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Map and handout aid Token.

Seem ok!

Map and handout aid Token.
GM Tiger wrote:
If it wasn't for the DCs, my group would probably have a better challenge with the 3-4 enemies. They're running amok on the fey... After 1 round, I've been reduced to the quickling and 1 mitflit...

Same the only reason, the quickling is that because of his high AC and insane speed. (I would like to create a monk Quickling)

Map and handout aid Token.

Yes, thanks!

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Kernal Klank wrote:

"Ya, you best flee cat!" Kernal shakes his warhammer after the feline before brushing any soot from his beard.

"More forces coming. Ok, let's get ready." Kernal rummages through his things, looking for anything helpful in the coming fights.

Do we want to use some of these things up? Like this one? At the beginning of one combat encounter, the PCs can reduce their Challenge
Points by 2 for the purposes of scaling the encounter.

That only work in part one 1 think. And I like having a challenging final fight

Map and handout aid Token.

AID TOKEN: Timely inspiration
Passing From: Gayel Nord
Passing to: Chadius
Aid Character's Name: Nadurai
Boosted? Boosted
Effect (includes boost if avail.): 3 rounds of inspire Courage!

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Map and handout aid Token.

Also. I can feel this. My level 7 snow elf has this feat since the start. Never, i received sleep effect.

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Miladistra wrote:
Bah! Lingering Mein finally triggers and it doesn't help me.

Wait.. it is an incapacitation trait. You could move two times.

Map and handout aid Token.

And one optional done. I have put it on the mapping success.

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GM Tyranius wrote:
Sorry, I wasn't expecting that much AoE damage all at once.

Lol. I just imagine Dab's sad face. Preparing super fast an horrible trap with enginnering precision... and the blasters blast.

Map and handout aid Token.

I know. Snare is less used. But this is a good and varied consommuable. At each level, you have new type to try. And they keep putting new types with each book.

There is a good guide about it. nd_where_to_place_them_the/

Map and handout aid Token.


My table has finish the normal success. I think they will devour the optionnal.

Kinda sad no optional one is a severe one.

Map and handout aid Token.

AFter this, we should look for Shadrixis. says the cleric while ignoring the D'ziriak.

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As ask by Karnel.(bot)

Karnel raised His shield. He will swipe (two-action) Black fey and the mushroom ring.

+1 Striking, Crushing, Cold Iron Warhammer+1, inspire courage: 1d20 + 13 + 1 ⇒ (18) + 13 + 1 = 322d8 + 4 + 1 ⇒ (2, 6) + 4 + 1 = 13

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ikoolik wrote:

AID TOKEN: Allied Offensive

Passing From: ikoolik/Ivan K.
Passing to: Gayel Nord
Aid Character's Name: Tak-Tak
Boosted? Not Boosted
Effect (includes boost if avail.): Other Pathfinders assist your attack, increasing the damage you deal by 1d6

We do the same!

AID TOKEN: Allied Offensive
Passing From: Gayel Nord
Passing to: Ikoolik
Aid Character's Name: Raghil
Boosted? Boosted
Effect (includes boost if avail.): Other Pathfinders assist your attack, increasing the damage you deal by 1d6
From our table to yours :person_bowing:

Map and handout aid Token.

diplomacy: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16

Excuse me dear, Can you help an old kobold?

Finally for the weapon fusion!

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Looking at Bret suggestion... I will change the character to my most flavourful.

(Cough, cough) A rocky gray with a tint of purple-skinned gnome with almost white hair gnome enters the stage with a weasel on her left shoulder and an alchemical crossbow in her back. She looks confident like she knows she will be chased but whoever is hiding behind the shadows.

"I think it is time that I present myself.I am Inonotuusobliquus

from Dwimovel in the Darklands. My quest is to be the world’s Greatest Cook! I joined the Pathfinder society as an excuse to travel the world and learn the best cooking techniques. I was so great with my cooking technique that I didn't need to do the three years of training! They told me that my dish was like an elixir that an alchemist would make. So, with me, you have the best of both worlds. It doesn't taste awful and it works!

