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What is the deal with selling map packs with battlemaps with a scale of 1 square = 10 or 20 feet but not having a high enough image quality to use the darn thing? I am running the Tyranys Grasp AP and this thing is covered in useless maps that I have to remake. I am paying for the convenience to not have to do that.

Why can the Fantasy Grounds software get the high quality maps?

The question has come up if the Discord Bottle from the Wrath of Thrune AP would break invisibility when it is unstoppered as the player does not cast any type of spell and it would be more like cutting a bridge. I thought it was clear that if you unstopper it and someone is in the area of effect that required a saving throw it would break it. If someone walked into the area of effect it would not. The counterpoint is it is not casting a spell or activating an item just moving a stopper being the action. What happens after that is out of control of the user and as even the user has to make the save meaning that the user does not control or direct it.

Some time ago I remember an encounter where the PCs have to sneak onto a galleon and cut the lines to the rudder. Does anyone know what AP that is from? I am searching and having no luck finding it. Thanks

Trying to find a rule on this I can reference on if the arrows fired by a flaming skeleton get to add the 1d6 fire damage to arrows fired. Thank you.

I have a player that is playing in our evil AP path and is playing a necromancer to fairly good effect. He is wanting to make a custom item that allows him to command undead at range non-verbally and allow him to see through his minion's eyes with concentration. I am at a loss on what an item would cost and can not find anything even close other than a helm of telepathy. Anyone have any ideas?

I am joining a very low magic item game soon and was thinking what would be a good class to play? I am talking at level 7 and there are only two +1 weapons in the party. I am thinking a black blade magus or summoner would be ideal. Any other suggestions?

Does anyone know what the next official pathfinder product that is going to have support for the Kineticist is going to be. Like most I love the class but would like to see some more options for lower level powers and some interesting feats for them.

I am currently playing in a game with a level 3 air Kineticist who selected electric bolt. I am facing multiple foes who are using resist energy. It seems that I am going to be screwed until level 7 when I can get another attack type. Having no way to get past energy resistance for other than fire is a problem.

I could have sworn that I had seen a post stating that Air's Reach infusion effects all air based blasts including lightning ones and not just the physical air blasts. Can anyone direct me to it as I would like to have a clear ruling before it becomes an issue. Thank You!

I am building a new kineticist character for a new game and I am debating on what way to build. It is 20 point buy and going to be low magic and wealth. That said I am between going air for fly at 6th and bolt at 10th. That or water for the better AC and getting impale. Then becomes the debate on physical or energy?

Going human and picking up point blank and precise shot but open after that. Any thoughts?

I am looking to create version for pathfinder of several characters from the Supernatural TV show. Anyone have any ideas.

Sam, fighter/investigator

Dean gun using swashbuckler

Kas. Synth summoner

Anyone have any ideas on builds?

I am looking to make a summoner synthisist build but I know that it is very easy to make errors so thought I would put it up and make sure I am not making any huge errors. The basic idea is to get the Drow Nobility chain done to get deeper darkness at will and use blind fighting (and at some point blindsense) to fight things in the darkness.

Race: Drow at 8th
Str: 13 +1
Dex: 14 +2
Con: 11 +0
Int: 14 +2
Wis: 16 +3
Cha: 18 +4
HP: 50
1 Marial Weapon Bardiche
3 Blind Fighting
5 Drow Nobility
7 Improved Drow Nobility

Eidolon: Angle
Apears as a four armed angel in plate mail armor
Evolution Points 11
Base Form Biped (Claws)
Ability Scores Str 30, Dex 13, Con 17
Speed: 30ft
HP: base 50 + con boost 24 + base Eidolon 51 = 74 HP and 51 temp (125)

Evolutions (11)
Limbs (2)
Improved Natural Armor (1)
Large Size (4)
Immunity Fire(2)

Belt of Giant Str +2
+1 Keen Admantine Bardiche Large Sized
+1 Keen Rapier Large Sized
Bardiche +16/+11 2d8+16 17-20 X2 with 20 foot (or would it be 15?) reach
Rapier +16/+11 1d8+11 15-20 X2 with 10 foot reach

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The spell Damnation Stride states that it has a duration of 1 minutes/level, can you use it every round or once you teleport with it once does the spell end?

Ok so I have a player who is using a double pistol and am I correct that the only minus for taking the double shot is a -4 to hit? There is no drop in range like the double musket has and you can take multiple double shots per round as long as you can reload as a free action. This seems to me to be borderline broken to double someones damage.

I did a search and could not find any. I am wondering what would be better to focus on for not only stats but also feats. I am guessing that having a high int and combat casting are a given but what after that? Would you have the stats to try to go high str or would the minuses to casting that would cause just work against you? Here are the stats I am looking at.

Str 14
Dex 14
Con 12
Int 18
Wis 12
Chr 9

And for feats

H: Weapon Focus Scimitar
1: Combat casting

OK I am sorry if this is covered else where but after reading and searching I can not find the answer. How do you well what hexes are what terrain type? yes water and mountains and even forests are easy but what is a hills hex or plains? Are the darker green hexes all hills, are the light hexes to the north the only plains?