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Ah Proxima, believe it or not, but i know Cheatle well enough by now to know all the things he wouldn´t do:

1. Give u up
2. Let u down
3. Run around
4. Desert u
5. Make u cry
6. Say goodbye
7. Tell a lie
8. Hurt u

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Junior Halfling wrote:

If I'm not mistaken, for Rank 10 that should be 1750, not 8000. The number of "actions" between rank 9 @ 6250 and rank 10 @ 8000 is 1750.

google sheet

yeah, that is how i calculated it now, got the same results as Nihimon now.

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ahhhh, thank yo, makes much more sense now:-)

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Nihimon wrote:
TEO Pino wrote:
I got slightly different numbers, using 'current completed achievement level', rather than 'current achievement level in progress'

Yeah, there are two possibilities for determining what counts as "current Achievement level" in the formula "0.033 / (current Achievement level^1.5)":


Well, if we are collecting ways to calculate this formula...

i used the following formula in a google spreadsheet:
=divide(0,33;(Power(level of achievement; 1,5)))
if i cumulate my results i get:

1 - 0,330
2 - 0,447
3 - 0,510
4 - 0,551
5 - 0,581
6 - 0,603
7 - 0,621
8 - 0,636
9 - 0,648
10- 0,658

then again, the blog says

Each Achievement action that is a "counter" (i.e. x of y) completed provides: 0.033 / (current Achievement level^1.5) points of Influence

which would be:

1 - 0,033
2 - 0,045
3 - 0,051
4 - 0,055
5 - 0,058
6 - 0,060
7 - 0,062
8 - 0,064
9 - 0,065
10- 0,066

so, ;-) i´m looking forward more data.
:-D or a hint were i erred in my calculation.

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Thod wrote:


The part you really seem difficulty to understand my position is not what happened but where it happened.

This was inside the core 6 of Emerald Lodge.

This at a time just after EBA publicises it's rules what other people are / are not allowed to do in their regions.

It was the where that made it unexcusable unless an appology was given - not the what. As settlement leader in a PvP game that is about regional control I'm doomed if I don't take action if such an incident happens at my door step - no matter who has done it.

Ok, i don write that much here but i wonder about this, and i'm not sure how to read it.

So, apart from the fact, that the actual "victim" said he has no problem with what actually happened,

Are you saying that, based on the fact that the EBA announced that it will declare a part of the map as its teritory and will try to enforce certain rules there, you consider it unexusable to loot a corpse in your core six?

On what ground?
And what else is illegal in your territory?
And is there a place i can go and read those laws of the emerald lodge?

I don't want to come through there just to be shot at for wearing a green hat or something you know.

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My understanding:
At the moment critical feats activate on all criticals, even heals and probably buffs as well.

-Is this going to change? And how would you see the priority for
changing this?
-Are there plans to implement "positive" critical feats?
As in, if you crit while healing you also but a short term buff on the
target, or increase the number of hp healed even more.
-What about criticals on buffs?

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Thod wrote:

You should have knocked :) I regard myself as the neighbour of Deal Castle - we are house number 48 and they would be 50 - but for unknown reasons I have never seen a number on that building ...

huh, it seems i've driven by your house a few times then.

My wife and i try come to the UK as often as possible by means of dover ferry.

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Savage Grace wrote:

I doubt I have a single keyword matched on gear yet, nor do I do anything to consciously take advantage of states like "Distressed", yet in my feat use.

well, i doubt that;-) you will at least match the first keyword on your attacks and weapons and probably on your armor and armor feat.

look forward to get excited by better equipment with matching better skills, it really is worth it.
In fact, have a look at this excellent keyword guide.

Savage Grace wrote: seems that most feats aren't worth raising levels on if you can't match the keywords to make it worthwhile.
I'm guessing minor cure gets better by matching keywords, and that there are better keywords to match at higher levels.

It would´ve been ok if i hadn´t had keywords matched.

In my example i was using the lvl4 orison with a T2 focus, so i matched a major keyword(masterwork), but it still worked as the lvl 1 version. Because:

Stephen Cheney wrote:
]Healing will eventually change to a small flat number plus a percentage of max HP. Healing will eventually scale based on Effect Power vs. Effect Protection. I'm waiting on tech for both.

Ok, so it will change in the future, good, looking forward to that.

Stephen Cheney wrote:

We need to get some overrides in so settlements/compaines/parties keep people green even when they should be red, and then a further override command that lets you go "I know helping that guy will tag me into the fight, turn me hostile to his enemies, and maybe cost me a rep hit, but I want to do it anyway."

Thanks or your answers Stephen, looking forward to this as well.

May i ask another question?
would it be possible to implement a "touch of Light" orison?
You know, like touch of darkness but doing holy damage for undead killing and maybe even not ding damage to living foes at all?
Or will something like that be in the channel energy ability once that goes live?

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I didn´t read the whole thread, so i apologize if someone pointed this out already and i just missed it.

Minor Cure:
What i would like to know here is this.
What is the plan for leveling it?
In the last build i leveled it to level 4 and used it with a T2 focus.
I still healed 50hp. regardless of armor worn by the target.
For now i will keep it at level 1 till training it up actually does something.