Lately, I heard the new trend in cuisine is magician cooks. I am so angry! Using magic in food is to be drawn into an illusion. This isn't real food! But... I want to be the greatest chef, I need to be at least be able to do this I also have a rivalry with the Mask and the Moon, but not the owner himself... we have had a few dates together.

I am also writing a cooking book. Something very simple. Not simple for me. Each recipe has 5-7 ingredients with a few times of preparation. That is the best way I think I can show the world who I am. When I will be the greatest, I want that people will know about me before.

My favourite adventure was...when I visited the village Plaguestone. I learned so many things about how you cooked turnip. Pie, soup, pudding. How and the murder mystery was bad either."

Class: Alchemist (which dedication. This is a version of Ino for the adventure).

Why she is investigating the dark archives.... this is food-related, right?

GM Hmm wrote:

My Application Form

Player's forum handle: Gayel Nord
Character name: Agathe. Just Agathe
Character Pronouns: Her
Ancestry (Heritage): Android (aphorite)
Classes (Dedications): Investigator
Home Region or City: Alkenstar city
Level of original character: 2
Faction: Grand archive


★ ---- ★ ---- ★ ---- ★

Character Details

1) Any special rules, boons, or corner cases you need to let me know about: She has a chained flail

2) A few sentences about your character, both out of character and in character as your character would describe themself. Why are you in the Pathfinder Society? What are your character’s quirks, interests and pet peeves? Where are you from? (And if this is not originally a Pathfinder Society Character, tell me about what makes them a good fit for this story.) Agathe has been created to be a mystery solver related to non-axiomite. She has been called in Alkenstar and has been stranded since. She says she joined the society because it has the highest concentration of mystery. But in truth, she is confused by this chaotic world and need to part of something that is structured also.

3) If you have to level your character to level seven for the first chapter (‘The Lady’s Harvest’) are there any special changes you’re planning on making to it? No.

4) What was your character’s previous favorite adventure, and why?The first Dark archive adventures. She liked the mystery

5) Why do you want to investigate in the Dark Archives Case Files? Mysteries!

6) Will you be able to post 2-3 times a day on average, barring occasional days off (Cons, Work, Short Vacations, etc?)yes Hmm.

7) Is there a botting spoiler already in your character’s profile? (Hint, hint!) I am going to do this

And if you do not know what botting is, here is Bot Buddy’s Guide to Botting!

Map and handout aid Token.

What are missing?

2/5 *

Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:
Mystical Seeker wrote:
I believe that is correct. And, sometimes, if you have a boon already on an Orc character, check the boon to see if it gives a +2 to a starting stat under the condition that it becomes always available.
That is usually the case with Starfinder ancestries, not Pathfinder ones!

If i remember the leshy, you had a free raise dead.

Orc can't be killed!

Map and handout aid Token.

Sorry. I was late.

Map and handout aid Token.

Still in. Even if i think my character is probably close to death at the moment.

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I am happy about the aura... But, quite annoy about the lack of healing option for fire.

2/5 *

Doug Hahn wrote:

Ran it tonight. Unfortunately, I think this one needed another editorial pass. Our table held a discussion afterward — all were In agreement it could be a wonderful scenario but was held back by mechanical and thematic issues that could have been avoided. Here are some takeaways:

The child grooming elements felt inappropriate and unnecessary. Players thought it was a strange choice for Society play. Again… just have the scene in her merchant spice booth in public.
The scene in the warehouse really bothers me. How are PCs forcefully inspecting Efrith's spellbook and other personal items? They just barge in and start rifling through her stuff, breaking down doors, and taking things. The PCs aren't even "deputized" to have any sort of authority to investigate this person's home. I thought we were moving away from this kind of behavior in Society play.
The dragons are anthropomorphized as young innocent children, and also as sadistic beings. The tone fluctuated between dark comedy and lighthearted cuteness. Taken altogether, it felt thematially uneven.
Bumper Boats was incredibly frustrating for the players for the no-net-positive checks mentioned above.
Linnorns have a swim speed so people were confused that Crookscale can't swim; we ended up flavoring it like "believe in yourself!" Not sure if that was the author's intent, but some clarification would be good here because I think that's a hilarious way to play it.
Player also "killed" some of Skarde Nineblades's crew in the duel. I used the death and dying rules and they stabilized them, at least. Those NPCs seem really weak and many tables will be killing them on accident.
The scene at the end doesn't seem to matter if they have 8+ gold pouches. My group had the gold but had a difficult and frustrating time with DCs in the throne room. They wished we skipped the scene altogether.
The fact that it all comes down to the gold was frustrating for players (even if it's...

