Saturday December 20th, at 5PM EST / 2PM PST / 10PM GMT - Brighthaven population test! [Make it if you can!]

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Saturday December 20th, at 5PM EST/2PM PST/10PM GMT - Brighthaven population test! [Make it if you can!]

Due to the new optimizations from the last two patches, we would like to try a HUGE Endeavor, we want to get 100 accounts (more if we can) logged on at the same time in Brighthaven. This will be a population test just to see how hard we can stress the server, so we ask everyone to try and make it for the betterment of the game. If you can't make it, just log your character(s) in ahead of time, and idle in Brighthaven near the bank.

If we meet and exceed 100 accounts, please move excess accounts to the center of hex directly south of Brighthaven, at the tower.

Thank you all for your help and support!

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For those on the other side of the map,
Rotter's Hole is the other spot they want the stress test.

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RHMG Animator wrote:

For those on the other side of the map,

Rotter's Hole is the other spot they want the stress test.

It sounds like they are trying to raise that force field around the hex though so splitting up won't be as helpful.

Your Options:
Go to Brighthaven on Saturday - an easy trip if you are in the TK area

Go to Rotters Hole on Sunday - an easy trip if you are in the north but WEST of TK.

Go to both! (with two different characters)

For either case, if you don't want your main stuck in some far corner of the map, create a new character (or use one already created), run it to a town (or run 1 to each town!), and park them until Saturday/Sunday.

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Unfortunately I cannot make Sunday as that is our TT day.

However my regular TT game on Saturday has been set aside until after the New Year which means Nadia and Dorin shall be in Brighthaven on Saturday.

See you all there :)

Thornkeep to Brighthaven: Time and Travel Guide
TIME: 25-30 minutes
DISTANCE: ~13 hexes or 9.5 kilometers
DANGERS: Goblin shamans
SUGGESTIONS: Slot Water Domain instead of Travel Domain. Enter the mountain pass from the East, not due North or West (fewer goblins!).

It took me 23 minutes to get from the bottom of TK to the Bank in Brighthaven. That includes 1 death, which set me back a hex.

The Shamans will be the main reason you die, if you do. That is, they will deal all the damage to you, not just cause you troubles by slowing you. So having the extra 10 Cold Resistance from Water Domain will make a huge difference.

Running to Rotters Hole from TK will take longer, as it is a good 20 hexes away, or about 12-13 kilometers.

I plan on attending this test. I sure hope we can get 100 folks there and validate the server changes made.

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Can we anticipate Dev's pulling those of us to Brighthaven (and or Rotter's Hole) that would rather not run across the map twice?

It might increase participation.

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Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:

Can we anticipate Dev's pulling those of us to Brighthaven (and or Rotter's Hole) that would rather not run across the map twice?

It might increase participation.

Going to hope for this.

That would be cool. Folks run to BH for test 1, then get pulled to Rotters for test 2. That assumes more than one or two devs are willing to be on at that hour that close to X-mas.

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I just wanted to bump this.

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I will be sending alt to Brighthaven. Looking for sage Tier 2 recipes and Greater (Conso, Numin, Vital) gems (raw tier 2). What would you like me to trade (tier 1 items general)?
I also need CP/SP/GP. This wizard alt is not much of a wizard as was attempt to build PER until dowser/sage bonuses rectified. She does not have a lot, but can be a body in the count.

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I have TT game Saturday, but I will try logging in via laptop. We'll see.


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Great. Like my day wasn't so bad it needed goat sex in it....

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I will be there but likely afk most of the time.

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I'll try to make this as well.

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Let's setup a New Year's PFO Marathon



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Bumping this


Scarab Sages

I'll try my best to be there. :)


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plan to be there.

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We have a good many people RSVP'd through Mumble/TS and a few from the CotP site, and here. Looks like we might be heading for the biggest turn out ever!

Come help us break the server...or I mean test it!

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I want to keep this bumped tonight, so that we can cover multiple times zones!


Even this time zone?

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Every time zone, my good man!

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I'm hoping to make this, I finally got a character to Brighthaven. :P

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Mumble Information for stress test:

Address -
Port - 64738

Use your forum name or character's in game name. Once you are in mumble scroll down to the "Pathfinder Online (Public Room)," and join.