Healing and flags:
We noticed in the last build that once a member of your party got the aggresor flag he could no longer be healed by other people in the party.
-> I presume this is not wai, so what are your plans for this?

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Thank you Harad, this is awesome.

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(not wanting to appear greedy- although we don´t mind more active players- i will refrain from saying "come to uusss!!" and instead...)
Just to add to the List so far

Kreuz Bernstein(or the nice little german town as some like to call it)
is run, in part by the german guild eastern sun.
Their players would be mostly in Central European Time, which is GMT+2.

Edit: Just noticed, you would have to get your fighter training somewere else as this is a crafting settlement.

My advice would be, don´t wush your decision, read up on the suggestions, maybe contact a few groups, most have Teamspeak servers, or mumble;
Hop on there and talk to some guys, and choose the group that best fits your playstyle and has the most fun people.

Anyway;-) welcome to the game.

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Best wishes to you two.

Bluddwolf wrote:

Geez, is it me or is this fairly small community going through a very challenging 2014?

Nope, your not alone.

Normaly i don´t give new year´s eve a second thought, but this year?
I´ll celebrate when it is finally over.

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Awesome news Ryan.

Now, go and celebrate christmas;-)

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have yourself a merry little christmas

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Has anyone by chance found a T2 melee weapon recipe?

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I was able to log in three characters on the same Pc and i seemed to be having less problems then i had a week ago with two.

I was even able to join a group of people running around the bank in circles.

I noticed to have more lag while trying to move one of the characters to a different part of town though.

I also noticed that i was able to open the bank vault or trades on all my characters from the moment they were logged in.
a few days ago i had to login a character 2-5 times to be able to trade because of desynching.
none of that today.

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Proxima Sin of Brighthaven wrote:
Did you get enough gems? I have a few hundred just sitting in Rathglen because no one can refine them.

I have a Lvl 10 gemcutter in Brighthaven.

If someone needs refined T2 gems.

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All the best to you and your family.
We will be here, waiting for you.

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Bringslite wrote:

:) No worries Admiral Torrbron. <---spelled correctly?


And just before i´d embarrassingly ask -why admiral?- it came back to me.
Man, it seems like that was ages ago.

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all my pigs are loaded now

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Bringslite wrote:

:-) Hi, but ...What?

-i hope i will like all that texture

Edit: OHH, .PIG, sorry me slow sometimes.

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Ryan twittered that build 15 was being tested yesterday...

:-D So, i was right!

Edit: Well, i still forgot about the daily downtime

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dah, stupid me.
;-) i should really write that down.

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...or the next patch is about to deploy?
...something completly different?

anyways, i can´t currently connect to

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checked yesterday, my feats list says i have will power bonus 1.
The character is a lvl 8 cleric
all thats missing for level 9 is will power bonus 5
which doesn´t show on any trainer for me.

Oh well, waiting for the next patch then.

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What about them?

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Ravenlute wrote:
Neadenil Edam wrote:

An odd decision on the devs part. Maybe there was too much whining from people that wanted spells without having to kill stuff for them :D

*wonders if they will do this for T2 recipes next

Or maybe they are giving more folks a chance to really test them out before EE.

But... can they be tested atm?

Has anyone a Holy symbol to slot lvl 4+ spells into?

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I´m a little late answering here but i wanted to say that i´ll try to participate as well.

...will probably be late for the event as well though

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As Cheatle mentioned the stress test already, and in preperations for the fireworks at the afterparty:
does anyone know(and all you nice gw people reading, i´m asking you too)

-Which cantrips/orisons/expendables have the most particel effects?

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Should i be able to log into the game when you record i´d be happy to help.
-Can you teleport characters to the set?

Bluddwolf wrote:
I'll log in for this. I'd gladly take part in ambushing an escalation group or attack a group in a town, to showcase the possibilities of Open World PvP.

But then again;-) you might get casted as the good guy rescuing said escalation group :-D

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Ok, i think i'm ready to make my first post here as well.

Overall, i'm enjoying the game already.
I like the gathering/crafting cycle and i like the PvE part, PvP when it happens is fun.
All of these still need adjustments(which is where we come in)

I think that a player with 7500 reputation attacks another player with 7500 Reputation twice without killing him, that shouldn't put him at -7500 - i think that´s cracking a nut with a sledgehammer.

But the game already does one thing really well.
You can do stuff alone, but it takes more time and is generally harder.
If you work together with other people everything work more smoothly and you really get stuff done.
So if you have a bunch of people you enjoy playing with regularly, this game should work for you.

Yes, there are systems missing; but i'm willing to wait for them.
The only real negative for me atm are the stability issues, which are at the top of the needs-to-be-fixed list as far as i know.

I look forward to EE, and to gradually discover this game.

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TEO Cheatle wrote:
Lifedragn, can't wait to see you in game, by the time you get back everything will be nice and shiny!

yeah, i´d like us to present to you a haven that is so nice and shiny, one could call it bright;-)

you´ll do this man!

