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The highest strength you can get from classes is by combining barbarian and alchemist. I'll leave it to you to find the best mix.

It's not so much strong classes as strong choices. From the title alone you should know that cold resistance is a must. I've got mine from being a suli.

If it's an enchanted stave, anyone with spellcasting should be able to add a charge. The only restriction is one charge per day.

Thank you all. Much of what was suggested was what initially jumped out at me.

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I've just been informed our game is going mythic. I have an oath of vengeance paladin, two-handing a falchion and focused on smiting and diplomacy. I'm pretty certain I want to go the champion route and dual-path marshal, and I kinda want a legendary weapon. Any suggestions beyond (or in spite of) that?

No, they aren't better. The summoner and oracle both exist.

+1 on the beasts suggestion. Even more than summoned I'd suggest trained ones/controlled ones. Think beast-man from he-man. Usually on the losing sideof things, yes, but always witha fresh supply of forces. At that point you have elves with golems, boh of which are rarer in th world, dwarves who can steadfastly keep producing quality at a reasonable pace, and orcs who breed like mad along with the exotic beasts they roam with.

No, you can't, unless you do something like this

Gah!! Lots of spoilers here, guys. If you're going to say "X AP has Y encounters" use a spoiler button.

That being said, I think I've only ever encountered one mephit in my adventuring career. I may have to write some into my current game...

I didn't even think to check the Pally guides. Thank you.

I believe gish stands for Get In Some Hits. It applies to a spellcaster who acts like a fighter.

I'm making a paladin for a reign of winter campaign (Suli, oath of vengeance, sword and board). I'm completely lost as to which mercies I should choose. Thoughts?

It's powerful in that it retains your stealth indefinitely. However, it only makes sniping with one shot per round viable at mythic tier 10. Something that isn't very viable until that point. Although I smell some sort of vital strike build coming on...

I like the tormentor build, and I understand you aren't going for optimization (which is why I'm going to say go with the greatsword rather than a reach weapon because Conan carried a big damn sword), but I would suggest getting combat reflexes and quick reflexes instead of animal fury and cornugnon smash. You'll want the extra AO's for come and get me, and just in general.

I agree that you're asking for help building a perfect character. However, assuming this isn't a joke, the best martial combo is going to be Invulnerable Rager Barbarian/Lame Oracle of Battle (18s,16d,16c,10i,16w,16c). Pick up war sight and surprising charge for revelations, and beast totem and the spell sunder line for rage powers. You can self buff, very little magic hurts you or stops you, you can rage cycle, and you full attack almost every turn (if your DM likes difficult terrain add in dragon style). Suli excel for this combo.

I know it's not as popular, but combining two full casting classes makes you a game breaker imho. Combining wizard and cleric (10s,18d,18c,18i,18w,10c) gives you access to almost every spell in the game, and going diviner(foresight)/whatever you like (I like magic: arcane or travel) means you go first and if you've invested in scrolls you can handle any situation that comes up. Samsarans with the past life racial trait not only get a dex and wis boost, but you can pick the few spells you are missing and add them to your list.

There are other fun options to explore (like rouge/cavalier and two weapon fighting for both challenge damage and sneak attack using your mount companion as a flanking buddy, or summoner/druid and running a cadre of beasties) but those are the two major powerhouses.

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Noireve wrote:
A level 20 wizard is only really matched by another lvl 20 full caster. To suggest otherwise is stupid.

AM Barbarian.

Since you obviously have to change a few things anyway I would suggest going straight cleric and finding a pair of domains that give you spells you want from the wizard/sorc list. Clerics get a bad rap, but as prepared casters they have a lot of versitility and can single handedly tip the tide of most battles with a little planning (especially since they 'know' all of the spells on their list).

Is there such a thing as too high?

The highest paizo published monster attack bonus is +44, without buffs, belonging to this charming devil.