I thought that astrid was CE. I was like Ok. Well, the society is neutral.

2/5 *

Those are great critics you approach.

In my game, the gm just flat out said that efrith was a spy and was just reading the textbox.

Having 5 dragons is too much. Especially if some are one dimensionnal

And i am peeve that you cannot give the martyr's Shield to the pc of your choice.

A lot could be alieved if they reduced the utility ability into one action.

Wait... You had no ghost touch rune and every round you were using overflow action?

Nefreet wrote:

Separate from the discussion about whether the Kineticist's damage output is on par with other damage dealers, I miss rolling a handful of dice, tossed just right to feel like you're actually blasting them at your opponent.

I always expected the 2E Kinetic Blast to function like a Cantrip, scaling as you levelled. In 1E, it made them feel distinct from martials and casters.

Now we have spells like Hurtling Stone, a Focus Spell with scaling d6s and +Strength to damage, that's only one action. And we have staple Cantrips like Telekinetic Projectile, that a Kineticist should be at least as capable of dishing out.

Making Kinetic Blasts the same in function as a mundane weapon kinda bums me out. Anyone else feel the same?

Yup. That is what make me sad. Less dice rolling.

First. If you want to compare something.

Use something similar. Electric arc is one of the best cantrip it exist. It has 30 range. And a Dc.

The wind slash (ranged) as 120 ft. 4x the range of electric arc. And it an attack.

So, it does something similar to ray of frost which does 1d4 plus mod. (And it is better than this spell.)

Or you could compare to a crossbolt.

And also.... The overflow does more than damage.

Themetricsystem wrote:

I'm worried about the Action Cost like you and feel it is too restrictive for sure, but I am actually MORE worried about restrictive all of these things are in terms of always requiring free hands as well as making ALL of the various Blasts and other elemental forms specific Actions that are unable to be combined with anything else which prompts for a Strike of one kind or another... in other words, they're HIGHLY encouraged to never use any Weapons beyond the one you can create/summon yourself and they are pretty much totally incompatible with the VAST majority of all the interesting Martial Archetypes.

They're just so incredibly insular and have basically no good reason to grab Archetypes as they can't use the vast majority of interesting things you can get from them with the possible exception of like... grabbing an Animal Companion or some Spellcasting Archetype to inject a bit more (weak) versatility to help them overcome non-combat challenges.

But... Overflow have no flourish trait, so i could imagine easily a monk or a ranger archetype even if you can't use blast for an unarmed strike.

Before the fight: Gather your energy

First: Flurry of blow

Second and third: an overflow.

roquepo wrote:

I agree with the general sentiment of the class being really low in overall damage and power. I think the biggest contributor to this is the relation between action cost and the power level of said actions. In actuality, all overflow abilities take 1 extra action due to the need of gathering the element. I think the gathering mechanic in isolation is perfect, but its execution and implementation has been a bit sloppy and the overall impact it has on the class has been underestimated (similarly to reload in the Gunslinger playtest). I have a personal idea on how strong I think this feats should be in relation to their cost:

3+1 actions: Should be on par with on level spell slots. They are not limited but as if they were since you need 4 actions to set them up. They should also be slighly stronger than that if their effect is not completely frontloaded on the turn they are used. Buffs like Earth Mantle should never take 3 actions to cast, the worst the action economy is, the worse an effect that does nothing with those actions gets, since the pay-off comes later.

2+1 actions: Comparable to 2 action focus spells, maybe slighy stronger. Out of combat both of these get as many uses as they want and in combat, unless it drags out, you will get 1 to 2 uses for both, but with worse action economy for the Kineticist overflow abilities in exchange of being more reliable than focus spells.

1+1 action: On par with cantrips. Maybe a bit weaker since you can split the action cost.