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i wholeheartedly agree with the bug-fix part and the company part as well.
The missing features(or contend) would be nice to have sooner, but it wouldn´t be dealbreaking for me to wait a bit longer for them.

I hope though that GW will share a roadmap regarding updates with us.
As in; -In the next 3 month we plan to add a, b, and c to the game.
please don´t give us exact dates for new features. just a general timeframe.

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One other point to bear in mind:
Unless this has change, gw said that they plan to make it possible tp play the game f2p in the long run.
-i don´t see them making that true only for non-crafter characters. (which, considering that you can craft some stuff without putting xp into it, wouldn´t be possible anyway imho)

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hmm, it seems characters xp has been set to 1000xp.

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Ideas for achievments

Cleric : reviving unconscious characters.

And once they are in
Commoner: -Harvesting gushers
Expert : -Killing mobs/PC´s with selfcrafted Equipment
Social : -fullfilling contracts; create a company

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Nihimon wrote:
Inspire This wrote:
I hit the jackpot, boys and girls :)

As a fellow jackpot-winner, I congratulate you :)

There seem to be quite a few lucky ones here then:)

I got an extra large dining table in our living room ... for a better tt ropleplaying experience of course;D

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Inspire This wrote:


You guys are awesome, take your time :)

For all the good reasons everyone above said, and because Im getting married pn October 12th, do I'd selfishpy rather start playing on the 20th (after the honeymoon, lol)

Hey :) congratulations:D

And no worries if the game launches before then.
If i´m not mistaken it was announced that a character created in the first two weeks after launch will have the same xp as a character created in the first few seconds.

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Takasi wrote:
KoTC Edam Neadenil wrote:
This is different though cannot even log in at the present point in time. "Cannot connect to" .
I'm still seeing this, anyone else?

*raises hand*

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No idea how hard that would be to implement, but how about this:

-if mobs get attacked while returning to there camp a new aggro cycle is started.
-so mobs get 50 thread again, again shared by other mobs in 20m.

that way, if you just try to run away, that is still possible, but if you keep attacking the mobs you might have a problem.

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Hogar, Freevale wrote:

Edit) Trying to be constructive: yes, leveling as mage is more difficult then fighter or rogue. Cleric is worse imo...

It was as bad before but got better:

Bob Settles wrote:
Gedichtewicht of Brighthaven wrote:

From the latest release notes:

The Skeleton, Cultist and Elite Cultist Slayer Achievements now in the Divine category instead of the Adventure category.

Yup, snuck that into the build yesterday, in part because of this thread. Crowdforging FTW!

Mage has the least options atm.

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As always, it´s the sound that makes the music.

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Thanks for this thread Urman, was thinkung the same last night as i´m currently trying to level up arcane weapon 7 :-/ only sevenhundretandsome more kills to go.

I hope the devs are already at it though, wizards are really on the bottom atm regarding ways to gain arcane points.

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KarlBob wrote:

Regarding wizards in heavy armor:
<Kabal>Keign wrote:

So, I have an example of an interesting situation I was just using to my advantage.

There is a hex which is very high with an undead escalation, and within that hex there are tons of red colored skeletons - Risen Fighter Adventurers are what I am speaking of, in particular.

Was there as well on a solo heavy armored wizard.

Small pockets of Risen Fighters and minions i could take out one by one.
Risen Rangers, Clerics or Wizards in the pack and i died.
These hit really hard, maybe i should try wizards or clerics in robes to see if that makes a difference.

Goblin Squad Member, stationary until shot on the run is learnt?

Edit: nah, just looked, only a single attack.

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From the latest release notes:

The Skeleton, Cultist and Elite Cultist Slayer Achievements now in the Divine category instead of the Adventure category.

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@ Jazz: thanks for posting the way you play your cleric.
I wonder if this wouldn´t be worthy of it´s own thread? a collection of ways people play specific roles?

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don´t bite the hand that heals you, eh?

Edit: anyway if gw would implement cure spells that are no longer melee range, i forsee a future argument for laying on hands not having to be melee range as well.

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Not that i have much personal experience in mmorpgs, but to my understanding the classic mmorpg"healer" is just on part of "the Trinity", correct?

In case this needs to be brought back to memory, there are very good reasons why the trinity isn´t planned to be/and should not be a part of this game.

As he has far more experience on the matter and explains it far more eloquetly then i could i will link, again, some of the thinkg Prof. Richard A. Bartle had to say on the matter.

-The Evolution of the Trinity
-The Decline of MMOs

Sidenote: my main issue with playing a healingfocused cleric was the targeting system, and that will be adressed.

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Well as a healer,
There is a Role feature Feat called healer for clerics to boast that role.

As has been said before Targeting is an issue atm.
It keeps happening that you use attack spells on party members or heals on Mobs cause your target switches to something that crosses you line of sight.
Less of an issue if you only heal/buff and something that will change for the better once it is patched away.

Apart from that, having a partymember in front of you that tries to flee from mobs but keeps getting hit and falling down dying and
KEEPING HIm/HER ALIVE AND MOVING away one step at a time fells awesome :D

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