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This starts in 5 hours people!

YAY! we get a new build to break!

New build has patched and is up and running. I have two characters logged in and idle in front of the bank in Brighthaven, but I'll be off to work in a few minutes. After I'm back in about 13 hours I'll be interested to hear how it went :).

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3 hours to go! Join the pre-break-the-hex festivities.

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Two hours to go. I am beginning the Approximate Sin Presents the Super Sin Prize Giveaway in [Hex] channel. Answer weird questions and win prizes!

PSA: Some of us can't get too close to the Bank without our client crashing horribly because of VRAM issues, slow internet connections, or any various other CLIENT SIDE troubles.

If you think you might be one of those folks, try to stay to the edge of town, where you are still in the hex and stressing the server, but not in the thick of it and stressing your computer (as much).

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Is the idea to be logged in before 2 or all try to log in at 2?

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Half hour until the official start, festivities are well underway.

The random question giveaway continues every half hour.

The prize for first person on top of Brighthaven Bank, reaching the highest pinnacles of the town... goes to Low.

Our peoplestack is at 8, trying to break the record of 9.

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I have +1 coarse yarn, +1 decorative gems, +1 weak sanguine extract, silver ore and cold iron blanks and cold iron ingots to give to anyone who needs them or wants them. I'm hanging around the smelter if you do.

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Alright, we are half an hour into this, and we have 40 people here, we are actively stressing the server, so please everyone just head on down to Brighthaven.

I don't want to steel too much of Cheatle's thunder, but that was a really impressive stress test. In fact, I'm not sure the server even broke a sweat!

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I have pictures of the stack - o - people. :)

Stack Pictures

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I was able to log in three characters on the same Pc and i seemed to be having less problems then i had a week ago with two.

I was even able to join a group of people running around the bank in circles.

I noticed to have more lag while trying to move one of the characters to a different part of town though.

I also noticed that i was able to open the bank vault or trades on all my characters from the moment they were logged in.
a few days ago i had to login a character 2-5 times to be able to trade because of desynching.
none of that today.

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The stress test was SUCCESSFUL!

We had a total of 42 Characters online at the same time, near the bank or spread out near Brighthaven. We did a series of tests that really got the server going! In the end only 2-3 people had any lag issues at all.

Previously we had 17 people when the server shut down.
Now we had 42 people, and no sign at all the server was stressed.

Previously we had a 10v10 match, with 6 people on a hill watching, where people were getting desynched left and right, with lag.
Now we had a 8v8 with 20-30 people watching, and we had no lag issues, except for 1 person getting booted, but got back in game fast.

Here are a series of pictures documenting what all we did.

First, we put a ton of people in a small spot, then had them run over and go access the bank all at once.

Then we had everyone run around the bank.

Then we asked people to run and use the crafting facilities.

Here is a minimap of everyone running.

Here is a ton of people accessing the armorsmith at the same time, no lag for anyone at all.

Here is a scene from the battle of the woodshop!

Random picture near the end of people messing around

EDIT: We did set a record for dwarf/elf/human tower stacking!
Set at 14 tall! Pictures Courtesy of Cougar from KOTC!

Yeah my only drop came as a result of VRAM issues with my Mac Client. Had nothing to do with the server. I had a little lag on the chat window from time to time, but it recovered.

I logged back in later while I was home and on that slower internet connection and had no issues entering the area where lots of players were (about 15 still left).

Oh we also had some "PvE" going in the form of Thornguards gank-griefing me at the Shrine for about 5 minutes. No lag there either!

Cheatle forgot to mention the RECORD SETTING character tower of 14.

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This was another excellent event from Cheatle and Brighthaven. I ran all the way from Dagedai (39 minutes) and stayed for the entire event without ever lagging or dropping out. Human tower building was interesting. I missed the combat because I had to do an errand but my character stayed logged in without issues throughout all the festivities while I was AFK.

Good work organizing this Cheatle, seemed like a promising step forward.

Scarab Sages Goblin Squad Member

Pretty impressive!

I hope the Rotter's Hole test goes this well tomorrow.

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