1+free action/reaction: Comparable to low level spell effects in relation to the level you get the feat.

I will try to organise a playtest session and see for myself if my thoughts on this remain the same.

... I don't think they are underpowered. For the simple reason... That there is no limit of how many you can do in a day.

Verzen wrote:
Gaulin wrote:
I do think the class needs to buffed a little, but they shouldn't do more damage than a caster expending resources, no. And to those saying that casters have utility so kineticist can just be straight damage - kineticists have some pretty good utility too if you look for it. Very focused, sure, but being able to do anything all day makes their utility potentially very strong (things like whole party all day flight or casting wall of stone over and over).

The kineticist impulses should deal 35% more of whatever the difference is between casters cantrips and spells. So for example.. fireball deals 20d6 at level 20 and produce flame deals 10d4+7 = 47+17=64/2=32 dmg on avg vs 70 dmg on avg aoe.

70-32=38 damage difference.

35% of that equals 13.3. 13+32= 45.

45×2=90. 9d10 should be the minimum an impulse attack deals.

Either 9d10 or 15d6 or 7d12. Depends on how much variance you have.

Note: this is calculating both the 20% difference PLUS the DC difference at level 20 for single target damage.

If we are at level 1 with this ability. I could see this

2d6 dmg
Level+2 +1d6
Level 5 +1d6
Level 10 +1d6
Level 15 +1d6
Level 20 +1d6

For a total of 15d6 at level 20 for a single target spell. For a multi target aoe I could see 12d6 instead.

I think this would be much more in line with the balance.

But Area do more than damage, they have an effect also.

Ryuujin-sama wrote:
You missed Restoring Mud for Earth healing.

RESTORING MUD [two-actions] FEAT 4

You fling a ball of healing mud at one creature within 30 feet. Upon
impact, this mud coats the target’s body, healing wounds and
leaving behind a thin shell of mud that protects the creature from
further harm. The target regains 2d6 Hit Points and 2 temporary
Hit Points that last for 1 minute. The target is temporarily immune
to healing from Restoring Mud for 10 minutes.
Level (+2) The healing increases by 1d6 and the temporary Hit
Points increase by 2.

You are right. I was thinking more like having a counteract ability.

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Note that understand that the healing option would be with wood, but is a stable in Xianxia that fire purify the body of his impurity and i see in this document .

A healing wave splashes across creatures in a 30-foot cone,
its cleansing water chasing afflictions from the body. Each
creature in the area regains 3d6 HP and can attempt a new
save against one poison or disease affliction affecting it; on a
failed save, the condition doesn’t worsen.
Each creature in the area then becomes temporarily immune
to Torrent in the Blood for 10 minutes.
Level (+2) The healing increases by 1d6.


CIRCULATE QI [two-actions] FEAT 12
The pure air of your inner gate is rich in qi that you can
use to invigorate and restore an ailing creature. Target an
adjacent living creature. It regains 30 HP, and Circulate Qi
then attempts to counteract one of the following conditions
of your choice: blinded, clumsy, deafened, drained, enfeebled,
paralyzed, sickened, or stupefied. Counteracting a condition
with a condition value reduces the value by 1 instead of
entirely removing it. The target is then temporarily immune to
Circulate Qi for 1 hour.
You can try to remove an instance of a condition from a
given creature only once using this impulse, though you can
try to remove the same condition from a different source. For
instance, if you failed to remove the drained condition from
a jiang-shi vampire’s Drain Qi ability, you couldn’t attempt to
remove it again, but 1 hour later, you could still try to remove
the drained condition from a poison.

as such I would like that fire would have somme similar like torrent in the blood but for only himself (no healing also.). It would be Great. (and if there would be a higher feat for curse. That would fantastic)

MaxAstro wrote:

Fire kineticists being the only ones who can actually do elemental damage with their basic elemental blast is my only real disappointment with the kineticist right now.

Please please please can we switch air's blast to electricity damage and water's blast to cold damage so that the elemental damage-focused class can actually do elemental damage?

If I only got one wish for this entire playtest, it would be that.

Earth totally makes sense to deal bludgeoning damage, but three out of four elements (and I imagine with wood and metal it's going to be five out of six) dealing physical damage is just a huge let-down.