The highest attack bonus attainable by a PC that I can think of would be slightly higher (48 - 52 I think, but I don't have time to put that together right this second), and of course you could up that with a template, but it'd either break the rules or use up way to many resources to be bothered with.

Gunslingers, tweaked save or suck wizards (magic users in general), and anything with a brilliant energy weapon are really your only concern when it comes to being hit at all, really. Although the super high AC builds make me miss the 3.5 missle master...

To alternate attacks you'd have to have more than one attack. While charging you only get one attack.

If you have a positive strength modifier you're better off with a normal sling or a bow, if not you're better off with a crossbow. The sling staff was sadly nerfed with that FAQ.

Your best bet is a divine hunter paladin/sorcerer (pick a thematic bloodline). Go paladin 6/sorc 1, then take levels in arcane archer. It's not completely optimized, but it gives you the feel of a religous robin hood with merlin overtones.

Developer input on this exact subject. Hope this helps, RD.

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I had a gm who got so fed up with long turns that he started breaking out a sand timer. Know what you're doing ahead of time and you get one minute to execute it. It encouraged players to know the rules for their characters and think ahead.

Actually, the only way animals get the claw attacks on their feet is with rake. Pounce simply allows a full attack after a charge, to get the claw attacks from feet they'd have to have the rake ability as well.

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Out of the mouth of SKR: Please stop trying to break the game

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Nope. It may be a misprint, since it isn't worded like the fighter archtypes that change weapon training, but since both of them describe adding a dexterity bonus to damage you'd only be able to add that bonus once. The only problem I see with the wording is theoretically you could use gun training on a different type of firearm, and recieve bonus damage to two types...

You shouldn't be looking to counter the cavalier, you should be looking to challenge him. If you start throwing in difficult terrain he'll get his mount dragon style, if you use flying enemies he'll find a flying mount. Use social situations, traps, and puzzles to challenge him and let him excell at what he excells at.

As for your questions, the horse only suffers a swim check penalty for the rider if the rider and all gear weighs enough. Here's a handy chart to see if there's a -3 penalty with a max dex bonus of +3:

Str 16 - rider and gear over 231 lbs
Str 18 - 303 lbs
Str 20 - 402 lbs

Remember that Full plate weighs 50 lbs.

Eaglesoul (Spell, Paladin 4) adds a sacred bonus to AC and Str, and Planned Assault (Spell, Paladin 3) adds a nice sacred bonus with heavy stipulations on the spell depending on the GM.

Dodge or items or spells that apply a deflection bonus apply to touch AC. Smite Evil provides a deflection bonus equal to your charisma modifier against the target of your smite.

If your problem is trying to bypass DR take a look at weapon blanches.

With that laundry list of feats you may be better off combining your lead blades and enlarge person with dazing assault for a similar effect and more damage...

Your best options are this spell, this spell which summons this monster, this spell used carefully, two handing a scimitar or scythe as long as you have a str bonus of two or higher, or expect to be using flare and guidance a lot.

*Edit: Knowing more detail about the build could help uncover more options.

I'm sure that as soon as it hits the PRD there will be clarification on the patron option. What book is this from?

Ssalarn wrote:
Komoda wrote:

Except for the fact that you can take just about every other standard action possible.

Or even full round actions like Death or Glory that are used to deliver a single attack ;)

How do you figure? The wording in mounted combat states you get a single attack, not an attack action, a standard action, or a full round action. Are you citing an obscure FAQ? Because otherwise you're reading too much into the rule.


Atarlost wrote:
Halfling Barbarian wrote:
Half elves can gain faerie fire (druid 1) with drow magic, replacing the two favored classes option and skill focus (oh darn). At that point you are welcome to use whatever martial class you like and still be a dragon disciple (and you have the flexability to put your +2 bonus into strength, which is great for a martial character).
DD needs an arcane spell so faerie fire doesn't work. The first list it's on in the SLA priority order is druid which is divine.

Ah, good catch.

