Does animated flaming skeleton archer add fire damage to arrows?

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Trying to find a rule on this I can reference on if the arrows fired by a flaming skeleton get to add the 1d6 fire damage to arrows fired. Thank you.

No. As you can read on the bottom of this page, a Burning skeleton deals fire damage with its melee attacjs. There's no mention of ranged attacks, thus they are unaffected.

That is just what I was looking for, thanks

It can be done though, kind of.

Fire Forged Steel can be made into arrow heads. 15gp per arrow, but they count as masterwork. If exsposed to heat, they deal 1d4 fire damage on a hit. If the attacker is also wearing Fire Forged Steel armor, this increases to 1d6. A Fire Forged Steel chain shirt costs 1100gp, and is also masterwork.

Fire Forged Steel

Hmmm. . 600gp melee weapon would arguably do 2d6 fire in this case.

Fire-Forged Steel wrote:
If the weapon is exposed to 10 points or more of fire damage...

I don't think the skeleton's flames will work.

Liberty's Edge

RAW is no, but I might well do it anyway for Rule of Cool...

It does not list a time frame the arrows have to receive that damage in... two or 3 rounds of exposure.... if you have the armor it lasts for 4 rounds....

Yes I know, it does not CLEARLY work, hence the "kind of" above.

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