Ideally, wood would be piercing damage and metal slashing damage. That way, we would have fire, cold, electricity, bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing as options - half elemental and half physical.

Like the elemental sorcerer. Only fire does fire damage.

Map and handout aid Token.

Thanks you! I will look tomorrow!

Map and handout aid Token.

I was forgotten this!

Map and handout aid Token.

I am here!

1d20 ⇒ 3

Map and handout aid Token.


I just wanted to add that you have made shade of tempest.

It only affect your enemy.

That said, i quite impress by the guide.

Map and handout aid Token.

for me, it a retrain. I have undeads to fight.

Map and handout aid Token.
Avonathalanthalasa Caldon wrote:

If I take this feat:

Halcyon Speaker Dedication
Feat 6
Source Character Guide pg. 104 2.0
Archetype Halcyon Speaker
Prerequisites Magaambyan Attendant Dedication; member of the Magaambya of conversant rank
Access A character who is Magaambyan of at least attendant rank has access to this option.
You devote much of your study to halcyon magic. You gain two common Halcyon cantrips and two common 1st-level halcyon spells (see Halcyon Spells). In addition to being able to cast your halcyon spells via your arcane or primal spell slots, you also gain a 1st-level halcyon spell slot. You can use your halcyon spell slots to spontaneously cast your halcyon spells.

Special You cannot select another dedication feat until you have gained two other feats from the halcyon speaker archetype.

and choose the heal spell from the primal tradition list can I use scrolls and other items that have that spell on it?

If you are already a Magaambyan attendant, you should already be able to do this.

Map and handout aid Token.
Avonathalanthalasa Caldon wrote:
I had to use the spell that Raistlin used to open the Portal to the Abyss for this ')

Ah! Dragonlance.

Map and handout aid Token.
Avonathalanthalasa Caldon wrote:
Who is the new character? Us he related to Squely Nord?

Haha. No. Just a bad profile. This is my pseudonym in Paizo forum. (Coptidel)

Map and handout aid Token.
Wysiwygg Gortek wrote:

My understanding from the enlarge spell is that Gortek will have +2 status bonus to damage, + 5 feet in reach and gets Clumsy 1 condition.

Also the size of his dwarven WarAxe was Large before, so its size is now Huge, correct?

Given that he was already Clumsy 1 due to the Giant Instinct from his barbarian dedication, does he become Clumsy 2 or does he stay Clumsy 1?

Either way is fine with me.

In any case, a Large Gortek fighting Large Creatures reminds me of the Clash of the Titans.

Thanks for making it happen, MAthias/ Frogger!
It’s a lot of fun :)

It stays the same.

Map and handout aid Token.

Wait... Goupil... That mean you speak French?

Map and handout aid Token.

I am Gayel Nord and I will play Coptidel, Paladin of Iomedae.

Map and handout aid Token.

I will like to change my action to striding out of this ring of fire. and then drawing a scroll of resist energy electric. Our sorcerer is right

Map and handout aid Token.
Iason Blaise wrote:

I've just realized that Etrigan's attacks aren't freaking magical. That's... embarrassing. Meh, time to buy a different amulet for him after this scenario. But he can't do any damage to the incorporporeal, so my turn is pretty useless here.

"Sit down," Iason says with a shake of his head at his injured servitor, even if he has some wounds of his own. Etrigan chuckles, and promptly plops down on the ground like a child at recess.

With magical speed bolstering him, Iason gets to where he has a clean line of sight on the last of the incorporeals and throws a very tiny spell at it.

[dice=Ranged Touch attack, haste]d20+7+1
[dice=Acid splash]d3

can etrigan's claw can be enchanted by magic weapon?

Map and handout aid Token.

Hum. Eith?

Weapon surge

Holding your weapon aloft, you fill it with divine energy. On your next Strike with that weapon before the start of your next turn., you gain a +1 status bonus to the attack roll and the weapon deals an additional die of damage. If the weapon has a striking rune, this instead increases the number of dice from the striking rune by 1 (to a maximum of 3 extra weapon dice).

If the target weapon leaves your possession, weapon surge immediately ends.

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