on themselves, and they take their jobs very seriously, but whether you commit Evil to uphold the law or restrain yourself to walk the hard path to Heaven, it's on you. The Hellknights, as an organization, don't care either way as long as the law is enforced and stability is achieved.

The difference between Orders and their leadership is what will mostly determine this sort of thing. If you join an Order devoted to slaughtering anyone who voices dissent, then yeah, you're probably Evil... because you chose to join that Order. You could join any number of other Good-friendly orders (Order of the Chain, Order of the Scourge, Order of the Pike, Order of the Scar, Order of the Torrent, Order of the Godclaw).

Linxia's not Evil for choosing to join the Hellknights. She's Evil because she was raised by Asmodeans in Cheliax and drowned herself in the Kool-aid.

Dragonchess Player wrote:

Note that certain orders (Order of the Nail, Order of the Pyre, Order of the Rack; Order of the Crux, Order of the Coil) are unlikely to be compatible with a paladin as a member. Their mindsets are likely to clash with a LG alignment.

Other orders (Order of the Chain, Order of the Gate, Order of the Scourge; Order of the Pike, Order of the Scar) are possibly compatible for a paladin member, although paladins would need to be careful. Paladin members of these orders would probably be less "extreme" in combating the order's chosen corruption.

Then, there are the orders (Order of the Godclaw; Order of the Torrent) that are mostly compatible with a paladin as a member. Paladins would have few difficulties with membership in these orders.

Order of the Nail actually has a LG Centaur, Maidrayne Vox, as their Mistress of Blades. I've heard that Orders generally give their Paladin members assignments that won't spark a Good vs. Law thing, because it's worth the power and good PR a Paladin brings to your cause.

NG, Hellknight.

You've already goofed.

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lemeres wrote:
there are even some (misguided) paladins

Your tongue, hold it.

Paladins can be worshippers of Abadar and Iomedae, stringintly Lawful patrons. There is an Oath against Chaos that Paladins can take enforcing even more of a code on themselves.

There is nothing misguided about a Paladin who feels he does the most Good by being a bastion of Law. That's the whole point of Paladins in the first place.

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Whole lotta uppity slips in here...

Congratulations on figuring out how your racial weapon works. Only a couple thousand years behind the rest of us.

Typical Slips.

Haldir wrote:

Seen the cover for Agents of Evil today. There are 3 characters on there that appear to be some of the evil iconics.

Red Mantis
Razmir follower

Curious if these 3 are part of the evil iconics.

(first time I've heard or seen the book actually)

Saw it myself after I read your post. I'd say they're unrevealed Iconics. Sad that the Iconic Hellknight will probably be Evil, but Razmir follower has to be non-Good and Red Mantis Assassins basically have to be Lawful Evil.

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Just make sure to be Lawful, and everything else will go well.

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LazarX wrote:
In the Warhammer Paradigm, Chaos is ultimately the single primal force with Law just actually only an aspect of Chaos. And ultimately everything that came from Chaos will return kicking and screaming back to it. Is that close to how the universe or multiverse that Golarion is contained in operates?


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Heard you were talkin' s@%$... and writing it on public property without written consent of it's owner or owners.

I'll stab the rebel right out of you.

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If savages will run wild in all regions of the world, then we will be there to meet them.

Also, it's lovely in the fall.

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Entryhazard wrote:
Hellknight #685,340 wrote:
I like strict rules, for some reason.
I was about to make a joke about your alignment being Lawful but then I noticed your nickname

I aim to please.

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If there are no hard and fast rules to Alignment, it shouldn't be part of the game's mechanics.

I like strict rules, for some reason.

bookrat wrote:
Hellknight #685,340 wrote:
I just want a 1-20 Hellknight and a Full-BAB Shapeshifter.
The Feral Hunter is close. 3/4 BAB.

The idea was no spells and full-BAB, but that's about as close as I've seen.

I just want a 1-20 Hellknight and a Full-BAB Shapeshifter.

Depending on the DM, Paladins don't need to be devoted to gods. Have to ask before you make that decision.

If you really want to be LN instead of LG, Steelblood/Untouchable Bloodrager would work. Even skip Untouchable and just use low level Bloodrager spells that don't need to scale like Cheetah's Sprint, Enlarge Person, Long Arm or True Strike.

Prestige classing is tough because you get so many good things for sticking to a base class. Oath against Chaos Paladin just made sense because you were aiming for Smite Chaos anyway and Divine Grace doesn't have any level based scaling.

Good luck, soldier.

Any time not spent stymieing the forces of Chaos to ensure a safe future for our progeny is time wasted.

I refuse to stop 'adventuring'.