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"I'm glad that you like it here in Valwick," Halfpocket says, bagging up all the items in a burlap sack. He hands the bag to Gashka. "I hope to see you again soon."

"Excellent," Halfpocket responds, calculating the total of Gashka and Chris' purchases. "That'll be five gold, all in all."

"Of course," Halfpocket says, leading the couple to where the dinnerware is. "The bath and bedding is just across the room."

The halfling smiles as Chris and Gashka enter, walking away from a customer to approach them. "Good day. Looking for something in particular?"

"I guess so," Halfpocket answers with a slight shrug. "Since you shoveled all that snow for me, you can just take it. Most people don't know how to use it, so it'd just gather dust on the shelf."

Halfpocket thinks for a moment. "Oh, I do have one of those strange things. Came in from Alarion just the other day."

He leads the way back into the shop and produces a small bowl which has a dome with ridges in the middle of it. "You cut the orange in half and then put the fruit against this dome. I suppose you twist the orange to get the juice out of it and it ends up in the bowl."

"Thank you, Rajni," Halfpocket says. "Was there something you needed or are you going around randomly doing good deeds for people?"

"Oh, all I can get," Halfpocket sighs. "Shovels for people my size aren't good enough when it's this deep."

Rajni finds Halfpocket trying to clear snow out of the way of his shop's door.

"Be safe out there, Rajni."

"Yes, not many people out and about," Halfpocket says. "Besides neither of us need to get sick."

Rajni finds Halfpocket, bundled up, hanging a sign on the door.

"That'll be five gold," Halfpocket says.

Halfpocket brings down a pair of ornate silver goblets from a nearby shelf. "What do you think?"

Halfpocket pulls out a royal blue tablecloth. "How about this one?"

Halfpocket shakes his head. "I just have pretty average colors here and only one kind of material. Not many people want fancy tablecloths."

Halfpocket nods, going to some boxes. "Any particular color you want?"

"I think I might have something," Halfpocket says, rummaging through a box. "Not many people come looking for the nonessential things, so I don't order that much."

He pulls out two small brass candle holders. "Here we go."

Halfpocket hops off his stool and goes to the shelves. "I'm guessing you want some of those long tapered candles instead of those fat ones, right?"

"Welcome, welcome," Halfpocket says as Jin and Laenid enter. "What can I help you find?"

Halfpocket digs around under the counter and produces a large canvas bag for Rajni. "You can bring that back whenever you get a chance."

"It's not a problem," Halfpocket says. "Did you need a bag?"

"It'll slow down soon," Halfpocket says. "Word from some of these new arrivals is that the weather is going to hold out much longer for travel. The last ship that came in ended up with a broken mast. Anyway, I hope you have fun. I'll make sure that your work room is nice and neat for when you get back, though it might be a little full."

He calculates Rajni's purchases. "Did you want to pick that up with your pay from today?"

"Doing some shopping, Rajni?" Halfpocket asks as he returns to the counter.

"Welcome back," Halfpocket says as Rajni enters the store. He quickly goes back to helping several customers in the store.

Halfpocket gathers Jin's order. "Let's see here...that'll be forty gold, all in all."

"Were you wanting a pot or a pan? Or both?" Halfpocket asks in return.

"Afternoon," Halfpocket says as the Summoners and the Midwife walk into his store. "What can I help you find today?"

Halfpocket shakes his head. "No, it's been pretty slow today. If you want to head off, you can."

"Just let me know."

Halfpocket scratches his beard. "Well, I don't see why not, but just expect for your work to be waiting for you. Maybe it'll be a full day's work when you get back. "

He lets out a well-meaning laugh. "I'm not sure about where you can get firewood, though. Most people still gather from the woods and no one's really stepped in to collect for the town. Might ask at the temple. I know they gather some firewood for the elderly."

"Three copper," Halfpocket answers.

"I believe so," Halfpocket says. "It used to be a primer at one of Alarion's culinary institutes. I hear that those schools have gotten more about fancy presentation than flavor."

He walks over to the books and takes a copy of one of the thinner cookbooks. "Here you are."

Halfpocket nods at Rajni. "There isn't much in the back, but it should keep you busy for a couple of hours."

He then returns his attention to Drago. "I have three different books. Were you looking for something in particular?"

"Good morning," Halfpocket says as Drago walks in. "Looking for something in particular?"

"Oh, I don't mind seeing folks multiple times a day. That'll be three gold," Halfpocket says to Gashka.

Halfpocket smiles as Yulia and Drago leave the shop. "Come back soon."

Halfpocket takes the coin and hands the waffle iron to Yulia. "I know, you have to budget with a child on the way and all."

"One gold," Halfpocket says, putting the mithral waffle iron back on the shelf and grabbing a common one.

"I do, but it's a little pricey," Halfpocket says, going over to one of the shelves and bringing down the metal contraption. "It's one thousand two hundred and sixty gold, but nothing will ever stick to it...most of the time."

Halfpocket looks over the purchases. "That'll be fifteen gold for all of it."

"I'm always happy to help," Halfpocket says. "Take your time."

Halfpocket nods. "Just enjoy the rest of the evening with them and then handle a few more things tomorrow. That'll be thirty gold, all in all."

"I think you shouldn't try and think of everything at once," Halfpocket says, totaling Gashka's purchases. "While it may seem that you have a lot on your plate, it will be manageable if you take it one day at a time. I'm pretty sure they don't expect you to do everything for them. It'll work out if you just take it slow."

"That should get them through the night, I would think."

Halfpocket helps Gashka gather the requested items. "Will that be all?"

"Back again?" Halfpocket asks Gashka as she walks in.

Halfpocket smiles and shakes his head. "My place is here. You have fun tomorrow."

"If you're going to attend, you can take the day off," Halfpocket answers. "I'm going to be here since I don't get invited to things anyway."

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Halfpocket shakes his head and hands Rajni a gold piece. "Thank you for all your help today."

Just remember that a person can live in a decent home for 10 gp a month. I'm not being stingy.

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