I think the majority of the misconception still comes from people confusing the word 'attack' with the 'attack action'. Mounted charging specifically states you get a single attack, it does not say you get an attack action (which is a specific type of standard action, and what vital strike requires). Once you can spot the difference between an attack and the attack action the rules for mounted combat become very clear.

It seems to me that a Faerie Dragon would work just like the Tidepool Dragon and Psuedodragon and be an improved familiar, available at 7th level. That being said, they'd follow the same rules as all other familiars.

Half elves can gain faerie fire (druid 1) with drow magic, replacing the two favored classes option and skill focus (oh darn). At that point you are welcome to use whatever martial class you like and still be a dragon disciple (and you have the flexability to put your +2 bonus into strength, which is great for a martial character).

I love good gnome names, like Nakawakett and Mr. Dawdletossle.

When a rule is in doubt, refer to a similar rule. Except where stated it works like the spell.

Caster level should run on any hit dice or class levels that grant the ability. Usually those won't coincide, so they'll just be based on the racial hit die. The only time class levels will affect cl of spell like abilities is if a creature doesn't have racial hit dice.

A straight +3 bonus or a +1 Holy are always good options for a cleric, however if I may suggest a few alternatives...

Merciful: An extra 1d6 damage on every attack, however all damage is subdual (a fitting thing for a cleric).

Designating: A cleric is a buffing class. This gives all allies a +2 to hit and damage to all of their attacks until your next turn against the target you shoot. Boom.

Planar: Ignore 5 points of DR against all outsiders (however you're better off getting clustered shots at that point).

There are a few easy fixes to make things more challenging for larger groups/higher point builds/experienced players:

-Max out enemy hit points (this is an easy way to add a couple rounds to combat).

-Use the slow experience track.

-Add in extra mooks/minions (one or two carbon copies without adjusting the encounter level keeps players from advancing to quickly without making the encounter too tough).

Some fixes that require a little more work but can be far more rewarding are...

-Tone up encounters to character level (Give them a 20 point buy, or as an easier fix give them a +2 in one or two key stats and adjust everything else acordingly; I usually use the former for BBEGs and the latter for mooks).

-Insert more obstacles/traps in encounter areas.

-Randomly generate or pre-plan what magic items will be available in what towns/shops as the game progresses (controlling what the PCs have access to can slow down the strength of characters).

-ReTool the spell selection/feats/skills/magic items of BBEGs.

-Completely rewrite some BBEG's (I changed a goblin encounter in one AP from a warrior 2 to two Feral Gnasher Barbarians and my players enjoyed the challenge and had a blast).

-Give enemies an escape route, and use them as recurring characters later, leveled up of course.

I hope this helps some.

I'm actually plotting out my first 'god wizard'. As far as being able to handle any situation it shouldn't be too hard as long as the game stays somewhere around wealth by level (I should have most utility spells most of the time in scroll form without a problem, and all the buffing wands I need). The god wizard isn't a game breaker, though, he's a game winner as long as he has a competent party. Will Glasya be able to one shot end an encounter? Sure, but only once or twice a day, depending on the situation, and his resources will be better spent in other ways most of the time. Honestly the god wizard is a task undertaken by those of us who want to solve problems, not negate them.

There are a few options besides magus that really benefit: Mutagen alchemist, a gish wizard shooting for eldritch knight (although that might be too much like a magus), a white haired witch (my personal favorite), and if you can have 3rd party material I'd look at these great classes from dreamscarred press.

114. Play a halfling barbarian. Nothing beats a halfling barbarian.

I love this idea. I wouldn't be upset at all at this table. Anyone who would be cares too much about the mechanics and not enough about the story and plot twists. A lot of players will love noticing something is off, and investigating what it is will be a great down time killer.

That's actually badly worded. Since specific overrides general, dex damage does not render you unconcious (even though the other one's do).

Since they are both enhancement bonuses they do not stack, only the larger bonus will apply.

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